tagRomanceStarr Search Ch. 02

Starr Search Ch. 02


Her adventures continue ... ~ J ~

The Suite

Julian pulled the sedan into the hotel, watching her asscheeks shift slowly under the tight skirt, moving like a metronome. She could feel the eyes of the valet, the bellman, and the concierge, all staring at the miniskirt, the long legs, and perfectly nestled 36-C breast nestled in the tight t-shirt, the top tied under her breast to show off the amazing stomach. Starr knew she could make every man forget, and loved the attention. Julian walked beside, never taking her hand, knowing inside she possessed him, not the other way around. They turned, and the valet, doormen, concierge, bellmen, a few tourists with their wives, and the half-blind janitor all turned, watching Starr and Julian make their way to the elevator and inside it.

Opening the door, Julian tossed the bags on the floor, watching Starr walk into the room, laying back on the couch, flipping on the big-screen television. She was moving through the channels sliding her heels to the floor until she found some music. Her body wiggled to the beat, slowly sliding the blouse off her body, then slipping the skirt down her asscheeks and off her long, perfect legs.

His mouth hit the floor: Starr travelled across the country without panties, waxed her pussy hairs into a small landing strip and left her bra behind somewhere. Her blazer was on the floor; this was how she kept her hardened nipples from being a beacon to every man in every terminal she entered across the United States.

Sitting naked, playing with her nipples, she stared at the chaperon, watching his eyes drink in every inch of her café au lait skin, honey-kissed by the sun and a shade darker than his own Latino heritage. She could smile, knowing he was going to be her guardian angel in her depraved travels through Los Angeles.

"Julian," she whispered, eyes closing as she pinched one of her nipples slowly, twisting it in manicured nails, "are you sure you can keep me safe? Are you sure you don't want to spend the weekend here just making love to me?"

A beat of quiet and he smiled.

"Or fucking you, Starr?"

He blushed, unsure of using this word with his cyber-lover and friend. A glance, and he knew she wasn't teasing him, just asking, and unharmed by his phrase; she, in turn was just being honest and seeking the same.

She smiled, happily knowing they were on the same wave-length: "Or fucking me, in bed, on the floor, in the bathroom ... wherever your hard-ons' wish."

She lay back, curling her legs against her breast, showing him the heels of her feet pointing outward, smiling, letting her arms wrap around her knees. His eyes glanced down seeing the tender slip of her pussy lips, pink and glossy with the desire of lust, wanting to touch him or to be touched. Julian looked further, seeing her puckered bung, the anus winking at him. Starr noticed his eyes staring at her anus, and restated aloud, "Any where your hard-on wishes."

Slowly, Julian moved closer to her, sitting down, taking her feet in his hands, massaging the soles, stroking them from toes to heel, making her moan. Starr relaxed, knowing she ached for an erotic journey, and yet, just having a man appreciate her for more than sex was something she longed for also in this moment.

"Honey," Julian said softly. "You can do anything you want, be anything you want, and I'll always be in the shadows keeping you safe. I promised you that when we chatted, had cyber-sex, avatar-sex, phone sex, and cam-sex. And I still promise to keep you safe no matter what you want to do here in LA. Okay?"

Lightly, but with just the right amount of pressure, Julian slid his finger along the length of her foot, pressing inward, making her moan softly. Starr relaxed, naked in her youth and beauty, as this man twice her age and sweet on-line was the real deal, hoping to give her a weekend she'd never forget.

She could feel his fingers kneading her muscles, caressing and stroking the calves, moving the length of her skin slowly, softly and tenderly. She felt her eyes closing, relaxed in the luxurious room, breathing faster, her breast rising and falling slowly, feeling the hands moving to the front of her legs, caressing the knees and muscles gently.

But something was different.

Julian slid his body from beneath her legs, his hands lifting her delicate feet over his shoulders, sliding them back and down along the spine. His fingers continued caressing and touching her all over, making her whimper and moan eagerly, gasping, her eyes quickly closing. She could feel her fingers sliding into his hair as she felt his kisses starting inside her thighs, licking the skin, moving slowly into her crotch. A small stream of air slid out of his mouth, touching her clit and traveling along the slick folds of her pussy lips. Julian kissed, and then circled the clit with his tongue, lapping at it gently. She moaned, digging her nails deeper into his scalp, feeling his tongue slide inside her pussy, his nose nestled on the hairs, kissing the clitty again and again, sucking softly on the shaved labia. The tongue worked magically inside her body, making her shudder with delight.

"Mmmm. Such a tasty pussy babe," he whispered. "I'm glad you played with it making it juicy for me."

Starr moaned at the cunninglingus performed by a master twat eater, like Bach on the violin in the hands of a symphony maestro. She groaned, feeling a finger slipping into her hot, wet pussy, keeping Julian where he wanted to be: on her knees eating her out.

The finger, then fingers, began pumping rapidly, making a slap-slap sound inside her. Starr could feel the juices of her girly-sex leaking pussy juices like mad, gasping aloud, her body an electrical fence, losing her mind as he continued eating and licking and fingering her sweet, smooth twat as fast as possible. Her nipples became harder without contact, gasping, losing her breath to the shaking her body was doing responding to his touch.

"Oh fuck Julian. You are a fantastic pussy licker!"

He replied, "This is one thing I love doing: pleasing you."

As his sentence ended, he continued licking the hot, wet sex box, fingering it deeper, swirling the clitty hard against his spinning tongue, sucking all the juices her could draw out down his throat and into his mouth. Starr started tugging his hair, keeping him in place, making his scalp hurt, and still keeping him against her hot, wet cunt, the sex-honey slipping out a little faster each time the pace increased, his mouth working harder to drink every drop.


Starr moaned, groaning, grinding her teeth, gasping and trying to hold her breath as her orgasm tore through her body, Julian's fingers planted deep inside the hot wet snatch. She groaned louder, crying out, screaming in absolute delight and pleasure.

"Goddamn! OOoooooooooooooooohhhhhh!"

The waves of pleasure finally subsided, and Julian could feel her body collapsing, deflating on the couch. Her legs were limp and she glowed, sheen of fresh perspiration on her forehead and cheeks. She looked down at her adoring lover, and took his face in her hands. Julian came up with the touch, bringing his body between her legs, kissing her mouth deep and full, and letting her taste herself on his tongue, making her whimper and moan. Her mouth roamed all over his face, licking every drop, sucking his tongue, wanting every drop her body produced between both their mouths.

She smiled, whispering, "We're gonna be so bad aren't we?"

"Yes we are," he replied. "Yes we are."

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