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Storage unit


I've been working in the storage unit for a while. My knees are already aching from contact with the cement. I glance at myself in the mirror and my heart skips as the lights go out. "Fuck" I mutter as I heave myself to my feet.

Suddenly i hear a growl behind me. Before I can turn around you lace your hand threw the base of my ponytail and yank me back down to my knees. Gasping at the pain, you growl again. Stepping around me, you take out your already throbbing cock and shove it down my throat. You barely give me time to cough before you slam back down my throat.

"That's right, slave. Clean off my dick with your mouth." You feel my moan all the way to your ball and you know I've just come. You yank my head back and walk around behind me again. You let go for a moment by I'm still too busy trying to breathe to notice.

You push me in the back causing me to be on my hands and knees. Catching the waistband of my jeans, you yank my pants down in one sweep before I can react. I feel the head of your dick slip inside the lips of my pussy and I hear you growl again.

"Tell me no!" You slap my ass. "Say no, slave!" You lace your hand threw my ponytail again, yanking me up onto the tips of my fingers. "Do you want me to get you pregnant?" you growl in my ear.You give my hair enough slack to barely put my palms on the floor as I splutter.

"I take your silence as consent!" And you ram your full length in my damp tight pussy, ripping a scream from me. You don't even give me time to adjust to your length as you pound against my thighs, using my hair as leverage.

"No!" I gasp. There's a light on behind you. I open my eyes just a slit and our eyes lock in the mirror. You smile sadistically and pull my head back as you had moments before and see tears pricking the corners of my eyes. This makes my cunt tighten down til I'm practically milking you and I squeeze my eyes shut in painful ecstasy.

"Hmm, you don't seem so sure," you leer, slamming so far into me you feel my cervix kiss the tip of your cock. Nudging my knees apart slightly with yours on the withdrawal, angling my hips just right.

"Beg!" you shout as you hammer back into me, forcing your head deep into my womb. I scream again at the pain and cum.

"No!" I moan, "Please!"

"Please what, slave?" you demand as you continue to pummel my core. "At this rate I will spray my seed deep in your womb!"

"Please don't cum in my pussy! Please... Master," I whimper, almost causing you to cum anyways. "Please," I moan, locking eyes with you again.

You jerk your drenched cock out of my gaping cunt and steadily push it into my unprepared asshole. You thrust mercilessly several times causing me to cum hard on every stroke. Finally you bottom out in my swollen ass and cum deep inside.

You let me fall back to the cold cement, easing you still throbbing cock from my abused and swollen ass. Panting, I lay on the floor, still reeling from the rolling orgasms. You reach down and pull my shirt off with no resistance from me. You're surprised that i was bold enough not to wear a bra.

Eyes still closed, I feel the fur brush against my wrists as you put my cuffs on me. With a sudden jerk my arms are yanked into the air by my manacles. I look up to see you've rigged a pulley system and you are pulling the ropes attached to my wrists through it. I'm lifted back onto my knees as you tie off the ropes to keep my mouth just at the right height for your dick to slam into. Walking around me and smiling at the fact that I'm still shuddering through aftershocks, you try to get my attention.

"Slave?" You snap your fingers in my face. "Angel? I need your attention." I open my eyes, still breathing heavy through my nose and keeping my mouth firmly closed. You smirk, thinking of the new hardware your fixing to introduce. "Safe word is fixing to change to two claps. Can you clap for me, my angel?"

I glare at you for a moment and you can tell i think this is a trap to get me to speak. I nod and your smirk blooms into a sadistic grin.

"Can you demonstrate for me?" you chuckle. Confusion flits across my face but I obey none the less, clapping twice with my cuffed hands.

"Good," you murmur and you grab the pressure points to pop my jaw open. With your other hand you force an O ring gag into my mouth, quickly fastening it behind my head. My lust-filled moan only incites a feeble pulse in your rapidly softening shaft.

"Now, angel, I want to hear every lewd noise, groan, moan, and," you grab my ass roughly causing a cry of pain, "every scream. If you resist me," my eyes snap open, meeting yours. You can almost see the clouds of pleasure and pain swirling through my soul, "I'll just have to be even rougher. Do you understand me, slave?"

I nod and you twist my right nipple harshly, causing me to yelp. "I couldn't hear your answer. Do you," you twist the left, "understand me?"

"Esh," is all I can manage to moan out. You immediately start tying breasts, sliding the slightly rough ropes across my smooth, tender skin. As the ropes get tighter and my boobs are squeezed more and more, my breath becomes ragged again and little moans start escaping me. You grin is sinister as you finish the tie with a good yank forcing me to gasp. You generously apply the bosom buddies cream to my nipple and swollen clit and my moans become constant.

Next you clamp the bells to my nipples and the moans turns to soft cries. Grabbing your cell, you start recording.

"Slave, look at me." I open my eyes to see you watching the screen on your phone and know you're taping this. The bells jingle as I try to struggle but even a little makes me groan. The ropes tighten around my breasts making them swell and you can see my cum running down my legs. Holding your phone with your left, you yank my knees apart with your right hand and fasten them to the spreader bar.

Placing your phone between my legs camera pointing up at my pussy, you tape a bullet vibrator on my clit. I squeal and wraith, then scream from the intense pain in my breast and equally intense pleasure from my nipples and clit. Your phone records a close up as I cum and squirt my juices down my thighs.

I hear you rummaging looking for something but i can't focus. In seconds you return with a thick black dildo that has a cap attached to 4 ties. You roughly force it all the way up to the cap in my twitching cunt and tie it tightly in. you step back and watch me struggle and scream as you increase the vibration with the remote.

"Hmmm, what a sight," I barely hear you mutter. I open my eyes as far as i can and see you're starting to get hard again. "Now, slave, you are to get me back to throbbing." My eyes widen as I have no idea what to do.

"What's the matter? Need some direction?" You ask. Suddenly you roughly grab my ponytail again and start fucking my throat. I can feel your cock stiffening and growing as you pound into my mouth. I give in completely and you feel what little resistance i had fall away. My moans vibrate through you as my throat messages your now raging dick.

"That's enough," you say, pulling out of my mouth and leaving drool and pre-cum dribbling down my chin as i hang my head. You move around behind me and kneel, spreading my ass cheeks with your hands. Your cum is still leaking out and you now I'm perfectly lubed for your reentry. You start forcing your shaft frustratingly slowly into my ass causing me to scream and wiggle. As i do my muscles clench you and you feel me cum around the black toy still lodged in my pussy.

"Are you enjoying this, angel?" When you don't receive an answer, you reach around and squeeze my swollen tits and I scream again. I nod frantically and you notice my orgasms aren't stopping and know I'm in subspace. Using my shoulders for leverage, you start plowing my ass. Slow at first, but quickly speeding up to where with every slamming thrust you rip a scream from my lips. Knowing you're close your strokes become brutal and with one final blow, you spray your cum deeper in my ass then you ever have before.

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