tagSci-Fi & FantasyStallion Treatment Ch. 03

Stallion Treatment Ch. 03


Teased and milked

"Mara Tisdale is an excellent milker of men." So I came to think after watching her torture Nate, and I told Nate that after the fifteenth denied orgasm. Nathan was panting and sweating, unable to achieve the breakthrough to orgasm that every man craves with his very being. He was still restrained, his penis bulging with veins, begging for release. Mara had left the glans exposed after his last brush with orgasm, and it had turned from a bright red to a dark purple, angry and frustrated. Much like Nate at the moment.

Mara, for her part, was thoroughly enjoying this. "Normally, I'd have one of the staff do this. It's been awhile since I've milked a patient myself." After a moment, Nate's readings lowered enough that she reached toward his penis and started lightly caressing and squeezing the shaft.

At the start of the process, Mara had concentrated on Nate's foreskin. Completely ignoring Nate, she spoke to me as she masturbated my husband. "I normally start with the foreskin, peeling it down and recovering the head. But in your husband's case, given the length and the unusually high enervation of the tip, pulling it straight out in front of his glans penis will probably yield faster results. I can put more tension on it this way to stimulate the stretch receptors, and you saw how quickly he started emitting Cowper's Gland secretions during the stretch measurement."

"Yes, I did," I said. I had really warmed to her since she stopped paying any attention to my husband and started interacting only with me. She had done a wonderful job of pulling him in, essentially ignoring his desire to talk about the process by simply starting it, and beginning tests like this semen extraction measurement. "I love masturbating him that way. It keeps all the precum in the hood, and makes things extra slippery for him."

"Have you ever slow-masturbated him before?" she asked.

"Yes, but he won't let me tie him down, so when he gets close, he flips me over and rams it in and cums."

"Well, after he experiences this, he is going to want you to tie him down and milk him. The beautiful thing about milking is that the man stays aroused. The emission is curiously satisfying without being satiating, and he is immediately ready to have another emission. Notice I don't call them ejaculations - the semen won't shoot out like it does when he orgasms, because the same muscles aren't contracting. Many women make a party of it, inviting friends over and taking turns until the prostate gland and seminal vesicles are completely exhausted. You can do it to him all afternoon, if you want."

She got Nate close to orgasm after about five minutes of stretching and releasing. A soft tone sounded, and she slowed down. "The chime will warn me of five seconds to orgasm." She pressed and gently squeezed the rigid shaft for half a minute until the chime sounded, then released his penis entirely. "I'll start up again until I get the three chimes. With the third, higher pitch, chime he'll be a second before orgasming. He may start emitting without me having to touch his prostate. Let's see."

After a moment she started touching his penis lightly all over, except for the capped head. "If you're milking him at home without the cap, a little squeeze and stroke to the glans is pleasurable for him without being too stimulating. A man has fewer than 2000 nerve endings in his glans, mostly for deep pressure, compared to 20,000 in the foreskin, mostly for surface and stretch sensing. I'm not too worried about his capping throwing off his response, and the cap helps to collect all the semen and fluids he produces."

A minute later the first chime sounded again, and Mara slowed down. Then the second chime sounded, and I could hear my Nate groaning. This time Mara kept touching him, but more lightly and slowly. Then the third chime sounded, and she released his penis, watching expectantly for several seconds. No semen appeared, much to my disappointment, and hers. "Darn. I have a male colleague at another clinic who can get semen out of men without having to go into the anus. He doesn't even depend on the scanners - he can tell just watching the man and feeling the penis, and stops just in time as the emission starts, but before orgasm occurs."

"Well, men know their own anatomy better," I suggested.

We watched my husband struggle against his bonds in frustration, and grunt repeatedly. When he had calmed and the readings dropped, Mara started up again. This went on and on, Nate just on the verge of relief, then none allowed.

After that first hour of teasing, Mara stopped on the third chime once again and declared, "His glands must be positively ready to burst from semen. I'll bet they feel hard as a rock. Now I am going to slide two fingers up his anus, and stimulate the emission. He won't orgasm, but he will feel relief. His penis will stay rigidly erect." She checked a reading. "Wow! He is half a centimeter longer than his full erection. Look at the graph!" I looked. The length and width of Nate's erection was plotted on the float. Mara had zoomed in to show the variation. It wavered up and down, but peaked at 19.6 cm.

"If I do this to him every day, would his penis grow?" I asked. I wanted a backup in case he refused enlargement at the last minute.

Mara considered for a moment. "Well, we usually milk a man every three or four days. I don't know what daily milking for hours on end would do to his penis. It would make an interesting study, but the growth rate would be frustratingly slow - probably slower than traction, but I don't know for certain. I *am* certain it would be fun for you both, though. I love sexually stimulating a man, myself. Now for a little bit of relief."

With that, Mara lubricated the part of the glove covering her index and middle fingers, then pointed them up toward the ceiling and reached under Nate's tight scrotum. "Do you ever finger his anus during sex?" she asked.

"Not unless he's drunk. Otherwise, he won't let me," I replied. I really loved how she was talking about big, important Nate in the third person. Just meat, I reminded myself.

"Well, watch this." Mara pushed her gloved middle finger up against Nathan's sphincter. There was momentary resistance, then it yielded to Mara's digit, exacting a deep, pleasured groan from Nate. The index finger went in next, followed by another pleasured groan. I began to think that Nate might like something even bigger up there.

"The prostate and seminal vesicles are against the inner wall of the perenium, about four centimeters in on most men - maybe two knuckles. It varies with the man. Ah, there it is! Deeper than most. Oh, it's like a rock, that must be *so* uncomfortable. It's distended, it has so much prostatic fluid. And the vesicles are solid with fluid as well.

"Now, if he were tied down on his back with his anus facing you, you would insert your fingers and make a 'come here" gesture to massage the glands. His anus is facing the floor, so the gesture is a little harder to make, but not much." Nates face suddenly relaxed, and thick, white, creamy semen began filling the ampule.

"Look how clean that is! No yellow at all! He is *very* healthy. Milked semen is easily the thickest and most healthy-looking variety," Mara stated. The ampule filled, increasing sporadically for the next minute, to stop at about two thirds.

"Fifteen milliliters! That is very impressive! Now we'll let him rest a moment, and start it all over again. I'll be milking him after every stop from now on."

I so wished I could try it. Mara sensed my frustration. "The scanner takes forever to calibrate to ignore a person, and it's set to me right now. I am so sorry, I'd really like you to learn. Tell you what - when he's on the rack for enhancements, I'll have you in and show you how to do it. We'll take a few hours off from his orgasmic ejaculations, and he will be desparate for release. That's the easiest way to learn how to do it." I nodded my appreciation.

Over and over Mara teased and milked Nathan, changing the ampule twice. After twenty minutes went by without getting any more semen, she finally gave up.

"Fifty three ml! A record for N-100s in this clinic! Now, you saw how much effort that took. What if he could simply ejaculate that amount instead? Would you like that?" she asked me.

"God, yes. I love cum. I love to eat it, and I love to have it fill my pussy. I'd bathe in it if I could."

"This test reveals what your husband is capable of for semen production. His ordinary ejaculation is probably about ten or fifteen milliliters - very respectable compared to most other Naturals. We can increase his volume as much as you'd like without affecting his N-100 rating."

"Huh. How does that work?" I asked, seeing Nate's interest at the mention of his rating.

"Organs in the abdominal cavity can be regenerated without changing the individual's N-rating. Accidents and disease happen, you know. So glands like the prostate and the seminal vesicles can be enlarged if the doctor deems it appropriate for proper functioning. And I do. It's a widely used loophole, but no-one seems to mind."

"Do you hear that Sweetie? You can be an N-100 cum fountain. Would you like that?" I asked. Surprisingly, he nodded, and his rock-hard penis bobbed up and down as well.

"So, we're doing this? Bigger penis, bigger testes, extra semen?" Mara asked Nathan, looking him in the face for the first time in over an hour and a half. Nate nodded. Mara offered up the premade contract and specifications on Nathan's new genitals that she and I had worked out the day before. After skimming it, Nathan held out his thumb, and Mara pressed the pad against it on the "Accept" box. His print was scanned and stored, and legal permission was acknowledged by City Systems.

"We have a rack open for immediate use. Goodness, is that the time? I guess I am working late tonight. I'll get the night staff to help me move you to it, and get everything started," Mara said to Nate. She switched off the scanner, then turned to me. "Do you want to have sex with his current penis one more time?"

I smiled. "I guess. It's so little, though," I teased.

Mara reached up to unrestrain Nathan. "Wait! Leave him like this. Do you have something about six inches tall I can stand on? I'm going to take him while he is tied up."

Mara grinned as she left to find a small booster board. Nathan made gestures of pulling against his bonds, but wasn't overly serious about trying to get out. "No, no, bad boy! I've wanted to do this for years. In fact, once you get home from this, I'm going to start tying you up and having sex with your new penis every night." Nathan groaned. "I'll take that as a groan of anticipation," I said, then sat down on the stool to examine his penis.

The cap still covered the glans. I licked a bit of semen left on the end of the spout. "Mmm, so good. Do you like having this on? Is it pleasurable?" Nate nodded. "I love the idea of you wearing it. In fact, I wish it covered your glans, and foreskin, and shaft, so you couldn't even masturbate. Complete chastity in silver. So pretty." I stretched his foreskin out, covering the cap, then licked the length of his penis from the base to the extended foreskin tip. There was no way he could orgasm from this, and it drove him insane with desire. Despite all the cum Mara had extracted, Nate was as horny as when he was first tied up.

I pulled the foreskin back behind the silver glans cap, then placed my fingers on the spout. I wondered what would happen if I turned it. Nate's urethral opening had stretched to the point that he was quite pleasurably stimulated by the current setting. I looked up to find him watching me intently. I raised my eyebrows, and he nodded his head.

Click. Nate moaned, then nodded again.

Click. Now Nate was making small sounds of discomfort.

Click. More discomfort.

Click. A muffled grunt of pain. I looked up at him and waited. He nodded.

Click. Nate went wild, pulling on the straps, trying to get free. After ten seconds, he calmed down, but sweat dripped from his armpits.

"Do you want me to back it off?" I asked. He paused for a moment, then shook his head.

"Do you want one more?" This time the pause was longer. Then Nate slowly nodded.


The result was amazing. Nate arched his back, then bent forward, trying in vain to do something about the plug that was stretching open his pee-hole. This went on for a couple of minutes before he calmed down, groaning in pain. I stood up.

"Here, baby, I know how much you like this." I bent down and suckled on his left nipple, drawing in the delicate pink button, then releasing it. It definitely helped with the pain.

"Think you'd like to do this at home?" I asked. Without any hesitation, Nate nodded. "I'll bet I can get one of these from the doctor. We could stretch your pee-hole so big that I could fuck it with my clit. Would you like that?"

Before Nate could respond, Mara was back with the booster. "Sorry, I was rounding up some help and getting the rack ready. We can move him onto it in about twenty minutes. In the meantime, let me get that off for you." She went to dial back the seal, and noticed the new, much higher setting.

"He loves it," I said. "Where can I get one?"

"They are not cheap, but if you really want to open him up, I'll let you keep this one. I'll add it to the invoice." With that, she dialed it smaller. Then she gestured, and the glans cap retracted from around the head of Nate's penis. She slid the tube out of Nate, causing a long drip of precum to dangle from the tip of his glans, then handed the cap to me. "It is mostly self-cleaning. Just rinse it off with clear water for a few seconds." She examined Nate's red pee hole. "He certainly got a stretch from that," Mara noted. "His urethral sphincter doesn't want to close. And I see that the pain caused him to start producing Cowper's emissions again.

"Twenty minutes," she repeated, and left.

Now I had Nate exactly where I wanted him. And he was exactly where he wanted to be. I knelt down in front of his hard, hard cock, then peeled back the foreskin and started licking the sensitive underside. Precum flowed freely from the stretched hole. Too bad we couldn't add it to his total.

I smeared the slick, shiny fluid on his cockhead and foreskin, then slipped off my pantlets and started slowly rubbing the exposed glans on my dripping slit. A minute of that, and Nate's breathing increased to panting.

I had never been able to exert this kind of sexual control over my husband. I only had fifteen minutes left. I recovered the head and eased his penis into my waiting pussy. I was so wet that his tight foreskin didn't even retract, the whole covered glans simply slipped inside. Nate moaned in pleasure.

"Uh uh uh," I scolded, "no orgasm for you. This is just for *me*." With that, I very slowly penetrated myself with all 19+ cm of Nate's penis, then held perfectly still. My husband thrashed around trying to move his cock in and out, until I cruelly pinched one of his nipples between my fingernails. "No! If you make yourself come, I'll slide this stretcher back into you, and see what the maximum setting looks like!" He stopped. I smiled. I could get used to this sort of dominance.

"You are not allowed to come. If you come, I'll use the plug on your peehole. Even if I split your cockhead open with it, Mara will be able to fix it on the rack. You've given permission for the procedure and turned over medical control to me until your cock is done, so I can do whatever I want." The thought of that surrender seemed to sink into his eyes. He looked down.

"I'm going to pleasure myself, and you are going to let me know when you are about to come. Make a sharp grunt for me now." He did so. "When I hear that, I stop. If you forget, and come, well then..." I held up the plug.

I got busy, rolling my hips to run my vagina two inches back and forth around Nate's erection. After a minute, Nate grunted, and I stopped. I watched him closely, then started up again. This went on four times.

After the last stop, with only a minute before the doctor was due, I tickled my engorged clit. I was so close, but I didn't really want to split open Nate's poor little peehole by accidentally making him come, so I decided to finish myself. It took about two seconds, then my pussy was throbbing and squeezing Nate's cock as I rocketed into an orgasm, but somehow he held off coming. I rested a moment, then stroked his face. "Good boy," I told him. "That's how we are going to have sex from now on." I slowly pulled my vagina back, carefully exposing the shaft, then waited a few seconds before easing the thick, covered glans out of my vagina. I swabbed off the pussy juice that was on my vagina and running down my legs, then pulled up my pantlets just before Dr. Babe came back in the room.

She looked approvingly at Nate's erection. "I see he *still* hasn't orgasmed. Did you?" she asked, looking at me.

"Oh, yes, I sure did. I didn't want to miss out on one more ride with his little prick," I said.

"Excellent! You seem to have a talent for this. Keep in mind, he is very big for a Natural. But nothing compared to what's coming." Two slender, brunette assistants came through the door with a portable carry-cart. "Rather than release him, we are going to transport him in a restraint field, then secure him to rack 4." Mara made some gestures in front of the control screen. The straps released and withdrew. Before Nate could even rub his wrists, a restraint field from the carrycart surrounded my husband's entire body, lifting him up to hover over the cart and holding him in place. "Follow me," said Mara, turning right out the door. I did so, and the two assistants trailed me with the cart holding my husband.

Mara stopped perhaps ten meters down the hall in front of a large "4" on the floor. The door already had slid open. "In here." She turned to address Nate for the first time since he signed the contract. "We are going to use the restraint field to place you on the rack. Just relax and let it direct the movement of your arms and legs."

A few moments later, and my husband was securely fastened chest-down on a sex horse, the kind used to restrain the target of a rape scene. He was in sort of a crawling position. The technicians had used a field handoff between the cart and the rack. Nate was still gagged, but didn't put up any fuss with being transferred, floating, onto the rack. He seemed a little surprised not to be allowed to walk, but clearly enjoyed the hover trip. His penis had continued to drip precum, and it was dangling in a long line almost to the floor when they floated him into place. The technicians strapped him onto the rack with restraints similar to the one Mara had used on Nate during the semen extraction test, then deactivated the fields.

My gagged husband was left in a very vulnerable posture. His legs were spread open with his knees more than a half meter apart, leaving his tight scrotum and his anus exposed for easy access. A bright red light shown on his ballsack, warming it and causing the skin to relax and his balls to drop. His legs were down at right angles on perfectly adjusted leg supports, securely strapped at the ankle, knee, and thigh to prevent movement. With his chest and stomach on a flat section of the sex horse, his arms were comfortably secured to their own supports. His incredibly erect penis hung below the surface near where a tray of metal probes and sounds was suddenly revealed by the rack. Nate's head hung over the end in a face rest sort of like the kind on a massage table - I could tell he couldn't see a single thing that was about to happen to him.

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