Stolen Kisses


For once, Winston was so grateful for a round of I'm-a-slut-and-you're-gay that he did something completely different. He actually played along. In his best lisp he responded, "Sweetie, they are so grateful to get a piece of my grade 'A' cock that they're happy to deal with a few hairs." It distracted him well enough that he could quickly soap her crotch.

Jess grinned. "Really?!"

"No! I'm not gay!" He said, exasperated. He came back to her with a second towel to rinse her, both of them aided by the distraction of their banter.

"Pfffft, I meant about the grade 'A' part."

"How should I know? I don't have a lot of comparative data."

"Show me and I'll tell you."


"Come on, you saw my stuff! Hell, you're rubbing it right now."

He was. And now he became all too aware of it. He finished and withdrew his hand from beneath the towel before responding. "Look, you got naked so I could help you decide whether or not to get more surgery. Of course I looked at your bits! I'm not having anything done to my junk. No reason for me to drop trousers on you sis." In his nervousness he was ping-ponging transatlantically for his euphemisms.

"Well, it would make me feel less weird about being naked in front of you for all this. We'd be Steven evens."

The last two words of her retort tugged at his heartstrings by making him think of when they were kids again. It was another Jessica-ism. Like her inability to pronounce 'Winston' or 'spaghetti' (she nearly hit high school before she stopped saying "puh-sketty"), Jess had mixed up a few common phrases like "even Stevens" when she was little. She'd twisted it into "Steven evens."

"No deal chickie."

"You suck," Jessica whined.

Winston grinned. "I told you, I'm not gay."

His sister giggled despite herself. "I meant generally."

"I know what you meant." In the pause, he stooped to kiss her on the cheek. "I'm going to go downstairs and grab a bite to eat. You need anything?"

"No, I'm OK. Hand me that black bag before you go though? I've got my iPod and stuff to read in there. I'm all TV'ed out today."

Winston left with the bowl and washcloths. He took the stairs down two at a time. His head felt clearer the further he got from Jessica. His heart and his cock were begging him to go back though. He could handle the second traitorous body part easily enough. When he got to the kitchen he unrolled two paper towels, undid his pants, and masturbated into them. The towels. Not his pants. It took about 5 seconds for him to finish. Now, that just left his heart. No fix for that.

He reheated some leftovers and watched a baseball game. It ran into extra innings and he fell asleep on the couch before it was over.

He woke up in the middle of the night and went upstairs to check on his sister before going to bed. Not wanting to disturb her, he didn't turn on the light on his way in. He damn near fell on his ass when he stepped barefooted onto a small, hard cylinder on her wood floor. He found the offending object and picked it up to look at it against the small amount of light coming in through her bedroom window. He jerked it back down when he realized what it was.

Holy crap, it was a vibrator. His sister's vibrator. Now what?

Winston did two things next that he instantly knew that he would deny to his last breath. He'd lie to the Pope if he had to.

First, he lifted that vibrator to his nose and sniffed it.

Second, he licked it. Sweet. Tart. Tangy. Just a tiny hint of musk. It tasted like sheer heaven.

What would happen if the most fantastic smelling, the most fantastic tasting, pussy you ever came into contact with was your sister's? Your little sister's? (Nah, don't incriminate yourself. Let's stick to Winston's case). Winston's cock hit 110% on the stiff-o-meter.

His sister masturbated with a vibrator.

Yep, his sister masturbated with a vibrator.

He had to think it twice for the idea to penetrate fully.

He looked around. On the floor next to her bed was the black bag he'd handed her before leaving to go downstairs. She must have knocked it off the bed in her sleep. It was bad luck that her sex toy was the one thing to fall out into the open. Out of curiosity, he twisted it at the base to turn it on. It didn't. It was either broken or... he snickered to himself... she'd run down the batteries. He tucked it back into the black bag and slipped out of her room.

Here's what Winston missed because he was nightblind when he entered her room and so thrown off by his discovery: Jessica was awake for his brief visit. Unlike her brother, her eyes were quite adjusted to the dark. She saw what he did with her vibrator and barely managed not to gasp as she watched. She'd already been having trouble falling asleep. Her brother's sponge bath had left her in sweet agony. Out of frustration, she'd tried to masturbate with the vibrator but her stomach and back were too sore to do it comfortably. Yet more frustration. She'd thrown her toy to the floor to break it and for him to see. What she saw her brother do only made it harder for her to sleep.

The next morning when Winston checked on his sister he found her already awake but looking tired. "Want another washing today, BT?"

Jessica smiled. "Don't get me wrong, the sponge bath was fun, but I'd kill for a shower."

"No showers until tomorrow."

"How about a real bath then?" she pouted.

"A bath is possible if we're extra careful to keep your sutures above the water. I'll go fill it up."

"Fill mom and dad's tub? I want the big tub. And bubble bath."

"Sorry, can't have bubbles."

"Ugh, how about that milk bath stuff of Mom's then?"

He thought about it. "Don't see why not."

He went into the master bath and started running hot water into the tub. He doused it liberally with lavender milk bath. When it was full, he helped his sister out of bed and they slowly walked together into their parents' bathroom.

He'd seen her naked but still looked away as his sister disrobed carefully. His effort to give her privacy was wasted when she cried a quick "Help!"

She was having trouble leaning over in order to step up over the side and into the tub. He lent her one hand and steadied her shoulder with the other from behind. He got a long look at her perfectly heart-shaped ass as she stepped in with one leg.

"See anything you like?" Jess said wryly. He looked up. She was grinning at him in the large mirror on the opposite wall over the bathroom's double sink.

He stammered that he was watching her get in the tub, not ogling her butt.

"It's okay Tunny, it's actually kind of a compliment. Guess my booty is so sweet that even my big brother can't help checking it out."

"Yeah, and umm... I'm gay."

"That's right, you're gay," she gave him a funny, challenging look.

Together they gingerly eased Jessica into the tub. When she tried to lean back, they hit their next problem. Their parents' extra long tub was too long for her to reach the other side with her feet and stay upright. Jessica nearly slipped too far into the water.

She winced at her brother. "Now what? Sitting upright like this really hurts. I need to lean back."

"Gimme a sec, I'm thinking. We need something big you can lean back against."

"You're big..."

"Yeah, but I can't reach across the tub."

"Tunny, are you being dense on purpose? I meant you could get in the tub with me and I could lean on you."

"Oh, uh well…" he said uncertainly.

"Come on, it'll be like when we were kids and Dad threw us in the tub together."

He hesitated. "Jess, I'm not sure I can..."

"Jesus Christ, get in this fucking tub, Tunny! My stomach and chest are killing me!" Jessica wailed, her body twitching at the effort to staying upright.

Winston stripped down to his boxers and hopped into the tub behind his sister. He swung a leg over the other side of her and settled down, then pulled her back to lean against him.

Jessica exhaled slowly as the bruised muscles in her torso relaxed. "I'm really sorry I yelled," she said quietly after a couple of minutes.

"Heh, that was a pretty good one. I haven't heard you scream like that in years," he replied gently. He briefly recalled the tantrums she used to throw.

She settled herself into him until her upper back was pressed against his chest. Her head lolled at his shoulder. She sighed happily as she rested the side of her face onto his chest.

His sister's dark hair brushed his cheek, tickling Winston's beard stubble. Her bare chest was well above the water and just beneath him, he was looking down her shoulder. Jessica's new breasts were large and firm and perfect. There was no fighting his body's natural reaction under these circumstances so he didn't. His erection struggled to grow to its full eight inch length, pushing its way up his sister's lower back. She shifted slightly to let it finish hardening then leaned back against him to trap it between their bodies again.

"Well, it feels grade 'A' anyway," she whispered.

"You're not helping, Jess."

"Sorry, thought you'd like to know though."

"Thanks sis."

"Turn off the lights, Tunny? I'd like to soak in the dark for awhile. That all right with you?"

"Sure." He flipped the light switch next to him and the bathroom went pitch black. With any luck, the situation would be easier if didn't have to look at his absurdly hot sister.

Winston was wrong.

He couldn't see her breasts anymore, but things got worse because… well, what happens when you can't see? Yep, his other senses sharpened. He smelled her more intensely now. Her hair was musky - they'd have to wash it soon - but it was a good musk. A young woman's musk. He heard her every breath too. Even her breathing was cute - innocent belly breathing through her nose and mouth. He felt her every twitch. He felt his own heartbeat too. This was not relaxing.

Perhaps having the same problem, or sensing his, Jessica started humming softly. He focused on the sound to drown out the other sensations. It took him a minute to recognize the tune. It was the lullaby that their Mom sang to them when they were little. Even that was English. No "rock a bye baby" for the Kendall kids. No sir-ee. That would be too damn normal.

"Do you realize what you're humming?" Winston asked his sister.

"Mom's lullaby right?"

"Do you know the words?"

"Mmmm... no I don't remember."

"It's called 'Lavender's Blue.' " He cleared his throat and sang the first verse, the only one he could recall:

Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green,

When I am king, dilly, dilly, you shall be queen.

Who told you so, dilly, dilly, who told you so?

'Twas my own heart, dilly, dilly, that told me so.

Jessica chuckled. "You remember the weirdest things. The freckle next to my cooter. Now Mom's lyrics."

"Yeah, I guess it popped in my head because we're sitting in this lavender bath stuff." Another memory prompted by a scent.

"Funny. You know, I'd be your queen Tunny. Like in the lullaby, I'd be your queen."

It was his turn to chuckle.

"Push my back up a sec?" she asked as he laughed.

He helped her upright and she used that opportunity to plant a palm on his chest and twist into him. It was dark and they were talking about lullabies so he didn't see it coming. She kissed him - that quick, soft peck on the lips that scored their game.

"Two up, Tunny," she sighed and he swore she lingered a moment in the perfect dark just millimeters in front of him because he felt her warm breath exhale out onto his face and the cool vacuum of her next breath inwards. She finally turned her back to him and reclined against him again. "You're not as good at this game as you used to be, I think you're rusty."

The intensity of her closeness, their mutual near-nudity, and the dark gave him the courage to say what he was thinking. "I'm not even sure what game we're playing anymore, Jess."

"Same game, honey." She searched for his hand under the bath water and took it. She squeezed it gently. "Just higher stakes."

They lingered in the dark, in the bathtub, each thinking their own thoughts. Jessica went back to humming their Mom's lullaby.

Winston's head was a swirl of emotions. They shared so much history. Was it helping? Or was it hurting?

Thankfully, the bath began to get cool.

"Ready?" He finally asked. "I'm turning into a giant wrinkle back here."

" 'Kay," came her short, soft response. She sounded disappointed that their bath time was ending.

Leaving the lights off, he carefully helped her from the tub and slipped out of his waterlogged boxer shorts. He toweled her dry from head to toe, grabbed another dry towel, and wrapped her in it.

Then he flicked the light on. Ooops. He'd been so focused on making sure his sister was dry and covered that he forgot about himself. He was standing there completely naked. Their eyes met for a millisecond and Jess immediately looked down at his erect eight inch cock. He saw her eyes go wide in surprise just as he flipped the light switch off.

"Whoa, that definitely looks grade 'A' too, brother dear," she snickered in the dark.

"Very funny. Show's over. Now go get in bed. I'm putting on a towel."

"Awww..." she whined as she made her way back towards her bedroom.

He wrapped a towel around his waist then followed her to her room.

"Stay with me some more?" his sister pleaded.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Jess."

"Please? I'm having trouble sleeping. Just watch TV with me?"

"All right, at least let me put on some pajamas."

"Yay! Slumber party! Could you microwave some popcorn too?"

Before he left he watched his sister, still wrapped in the towel, carefully get into bed.

He returned in a few minutes with a big bowl of popcorn and hopped onto the bed to join her. He noticed the towel she'd been wearing was folded at the foot of the bed. He hadn't helped her dress.

"Sis, what are you wearing under those covers?"

"Practically nothing."

" 'Practically nothing' or nothing."

"The second one."

"Si-is!" He made it a two syllable whine.

"Oh come on," she rolled her eyes, "you can't see anything. Besides, you've already seen my entire body anyway. Plus, the fresh sheets you put on the bed feel wonderful against my skin."

"I give up," Winston sighed.

"Finally," she cheered, "now gimme some popcorn."

He passed the popcorn and the TV remote. It was still her room, after all. She inflicted the Lifetime channel on him mercilessly. As a defensive measure, he fell asleep.

He woke up when he heard his sister breathing funny and he slid one eye open. The TV was on, lighting the room, but the volume was muted.

As his mental sleep fog began to clear, he realized Jessica's hands were moving beneath the covers. That, combined with her breathing and well... his sister was clearly masturbating. But, if he was reading her face correctly in the poor light - her lips pressed tightly together, her dark eyebrows scrunched together too - she looked kind of pissed. Was she having trouble getting off because he was in bed with her? Or maybe, he realized, it was because she'd broken her vibrator. He wondered if she could satisfy herself without it.

She groaned softly in frustration and stopped, apparently giving up.

He pretended to shift in his sleep and wake up.

"You still awake, sis?" This was obvious because she was staring right at him.

"Yeah," she huffed.

"What's the matter, still can't sleep?"


"Want some warm milk or something?"


"Look, I'm not saying it's smart but there's some left over Vicodin in dad's medicine chest. I can give you one. It might zonk you out enough so you can get some rest."


"I hate seeing you like this kiddo. Sure there isn't anything I can do?"

"Anything? Would you... would you buy me a vibrator?" she blurted that thought out so fast it sounded like one long word run together.

He automatically parroted it back to her for confirmation before he realized what he was saying, "Buy you a vibrator?"

"Mine broke," she sniffled, "I'm so used to playing with myself before going to sleep that I'm all messed up now."

"Aw jeez, sis."

"I know, I'm sorry but I'm climbing the walls. It's actually getting worse."

"Even if I could bring myself to buy sex toys for my sister, the only adult shop anywhere near here is down on route 52 and," he glanced at her alarm clock that read 1:15, "they closed at midnight."

She looked at him funny.

"Let's not talk about why I know that," he smiled.

His self-effacing humor made Jessica stifle a laugh.

"Looks like you're screwed missy. Or not screwed, rather," He joked again, hoping to turn her mood around.

It worked and she followed his humor like he'd hoped. "Then just go get Dad's gun and shoot me," she said melodramatically.

She looked around for the TV remote. It had slid down towards the foot of the bed. She leaned forward a bit to grab it but couldn't quite reach. He stirred and leaned over to grab it for her.

It was a trap. She kissed him the quick soft peck on the lips.

"Three up," she grinned. "Now say it," she said smugly.

"Oh come on."

"Say it."

"I don't even remember how it went."

"Bullshit, you never forget anything. Now say it."

Winston sighed. He affected his most preposterous theatrical British accent and recited the ritual offering of stolen kisses: "And what favor would my Lady Who Is Most Sneaky ask?"

Jess responded in a voice even more outrageous than his, a high-pitched, trilling accent. "The Lady's boon shall be... " but Jess paused.

"Tunny, I can't say my boon in my little girl voice because it would be really wrong." She looked in his eyes and he felt the weight of what she was trying to say. "I need your help. I need you, Tunny. Tonight. Do you understand?"

"Sure sis, you know that..." he trailed off when he realized what she was asking.

"I don't need romance, Tunny. I need satisfaction. You won't even have to do much."

"Aw jeez, Jess..."

"I just need you to touch me a little. Nothing crazy."

"Other than the fact that I'm your brother?"

"Yeah, there's that. But I think that's actually going to help. I feel safe with you."

"Help you. Not me!"

There was a long pause. Jessica let her large soft green eyes show her need.

"Fine, where do you want me to touch you?" He relented.

"Where do you think? Come on under the covers." She lifted the blankets and he slid under them with her. "Now get closer. Cuddle in next to me."

He curled his body into his sister's side. "Like this?"

"Good, now give me your right hand." She drew up the leg nearer to him at the knee until her foot was flat on the bed. She slid his hand from her hip along her thigh, caressing herself with him to her knee. Then she slowly drew his hand down the back of her leg along the long firm muscle of her hamstring. His breath caught a bit as her hamstring transitioned smoothly into the smooth curve of her right butt cheek.

Jess circled two fingers of his hand and drew them slowly across to her sex. He felt the smooth delicate folds of her outer lips. When he felt the moist heat of her opening, Winston gasped.

"It's okay, silly, you've washed my entire body, including this."

"You're crazy. This is way different."

"Yeah, I think you're right, this is different," she giggled. "This is way better. Feel how smooth I am after waxing? I really like it. It feels sexy. Okay, now we'll just barely slip your fingers inside me."

She sighed as she teased her entrance with his fingers then slowly pushed them into herself. "Good, right to there. Stop. Not too far. Perfect. Don't move 'em unless I say so. Got it?"

"Got it."

"You can breathe though, you know. "

Winston hadn't noticed he was holding his breath and let out a nervous exhale. "Sorry, I guess I'm a little tense."

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