tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStoned In Texas Ch. 02

Stoned In Texas Ch. 02


Stoned In Texas, Part 2, Tawnees Story

(warning--this story is a sequel to Stoned In Texas-- you will likely enjoy this story more if you read that story first--I have also written another, related story called Stoned In Texas, an Interlude, wherein the action of the story actually takes place in California)

Internet sensation TAWNEE STONE was on the phone with her sister Tori. “Yes, yes, I said I broke up with him. Sure it started out great. I thought I loved him and that he loved me, but lately he’s been taking me for granted and not really treating me the way a guy should treat his girlfriend. You know, we were supposed to meet at the mall Saturday, and he never showed up.”

“Wasn’t Saturday the anniversary of your first date?”

“Yes! So you can imagine how pissed off I was when I’d been waiting over half an hour and he never showed.”

“Wow. I’m sorry your special night was spoiled. You should have called me. I‘d have come over and let you cry on my shoulder or something.”

“Actually, it turned out to be one of the best nights of my life.”

“Okay, what’s his name? And how did you meet him?”

“His name is Steve, and how fast can you get over here, because this is not the sort of story you tell over the phone.”

Tawnee Stone is a gorgeous brunette who manages to look both wholesome and sensual at the same time. Her younger sister Tori, a slightly taller blonde beauty had made her initial internet appearances with Tawnee on her website but now has a website of her own.

Some little time later, in Tawnee‘s living room, the two girls sat, wearing only their panties, drinking beer (Coronas) from the bottle.

“While I was posing for him I could tell I was turning him on,” said Tawnee, “but he was being a perfect gentleman, so then I asked him to unhook my bra.”

“You Slut.” said Tori. “So what happened then?”

“So then he had his hands on my tits and my nipples got so hard and my panties were already wet and then we kissed.” said Tawnee.

“Was it a good kiss?”

“The best kiss I ever had.”

“And he was old enough to be our Dad?”

“Yeah but he was cute and really really nice.”

“So,” said Tori “what did you do then?”

“Then I told him to undress and I finished taking off my bra and laid back on the bed and watched him. It was so cute, he was so flustered he couldn’t get his shoe untied.” The two girls giggled.

Tori stood up saying “I need another beer, you ready for another one?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Tawnee draining the last swallow from the bottle in her hand, “and there should be some pretzels or chips or something in there too. Bring them on out.”

Tori returned with the beers and snacks and sat next to her sister, their bare thighs touching, and handed Tawnee her beer. “So I suppose he did get his shoes off?”

“And all the rest of his clothes. He had a bit of a beer belly but otherwise he was in good shape.”

“And did he have a really big cock?” asked Tori.

“He was fully erect and he was about this long.” said Tawnee holding her hands six to seven inches apart. “He was circumcised and his cock curved up. I'd never seen that before.”

Tawnee continued, “When he had finished undressing he walked up to the foot of the bed where my feet were. I arched my back to let him take off my panties and as he slid my panties past my feet he held my right foot by the heel. Then he…here hand me your foot, I can’t really describe this.” Tori slides over and holds her right foot up for her older sister who takes it by the heel with her left hand. She then begins to caress the foot with both hands. Tawnee was saying, “He held my foot like this and held it close to his face like this. I could feel his breath on my toes. My ex never went near my feet but this guy was treating my right foot like it was sacred or something. Then he kissed each toe, just like this.” and she continued to demonstrate.

As she kissed her sister’s ‘pinky’ toe Tori said, “That is SO hot!”

Tawnee set the foot down as she continued, “So then he started licking my whole foot starting at the toes.”

“No,” said Tori, holding her foot up again for he sister, “keep showing me, please!”

“Well alright,” said Tawnee, “but I don’t think I can do it as well as he did. It was something like this…” and she slid her tongue in between and around the toes of her sisters foot. She let her tongue glide over the sole of her foot giving extra attention to the arch. Then she kissed and licked every inch of the top of the foot. “Then he set my foot down gently on the bed like this.” and saying that she set Tori’s foot on the sofa cushion between them.

Tori held up her left foot and said, “Now this one, pleeeeze.”

Tawnee laughed and said, “That’s exactly what I said and did. So he took my left foot like this, and he ..what’s the word? Oh yeah, he caressed it, like this.”

A low moan escapes Tori’s lips. Tawnee is only surprised that it’s taken this long. Her sister is clearly as aroused by this demonstration as she is. She continues, “This time he kissed my entire foot starting at the heel, like this... Then he kissed the tip of each of the toes starting this time at the ‘pinky’. Like this... Then he slid his tongue between each of the toes like this… and he finished by sucking on my big toe like this.”

And Tori said, “Oh god, yesss”

Tawnee stopped and sipped on her beer. She had been as turned on ‘demonstrating’ for Tori as she had been when it had been her feet with Steve licking and kissing and sucking and caressing them. And Tori’s arousal was obvious. In an industry that encouraged sexual activity between women they had long ago talked things over and decided just how physical they were willing to be with each other. After all, they were sisters, and they thought there were some things sisters should not do to or with each other. They sometimes enjoyed kissing and they enjoyed touching each other. And sometimes when they’d had a few beers they would lick, kiss, and suck on each others breasts. But they had decided they would never play with each others pussy’s or assholes. Now Tawnee was glad they had discovered a new way to pleasure each other. She wondered how long she would wait before Tori decided to play with her feet.

When she felt a little more in control of herself she continued her story. “I decided it was time to take charge again and I moved over on the bed and asked Steve to lie down beside me. I stroked his cock and we kissed for a bit. Remember I said his cock curved up? I really wanted to know what it would feel like in my pussy so I straddled his hips and guided his cock head into me. That cock felt so good in me as I lowered myself onto him that as soon as my butt touched his lap I had an orgasm. I put my hands on his shoulders and I rocked back and forth with his cock in my pussy.

He was saying ‘oh yes, Tawnee, yes, that feels so good’ and he started rocking his hips so that when I thought I had as much of him in me as was possible, suddenly he was in me even further. I tried wiggling my ass as I was riding his cock and that made him gasp with pleasure. His hands were on my hips and he grabbed me tight. I was moaning pretty loudly and he was going ‘oh god yes, oh god yes, oh god yes.

Then he was cumming inside me and shouting ‘oh god yes’ very loudly and feeling his cum flooding into me set off another orgasm for me and I was shouting ‘ oh god yes’ with him and I felt so incredibly happy. With his final cock spasm I kissed him, I left his cock inside me, and I lay down with my head on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and held me and we both fell asleep for awhile.”

Here Tawnee paused, ate a pretzel, sipped her beer, closed her eyes and smiled. Tori, sipping on her own beer, looked at her sisters face and thought "God, I need a good fucking."

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