tagGay MaleStraight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 2

Straight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 2


The week was coming to an end and Ryan's family and mine's joint vacation to Virginia beach in a nice big rented beach house was coming to an end. Close to the beginning of the week we had shared mind blowing sex, my only experience with a man, after Ryan told me that when there aren't any hot chicks around straight guys can fuck.

Not that it would have made a difference to me. For as long as I could remember Ryan had always been my hidden fantasy, and as 18 year olds going into our senior year at High School next year, Ryan was a hot young stud, with tight six pack abs, pecks and arms muscles that blew my boyish appearance away. However, as the last night in the beach house rolled around, it came to be that Ryan and I did not have any more "fun" together the entire trip. As soon as we hit the beaches and the boardwalk that week, Ryan was a huge hit with the ladies, and was usually bringing them over to the beach house our families had rented, along with going out with them.

At night I could look forward to hearing about Ryan's adventures with these girls, as he informed me that he'd gone all the way with at least 3 of them. I had done all right with the girls of the Virginia Beach, but I hadn't even gotten past second base with any, which was no surprise to me, as Ryan always seemed to out do me in every sport, game, or other competition, including the competition of sex with women.

On the last night of our Vacation, as Ryan and I headed to the bedroom we shared for the week to turn in late that night, I began to wonder if the hot sex we had near the beginning of our vacation late one night while watching a porno Ryan had brought along was only a dream I had.

As we got into our beds and began watching TV we talked about the weeks events. The topic came to the fact that our families would be packing up and leaving tomorrow.

"Too bad it rained all day today, I would have really liked one more swim in the Ocean before we go back." I exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know what you m-" He started to reply. Then I saw a look flash across his face that I had seen all too many a time from a childhood with Ryan, that always involved wild ideas that almost always ended in us getting yelled at.

"Uh Oh, what are you thinking Ryan?" I asked, half worried, but half excited by what might be going through my lifetime friend's mischievous head at that moment.

"We'll it's not raining at all now, lets take our final dip in the ocean right now!" He told me. The Idea intrigued me. However I found a few problems with it.

"Ryan, it's almost 1 in the morning! Besides, My swim trunks are dry and packed away in my suit case!" I broke the news to Ryan.

"Who said anything about swim trunks!?" He asked, as if what I'd just said was ludicrous.

"What do you mean-" I began, then realized just what Ryan was thinking. This thought also half worried me, and half excited me.

"We don't need any trunks, we'll go skinny dipping! It's dark out! Everyone's asleep! And I bet the water feels really warm at night!" He explained.

I was reluctant at first. "I don't know Ryan..."

"Come on Mark, what are you afraid someone will catch us or something?"

That was it, I couldn't let Ryan think I was too scared to do something as stupid as skinny dipping, and besides, the thought that maybe I could get a look at my friends well hung private area one last time, even if I wouldn't be shoving it in my mouth or up my asshole, was enough to change my mind. "Okay Ryan, lets go."

The plan as it turned out, was to strip out of our clothes, and with a towel around our waists go down the steps and out the back door of the beach house that lead right onto the sandy beach. We did this, and when we got out there, I looked around and realized it wasn't that dark out. It was night all right, but the moon was completely full, giving everything a bluish glow to it.

Ryan glanced over at me. "Ready to drop the towel and make a run for it?"

I nodded weakly and Ryan dropped his towel and made a mad dash down the beach towards the water. I did the same and was off running down the beach towards the crashing waters of the Atlantic Ocean in nothing but my birthday suit. As I did so, Ryan got a good lead on me, as I've stated he's always been much more athletic then I am, and it showed here. As my eyes fully adjusted to the night, I got a good view of Ryan's firm ass bouncing up and down as he ran towards the dark waters.

Then he hit the water and dove in as a wave came crashing in on the beach. I then saw Ryan come up out of the shallow water and begin to splash around the waves. Then I hit the water and dove through a wave as well.

For the next 20 minutes or so Ryan and I splashed around the water like we were kids again, riding the waves nude into the beach, and then trying to land in a way as to not scrape our most sensitive areas off the course sand as the waves sent us crashing ashore.

We splashed out a bit off the shore, so that the water was up past my waist, we turned and looked out, trying to get a glimpse at the next wave coming from deep out into the oceans darkness. What I saw was one of the biggest waves I've ever encountered.

"Holy shit here comes a big one Mark. Get ready to ride that bad boy in!" Ryan shouted at me. I wasn't too sure about what this wave might do to us, but I followed anyway, and crouched down in the water in the proper stance to ride this huge wall of sea water into the beach.

The wave hit me off guard and I was sent tumbling under in a torrent of salt water with no sense of which direction I was heading in. I smacked into something else before the wave shot me out water and smacking onto the beach, and what ever I hit into flew with me and landed half on top of me.

As I spit out some salt water, and opened my eyes, I looked up into the dripping wet face of my companion Ryan. He had a look of excitement on his face, "That was sweet as hell!" He proclaimed. It was then I noticed his half aroused penis was touching my right leg.

As the course sand dug into my ass cheeks I wondered if Ryan noticed that his cock was on my leg yet. He just looked down at me for what seemed like hours, but was really only a few seconds before I could reply.

"Yeah..." I said meekly. Then I just lay there, nude on the beach, breathing heavily for a few moments. My cock was growing to a fully erect state, and I could also feel Ryan's dick begin to get larger, and harder.

"My dicks on your leg." He stated.

"Yeah..." I stuttered.

"Would you rather it in your mouth?" He asked as if it were nothing.

"Y-Yea-yeah..." I stammered out. with that he got onto his hands and knees, and spun around, his legs now on either side of my head, and his engorged prick pointing straight at my mouth.

I reached up and wrapped my hand around his thick member, which as I've stated before, was larger then mine, just like Ryan's muscles. I pulled it down to my mouth and opened wide sticking it in.

I began moving my head up over his prick and then dropping it back down to the sand, over and over, with his cock tightly with in my lips. I felt his hot breath on my stiff cock as I continued my work, now swirling my tongue on the tip of his purple headed soldier. Then I began to tork my head sideways as I moved up and down on his prick, just as I had seen all the hot chicks do in the porn tapes Ryan had snuck to the beach house in his bag that we had watched on a few occasions late at night in our room.

As I quickened my pace I felt Ryan's breath on my cock begin to come much faster as he began to pant. Then I felt Ryan's hand wrap around my inferior member, and then I was in his hot warm mouth, being swirled about, licked up and down, and deep throated like a pro!

This startling and wonderfully feeling development caused my own oral work out to quicken, with the only other sound aside from our wet 69 mouth fuck on the beach the crashing waves washing onto shore, and back out into the ocean. Occasionally coming up far enough to touch my toes.

I was then jolted out of this intense pleasure with blinding light shining into my partly closed eyes, completely blinding me. I let Ryan's cock plop out of my mouth with a wet popping sound as I felt Ryan do the same. He rolled off of me, and I sat up and slowly turned shielding my eyes from the light. My heart was almost jumping out of my chest.

"Well, well, well! What do we got here Lloyd? A Couple of fags havin' a fuck session on the beach!" I heard a deep voice say.

"That's what it looks like to me!" I heard an even deeper voice reply. The light clicked off, and as my eye's began to readjust, I realized I was looking up at two police officers.

"Should we take these homo's to the station?" The first one asked the man he called Officer Lloyd.

"You know, I don't feel like putting two naked fags in the back of my squad car! Lets just give them their punishment for their crime here!" Lloyd replied.

"Yeah, I get ya." The other one exclaimed. As I stared in shock horror I began to see the features of both the officers of the law. The first was a tall, broad shouldered buff blond man, and the second was a HUGE muscular black man, probably twice my size, and four times as muscular as I was.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees!" The buff blond officer ordered. Ryan and I, still shocked did as we were told, getting on our hands and knees in the sand, fully exposed to these police officers.

I heard the unbuckling of belts and zippers going down, and gulped. Then I heard one of them get down on the sand behind me, and turned to see the naked blond officer, in all his toned muscular glory, kneeling behind Ryan, his huge cock being guided closer and closer to Ryan's tight ass.

Then I felt a huge hand spread my ass cheeks, and felt the head of what very well may be the biggest cock I've ever witnessed on any porno or else where poke against my puckered asshole. Then, two giant hands squeezed tightly around my waist and with a grunt the gigantic black man plunged painfully into my anal canal. I bit my lip to avoid screaming in pain, and heard a similar muffled yelp from beside me as I turned to see the buff blond cop anal fucking away on my best friend Ryan, who was being ridden right into the sand, the sound of the officers nut sack slapping violently against that sweet tight ass I had lusted over for years.

That was the last chance I got to look over and enjoy the show of Ryan being reamed by the officer, because the giant black man that had just skewered me with his freakishly thick and huge dick had began pounding away on me.

The black police man grunted each time he rammed his pole into my sore tiny asshole and I choked back a scream each time as well. The huge black man bucked wildly as he let go of me with both hands and free fucked me for a few seconds before reaching up and grabbing both of my shoulders.

He then continued to slam into my ass, using my shoulders to drive me down onto his cock harder, causing an audible slap as his cock continually penetrated me as deep as it could, and his mammoth balls slapped off my beat red ass.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" The black officer repeated in his frenzied sex act. "FUCK ME HARDER YOU HOT LITTLE FAG!" He demanded through clenched teeth, as I continued to bounce, shake and buck wildly.

"OH SHIT YOU LITTLE BITCH! I'M BLOWING MY LOAD!" I heard the other officer scream, as I managed to look over for a moment and catch a glimpse of Ryan bucking his hips at a blinding speed in unison to the officers slamming motion into his ass hole. The officer let out a yell and then he went into over drive for a few final moments, until he shot his load, shuttered and collapsed on top of my best friend.

My ass was already numb as Officer Lloyd continued his anal assault on my poor asshole at speeds I didn't even know could be reached. Then he finally shouted out across the ocean, in his deep voice, "I'M CUMMING!!" Then I felt blast after blast of hot liquid flood my anal canal, soothing my aching sphincter slightly as the black officer slipped his giant hunk of man meat out of me, and fell back into the sand.

As all of our panting subsided, I lay there weakly watching as the two officers got up, put their clothes back on, and began walking off the beach towards the road in front of our beach house, where their car was waiting.

"Consider that a warning." The one who had just fucked the shit out of my friend Ryan told us, and then they were gone.

Without a word, Ryan and I got up, and slowly walked back towards the back door into the beach house. When we entered the house, all was still quite, and dripping wet with sweat and sea water, we tip toed back to our room. I walked in first, and as I turned around, Ryan shut and locked our door, and I saw that his prick was completely hard. He grinned at me.

I didn't say a word as Ryan came at me, pushed me onto his bed, and climbed on top of me. Lowering himself onto me, he brought his mouth down to mine, and we explored each others hot mouths with our tongues. He began swinging and grinding his hips, rubbing his slick cock against mine, I returned the favor. We continued making out and grinding and dry humping our penis's together.

Ryan then slid off of me, and pulled me up off the bed, over to a chair in the corner. He sat down, and guided me, facing him, on top of him on the chair, my legs sticking out the back, as he brought my ass down onto his lap, and his engorged penis that was waiting. My ass was already stretched to its limit by this point, and he slid into me with ease. Then I began slowly bouncing and bumping up and down, as Ryan did the same. We began playing tongue hockey again as our hot mouths met and he continued fucking my sore ass.

He continued picking up the pace, until I heard him let out a long groan. "I'm going to shoot it in your hot ass!" He proclaimed just before he pulled me down on his cock, completely burying it in my ass. Then he shot jet streams of his hot man juice up into my asshole. With him still inserted deep inside my ass, He reached down to my rock hard member, and began twisting and jerking it quickly. I climaxed rapidly and shot my hot white cum all over his hand and both of our chests.

And there, in his arms in the chair I thought about the night, and realized once and for all that Ryan was right in his statement, straight guys most definitely CAN fuck!

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Hot skinny dipping!

Hot skinny dipping scene! Skinny dippping has always been a turn on for me. Thanks!

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