tagGay MaleStraight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 1

Straight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 1


Me and Ryan have always been best friends. We grew up that way. Our parents were best friends and were always doing things together and going on vacations.

We told each other everything, and talked about everything as well. As kids, when we were alone, our favorite topic was sex. We compared knowledge and our fantasies. As young growing up boys we even experimented with each other. But as we grew older, and became teenager's we still could talk about it, and when we had sleep overs, we wouldn't experiment with each other, but we did enjoy beating off together at night while watching dirty video's on PPV channels.

I'm very straight, Ryan is too. But as we were used to jack ourselves off while Ryan was focused on the video on the TV, I was watching him, and thinking of what having sex with a man, specifically him. Would be like.

Ryan grew out to be a nice looking young man. He worked out in high school, and played sports, and had a very hot hard body, that I saw while he wore swim trunks on vacations our families went on Together. I often found myself picturing his hot body when I was in bed jacking myself off.

I kept these feelings to myself, and still completely found myself attracted to women. I would never think about dating a guy, just fucking my best friend Ryan. Then, in our senior year of high school, our families took a trip to Virginia beach. We would be sharing a room of course, as our sisters would be doing.

We had a very fun vacation. In the day I was able to watch him as we swam in the ocean. Watching his muscular body, and sometimes getting a glance at his tight ass if a wave blessed me, and pulled his loose trunks down.

Then one night, after everyone was asleep, and we were talking in our room quietly, our conversation drifted to the topic of sex, as it usually does.

"How far have you got with a girl." He asked me. I hadn't gotten very far. "I've felt a chick up before. And she gave me a hand job." I Lied, I really only made out with a girl or two. "Yeah well I've gotten head, and I ate this one girl out a few weeks ago.

Of course he had gotten farther then me. I didn't doubt he was telling the truth. He is a hot guy. Talking about this subject got me aroused on its own, as I looked at his cute face, and his nice chest. Which was not covered by a shirt in the hot Virginia night. "Speaking' of the subject, Mark, I brought a nice video along, lucky for us we got the room with the VCR." He stated slyly. He was right, our family's rented out a big beach house, and we had the only room with the VCR. He got up, I couldn't help but watch his ass as he walked over to his bag, in only his boxers. Lucky I was under the sheets of my bed, because I already had a hard on.

He popped in the tape and we began watching a hot sex scene with a great looking blond with huge tits getting rammed in the ass by some big stud. I glanced over to Ryan, and of course, as was ritual, he was on top of his covers, openly masturbating his dick. Why not right? We were both straight. As he was fixed on the movie, I began watching his blurry hand swiftly stoking his thick 8 inch shaft. His cock was huge compared to my six and a half incher. But we were friend's and I felt comfortable enough that, as I always did, I joined in, pulling out my erect soldier. Besides, he was watching the hot sex scene on TV, he didn't even notice I was transfixed on his sweaty nude body, his chest heaving as he laid back roughly beating his thick meat.

Not wanting to be caught in the act of watching my masturbating best friend, I turned my attention to the porno as I beat my shlong. But his image was fixed in my mind still. I hadn't scene him in the nude since we were 15 when we used to watch his dads porno's on sleep overs. We had both grown more since then.

Then, as I fought to keep my gaze on the TV, I saw the hot jock, that was my best friend, looking over at me as he continued his relentless beating of his cock. I couldn't help but return his gaze. And I did, our eyes met, and he smiled at me... turning me on even more at the sight of the dimples that formed on his cheeks when he smiled.

"Your lookin' good, Mark." Ryan calmly stated. "You starting to work out?" I was caught off guard, I certainly didn't look as good as he did. I hadn't worked out nearly as much as he did, I couldn't find anything more to do then shake my head no.

"Do you remember when we used to fool around when we were kids?" He questioned, as I continued to stare wide eyed at his questioning, naked body. Again I couldn't find a reply, I just shook my head yes.

"Did you ever wonder what it would be like now Mark?" Ryan asked. I finally found the courage to speak up a bit. This is it! My fantasy come true! Ryan might want to experiment, like I do!!! "Yeah, all the time." I replied, then I blushed thinking about what I said. Ryan laughed, and then got up and walked his sexy ass across the room to my bed.

I tensed a bit as he sat down beside me. "Its all right man, there aren't no chicks here, so it's okay for two straight guys to do it." He assured me. He was right! I was perfectly fine with substituting a hot girl with my muscular best friend Ryan.

I nodded again, and then he put his hand on the back of my head, and guided me down towards the musky smell of his crotch. I opened wide and didn't know what to expect as I took the first and only cock of my life into my hot wet mouth. He meant business and forced me to take almost all of his huge engorged penis into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock and he began pushing down on my head, forcing me to give him a blow job. I tried my best to let it go into my throat, and to lick the shaft as it went in and out. I must have been doing a good job because Ryan began to softly moan. "that's how ya do it buddy! Aaaw that's as good as when that bitch did it!! Oh yes!" He proclaimed as I quickened my pace, slurping his hard cock in and out of my mouth with ease. I must have gotten carried away because he pulled my head away from his penis, sweat pouring off his hot heaving chest.

"You almost took me over the edge too soon buddy.... I want to fuck your tight little ass first! Do you want that!?" I was not shy anymore. "Oh yeah Ryan! I want that pole in my asshole now!" I got on my hands and knees sticking my ass out in his face. He spread my cheeks with both hands and stuck his face in my crack, licking my hole to get it ready. I moaned at the touch of his tongue as he inserted it right up my corn hole. Then I felt his hot cock head touch my puckered hole, and I knew I had to brace myself.

Then Ryan thrust his hips forward and his giant head entered my butt hole. I almost yelped out loud in pain. But held it in so I didn't wake our parents. Then my best friend let out a quiet moan of pleasure and began pushing his shaft harder. I Winced as his 8" monster entered my Hershey highway completely. "Mark, you okay?" He asked. I didn't think I could stop him anyway, so I just nodded. And then he grabbed both my hips with his hands and began pumping in and out of my ass. Suddenly, through the pain, I found pleasure. He was hitting me in places that have never been reached before. It began to feel good. I began to buck my hips with him as I realized I was getting anal fucked by my best friend. This is what I've been dreaming of in my bed alone for a long while. His bumping and grinding got faster and we were both panting and keeping ourselves from screaming out.

He pulled out and flipped me onto my back. I stuck my legs into the air and he let them rest up on his shoulders as he went to insert his hot pulsating member back into my hole. It glided in easier this time and he began fucking me in this position. I laid sprawled on the bed with my legs up over his broad shoulders... He began jacking me off as I moaned quietly in utter ecstasy. He must have felt the same way because in this position I now had a look at his face and he looked like he was in heaven as his pumping became more ridged and hard. After we fucked until I thought I was going to pass out he pulled out and I was left wondering if it was over without either of us even getting ourselves off. Then he pulled me up and was sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned my back to him and sat me down onto his rock hard cock again. It slid in with ease this time and I began bouncing up and down as I sat on my best friend Ryan's big cock. as we began going at a blinding speed I thought I could have actually shot off a load without even touching myself as I continued to let myself be Ryan's ass slave. It was the best feeling in the world as my hot friend Ryan continued ramming his pool deep within the crevasses off my anal cavity.

"Oh fuck of Fuck Mark I'm cuming!" He announced. I was perfectly happy with that, as I was in my own world of pleasure from his anal ride of pleasure. I continued to bounce even faster as his hands guided me up and down wrapped around my waist. Then he shuttered inside me and stopped abruptly letting his cock slip all the way into my ass his pupic hair touched my ass crack as I felt him convulse and my asshole was flushed with his hot cum. Jet stream after stream poured into my ass and out the sides as he remained inside my body, all the while quietly moaning. Then we he collapsed back onto the bed, and I slipped his cock out of my aching stretched ass and laid on the bed. His man juice pouring out of my hole. I was perfectly happy with what had happened, but then he rolled over and, being the great friend he was, was willing to let me shoot my load to. He took my whole 6 and a half inches into his mouth and sucked it up and down its shaft. I was on cloud nine, and in seconds ready to blow. As if Ryan knew this he stopped sucking and laid me down.

I laid flat on my back, and facing me, he sat his hot tight ass down right onto my cock, which was sticking strait in the air. He began bouncing up and down, giving me the ride of my life. His ass was surprisingly easy to slide into because of all of the sweat that built up during his long anal ramming of my little ass. I didn't have to put forth any effort as he rid my like I've never before. All the while we were both panting and he was moaning "yes yes yes!!" I let out an "Oooooh Ryan I'm gonna blow my load." as I realized that the anal fucking he gave me was only the second best feeling in the world, and my balls tightened and I released all my energy in one long stream of hot white juice.

He collapsed onto me and our sweaty bodies just laid in my bed, which was now soaked in cum and sweat. I realized that I just sucked and fucked, and got sucked and fucked, by my best friend... My deepest fantasy... and at that moment I knew that for me and Ryan, it was okay for straight guys to do it...

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