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Straight Guy with a Gay Friend


He and I had definitely become good friends in a short amount of time. I knew this kid named Al. He was in band, gone to the same school as me for a while, but I guess that we never talked. One day after we talked for a while, I invited him over to examine some films with me. We seemed to get along well, we laughed, made witty remarks, enjoyed some good films, and at times we went into deeper subjects of conversation. We hadn't known each other for long, but we sure did have a lot in common. It seemed like him and I would be good friends for a long time.

However, there was something different about it, some kind of feeling. When we were together we had a sort of tension between each other, you could call it a sense of awkwardness. It became more and more apparent as we became closer to each other. When I was with him I didn't feel like he was one of my usual stupid buddies, he was special to me, we listened to each, we made each other smile, it was one of the, " I felt like I could tell him anything" type of situations. Something happened that I thought never would, I fell for him.

Who cares if he was a guy? He was incredibly beautiful, incredibly kind to me. He was witty, funny, intelligent, and laid back. I'm not too into that area, but it sounds like to perfect guy to me. I really thought he was. Of course, I had to idea to how he felt; I was sure he just came over, had a few laughs, and didn't think much about it. No matter what the case, it was sure to be an interesting development in my life.

He and I had been talking quite a bit online. It started out as usual stuff, but we moved into deeper subjects. Eventually we starting to do a lot of joking as well, like some really good friends do.

"Hello, my love," would be a way we would IM each other.

"Our undeniable love for each other," was something brought up occasionally.

I could say, "I want you so bad," and get a, "Oh, I had been waiting for you to say that," Followed by a laugh.

This all seemed completely innocent, of course I would have done the same in a serious situation, but it wasn't at that point. We were simply two guys expressing a pretend love relationship that we liked to joke about.

He came over to my house one day, after a long conversation like the ones mentioned above. It was still just to watch a movie, and hang out, and that's what we did, but it felt a lot different than that. I pulled my chair right beside his. We both eye-balled each other the whole time, only half watching the movie at best. I was looking down at his sandals when I asked,

"So, how big are your feet?"

"Eh, not overly big," he replied.

So, I slowly scooted over towards him, and put my feet in his sandals. I looked down at my foot trying to squeeze into the shoes, then looked up at him and grinned, as he was at me. Of course he had to ask,

"Is anything else big down there?"

To which, I replied, "Well, do you want to find out?"

I then stood up in front of his chair with my arms folded, looking at him like I wanted an answer.

His mouth was wide open in shock, but he was also smiling, like it was funny and unexpected at the same time. While chuckling he asked me,

"Are you serious?!"

"I don't know, am I?" Is what I had to say; I figured he would have flipped out had I whipped out my ding dong in front of him, unless he wanted me to.

After that we just kind of looked around the room with our eyes thinking, "Ok, this is really awkward, wow, we almost had an exposed penis." We both kind of smiled and then just went back to watching the movie. At this point I figured that it would remain a joke forever, but I was cool with that, b/c he was a good guy to just hang around with. Before he left, I had to give him a big hug and tell him goodbye.

"I won't see you for week, I'm going on vacation the day after tomorrow," I said to him.

"Oh really," He said. He looked kind of upset, but there was nothing that I could do about it. I had been planned long before. He solemnly said goodbye and left. Damn, was that the only action I would be able to get out of his hot self? I had no idea at that point.

That night we were talking online. I don't remember the exact conversation, but I know that it lead to our usual joking/flirting sessions mentioned above. He finally asked the question that turned out to be on both of our minds for a while.

"Are you serious about this hooking-up thing, because I could go either way?" He had finally asked it, I never dreamed that I would hear it from him, but I did. This whole time, he was thinking the same thoughts about me. He had to control himself as did I when we hung out. He went to sleep thinking of fantasies of me, if only I had known sooner.

I had to catch my breath, but I finally said,

"I could also go either way."

"So, which way do you want to go," he asked.

"I want to go towards the serious side," I said.

"So, do I," he said to make it official!

We got into some intense flirting after that. Both of us were saying how much we wanted each other and what we would do, except this time it was for real. It was a good feeling to be able to say it with all jokes aside.

"I'm shaking from the anticipation," he told me

"So am I," which I was, b/c I knew the next day would be unbelievable.

"This is a great feeling," he said in reference to it.

"Yes, it indeed is," and of course it was, although, it didn't compare to the feeling that we would experience the next day, if you know what I mean. He really did want me, and I really did want him. This once, "What if" fantasy was now about to become a reality.

I had to leave for vacation in two days, I had nothing packed, but I HAD to make time to go see him before I left. He was a busy guy, but we made a date for the next day, at his house, at 1 p.m. I was told to bring a movie as an, "Alibi" so we could say it was another movie watching session. I didn't sleep much that night; I had way too many fantasies going through my head. The next morning I was in a surprisingly good mood, because I knew it would be one of the best days of my life, I just had to find something to keep me from going crazy until 1 p.m.

Well, 1 p.m. did of course come, and I had a great drive to his house. I saw a cop, and smiled at him, rather than my usual, "You damn pig, I dare you to pull me over," and

I had to smile as I was sitting at a traffic light, patiently waiting. He greeted me at his door.

"Hey, Corey," he said in a very happy voice, "Come right in."

We went directly up to his bedroom. In my hand I carried a copy of Gone with the Wind. It's a good movie, no doubt, but my thought process was that we would eventually get bored with it, due to its length, and turn our focus towards, "Other things." It may not have been necessary, but it seemed like a pretty good plan.

We sat down on his bed for a few minutes, and just had a normal chat. "How was your day?" "Did you miss me?" Stuff like that. We put the movie in, and sat next to each other looking at the screen. Before the opening credits stopped, he finally cut the bullshit and popped the question.

"Ok, who's going to make the first move?" He asked, not in a question like manner, it was more a seductive phrase than I question.

Now that's my mating call! I of course had to reply, "I am."

I leaned in on him, grabbed the back, of his head, and went for a simple kiss on the lips. He on other hand had better aspirations, he stuck his tongue into my mouth, and we had our first make-out session. His tongue felt so warm against mine, when I was out of breath a slowly pulled away and we both looked at each other, breathing heavily, with smiles on our faces. That was the first time either of us had done that, and I have to say, we weren't bad for rookies.

I grabbed him again, and we passionately made out. Each time one of us would have to stop to catch our breath, I guess we hadn't got the whole breathing thing down yet. But it didn't matter, we both were new at it, very horny, and loving every minute of it. Our saliva was dripping all over each other as our faces were planted on top of each other, and we signaled for me to get under his covers.

At this point we started to feel each other in the heat of passion. I began to grope his crotch area, and he pulled his head away from mine for a moment.

"Do you want to take off some clothes?" he asked me breathing heavily

"Yeah, let's take off our shorts," I said back to him.

We both gently yet quickly pulled our shorts off of each other, to reveal our "Affection" for each other. We paused for a brief moment to get a glimpse of what we were dealing with. There it was, staring me right in the face. What I say? That scrawny son of a bitch was packing some serious heat. He wasn't a Tommy Lee or anything like that, but definitely deserving of some recognition. He crawled on top of me, wrapped his legs around mine, we kissed and felt around some more.

We looked dumb laying there half-naked, so we took our shirts off. He began to suck on my nipple as my hand went through his hair. We both were both stark naked under his covers, kissing, but I took it to the next level. His penis was right there in front of me, hard as a rock, it needed some pleasure. He sat up, I got right beside him and my hand stroked his penis up and down. He smiled and kissed me as I whacked him off.

It went back and forth like this. He pulled my hand away and roughly stroked mine as I gave him kiss all over his face. Sure, its rather juvenile stuff, but we were just getting started. I laid back on his bed as we was groping me, he then stopped and whispered

"I think I know what you want," in an erotic tone.

Before I could react I saw his head disappear under the covers, and felt a very warm slimy sensation around my John Thomas. I let out a sigh of relief, it felt absolutely amazing. As a straight guy, I was reluctant to do this at first, but he went right for it, and it felt marvelous. He didn't finish me my any means, we were still just fooling around, so he pulled his head back up, smiled at me, and we made out again.

This whole time I was thinking, "OK, I guess I'm going to have to return the favor now."

So I asked him"Do you want me to return the favor"

He said, "If you want to." Trying to me modest, but I knew he wanted me to. I may not have planned on it, but I stuck my head under those covers, and put his rock hard dick in my mouth. I heard him give a sigh of relief as I tried to stimulate him without choking. It was kind of difficult due to his "gift," after 10 seconds or so I pulled away, he certainly didn't expect me to suck him off or anything, but he definitely enjoyed it.

We both started playing with each other in all sorts of ways, making out there and there, switching positions left and right, and just looking into each others eyes with delight as we so passionately pleasure each other. Eventually, we came to the point where one of us was going to finish.

"Are you almost up?" I asked.

"Sort of, you?" He replied.

"Same, for me." I said.

"I'm going to do you first." Is what he said before he went solo on me.

I just laid back and let him go to work. He began to nipple on my shaft a little, it sounds kind of painful, but he was gentle with it and it actually drove me wild. He sat there and whacked me off for a while, I think he may have been getting a little frustrated b/c of the time it took, but eventually the inevitable happened.

I let out a huge sigh of relief as my semen shot all over my stomach and his hand. He sat see there wide-eyed and smiling, looking at me, like young kid would look at his Christmas presents. Then he slowly crept towards me, and looked right into my eyes in delight as he rubbed my semen all over my stomach.

I then sat up, grabbed him by the shoulders, and gently pushed him down. He was lying in front of me, with his dick sticking up right in my face; it was my turn to do him! I grabbed on to his wang and began so gently pleasure and rub him. I would put it in my mouth everyone once in a while just to get the juices flowing a little better.

I failed in that category, I had a lot to work with, to say the least, and I just didn't quite find the right speed/grip for him. It was ok, though, he took control of himself. I couldn't help but smile as I watched him do so. He was grasping himself as I rubbed his little stomach, his dimples in his cheeks shown as he smiled in pleasure. I started to kiss him, but he grabbed my hand and put in right on the money. After a few seconds, he suddenly leaned back so his face looked up at the sky. I could feel the warm semen shoot out on my hands as his mouth was wide open.

He lay back breathing heavily, covered in his own semen. That was an amazing experience being able to give him so much pleasure. I lay there with him and we just stare up at the ceiling trying to catch our breath and see where it would go from here. We just had amazing orgasms but we were by no means finished. In fact this lead to my favorite part of the experience, cuddling!

His naked self was up against mine, kissing me, laying his head on my chest, rubbing me, sucking on me, hugging me, it was amazing to feel so close to him.

"I like his," he said to me in a high pitched, enthusiastic voice."

"I like you," I replied, looking at him like the horny bastard like I was. That was really the only dialogue we had, there wasn't much talking. We loved each other at will, the only body language were smiles and reciprocations.

"I like you too," he said to me, as I leaned in to passionately kiss him. It was a wonderful feeling he smelled so nice, he hair was so soft up against my chest, his lips were so smooth. Being able to rub him and kiss him at will, and him doing the same to me, that was a very special feeling. He was mine, or so it seemed.

As we were laying there under his covers, I heard someone as his door. We both just laid there completely frozen.

"Go away!" He said trying to keep cool, "Uhhhh, we're kind of busy." Pshhew, it was only his sister, who went away immediately. Now that's what I call a sticky situation. Just to be safe, we re-dressed after that, but we were still laying in his bed. We started playing with each again, and of course after a few minutes our wangs were sticking out of our shorts. We never fully undressed, but we were right back sitting directly across from each other, going to work.

I moved to sit right beside him, I put on arm around his shoulders, and the other one on his penis. I sat there holding him and watching him in delight.

"Do it faster if you want, c'mon," he told me.

"Is this good," I asked him after adjusting my rate.

"Perfect," he replied as he let out more sighs or relief.

We were in that position for a while, I was almost about ready to try something new, and then felt another warm sensation on my hand. Holy shit, it was his semen, for the second time. I looked right at him, and of course he was smiling, bigger than any of the previous times.

"Thanks," he said to me.

I didn't know how to respond, I had pleasured him to the ultimate extent twice, and he looked exhausted. He jumped on me to try to get the same effect, right beside me, with him arm around me, whacking me off through my shorts. Of course it felt good, but alas, there was no way I was going to finish, one time is about my limit.

"It's ok, lets just relax," I told him.

"Aww, are you sure," he kind of sounded disappointed, but it wasn't my fault.

After that we snuggled for the last time, I licked his penis, he sucked on mine a little bit, just for what you'd call final farewells. Our arms were around each other, his hand was grasping mine, like a couple would do walking in public. We would plant our faces into each other here and there, but we were basically just enjoying our last bit of time, and I guess just trying to have the whole situation settle within us. He was mine, he loved me. For a few hours we were able to express how much we liked each other. We both found each other attractive, and were lucky enough to be able to share and express it. Who cares if he was a guy? This was a special connection, that just wasn't relevant.

Unfortunately, I had to leave; I had vacation the next day, and had neglected to pack anything. I started to walk out of his room, put he pulled me back for one last kiss before I left. Alas, I had to leave, he walked me to his door and give me a gloomy, yet pleased goodbye. I wouldn't see him for another week...

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