Stolen Ch. 05


It was late when Ren returned to the cabin, he parked his bike in the shed they used as a garage and headed inside as he removed his helmet and gloves. His boots made a loud noise as he walked into the kitchen in the dark so he sat down and pulled his boots off but left his socks on as he padded around the kitchen and helped himself to a mug of lukewarm coffee.

Ren sat down at the table as he drank the coffee, Marty walked out of the bedroom wearing only unzipped jeans that rode low on his hips, he stopped at the sight of Ren sitting at the table before heading towards the toilet. When Marty returned he helped himself to a cold beer from the fridge and glanced at Ren where he sat nursing his nearly cold drink.

"Surprised you didn't stick around and join in the fun with Brad earlier." Marty said.

"I aint into unwilling women or sloppy seconds." Ren commented.

"Well she weren't unwilling by the time Brad finished with her." Marty said and gave a brief laugh.

"I prefer a woman who isn't fucking another guy as well." Ren said.

"Yeah, each to their own." Marty conceded. "Several of us have been thinking about moving on to the house over by Johnson's Lake, more bedroom's, better place really."

"When?" Ren asked.

"A day or two." Marty shrugged. "The sooner the better I reckon. Especially since she aint here willingly."

"I know what you mean. I'm thinking of moving on once Hawk gets back." Ren said.

"You going to see if he wants to sell her?" Marty asked.

Ren looked at the other man for a few moments in the dim light before giving a shrug, he hadn't realised his interest in Sky was obvious to the others.

"I don't reckon Hawk will be ready to part with her anytime soon. He likes them young and fresh." Ren said evenly.

"And not too willing unless I miss my guess." Marty added.

"Yeah seems that way." Ren conceded.

"Well I'm headed back to bed. Catch you when the sun's up." Marty said before going back into the bedroom.

Ren got to his feet and tipped the last of his coffee down the sink, rinsed the mug and headed into the bedroom. He made his way to the bed where Brad and Sky lay asleep, he stripped off and climbed into bed. Brad raised his head sleepily, saw it was Ren and then settled back down. Ren lay on his side with his back to Sky, she stirred slightly in her sleep but Ren shushed her quietly and she was soon breathing deeply once again.

Ren drifted off to sleep, he woke briefly when Sky cuddled up to his side and he settled her against him with her head on his shoulder before closing his eyes and drifting back to sleep.


"Come on sleepy head, wake up!"

Sky woke abruptly as Brad swatted her on the bottom then pulled the bedclothes off of her.

"I'm awake." Sky said as she leant over and reached for the shirt she had worn the day before without trying to use the sheet to cover her naked body. She was fast becoming used to being nude when any number of the men were around.

"You can get up and cook breakfast." Brad ordered before walking from the room.

Sky quickly got dressed and headed for the kitchen, both Ren and Brad were in the kitchen when she walked in.

"Can I go to the toilet first before cooking?" Sky asked.

"Yeah." Brad answered then went back to the motorbike magazine he was looking at.

When Sky returned she immediately began cooking steak and eggs for the two men for breakfast and scrambled eggs for herself, she checked there was a full pot of coffee and poured a large glass of fruit juice for Ren.

When the food was cooked she dished it up and placed it on the table beside the men then got cutlery before putting her plate on the table and sitting down.

"Where's the ketchup?" Brad asked as he looked at his food.

Sky got up and retrieved the bottle of ketchup from the fridge and handed it to him before sitting down once again, she watched in disbelief as he poured a thick coating of ketchup on the steak and eggs she had cooked and seasoned.

"Don't know why I bother cooking it properly." Sky muttered to herself then looked up at Brad in horrified silence as she realised she had spoken aloud, she scrambled to her feet hurriedly as he stood up.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Sky said hurriedly as she backed away from the table.

"Not as sorry as you would have been if Hawk was here." Ren said as he got to his feet.

Sky glanced from one man to the other, she didn't have a chance of escaping punishment and trying to would only further annoy them. She looked down and took a hesitant step towards the table, Brad came around to her side of the table and grabbed her by the upper arm and gave her a slight shake.

"You want to start thinking before you say anything. Mouth off again and I will slap you, hear me!" He snapped angrily.

"Yes." Sky whispered.

"What? I can't hear you!" Brad said angrily.

"I'm sorry. I won't be rude again." Sky said louder and glanced up at him uneasily.

"And another thing, unless you like getting punished, when your in trouble just stand there and take it. Try to beg off or get away and you'll get worse. You should have realised by now that Hawk likes it when you're scared of him." Brad told her.

Sky looked up at him for an instant before looking away, she didn't know how to answer or what to say.

"Sit down." Ren ordered as he went back to his seat.

Sky glanced from one to the other of the two men nervously then went back to her seat and sat down uneasily. Brad say down and both men began eating, ignoring her as they chatted between mouthfuls. When all of them had finished eating and the two men were drinking their coffee or juice Sky got to her feet and began clearing away the dirty plates, she was at the sink when Wilson and two others walked in from outside.

Sky glanced towards him uneasily, there was something about him, she wasn't sure exactly what it was but she sensed he wished her harm. Wilson saw her look and grinned at her, he was well aware that Sky was afraid of him even without Ren and Brad warning her about him.

"What no breakfast for us?" Wilson asked with pretended hurt.

"You know how to cook." Ren said flatly.

"Oh come on now. You got little Blondie here all convinced I'm the big bad wolf. Got her all afraid of me if I so much as walk into the room." Wilson almost whined.

Both Ren and Brad looked at him without saying a word, Sky edged over to the table and sat on Brad's lap, feeling safer when his arms went around her.

Wilson watched as Sky avoided his eyes and gave a grunt before turning to the stove, he switched on one of the hotplates before taking sausages from the fridge.

Brad eased Sky from his lap and got to his feet, Ren stood up also and Brad put a hand on Sky's back as he guided her outside.

"I'll be glad when that bastard moves on." Ren said as they headed over to the large shed.

Sky slowed down and was slightly reluctant to go into the shed as she remembered what had occurred in there the previous day.

"Come on." Brad said impatiently as he exerted pressure in the small of her back.

Ren lead the way over to a stack of old boxes and cleaned the worst of the cobwebs and dust off an old chair.

"You sit there while we look for some things. I don't think you want to be inside cleaning up while Wilson is in the kitchen." Ren remarked.

For the rest of the morning Sky stayed out in the shed while the two men went through the contents of the boxes getting together bits and pieces that they could use and discarding obvious rubbish into a separate pile to be disposed of. After midday the two men headed inside and Sky went with them to get food ready while they washed the dust and grime off.


Sky watched as Brad tightened the pipes that lead to the shower head he had attached to the wall in the small shed not far from the cabin, he gave the hot water pipe one last tighten then stepped back to survey his work. The shed was the laundry and had two small rooms, one with a washing machine and now the second room held an open shower as well as a toilet.

"Who's going to try it out?" Brad asked as he glanced behind him where ren, Sky and Marty stood.

"Why don't you turn the taps on and see if they work." Ren said behind Sky.

Brad turned back to the shower, reached out and turned the cold water on so that water cascaded from the showerhead. Sky squealed as she was grabbed from behind and Ren pushed her under the water with a laugh, Sky gasped as the cold water flowed down over her back and she twisted out from under the stream of water getting wet down the front as well.

"That water is icy cold!" She exclaimed.

Ren felt his body harden instantly when he saw the way her shirt clung to her breasts and her nipple had pebbled in the cold water, Brad laughed softly in appreciation as he tossed the wrench out the door then began to remove his shirt. Sky looked at Brad and took a step backwards as she swallowed nervously at the heated look on his face as he took a step towards her, he reached past her to turn on the warm water as well then pushed her back under the stream of water.

"Take your clothes off." Brad ordered.

Sky looked to Ren uncertain of what she was to do.

"You want him in on it too?" Brad asked then paused in unfastening his jeans.

"Loose the clothes." He ordered.

With one last scared glance towards Ren she lowered her head and reached for the buttons down the front of her shirt, she slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor before reaching for the waistband of her jeans.

Brad was already naked and moved forward to push her hands aside impatiently, he quickly pushed the last of her clothing down over her hips and paused for a moment to admire her body before pinning her against the wall with his body.

Sky could feel the hot hard evidence of his arousal against her stomache and stared at his chest nervously, she flinched when his hand rose to cup one breast and his other hand clasped her chin to turn her face up to his.

His lips were hard and demanding as he kissed her and Sky opened her mouth as she responded to him slightly hesitantly. Brad forced one knee between her legs and pulled her body hard against his as he pressed his hips against her. Sky whimper against his mouth as she slowly slid both hands up over his shoulders, feeling the outline of his muscles as her hands moved over his skin.

Brad reached down between them and his fingers found the curls at the apex of her thighs, Sky opened her legs to allow him access and moaned into his mouth with pleasure as his fingers found her passage.

"Fuck this!" Brad swore as he broke off the kiss and reached behind a dazed Sky to turn off the water. Sky wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up and carried her into the other room where he sat her on top of the washing machine, grasped her by the hips and pulled her to the edge as he stood between her thighs.

Sky gasped and placed her hands on the machine behind her as she lent back and arched her body into his mouth were he was suckling at her breast roughly. His fingers worked quickly between her legs and Sky wriggled in frustration as the pleasure built fast. Brad moved his hand from her moist folds and took hold of his hard penis as he moved closer between her legs, Sky gave a startled gasp as he entered her with one strong thrust.

"It hurts! You're hurting me!" Sky protested as she tried to reach down and push his hips away.

Realising he had went to fast for Sky's body Brad forced himself to hold still as he caught her hands.

"Relax, try to relax. I'll make it stop hurting." Brad said softly. He reached down where their bodies joined and found her clit and he gently began teasing it with his fingertips.

Sky whimpered softly as pleasure began to replace the pain, soon she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close. Brad braced both hands on the washing machine either side of Sky as he began moving in strong thrusts, Sky gasped and moved her hips against him.

"That better?" Brad asked as he watched the pleasure building in her face.

"Yesss!" Sky hissed.

Brad grasped her hips and began pounding into her hard as he felt the tightening beginning in his balls, Sky whimpered as she bit her bottom lip but something was tightening in a coil deep inside her and she cum with a sharp squeal as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her. Brad groaned and gritted his teeth as the ripples of her inner muscles triggered his orgasm, he had to brace his arms as his body shuddered with the last of the orgasm. Slowly Brad withdrew from Sky's body and she whimpered softly with discomfort as she became aware of the soreness of her body.

Brad looked around and was somewhat surprised to find there was no-one else in the shed, he walked into the other room and retrieved his clothes, he pulled his underwear and jeans on and took his shirt in to Sky where she was standing in front of the washing machine.

"You can wear this back inside." Brad told her and jerked his head towards the door.

Realising she was being told to go to the cabin Sky quickly pulled the over size shirt on and held it closed as she began walking gingerly outside and towards the cabin.

Inside the cabin Sky was surprised to find Ren had started to cook the evening meal, she hurried to the bathroom to clean the trails of cum from the inside of her thighs before heading towards the bedroom to get another pair of jeans. Brad was in the kitchen and glanced towards her as she walked through the room on her way to the bedroom, he followed her into the room and Sky darted a nervous look his way before pulling on an old pair of jeans she had been given.

"Give me my shirt and you use your dress as a top." Brad ordered.

Sky glanced at the mutilated red dress reluctant to wear it but made no protest as she removed Brad's shirt and her own wet shirt before reaching for the dress. Brad pulled his shirt on then headed from the room with Sky following him silently, in the main room he went over to the sofa and made himself comfortable. Sky walked over to where Ren was working at the stove, he frowned at her and shook his head.

"Go sit down." Ren ordered slightly curtly and Sky headed over towards Brad with an uncertain glance back at Ren.


Wilson stood back watching as Sky stood back while the men greeted Hawk and Jake, Hawk had looked her way but so far he had not approached her or called her over. Wilson stood off by himself well away from Renagade and Hawk, he turned his head to meet her eyes as she glanced his way and ran his gaze over her slowly from head to toe and back again, leisurely he licked his lips and Sky shuddered at the look on his face, her eyes wide and terrified in her face. She walked over near Hawk and stood with several of the others between her and Wilson's gaze, the group moved the bikes into the bike shed and Hawk glanced across at her.

"Go get a six pack." Hawk ordered.

Sky sent an imploring look his way but he was already busy talking with the others, Sky hurried towards the cabin to collect the beers from the fridge, Wilson was hurrying to catch her alone in the cabin but she threw a six pack of beer hard at his stomach and ran outside with another six pack.

Hawk pulled a can free from the six pack Sky handed him and handed the others to Jake to pass around, beer foamed from the can as he opened it and the foam soaked his shirt front as it cascaded everywhere.

"Damn! You shook the shit out of that can! If I want anything done I will have to do it myself!" He snapped angrily, Sky took several steps to the rear and watched him nervously.

"I'll get my own God-damned beer!" he growled as he headed for the cabin.

The other men had seen what happened when he opened his can so they decided to get fresh cans from inside and give the other cans a chance to settle, Sky stayed to pick up the cans the men had discarded and headed for the door. The door closed before she reached it and a dim shape moved towards her, it only took Sky one vital instant to realise who it was but it was one instant to long, even as she was turning and fleeing for the small side door Wilson was swiftly closing the distance between them, all her breath was knocked from her body as he caught her in a flying tackle.

"You think I'm gonna miss out on a bit of fun after watching Brad fuck you yesterday? Well think again! I got ten maybe twenty minutes to make sure those bastards regret messing with me!" Wilson panted as he struggled to subdue Sky who was fighting frantically, he had one hand around her throat choking off any sound from her as he held her down with his body weight.


"... anyway we were just cruising down that laneway and along comes a black and white, well he pulls us over, turns out he was looking for a couple of young boys. Apparently they set of fire crackers under the church during a meeting of the church elders, now wouldn't that have been a sight to see?" Jake laughed.

Hawk stood up and looked around with a frown, he checked out the room with growing unease.

"Where the hell is that woman." he growled.

Renagade looked around and frowned as he noticed Wilson was missing.

"Wilson ain't here!" Brad beat him to it, both men surged to their feet and Hawk glanced at them inquiringly.

"He's been after her big time, first night he was standing by the bed playing with himself when she started screaming..." by this time Renagade was at the doorway glancing outside, Brad shouldered past and several others including Hawk were right behind him, Brad looked around and spotted the closed shed.

"She was in the shed last I saw...." he sprinted for the shed knowing Wilson had a mean streak a mile wide and wouldn't be above using Sky as revenge for the beating Ren had given him several days before.

Wilson stumbled out into the sunlight before anyone had reached the shed, he was limping heavily and one cheek had deep scratch marks down it, Ren caught him by the throat and slammed him against the wall.

"Where is Sky? If you've hurt her I'll belt the frigging shit out of you!" Ren said and shook Wilson viciously.

"Go to hell!" Wilson sneered.

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