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Sticky Sweet


Ella loves the holidays. All the activity and excitement, the changing of the seasons, and, of course, the time spent with family. With her relatives there was always some scandal and lots of gossip. She stays out of the drama, preferring to watch and listen and taking delight in the secrets that get spread around. Last year, Grandma announced that she had taken a lover (Grandfather has been dead for quite some time) and was planning on moving to Italy with him.

Two years before that, the story was that Aunt Fae had gotten drunk at an office party and gave the boss a blow-job in the supply closest which resulted in the big promotion she had been boasting about. That same year Ella did have a bit of the limelight, actually. She had come out as a lesbian to her immediate family and so they were all surreptitiously informing the extended family. Thankfully, Aunt Fae's conduct was far more interesting, though she did get a few strange looks from across the dinner table. Ella smiled to herself, remembering this and also the time Uncle Jim let it slip that he had found "some sort of plastic penis" in his daughter's drawer and didn't know what it was for.

Her cab slowed down, arriving at her parent's home. The house was large, much bigger that the apartment she now lived in. She remembered how glad she was growing up that the large amount of space muffled the sounds she made playing with herself, and when she was playing with others. She paid the cab driver and picked up her bags and walked in her childhood home.

She yelled that she was home when she arrived and her mother quickly appeared and embraced her: asking the usual questions about how her life was going, how the job was working out, if she was eating enough, and why on heavens has she not gotten a haircut. She answered grudgingly then said she wanted to unpack. She would have to share a room with one of her cousins and her sister and her roommate, her mother told her, because her bedroom was taken by Aunt Millie and Uncle George. This should be interesting, she thought, as she dragged her bag up the stairs. Her younger sister had just started college at the nearby university and, apparently, she had brought her roommate with her for the holidays.

There was no one in the room when she got there to put her stuff away, but she noticed some clothes and makeup around, probably her sister's doing. Ella remembered how old and mature she felt when she was 18 and starting college, now, at 23, she couldn't help thinking how young and naive these college girls were. Alter unpacking and sending a few texts to friends back home, Ella changed into a soft white tee and tight jeans with her warm winter socks. She slipped on some clean white cotton panties as well to freshen up.

As she headed back down the stairs she heard giggling; her sister and another girl were sitting in the living room looking at a large book in her sister's lap. Ella went in and greeted her sister warmly, embracing her small, lithe body, and asked her how school was going. Her sister replied that it was going well and then turned and introduced the girl next to her as her roommate. Her name was Madeline; she had long reddish-brown hair, a warm complexion, and wore a blue cardigan over a lacy white tank top with a white skirt that ended at her mid-thigh, exposing luscious smooth legs and white ankle-socks. When she looked up from the book to shake Ella's hand, (apparently, they had been giggling over old family photos) Ella was struck by the intense soft blue eyes with a sweetness, innocence, and beauty she had never seen before. Ella shook her hand, and told Madeline it was nice to meet her. Madeline just smiled at Ella. A look from those eyes and a glimpse of the upper thigh of those legs, and Ella could feel herself getting warm and a little wet between her legs. She hastily left the room and went into the kitchen. Her mother was cooking and it smelled delicious. She complimented the cook and then took a candy cane from a bowl, hoping its sweetness would distract her from the lust she was feeling for her sister's roommate. Various other relatives lounged around in the kitchen; she gave them the obligatory greetings and then slipped away to be alone in her room, grabbing a few more candy canes on the way out.

Sitting in the room she shared today, Ella started wondering if should be even be able to sleep tonight. She supposed that she could always go down to the couch in the living room, though she would have to come up with an excuse why she felt the need to change rooms. Or, perhaps, she could wait until everyone was asleep and then pleasure herself in the bathroom. That might help. Or it might make the longing worse. She could not get Madeline out of her mind. Sucking on a second candy cane she imagined what kind of panties Madeline was wearing, how her breasts looked and moved when she was naked, and if she had ever had sex with anyone before. She got the feeling maybe not. Absent-mindedly, she licked the sweet minty candy stick.

The door opened slowly with a squeak. Ella sat up rapidly, realizing she had unconsciously been touching herself. Standing there, with her smooth legs and perky breasts, was Madeline. Ella, a little embarrassed, did not know what to say. After a short pause, Madeline said softly that she had heard from her sister that Ella was a lesbian. She went on to say that she was curious. Speechless, Ella looked back at Madeline, taking in the view of her body, wondering if this was real.

Convincing herself that it really was happening, she gathered her voice to speak. She told Madeline to shut the door and come closer. Madeline obeyed and came to stand in front of Ella. Next, Ella told Madeline to take off her clothes. The young woman looked a bit nervous and paused, then reached to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor before unbuttoning her cardigan and reaching her arms back to remove it. She then pulled her tank top up over her head. She was not wearing a bra and she had on clean, pink panties. Ella told her to turn around and she saw that the panties were a thong, highlighting her firm, round ass. She pulled them down to Madeline's ankles, and told Madeline to bend over.

When she leaned forward, Ella could clearly see Madeline's tight pink pussy. Some glistening moisture was just visible inside. Madeline's ass stuck out towards Ella and she twisted her hips a little as Ella watched. Ella took the candy cane she had been eating out of her mouth. It was slick and sticky, covered in her saliva.

Eagerly, Ella leaned in and licked Madeline up from her clit to her ass. She licked again all over, in all the folds and cracks, hearing little moans from Madeline. She pressed her face in licking and sucking. As she licked she reached her hands to pick up the candy canes she had gotten from the kitchen. She unwrapped them all, keeping her tongue flicking on Madeline's clit. Holding a bundle of about about seven red and white striped candy canes in her hand, the curved side in her palm, Ella lifted her face from Madeline's dripping pussy and told Madeline to turn around. Madeline complied, and when her front came into view, Ella saw that her face was flushed and her nipples erect. Ella pushed down on Madeline's shoulders so the girl's nude body folded up, kneeling down. Madeline's breasts heaved as she took deep breaths in and out, her lips slightly parted. Ella slid her finger in Madeline's mouth and Madeline immediately began to suck on it. She added another, sliding then in and out along Madeline's tongue, taking pleasure in the feeling of her tongue. Then she took out her finger and, with the other hand, slipped in the bundle of unwrapped candy canes. Madeline's eyes widened with surprise, but she let Ella trust them in and out, and the sticky candy coated Madeline's mouth and lips, and her tongue licked along them as they moved. Syrupy candy coated Madeline's face and her slick sweet mouth and tongue made light sucking and slurping sounds. Ella's panties dampened. She stopped moving the candy in Madeline's mouth, held them in there and pushed Madeline's face a bit so that the sticks went deeper. Madeline made little whimpering noises so she slowly slid them out and told Madeline to get on the bed. Madeline looked up at Ella and went and lay with her back on the pink quilted mattress.

Ella knelt between Madeline's spread legs, took the sticky bundle of candy canes and slid the tips of them along the folds of Madeline's cunt. Madeline moaned softly and dewy moisture dripped out. Ella put the candy at the opening and pressed lightly. The tips of the canes barely went in. Ella pressed harder and Madeline turned her head turned, breathing in sharply as Ella forced the bundle. The candy fit snugly, stretching Madeline's pussy. Ella could tell nothing had been in there before. She pushed hard, thrusting with her body and the candy went all the way in. Madeline clutched the quilt with little fists as Ella began to pound the candy into her. They slid, sticky with sugary sweetness. It soon got a little easier and Ella thrust harder, fucking Madeline's pussy. She leaned up and licked on Madeline's breasts, sucking on her nipples, Madeline's legs spread and up against Ella's body as Ella kept moving the candy. Keeping the candy canes inside her, Ella, used a hand to help Madeline over to her stomach. On all fours, Madeline automatically put her head down and her round butt up.

Ella fucked her harder from behind as their bodies moved together with the pounding motion. Both were breathing hard and Madeline's body was hot to the touch. Ella shoved the candy canes hard and fast inside Madeline and licked Madeline's asshole. When two of Ella's finger's entered her ass and Madeline was filled in both holes, she screamed out in please. Her muscles tensed and juices streamed down the candy, viscous and sweet. While Madeline's body was still bucking from the orgasm, Ella slipped out the candy and fingers and licked Madeline's wetness. The slightly salty slickness of Madeline mixed with the sticky sweet candy was exquisite. Ella enthusiastically slurped it up. When satisfied, Ella sat up and licked and sucked up and down the length of the delicious candy. Madeline turned over, smiled and watched Ella.

Madeline asked in a warm voice, still breathing hard, if she did okay. Ella laughed, thinking that Madeline was much too good to be true. Ella told Madeline that the holiday season has just begun, and there is still time for her to learn more. Ella's eyes twinkled as she put the candy back in her mouth.

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