tagGroup SexStraight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 06

Straight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 06


It had been a month since her last encounter with Tina and Candy had been replaying the memory more and more frequently. She and Tina had agreed to play things slow and low key while Tina formulated a plan for dealing with their husbands. Candy also found herself watching the videos of her husband servicing Tina's husband Don and getting strangely excited by Andy's love of cock.

She had been working long hours at the office to catch up after vacation and pay extra attention to her new accounts. This helped provide a distraction, but she found her mind wandering more frequently. Her husband was reaping the benefits as she found herself fucking the hell out of him almost nightly these past weeks.

At work, she scored a big win with the wrongful termination case of her newest corporate account. Not only had she rebutted the suit by the fired executive seeking a more lucrative separation package, but also made him pay for her firms expenses for defeating his claim.

Just this week she signed another lucrative oil company account for a multi-year retainer agreement, solidifying her position as the number one income generator for the past 36 months. The personal satisfaction she felt from her accomplishments at the firm could not suppress the frustration she was feeling from almost 5 weeks without physical contact from Tina.

Her mind reeled from the sexual awakening Tina created in her. She could not shake the images that Tina planted in her mind during their last encounter. The vision of eating Tina's pussy and being fucked by Tina's husband flashed into her mind more and more frequently. The thought of making Andy watch while they did it only turned her on more. Her obsession had only worsened this week since Andy was away on business.

Andy unwittingly has been enjoying the fruits of his wife's fantasies, as she has been increasingly amorous. The timing was fortunate for Andy as well. Don had basically cut off communications with Andy since the wives returned. He could not bring himself to initiate contact for fear of the humiliation Don would put him through. When his mind turned to sucking Don's prize cock, Candy would come through and distract him.

He was surprised by the level of passion and exploration Candy has exhibited since her return. She has been much more open with oral sex and had been experimenting with anal stimulation while sucking his cock.

The first encounter she caressed his balls and gently rimmed his asshole with her finger as he released in her mouth. She had never seemed eager to swallow his cum in the past but did so on occasion. He had received more head in the last 3 weeks than in the previous year and she eagerly swallowed every time. Not to mention being ridden like a race horse 4 times and doggie styling it 3 times while she screamed like a banshee to be fucked.

He was not complaining by any means, particularly since she began finger fucking his ass as she sucked his cock. He did his best to not overplay it, but the intensity of his orgasms had to have been obvious. He loved the new Candy and would be thankful while it lasted, but he still struggled with the desire for Don's porn star cock in his mouth and ass. It seemed the thought of that cock in his ass filled his mind each time Candy penetrated him.

His guilt and shame were overwhelming at times, but he loved Candy and was still turned on by her. Seeing her renewed passion for him had been thrilling. He had been traveling the past 3 days and looked forward to getting home to her tonight.

He was waiting for his connecting flight in Dallas and would be home in a few hours. Right on Cue he received a text from Candy. He could not believe his eyes. It was a picture of her black lace panties with a noticeable wet spot.

Candy: I miss you sweetie. Momma's gonna need some special attention tonight.

Andy was pleasantly shocked. It sent him back to the phone sex days early in their marriage. He'd heard of women having an increased sex drive in their forties, but wow, this was a dream come true! He immediately felt his cock stiffen.

Andy: I can take care of that young lady.

Candy: Is your flight on schedule?

Andy: Yes, I should be home by 8:00 tonight.

Candy: Good, make sure you eat and drink plenty fluids, I'm gonna ride you hard tonight. Come straight to the bedroom and be ready...

Andy was not sure what had gotten into her, but he was loving it.

Andy: Yes Ma'am! Ready for service!

Candy: Good manners I like that. I expect to hear "Yes Ma'am" a lot this evening. Don't be late!"

Andy smiled, excited by the new boldness she was showing. He had not seen this side of her before. He liked it. Maybe this was what really what caused his lapse in judgment with Don, the excitement of being told what to do... Submitting yourself to someone was much more exciting than he had ever imagined.

Andy's flight loaded right on schedule and his anticipation grew. As the last passengers boarded they closed the door and he checked his watch. "Might even be a little early," he thought to himself.

"Please turn off your cell phones or place them in airplane mode until you're cleared to turn them back on when we land in OKC." said the MILF flight attendant.

He could not help but ogle the strangely sexy lead flight attendant. Though she was older and showed some wrinkles on her face, there was a sexy elegance that he could not ignore. He followed her gently swaying ass as she walked slowly up the isle taking a head count. He tried not to let his cock go stiff, needing to be at full capability when he got home.

He waited for the plane to back out, impatiently. When ten minutes had passed he began to fidget, wanting to get home quickly and satisfy his hot and horny wife! Little did he know, Candy would be stopping at the raunchy lingerie shop on her way home this evening. Tina had suggested an outfit and some ideas for preparing him for the next step.

Twenty minutes had passed, and his frustration grew. He found his eye's locked on the flight attendant as she walked back toward him. She had pretty, hazel colored eyes, shiny dark hair pulled tight into a pony tail. She walked like a lady, with a sexy sweet smile and perfect white teeth. When she made eye contact he noticeably squirmed. When her left hand touched the back of the seat two rows up, he noticed no ring.

Her eye's widened as his interest was obvious. He squirmed in his seat and she noticed a bit of a tent. "We should be leaving shortly," she said with a sexy smile. "Is there anything you need?"

Her eyebrows gently raised and returned as her smile widened. "I need to bend you over a seat and fuck you till you cum screaming like a freight train," he thought to himself.

He looked at her longingly and glanced at her name badge, "Such an open-ended question... Your pretty smile is plenty, Barbara."

She chuckled flirtatiously and continued by.

Ten more minutes had passed when the captain came on. "Ladies and gentlemen, we will be taxing for takeoff, please make sure your seatbelts are fastened, and we should get you there just a few minutes behind schedule. Thank you for your patience.

They taxied and waited another 15 minutes before finally getting the next in line for takeoff message. Andy found his eyes locked on the tight-fitting skirt, of the flight attendant again. He shook his head and closed his eyes, realizing it was Candy that had him this state.

He replayed the night before he left, picturing her naked ass bent in front of him as he stood on his knees and slid his stiff dick into her steaming pussy. He loved the new shaved look she brought back from vacation. He felt like he married a porn star. This new-found passion and excitement also helped keep his mind off sucking Don's cock. The encounters with Don almost seemed like a bad dream after a month without it.

He thought how lucky he was Candy took such great care of herself and was this excited after 20 years of marriage. He remained half hard for the duration of the 35-minute flight. He gave a wink to the flight attendant on the way out.

He texted Candy he would be a bit late and that he had just arrived. Her response was curious.

Candy: Unacceptable.

It took forever to get out of airport parking and he arrived home about 8:35 after grabbing an airport sandwich on his way through.

He could hear soft music from the bedroom when he arrived home. The excitement level rose as he tossed his suit coat, kicked off his shoes, removed his tie and tossed it aside. He took the steps two at time and his heart raced as he opened the bedroom door.

Candy stood leaning slightly against the end of the bed, wearing thigh high black silk stockings with a black lacey garter belt and no panties! She had a black lace pushup bra and black silk gloves, holding a riding cop in her right hand gently whipping her left palm with it. Her right leg was out to the side extend straight and her left leg rhythmically bending at the knee forward and back in time with the riding crop.

"Holy shit, I did marry a porn star," he thought to himself, grinning.

"You're late Andy," she said sternly, slapping the riding crop into her palm. I told you I need attention and to be on time. I'm going to have to punish you," she said cracking the crop in her palm.

"Please!" He replied smiling and stepping forward.

"Strip!" She Commanded.

Andy removed the rest of his clothes while he ogled his wife's tight body. Between the gym and soccer with her friend Tina, they both stayed in excellent shape. Her tan still lingered giving her a light golden-brown hue and white bikini lines. He could see her pussy lips glistening with wetness as he removed his pants and underwear. He tossed them and hastily removed his socks, almost forgetting his shirt.

He noted the subtle curve of her toned belly and thought how much he wanted to run his tongue over her soft silky stomach before diving in to her glistening pussy. He stepped up to her, totally naked with his 6" boner pointing straight ahead.

She lowered the riding crop and gripped his right hand with her left satin gloved hand. She leaned in and kissed him slowly pressing her tongue deep into his mouth. He did the same swirling their tongues. She led his hand to her hot wet pussy, ran it slowly up her slit and then tossed his hand back to his side.

"You see how you've left me... Wet and hot and ready... Now you show up late! This is unacceptable!"

She gripped his boner with the silk gloved hand, sending an electrified sensation through his stiff dick. She pulled him forward and side stepped as she maneuvered him into place with his knees touching the end of the bed. She stood at his side facing him and caressing his ass with her left gloved hand. Then she slid the silk between his ass cheeks and down between his legs to caress his balls. She slowly stepped behind him while pushing the riding crop between his thighs tapping it from side to side signaling to spread his legs.

"Lean forward," she said still caressing his sack with the silky gloves.

He did, placing his outstretched hands to prop himself up on the bed, gently moaning at the feel of silk heaven on his nuts. She removed her hand and stepped back bringing the crop across his ass with a slap.

There was a sudden shot of pain as the crop slapped his right cheek. It was just intense enough to get his attention and add a hint of pleasure with the sting. He moaned and smiled...

"I expect you to be on time and keep your promises Andy!" she said angrily.

He thought she was playing this up well...

"I don't think you're taking this seriously!" She yelled

Whack! The crop stung both cheeks with a bolt of pain.

"Ouch shit!" he yelled, dick softening.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Fuck Candy!" He yelled spinning. Whack!

That hit caught his thigh, "What the fuck! Easy..."

She dropped the riding crop and pushed him back around into the position. "Did I say you could move?" she asked sliding the silky glove of her right hand back onto his balls and caressing his flaming ass cheeks with the left.

He was confused and strangely turned on as the silky pleasure began to suppress the sting. His eyes watered, and cock stirred at her caress. She reached in and began to stroke his shaft, the elbow high gloves still caressing his balls, the other hand continued to stroke his ass and her finger traced his ass crack tickling his asshole.

She gently squeezed his boner, " Are you ready to service me now sir?"

"Yes ma'am," he replied like a private to a sergeant.

"Good! Stand up turn around and drop to your knees!" She commanded clapping her hands twice.

He complied, and she stepped forward presenting her glistening pussy for oral servicing. Her legs were straight and wide, leaving a slight gap between her labia, begging for his tongue. He had to set back on his heels and wiggle his knees between her legs to get low enough.

She felt his warm breathe as he leaned in and she sighed her approval as his tongue gently pressed its way in. She placed a hand on the back of his head and picked up the riding crop. She rubbed it teasingly on his back.

"Oh, yes, good boy, that's what I've been waiting for," she said smiling down at him.

He loved the taste of her pussy, a little bitter, and a little sweet all in one. His boner waved between his legs as he worked his tongue up and down and in and out, spreading her warm juices on his lips and cheeks. He liked the new dominatrix roll she was playing. His cock stiffened as she looked down at him with his face buried in her hot pussy. She had a devious smirk on her face.

As his tongue hit the sweet spot he saw her eyes close and lips pucker. She gasped and moaned rolling her head, pressing his face in harder.

She pressed the crop against his left temple looking at him, panting," You like to eating that pussy, don't you?"

He moaned and nodded feeling the juices flowing from her hot cunt.

"You want my cum in your mouth?" She asked grunting and gyrating.

He nodded, tongue fucking her while gripping the back of her thighs. He liked the feel of her silk stockings as his hands slid up to grip her ass. Her breathing was deeper, and her moans became louder with each thrust of his tongue.

"Oh yes, lick my pussy like you mean it baby," she said gripping his hair and forcing his head up and down her slit. "Make me cum and momma's got a surprise for you... Oh God that's good..." she panted tilting her head back.

She pulled his head up bringing his lips in contact with her clit, and he sucked her stiff little button into his lips tickling it with his tongue. As he sucked and wiggled her moans increased and her lower body shook.

"Oh Baby, suck my clit! Aaaahhhh yyyeeesss sweetie, that's the spot! Aaaahhh! yyyeeesss! Ohhhhhh shit, I'm cumming."

He moaned his approval as his cock was at full attention. Her cum was covering his chin as he continued to work her clit with his lips and tongue. He wanted to lap it all up but did not want to break contact with her clit and risk her wrath with the riding crop.

She began to yell at full volume in a high-pitched howl, "Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! Aaaahhh! Suck it Baby! Oooohhhhh Fuuuuccckkk! Yeeeessss! " she screeched arms, legs and hips shaking as her orgasm peaked.

He could feel her cum flooding his cheeks and chin, as her orgasm passed, and her body relaxed a little. He took a big lick with his flattened tongue up her crack lapping up her warm creamy cum and pressing his tongue tip between he silky soft labia. She petted his hair as he licked her clean.

"That's good sweetie lick me clean till I tell you to stop," she said smirking down at him again and rubbing the riding crop on his head.

He continued the deliberate licking until the sweetness of her cum was fading. She gently gripped his hair and pulled him slowly off. "Now that's what I'm talking about," she sighed, smiling down at him. "Assume the position again Andy," she said pulling him to a standing position.

Once he was standing she stepped aside and pushed the back of his head forward, until he again leaned on his outstretched arms. Her left hand caressed his ass with her silk gloved hand. The tickle of the silk was amazing he thought as the glove moved down his ass crack and cupped his balls.

"Mmmmm," he sighed.

"You like that Andy?"

"Yes!" he said pressing his balls against the heavenly silk.

She ran her fingers, up his ass crack, stopping at his tight sphincter. She pressed her middle finger forward into his asshole. "You like my fingers in your ass?" she said holding it still.

"Yeeesss," he said pushing himself against her, until her finger was half way in. He pulled back out to the tip and pushed himself further onto her finger.

"Are you fucking my finger you little slut?" she chuckled, continuing to hold it still. "Look at you go..."

She let him rock back and forth, fucking her silk covered finger and after a minute pressed a second finger slowly in. He moaned his approval again and slowly pushed himself against her.

"You like two fingers, in your ass Andy?" she asked giving a love tap of the riding crop on his ass cheek.

"Yeeesss!" he replied with enthusiasm.

"Then you're gonna love this!" She said pulling out and going to her night stand.

She pulled out the silver bullet strap on Tina introduced her to. She shoved it in his face with her left hand. "Lube me up baby!" she commanded, shoving it in his mouth.

He could not believe what was happening but followed orders, his boner stiffening with every move she made. He sucked the silver plastic dildo as she fucked his mouth with it. Then she removed it and strapped on the harness, wiggling the plastic tickler against her clit for her own stimulation.

The silver bullet pointed straight forward. As she lined up behind Andy, his ass was too high in the air for her too reach comfortably. She wacked him with the riding crop lightly. "Lay flat on the bed slut I'm gonna to fuck that virgin ass Andy," she said with authority.

He felt a pang of guilt at those words but followed orders and pressed his hands forward lowering his body down to the bed with his feet straight out behind him and his legs angling to the floor spread about two and a half feet apart.

As his boner pressed into the soft comforter, she released a harder whack of the riding crop. "Spread your legs butt slut!" she ordered.

He spread them wide, and she leaned over him pressing the tip of the one-inch diameter silver bullet against his dark pink asshole. "Are you ready to be fucked butt slut?" She barked.

His dick was throbbing with excitement. 20 years of marriage and suddenly she's a dominatix! He was cautiously excited. "Yeeesss," he groaned timidly.

Whack! "Are you ready for it, I asked?" she yelled.

"Yes!" he replied

Whack! "Tell my what you want butt slut!"

"I want you to fuck my ass Candy!" he grunted half in pain and half wanting to shoot his load.

She flipped on the vibrator causing her to gasp as the vibration lit up her clit. "Holy fuck Tina," she whispered understanding why Tina was so excited using the strap-on with her. She hoped Andy did not hear that.

She did hear his moan of pleasure as the vibrator sent a tingle from his asshole to his balls. "You're getting turned on aren't you Butt Slut?" She asked teasing him with the dildo tip, her voice cracking from the pleasure.

"Yeeeeessssss!" he said exhaling erotically. "Damn Honey..."

"You want me to pop your ass cherry," she taunted, wondering if he might cum clean with her.

He hesitated, wondering if she knew something. "Yes, please pop it for me Candy," he replied.

The deception angered her as she shoved the Dildo in with one quick thrust, shooting vibrating pain through his cinched sphincter.

"Fuck!" he yelled as she immediately began rapid fire fucking his ass.

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