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Stack the Deck


"Dr. Martin said we should try new things in the bedroom," Selina said, pulling the game out of the box. "This game was on his list of things that might spice things up."

Nick rolled his eyes at her. He'd made it clear that he was only going along with this for Selina.

Selina tried not to mind. She loved Nick, but something had missing lately. She'd touch him in the middle of the night, and he'd roll over instead of moving towards her.

Selina looked at the game as she put it out on the bedroom floor. It looked a bit like Monopoly with its spaces around the outside of the board. "So you draw a delight card if you land on that space and a dungeon card if you land on that space? Otherwise, just follow the instructions on the space. If you roll doubles, you have to strip." They both sat on the floor on opposite sides of the board. Nick uncorked a bottle of wine and offered her a glass. He took a long sip of his own glass and leaned back against the bed.

Her palms were sweaty as she handed him the dice. Nick rolled a seven and landed on a delight card. He drew a card that said "Orally please your partner for two minutes." Selina was a bit unhappy that they'd actually included a timer with the game, a little hourglass that measured two minutes. She shimmied out of her slacks and panties quickly, not wanting to waste time once the clock was in motion.

"Someone's in a hurry," Nick noted as he turned over the hourglass. Even with the brief allotted time, Nick didn't hurry. He flicked his tongue around her lips, teasing them. She moaned softly, leaning back on her hands to give him better access. Nick slid his tongue in and out of her, inserting it deep inside of her just as the hourglass dropped its last grains of sand.

He sat up, wiped his mouth, and smiled at her. "Your turn."

Selina nodded, picked up the dice and rolled. Seven also. She moved her token around the board and then selected a card. "Take off two pieces of clothing."

"Does it count that I already took off my slacks and panties?" she asked, biting her lip.

"Sure, why not," Nick said, picking up the dice while she slid the card to the bottom of the deck. He rolled a twelve, two sixes.

"Doubles! Now it's your turn to undress," Selina said. Honestly, they rarely stripped in front of each other. She couldn't remember the last time he'd been naked in front of her with the lights on.

Nick grumbled, but started unbuttoning his shirt. "You could roll if you want to," he said, looking a little sheepish. "I wouldn't mind."

"Not on your life," Selina said with a smile. "Free show time."

"You know that paybacks are hell, don't you?" Nick said. He finished the last button on his shirt and pulled it down his arms. His chest was firm with well-defined pecs. He had some hair in the middle of his chest, around each nipple, and a treasure trail that made her want to see more.

Selina couldn't understand why he wouldn't want to show off his physique.

She laughed and took a sip of wine. "I'll worry about that later."

Now he popped the button on the front of his jeans. He ran the zipper all the way down and then stood to pull his jeans off. He still wore black boxer briefs. For a moment, Selina thought he was going to turn around to take them off, but finally, he just pulled them down in one motion and threw them in a pile with the rest of his clothes.

"Now can you roll?" Nick sat back down. When Selina went for the dice, her hand was only a few inches from his dick. It wasn't hard yet, but it rested along his leg.

"Not yet. You landed on the kiss square. A minute of French kissing according to the square."

Nick sat on his knees and leaned over the board so that his dick now dangled above the squares. He didn't wait for permission. He slid one hand around her neck and pulled her close. She could feel his hot breath as he leaned in and kissed her. His tongue slid inside her mouth and found hers. He began running his tongue over hers as they kissed. Both of them forgot to look at the time, but she was pretty sure that it had been well over a minute when Nick pulled away.

"Now can you go?" Nick asked. She looked at him and noticed that his dick had swollen during the kiss, not yet hard but well on its way.

"With pleasure!" Selina said. Seven again. She moved her token around and saw that she'd landed on the dungeon card. She took another sip of her wine and rubbed her palms across the carpet before picking up the card.

"Well, let's see," Nick said, snatching the card away from her. "What do we have in store for you?"

The card read "Restrain your partner and have him pick two items from the list."

"I think you rigged this game," Nick said, throwing the card in the middle of the board. "Besides, how I am supposed to pick things when I'm restrained."

Selina ignored him, turning around to scrounge through the box. She found a rope. Nick held his hands out in front of him. Selina shook her head and indicated for him to put his hands behind his back. He complied, and she wrapped the cord around his wrists until it was tight but not pinching.

"These would be easy to get out of," Nick said. However, Selina noticed that when he twisted his wrists that he couldn't budge the rope.

"Now two items from the list," she said, holding a piece of paper in front of him. "Your choice."

"The blindfold and true or dare."

Selina got out the blindfold from the box and put it on him. He struggled a bit as she slid it into place. Perhaps he hadn't known the amount of control he would give up.

Selina left the room for a minute. She'd read once that leaving the room made the bondage that much more exciting. She gathered up a few items and quietly returned to him.

"Selina, are you there?" Nick repeated several times. She stayed silent, trying not to even breathe loud.

When he asked again, she replied, "I'm right here."

She took a powder puff and ran it down his back, making sure to stay far enough away from his hands that he couldn't determine what it was from touch. She ran it around his back and then moved around so that she faced him. The puff slid across his chest. She'd tried to clean it off, but a small trace of powder showed across the hair on his chest.

Then she took the puff and ran it down his abdomen until she brushed his hardening dick. She ran it down the length of the shaft and then down his leg. Nick shivered, and Selina thought she was making an impression on him.

She then pulled out a sponge, which she'd dampened when out of the room. She reversed the procedure this time. Selina went up his leg from his foot and ran up to his groin. He twisted, trying to escape the sponge, but in his position, he had trouble moving too far. She kept up the pressure, moving it past his dick and up to his waist. She noticed that he was softening now. Perhaps she'd frightened him too much with the unexpected feel.

She now took a loofah mitt. If he hadn't liked the sponge, he was definitely going to freak out now.

She was right. Nick jumped when she touched him with the mitt. She rubbed his back for several seconds and then moved to his shoulder. "Stop. What is that?" he nearly shouted. "Get that off me."

She threw the mitt on top of his clothes and went back to the powder puff. Nick seemed prepared to say something, but he stopped and just let her run it over him again. His dick started to stiffen again, and by the time she was done, he was fully hard. She let her thumb run over the head of it as she played with the powder puff.

"Isn't there a time limit on this?" he asked.

"Not that I saw," Selina replied. "Much time as I want."

"So what about this truth or dare?" Nick asked. "Are you afraid of the questions?"

"Not at all. Are you?" Selina teased. She'd been thinking of questions the entire time she'd been touching his body. She faced Nick, leaned in close so that her breasts brushed his chest and untied the blindfold. He blinked twice and then smiled.

Nick replied, "I'm ready when you are, but I should get to go first, since I'm at a disadvantage here."

"Okay, I pick truth."

"You're getting off on this, aren't you?" Nick asked. He practically leered at her as he asked the question.

Selina raised an eyebrow. "I am. This is hot." She moved in close, so that she was between his legs. She looked down and saw that Nick was responding. A drop of precum had formed at the tip of his cock. She smiled at him. Taking a finger, she collected the drop. She put the finger in her mouth and licked it clean. Nick exhaled sharply as she pulled her finger out and backed away from him.

"My turn?" she asked. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare. Apparently a little risk does something for you."

She moved behind him. Using his arms, she helped Nick to his feet. "I dare you to get yourself off without using your hands."

"What about your body parts?" Nick asked with a smile.

"I'll give you a little help to start off with," Selina said, "but then you're on your own." She gave him a soft push so that he fell back on to the bed.

Watching him, she approached and moved to straddle him. She only used her hands to steady herself as she began to grind against him. She could feel his dick stiffen again as she pressed him against her opening. She didn't want him inside of her yet, but she wanted him to be close enough to get himself off now. Selina's hips swayed back and forth for a minute, and then she stopped and got off of him.

Nick eyed her to see if she was coming back, but he could tell that she wanted him to complete this alone. He rolled over with his arms still bound behind him. Propping himself up on his elbows and watching her, he began to rub himself against the bed sheets, just using the friction from dick against the cotton. Selina had to admit that he was pretty relentless about it. She watched him as his eyes grew large and his face began to flush. He groaned in the way she'd heard many times and then collapsed on the bed.

After a minute, Nick said, "Can you help me clean up this mess?"

Selina unbound his arms and took the rope off. Nick stood up and cleaned up the mess as best he could. "Your turn," Selina reminded him.

He smiled. "I guess we're not done until everyone is done?"

He picked up the dice and threw them across the board. Four. He looked ahead and saw another dungeon space. Nick made a face that Selina couldn't read. She didn't know if he was enjoying himself or not.

He picked up the card and read. "Your partner will answer yes or no to three questions. Based on those answers, you'll know what to do to her."

"That's it?" Selina asked. "No hints on what I'm answering."

Nick shook his head and held the card behind his hands, so she couldn't even see the back of it.

"Then yes, yes, and no."

Nick grinned at her. "The questions were 'Will I fuck you?' 'Will I let you come?' and 'Will your hands be free?' Where's that rope?"

Selina pointed to the box and put her hands behind her back so that Nick could tighten the cord. She had liked being in control; she wasn't sure how she would feel being at his mercy.

Nick helped her to her feet and placed her so that her face was pressed up against the wall. He reached around behind her and unbuttoned her shirt and popped the fastener on her bra. Her breasts were bare now. She couldn't remember the last time she had been naked in the daytime.

She couldn't see what Nick was doing, but she could hear him move around behind her. She was nervous, since they hadn't really communicated about what was too far. At this point, she had to just trust him.

She gasped when she felt Nick's fingers between her legs. She hadn't been expecting that. Usually the evenings started with kissing and long periods of foreplay. However, it felt like Nick was taking a more direct approach to her needs. She couldn't blame him after her requests.

Nick didn't enter her. He just rubbed his fingers between her legs, sliding fingers around her opening. He touched the lips and toyed with the juices that were now starting to come out of her. She moaned softly as he used the juices to tease her.

His fingers left, and they were quickly replaced by his dick. Selina was shocked. Nick was usually one time and done. He was hard again in less than 15 minutes. Apparently she wasn't the only one getting into this. His dick rubbed between her legs, and her opening began to tingle. She knew that she wanted him, but now it was his turn to call the shots.

She let out a moan, and almost immediately Nick stopped.

"What happened?" she asked, she couldn't help herself.

"The card said you could come, but I say when," Nick replied. His voice was huskier. It made her want him more.

He turned her around so that they faced each other. Selina could now see that he was hard. His face was flush, and he was breathing heavily. It looked like she wasn't the only one who was enjoying tonight.

Nick took a step closer to her. His dick nearly touched her, but he left an inch or two between them. He took a finger and traced her lips with it. She could taste her own juices on his fingers. She'd never tried that before but now she licked at his fingers, wanting to have more. He pulled the fingers away and moved another step closer. He bent so that his face was at her breasts. She could feel his teeth lightly against her nipple. He licked and softly chewed on it until it was hard. She just watched as he played with her, teasing it. Now he moved to the other one and repeated his movements. She wanted to grab his hair, but her hands were still securely bound behind her.

Nick stood again and closed the gap between them. He was pressed against her, and she felt the heat from his hard dick. She bucked her hips against him, but he took a hand and held them still. With his other hand, he reached around and grabbed her ass. He played with it, taking a handful of it and squeezing. At one point, he caressed a finger over her hole. She thought he might be getting ready to ignore the card's directions, but he pulled it back. He still held her hips in place with his left hand. She wanted to push him inside of her, but he still was in charge. The waiting was agonizing.

At least, he'd already come once. She had trouble focusing on his actions, because she wanted him now. Finally, he adjusted himself and slid into her. He didn't move for a second. He bent his legs, grabbed her ass again, and then stood. She was entirely supported by his hands and the wall now. She had no means of escape because she didn't touch the floor.

In this position, Nick slid deep into her. She felt his dick fill her until she was pressed against his flesh, his balls just outside her opening. She'd never been this full of him, and the feeling drove her wild. She couldn't push in this position, which was why Nick had probably chosen it. The speed and motion were entirely up to him.

As if he'd read her mind, he started moving his hips, pushing in even further and then moving back. In this position, he rubbed directly up against her clit. It was a good thing she'd answered yes to the second question, or she'd be in trouble now.

Nick pushed into her again and now he began to speed up the pace. The in and out motions felt like a hammer, each blow getting her closer to the end. Nick didn't see to have any problem with this second time. He kept up the rhythm, in and out, back and forth across her clit. The feeling was building inside of her. He pulled out again and then shoved far up inside of her. The warmth that had been growing between her legs spread out over her entire body, and she gasped and then moaned. Her mind went blank and she reacted only to the pleasure of her body. Nick looked into her eyes. Another thrust and he was done too. He gritted his teeth and pushed as far as he could go, filling her with his juice.

Slowly he bent his knees so that her feet were on the floor. It didn't do her much good, because she felt as though her legs had lost their bones. She trembled as she stood there. Nick undid the rope and let it fall to the ground.

He pointed at the bathroom. "I need a shower," he said as he padded off. "Don't move our tokens or mess up the board. I think we might have to continue this game tomorrow."

Selina smiled and wondered if she should stack the deck for the next game.

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