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I needed some fresh input. I sensed that my writing was becoming routine and monotonous which was the last thing I wanted. I dread boredom and I found I was boring myself into a stupor. I decided to place some online ads asking people to tell me their stories hoping that I would find a novel viewpoint. I selected my subjects from a swinger site, from CraigsList and from a gay/lesbian/bi site. Little did I realize just how many were willing to share their experiences. I was swamped with offers. Over a period of three weeks, I either met with these people, emailed back and forth or spoke with them on the phone. What follows is my condensation of some of these conversations. Some of these discussions I hope to utilize in upcoming stories.



Sam is a very pretty Latina. Small in height with long black hair, her legs and her large 36DD breasts are the first characteristics you notice. We spoke on the phone several times before we met for coffee one morning. As she walked down the street toward me, I was immediately drawn into her dark eyes framed by smile lines. As a woman in her early forties, she exuded a dark, smoldering sensuality that was very attractive.

Her small frame was clad in a tiny pair of shorts that showed her butt to great advantage. She wore a light peasant blouse that loosely clung to the top of her breasts and allowed a nice view of her cleavage. As we were in the midst of a heat wave, with the temperature hovering in the high nineties, we hurried into the small air-conditioned cafe she selected for our meeting. With notebook and pen in hand, I ushered her to a small private table in the back.

We'd spoken on the phone a couple of times so I knew the basics of her desires, predilections and experiences. I knew that began to explore her sexuality after her divorce. It was a short marriage, only five years, and her husband was a controlling, overly macho man that she learned to dislike. She'd told me that sex was all "wham bam" with him and she rarely ever had an orgasm. After the divorce, she discovered her enjoyment of masturbation and visual porn. She decided to enter into the world of online hook-ups and soon, after two with men and one with another woman, she was hooked.

"I discovered that I liked being in control for a change. I liked having my men serve me and I liked directing them to do things that allowed my mind to experience deep erotic thoughts. I would say that today, I am somewhat of a Dom in that regard."

"And with the woman? How was that?"

"That was wonderful. I found that we could give each other pleasure better than any man. Innately, we knew what made us feel good and I'd say I experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life with her when she went down on me. I really enjoyed my sex with her. Unfortunately, although I've desired another experience with another woman, I haven't found one yet. I'm still kind of new at this and, to be honest, I mostly pleasure myself."

"Which experience do you remember most? Can you describe it for me?"

"Sure. The second man I met suggested that we go to the nude beach by the Lighthouse at Robert Moses Park. It was a hot day like today and I was like a little kid in a candy shop. Looking at all those naked people had me in a perpetual state of arousal, you know? But there were so many policeman there, you couldn't do anything about it. However, swimming naked and having lotion rubbed onto me kept me horny all day. When we got back to his place, we fucked like demons, I swear. I liked that he was an older man - I prefer older men - and he knew how to bring to great heights several times. He knew what he was doing and how to do it. His dick was very large and it gave me great pleasure to feel him fill me up. We had a long erotic day together."

"Have you seen him since?"

"No. Unfortunately, that's one of the problems with online dating. He called me a few times but we could never arrange to meet up and then he just disappeared, you know? I'd love to meet him again but I think he got turned off by my demands and instructions. I realized now that he was not a willing sub. He was not my sub, if you know what I mean."

"What is your favorite fantasy"

"Ooh...maybe you might find this strange, maybe not. I fantasize about having a sub tied up and blindfolded in a dungeon where I can do what I want to him. I want to spank him and humiliate him. I want him to pour hot wax on my hands and my nipples. I want to use toys on him and fuck him with a strap-on. I want to tease him until he comes all over me, all over my breasts. And then I want him to lick off the cum and suck on my nipples. I want him to relive being breast-fed by his mother. Oooh, just talking about that is making me wet! Does this scenario turn you on, too?"

"Not really. I wouldn't mind being bound and blindfolded but the pain and humiliation stuff doesn't really do it for me. I like the breastfeeding image though and I'm sure I could make a good sub, but on the more benign side of it."

"I understand. I think that you might make a good sub because you seem to willing to please me and most of my whims...to do as I request..."

"Up to a point. But it could be fun and I might be willing to try it."

The waitress came by and handed me the check. The cafe was starting to fill up with the early lunch crowd and she seemed to want us out of there. Once outside the cafe, Sam seemed to want to continue the conversation but it was very hot.

"I think I'll drive back to Brooklyn now. I wish there was someplace else we could go though."

I thought for a moment. "You know, Sam, we're in Bayport now and not too far from a very cool nude beach at Smith Point. Are you interested? I have a blanket, an umbrella and a cooler in the trunk. We could stop and get some refreshments and ice and I could drive us down there."

"You just want to see me naked. I know. But that's okay, I want to see you naked, too. Let's go."

She got some things out of her car and after stopping to get some things, we pulled into the western corner of the parking lot.

"The 'Clothing Optional' area is about a half a mile west. Fortunately, there's a walkway so the trip is easy." We got our stuff and headed west. There were only a few people along the beach but that was because it was mid-week. When we got to the nude area, there were a dozen people spread far apart from each other along the shore. There was a gentle ocean breeze that cooled us and it made the walk and the beach comfortable. As we walked toward a spot, we passed a young couple on a blanket. The guy was rubbing her pussy as we approached and didn't stop. Her nipples were hard and pointing up toward the sky. It was hard to be so casual but we took it all in as we moved along.

"This is a good place." I spread out the blanket and opened the beach umbrella. Sam sat down on the blanket and pulled out a beer from the cooler.

"Strip for me. I want to see you naked. I want to see how you strip for me."

"Yes, Mistress!" I sarcastically responded. "This should be easy and quick!" I slipped off my sneakers. Slowly, I pulled my blue crew shirt up just shy of my nipples. I turned my back to her and pulled it over my head, tossing it onto her. She raised it to her nose and commented that I smelled like a man. I turned around with my palms covering my nipples. Slowly, I rubbed them and just as slowly I brought my hands down to my tan shorts. I began to undo my belt. I unzipped the shorts just enough so that the top of my public hair showed.

"Nice. No underwear. I knew that. I was looking at the outline of your cock as you drove."

I turned my back to her again and dropped my shorts, baring my ass to her. I spread my legs so that she could see my sac and slowly bent over so that my brown pucker was staring into her face. I stood back up and slowly turned toward her. My dick was hard and standing at it's full length, about six or seven inches. The flared head arched slightly and the pee hole stared back at her.

"Very nice. You have a nice cock!"

In those few minutes, I felt the sun's rays beating down so I moved to sit under the umbrella. I popped a cold one and told her it was her turn. She smiled.

She stood not more that a two feet from me and pulled her blouse off. She quickly undid her shorts and dropped them, too. Standing in her light tan underwear, she was a sight to behold. She held some poses for me, thrusting her ample chest into my face and showing off the butt floss between her ass cheeks.

"It's so hot. Let me move this along so we can go for a swim." She quickly unclasped her bra and let it fall. Cupping her breasts, I was impressed by the dark brown areolas around her pencil eraser nipples. Then she lowered her thong and tossed it at me, hitting me in the face. In that short moment when the panties hit my nose, I could smell her powerful scent. Her pussy was covered in thick black curls. "You like?" She giggled and ran off to the shoreline. I got up and raced into the waves behind her.

We played, splashed and swam for about fifteen minutes until the undertow began to tire us out. As we walked back to the blanket, Sam asked, "Are you ready to be trained to be my good sub?"

"What can I do for you, Mistress?"

"First, you can rub lotion on me. And don't miss a spot! Or else Mistress will be angry and will punish you. Do you understand?"

"Yowzah, M-M-M-Mistress!"

She lay on her stomach as I poured the sunblock onto her. I rubbed and massaged it into her skin. I paid special attention to her tush and made sure not to overlook any crevice.

"You're a good subbie," she said as she rolled over, her breasts splayed across her chest. I worked the sunblock all over. I couldn't help but pay special attention to her breasts and nipples. Several times, I tweaked and pulled at them causing her to let out a little moan. Then I moved down to her crotch and began to knead her upper thighs. I was very discreet while a park ranger drove by in his four-wheeler. When he was gone and far up the beach, I began to rub the lotion around her pussy.

"Don't miss a spot! Make sure you cover all of my va-jay-jay."

"Yes, Mistress." I made sure to rub the lotion all around. My oily fingers slid up and down her crack and around her fleshy clit. I could smell her again and I marvelled at her powerful scent. Her pussy was soaking and dripping but she pulled herself up.

"Mistress is pleased with her slave. Now Mistress will reward her slave. Lay down on your stomach!"

She returned the favor by covering my skin in lotion. It felt good as she had small but strong hands. When her fingers passed over my anus, I jumped. Smack! She slapped my ass hard and I got the message. I relaxed and allowed her to run a finger into my ass. She pushed it all the way in and rubbed my prostate. "That's better," she said, "now roll over."

The prostate exam made me hard again and my cock was standing straight and tall. She smeared the sunblock over me but avoided my cock. She moved around to my head and positioned her pussy over my face as she leaned over to rub my chest. Her hands eventually moved down to my crotch and he held the base of my cock in a tight wrap.

"There's a woman watching us. She's under her umbrella. I noticed her before. She's very fair-skinned with nice boobies and little tiny pink nipples. I can't see her pussy. She's pretending to read but I know she's watching us. I'm going to give her a show. I want to turn her on...make her chocha all wet...make her finger herself...make her hot..."

She pressed her hairy puss onto my face and I began to lick it. Her scent was overpowering. I loved every minute of it. As she rode my face, she stretched up and ran her hands along her body.

"She's watching me squeeze my titties. I know she likes this. I know she wants to touch me." She kept up a running commentary as I lapped away. She was now stroking my cock, occasionally leaning down to suck on the head.

"She's getting up and coming toward us. Oh, nice...her pussy is hairless. She's coming closer. She's watching you lick my pussy. Do a good job, sub. Make her crazy. Don't stop. Whatever happens, don't stop."

"Can I watch? Am I bothering you?"

"No, you're cool. Sit over here under the umbrella and watch my sub lick my kitty. Watch him make me so hot. Look how hard his cock is. Look how much he wants to cum...he wants to shoot his cum...look how hard it is...your pussy is very pretty...so small and pink...don't touch it...spread it so I can see how pink it is inside...it makes me hot."

Sam got up off my face. I got up and sat under the umbrella next to our voyeur. I popped a cold beer while Sam pulled a joint out of her bag and lit it. From down on the horizon, I could see the park ranger returning and I told them to be cool until he passed.

Sam looked at the girl. "So, you like to watch us play with each other? It turns you on?"

"Yes. You two made me very horny. I'm still turned on."

"Will you lick me, too? Will you make me cum or do you want his cock?"

"I want both. I need to cum badly."

We sat silently until after the jeep drove by. Sam told her to lay down on her back to she could rub some sunblock on her. She submissively did as she was told.

"Good. You are my sub cunt. You're a good girl." Sam began to squirt the lotion and she directed me to help her rub it in. Sam straddled her head and lowered her moist pussy onto the girl's face. The girl ravenously began to lick it. I leaned down between the girl's legs and bent down to lick her when Sam ordered me to stop. "Her pussy is mine, slave. Just sit there and watch how we eat each other!"

I sat down and sucked on the beer and the joint while I watched them move over each other in a sixty-nine. As Sam began to lick her, she moaned. Sam maintained her commentary telling the girl how good she was doing and how good her pussy tasted. The girl spread her legs wider while Sam buried her face between them. After a few minutes, they were bucking and moaning in rapture. I noticed that several other people along the beach and turned their chairs to watch. One gay couple were now into it as one guy sat between his partner's legs and sucked on his cock.

The girl cried out pushing her pussy up into Sam's lips. As she came, I could hear Sam smacking her lips and moaning. She was coming, too.

"Come here, sub. Put your hard cock into her but don't you dare cum. You save that cum for me!"

Sam never moved. Her legs held the girl's face in place as she dripped onto her. I slipped my cock into the girl as Sam licked her and me. I couldn't take much more of this and I told Sam. She pulled my cock out of the girl and began to suck my cock with a powerful force. I started to shoot my load into her mouth and Sam did not let up, taking in every drop. When I was done, I could see that Sam was holding my cum. She turned around and lay down on the girl. They kissed and I watched as my milky fluid passed from one mouth to another.

"You are both my good subs. You made your Mistress feel very good. That was great."

"Yes, thank you both. I really needed that," said the girl smiling as she walked back to her blanket.

We sat under the umbrella and drank our beers. Sam smacked my ass for finishing the joint. Quietly, we watched as the gay man sucked his buddy dry.

Further down the beach, we saw a couple fucking.

"I love this place," said Sam. "Thank you for taking me here."

We sat for another hour or so. Sam and I went for another swim. As we were returning to our blanket, Sam walked over to the girl.

"I really enjoyed eating your pussy. May I do it again?"

I watched as Sam licked her. I sucked on the girl's nipples and then stood as she took me in her mouth. The girl was cumming again as I saw the ranger's jeep coming down the beach again. Reluctantly, we withdrew until he passed. This time, he was smiling at us. Once he was gone, Sam finished the girl off.

It was late in the afternoon when we got back to the car. As I drove back to Bayport, Sam said, "That was better than any story I could tell you. This was a day to remember."

"You really enjoyed her pussy, didn't you?"

"I loved it. I loved how soft and mushy it felt. I loved the way she smelled when she came. I loved that I had the power to bring her off. The first time she came, I loved how hard her clit becameso hard between my lips. I did that too her. I loved how she shook. I loved every minute of it."

Before Sam drove off, we agreed to meet again, this time in her house. I'm sure I will see her again soon.


Kat send me an email with several attached pictures. She was a big woman, a very big woman. Okay, she was big and fat. Not as big and fat as Aretha Franklin but impressive, nonetheless. Her breasts were easily 44EEE's. Each nipple seemed to cover much of her skin. Although they were big, they didn't seem to sag - they were just huge. She was pear shaped and her butt took up a large area of the bed she sat upon when the picture was taken. Her vagina was shaved and it appeared very small in relation to the rest of her body. She had a pretty face covered by long red hair. Her body was covered in freckles. You can tell that I spent a long time appraising her photos.

Big women have never done anything for me. To me, a big woman was the old joke about having to roll her in flour to find the wet spot. Still, something about her was intriguing. I was very curious to hear her stories.

She explained that she had to be very discreet as her husband knew nothing of her outside activities. She wrote that she was bisexual and that she liked group sex. This information made me more curious. I visualized several people doing her at the same time. We agreed to meet a few days later at a nearby Starbucks. She explained that her husband would be working late that night and she would tell him that she was going to be interviewed to work for a local volunteer organization.

When I walked in Kat was easy to spot. I introduced myself and went to get a coffee for me and a latte for her. The Starbucks was pretty quiet for that time of night and we found a corner with a couch and a comfortable chair. I pulled out my pen and opened my notebook.

"I know what you're going to say."

"And what's that?"

"You're wondering how a fat lady like me gets to fuck so much, right?"

"Not at all. First off, I wouldn't insult you like that. Secondly, everyone should fuck as much as they like. I think that's in the Bill of Rights."

"You're funny, but if it isn't, it should be. There are a lot of people who like big women and I'm glad. Also, I have special talents and in my crowd, the word gets around."

"And what might be your special talents?"

"Well, to begin with, I love to suck. I suck great. Hell, I can suck the chrome off a '61 Caddy going ninety in reverse."

"Now that's an impressive talent."

"You bet it is. I bet you that I can suck you so good, you'll never forget it. Come on, wanna bet?"

"No, Kat. I believe you. Now, I assume that goes for sucking women, too, right?"

"No, not with women. With women, you have to be more in tune with how they're reacting. A women knows how a women likes it. It's a whole different thing. It's softer."

"Which do you prefer? Men or women?"

"No preference. I like both equally. I like 'em in groups, that's what I like best."

"Why's that?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just like when my body is having lots of things happening to it at one...being eaten or fucked while my tits are also getting worked on...and maybe something in my mouth and in my ass. I like to multitask. That's the best.

"How many at one time can you handle?"

"One time, at an orgy, I had like six or seven people doing me at the same time. I came buckets. I must have had three or four orgasms in a row. That was the best."

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