tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStoned In Texas Ch. 03

Stoned In Texas Ch. 03


Steve lay naked under a stunningly beautiful naked brunette less than half his age, his cock still resting in her warm pussy. As they both lay there recovering strength, their eyes closed, the thought blaring in his mind was: TAWNEE STONE JUST FUCKED THE HELL OUT OF ME. With that wonderful thought in mind he actually drifted off to sleep for a few minutes.

Steve awoke when his now flaccid penis fell from it's resting place. Tawnee was still laying on top of him, her gentle weight comfortably pressing her soft warm flesh against him. Her head rested against his chest. He felt her breath blowing against his chest hair. The slight up and down motion of her breasts against his stomach. She had also fallen asleep. He put his arms around her and held her until a couple minutes later, she too awoke.

"Hi there, Gorgeous," he said, brushing a strand of hair from her face, "are you ready to order dinner now?"

"Mmm, yes, I think I've worked up an appetite. Better have them bring it up in about half an hour. That will give us a chance to clean up a bit. I want a big thick steak, medium rare, and fries and a salad, Italian dressing."

"Okay. How about a lobster tail to go with the steak? And some wine?"

She kissed him and got up. "Sure, why not? I'll shower and get dressed first." She picked up, not the clothes she had worn earlier, but the bags she had brought with her from the mall and took them with her into the bathroom.

He heard the shower running as he made the call to room service. After his call he sat and listened, imagining. Imagining her skin glistening wet. Soap suds on that strikingly lovely body. The running shower soon stopped and the image of her drying herself with the hotel towels came to his mind. Then he heard the courtesy hair dryer running. When the hair dryer went off he imagined her getting dressed. He wondered what sort of outfit she would wear.

When the door opened he realized his imagination was wholly inadequate. She took his breath away. She came out wearing matching bra and panties in a red and black zebra stripe pattern with red fishnet stockings and red high heeled strap-over shoes. Her hair was up in twin pony tails, one tied with a black ribbon, one with a red ribbon. "The shower is free now." she said, adding "Do you like my outfit?"

"So much so that I don't want to leave the room. But I should shower before dinner." he said. He enjoyed one more leisurely kiss with his guest before taking his turn in the bathroom.

He emerged some time later in a gray on gray robe and only a short time before room service knocked. Before he opened the door Tawnee asked him, "Steve, do you have a camera?"

"A Polaroid, it's in that upper left drawer." He opened the door. The steward pushing the cart was perhaps in his early twenties. He couldn't keep his eyes off the scantily dressed girl who seemed somehow familiar to him.

After he had transferred the contents of the cart, complete with rose in vase, to the table, Tawnee asked, "Sir, could my husband and I get you to take a picture of us, please?" And she handed him Steve's Polaroid and put her arm around Steve.

"Certainly Ma'am I'd be glad to." He lifted the camera to his eye, pointed it towards the shapely, half naked brunette and her 'husband' and said, "Say cheese." As the camera flashed so did Tawnee, pulling one bra cup down to reveal one of her beautiful boobs.

"Just one more, please." She said. So he took one more picture. This time Tawnee again flashed for the photo, this time revealing her other boob.

Steve took the camera from the steward and set the two developing pictures on the table. He handed the young man some cash and said politely, "Thank you very much."

It was three days later that the steward remembered where he had seen 'Mrs. O'malley' before. After closing the door behind him, Steve turned to Tawnee and said, "If we'd given him a choice between the tip you gave him and the tip I gave him, I'd be a few dollars richer right now. Why the two pictures?"

"I wanted a souvenir of tonight, and I thought maybe you'd want one too. Unless of course you're married and you're afraid your wife might see it?"

"No, I'm not married. Not now. If I was I wouldn't be with you here tonight, no matter how much I wanted to be. Or if I had an open marriage I'd have told you I was married upfront so we both knew where we stood. And thank you for thinking of a souvenir photo. I'll cherish it" As he was speaking he was opening the wine and pouring it into glasses. He pulled a chair out and motioned for her to take a seat and then sat himself. He lifted his glass and said "To the most exquisite work of art I've ever seen."

She actually blushed slightly at the compliment and replied, "Why, thank you kind sir." Then she asked, "You said you're not married, now. Does that mean you have been married before?"

As they ate the conversation continued.

"Twice, and twice divorced. My second wife is still one of the best friends I have. We get along great as long as we don't live together."

"But you don't get along with your first wife?"

"No. It turns out she wasn't the woman I thought she was when I proposed and it also turns out that I wasn't willing to become the man she thought she could turn me into when she accepted my proposal."

"Well any woman who would divorce you or let you divorce her or whatever, has just got to be nuts." Tawnee asserted. "Any children?" Tawnee ventured.

"My first wife and I had a daughter." Steve knew she'd ask the question if he didn't volunteer the information so he continued "She's a couple years older than you, got married to a very nice man last year. They are much more sensible and emotionally mature than her mother and I were so I think they've got a chance of making it work. She just gave birth to my first grandchild last month. I hate to break it to you," he said, "But you screwed a grandfather tonight. And if, even in fun, you call me Grandpa or Granddad or Gramps or anything like that I'll toss your pretty little tail out of here faster than you can say rocking chair."

"No, I wouldn't call you by any of those." she said and she reached across the table and took his hand, "I need you to know that I'm not here with you tonight because of the difference in our ages, or in spite of it. I'm here because you're nice and sweet, and funny and cute. And I needed to be with someone tonight who was nice and sweet and funny and cute. The fact that you are amazing sexually is just a bonus." She got up from her seat walked over and sat in his lap, put her arms around him and kissed him. He put his arms around her, held her close and returned the kiss with fervor. When the kiss had reached it's conclusion Tawnee said, "I've had enough steak. What I'm hungry for right now is your cock."

She stood up and he followed. Standing together he again took her in his arms and they kissed. His hands each cupped the soft curve of her ass cheeks. She had one arm around his back, the other hand reached down and took his already stiffening cock past the folds of his robe. Her mouth moved from his mouth to his chin and then his neck and down to his chest. The hand holding his cock did not move except to caress and fondle and gently squeeze. The hand that had been at his back came around and untied the sash of his robe, pulled the robe from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her kisses continued down his chest, down his stomach, until she was on her knees, facing his now fully erect cock.

Steve looked down at her. He watched as she licked his cock. She started at the base. Her tongue pressing into his balls sack before going along the underside of his shaft till she reached his arrowhead shaped cock head. It was amazing. Even with her tongue on his cock, her face radiated an innocence, a wholesome quality. As he looked down on that sweetly innocent face her mouth parted and she wrapped it round his cock head. She now had a hand on each of his thighs as she slid her face forward, enveloping his cock in her mouth until her face was buried in his pubic hair. Steve watched as Slowly at first, and then building up speed, her head bobbed up and down, up and down, as she sucked his cock.

"Oh Tawnee, Yes, that feels so good. Oh yes. Oh god yes. Oh god Tawnee Yesssss." he cried out as burst followed burst of cum going down her throat and into her mouth.

"Oh, Steve, you taste so good." she cooed, still kneeling before him, "Would you like to taste ME now, I hope, I hope, I hope."

He took her hands in his and helped her to her feet. "Oh god, what did I ever do to deserve a night like this." he said softly, then he took her face in his hands and looking her in her eyes, he whispered, "Goddess, what did I ever do to deserve a night like this."

Tears welled up in her bottomless brown eyes and she whispered back, "You were nice to me."

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