tagInterracial LoveStrawberry - A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 04

Strawberry - A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 04


Strawberry – A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 04

Strawberry Under the Mistletoe – Part I – I'll Keep You Warm

by Chloe Tzang

© 2016 Chloe Tzang. All rights so reserved. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the so express written permission of the author except for the use of so brief quotations in so glowing and complimentary a review.

So good news, dear reader! Fourth Strawberry story now here for those who waiting so patient while so ongoing expressing desire to self for more Strawberry. So sorry story taking so long to arrive, but yes, Strawberry so continuing. I so have whole list of Strawberry stories I so wanting to write. So maybe you waiting a while, but in future will so be many more. If you so bad want them faster, reader so to comment and say so – I so reprioritizing based on demand expressed by reader along with own inclinations. Unless I so getting a total mental block or I so hung up on other more exciting story of course. So you can thank Joeytheroo for this story coz his comment so kick-started me on story I so meaning to get round to starting on for so long time now.

For so new readers, so good idea to read Strawberry Chapters 1,2 and 3 first (even though so not being essential to enjoyment and not so emphasizing use of "so" before Chapter 3). Overall story so making more sense if so doing. But if not so inclined, so not to be worrying. So to be reading and enjoying. Also stating now that currently viewed Strawberry Story also has so long lead in. Sex so largely in last half of story (so sorry, not being a short stroke story. So not wanting to lead you so far astray before you starting to read). So saying this, author has so lot of fun writing lead-in. Author so hoping reader find lead-in so entertaining as preliminary to so very hot steaming sex (author so knowing that why we all here – author so disregarding and downplaying literary aspirations of so esteemed and charming self).

For readers with so blinding PC blinkers on who might be so offended by some of Strawberry's views, so sorry, story so fiction. Strawberry so fictional character. Strawberry's opinions and views on life, American politics, Chinese politics, guns, crime, capital punishment, insider trading, blackmail and both Chinese and Americans of various persuasions are stated for so purely fictional purposes. So intending laughter as result. So not tolerating so very stupid PC comments in Comments section. So stating if no sense of humor or if taking offense so easily, so please to be plucking eyeballs out and not reading so funny entertaining and so sexy steaming hot story any further. Author emphasizing this so very strongly.

As always, author so thanking you all (except for so unattractive PC persons and so scary Trolls naturally) so much for reading so charming well written little story and enjoying (author so hoping you to be enjoying). So hard work writing, so good to know you so enjoying happy little stories and so wanting more. Author so writing and posting for free, only reward writer getting on so esteemed and authoritative Literotica website is knowing you readers so liking story. Author so happy getting those comments and ratings – even those so anonymous comments from so scary trolls ... author so shivering with fear in anticipation of so scary feedback from so nasty scary American trolls (Chinese trolls of course so nice and friendly to so esteemed and so charming and so beautiful author who writing so well expressed stories about so charming and beautiful Shanghai girl).

Author also so raising eyebrow of derision in anticipation of so un-sensible feedback from PC persons so lacking in humor (so unfunny PC comments of course to be deleted so immediate by self). But really, in state of actuality, author so knowing and understanding that so nasty troll feedback so useful in letting author know all right buttons so being impacted. PC feedback of course so useless and so unwanted. PC persons so requested to so not to be wasting time of so esteemed author, who has so many better ways to spend time. Like so ongoing writing of so very sexy hot stories with so steamy endings, all to be worthy of five star ratings by so esteemed readers (author so of course not hinting).

Oh! And author also hoping so esteemed and valued readers so continuing to so enjoy so frequent use of "So." So requesting your comments on this approach to so mutilating of English language into so funny Chinglish so as to know whether to continue or not. Esteemed author so enjoying use of so. So much fun. So many giggles. So hoping readers so sharing author's sense of what so funny. So wondering if so overdoing it. So wanting your comments on this. Now stopping so yap yap yappy introduction. Author now so eager you go ahead and read so excellent story.

So LOL ... your so charming author, Chloe-berry

Strawberry Under the Mistletoe – Part I – I'll Keep You Warm

You've got cold feet and fingers
And you're thinking of home
If I put my arms around you
Take you in from the storm
From your autumn through winter
Darling I'll keep you warm

Winter Song, Chris Rea

"Would you like some pizza, Strawberry? There's enough here for you if you want some." Ramona look up as I dash in the front door after my one and only morning class. My last class before so joyfully anticipated Christmas break.

"So sorry, Ramona, have to finish packing. Alan picking me up in half hour." I smiling so happily. Ramona so nice to be offering but I so not interested in food. I so wanting to finish packing. Alan coming for me soon. Such an honor to be invited to stay with Alan's family for Christmas and New Year. So nice to have somewhere to go for Christmas.

All my housemates going home for Christmas. So sad for me if I the only girl left in our house. So thoughtful of Alan to invite me to his parents home. So telling me he love me. He mentioning so wanting to take me home to meet parents. I so nervous of escalation in relationship. So explaining seriousness of visit to parents in Chinese culture to Alan. Alan so understanding. Alan so explaining seriousness of intentions to me.

So heart-stopping rapture to know Alan love me so very much. So wonderful to know Alan so dedicated to continued blossoming of so loving relationship. So nice of Alan's little sister Gwen to help persuade me to come visit family home for so extended stay. So worried about what Alan's parents will think of me. So wanting to make good impression. Alan so important to me. Alan so lovable. I so nervous about meeting Alan's family.

So dashing up the stairs to my bedroom. So busy finishing packing my suitcases. What to pack? Gwen told me they have big family dinners. Go out to parties. Visit friends. Go to restaurants in Duluth. Go to Church on Christmas Day. Wondering what Church is like? So exciting. I never go to a Church before. So mysterious place. Maybe like Bhuddist temple that Grandma take me too when I so young and impressionable? Mommy so scolding Grandma so lengthy for exposure of vulnerable and impressionable youth of so modern and progressive country to so superstitious practices. Mommy so emphasizing to Grandma such anti-social behavior never to be repeated.

But I so remembering beautiful and historic Jing'an Temple as place of so spiritual and tranquil experience. So remembering Buddha as big and fat and happy and so smiling always. Remembering expression on face of Jade Bhudda also so beautiful, so peaceful. So peaceful also the chanting of the monks. So lovely the smell of incense, so beautiful the sea of light from so many flickering candles. Now I so curious about Church. So thinking of going to Church. But now I also remembering from so limited knowledge that Church have man nailed up on cross on wall. I see photos. So horror. So not wanting to see dead man nailed to wall. Dead man nailed to wall so not creating atmosphere of spirituality and tranquility. Maybe not thinking of Church after all.

Gwen promise to take me skiing so to have fun in snow. That much more fun. Much happier thought. So important to look good for every occasion. One suitcase definitely not enough for nice clothes for every possibility. Also, I have to think about what to wear at night. So important to look good for Alan at night. Alan so naughty. Gwen tell me I to have the spare bedroom. Probably Alan so eager to see me he sure to visit me in spare bedroom every night. So nice a thought. Every night with Alan. So bliss. So many nights. So many cute and sexy bedtime items to wear for Alan to take off me. So big my happy smile as I pack so carefully.

Also winter clothes. So not forgetting packing of winter clothes. So not forgetting Alan's family lives up in north. So far north. Northern Minnesota. On Lake Superior. One of so enormous Great Lakes. Snow and ice. Blizzards. Probably glaciers and icebergs. Wild animals. Bears. Maybe Grizzly Bears. Thinking perhaps Polar Bears? Oh no! So shivering. Bears so dangerous. Bears eat people. Thinking perhaps need so exists for gun for self-defense against so dangerous man-eating bears. Not enough time to buy gun. I knowing how to shoot 95 Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng* so well from volunteer service in People's Liberation Army Militia while at High School. Not knowing if so excellent rifle available for sale in America*.

So regretting not expressing concern for defense against bears to Alan earlier. Too late now. So staying close to Alan. So trusting he protect me. Alan so big and strong. So confident Alan know what to do about bears. So thinking maybe I should get some bear spray if possible. Cathy goes hiking with her boyfriend. She knows about bears. I dash down the hallway to ask her. Knock on door. No answer. Open door. No Cathy.

"She's already left, Strawberry." Linda's voice.

"Oh." So worried now. So needing bear spray. America so dangerous. So much wildlife. Those cute little deer, like Bambi, so cute and so safe. Thinking perhaps so tasty too. But also Bears. Wolves. Mountain Lions. In far north, those big scary animals with those huge spiky things on their heads. Not to mention Minneapolis so near to where family of Alan live. Reading about Minneapolis in news. And Chicago. And Detroit. And Birmingham. And New Orleans. Los Angeles. Miami. Atlanta. Philadelphia. Pittsburg. Boston. Cincinnati.

So many other American cities. So big list. So much danger. So many bad people in American cities. Reading American news so scary. So many bad people with knives and guns and explosive devices and mental health problems running around screaming so bad expressions of violent religiosity, so similar to so uncivilized natives of remote Xinjiang who dealt with so kind and firm by so benevolent and wise Chinese Police. So thinking benevolence and firmness of Chinese Police so admirable.

Also thinking so interesting freedom of access to guns in America also so admirable. I so thinking personal 95 Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng so useful acquisition if available. So excellent firepower when dealing with such bad people. So excellent in repelling attacks of savage man-eating bears also. If not being available, I understanding in America so many alternatives existing. But despite so tough militia training at High School* I so not sure of appropriateness of carrying big gun. So unfashionable accessory, although Beijing Women's Militia Clang Rose unit* making look so good.

I so wanting to join Clang Rose Militia unit when I in High School. Clang Rose unit so fashionable in Beijing, so many girls like me joining. Looking so good whilst displaying necessary appropriate level of support by persons in public eye for so very knowledgeable and caring Government of Peoples Republic. I not in Beijing now though. I in America. I enquiring so immediate on arrival, so surprised to be finding Militia so not fashionable here. So thinking should have thought of personal safety earlier. So not a concern in Shanghai. I always so safe in Shanghai.

So worried now about personal safety on long journey. I so wishing Americans wise enough to ask for advice from so nice friendly helpful Chinese police. Chinese police so knowing how to deal so effectively with bad people. Chinese re-education system for bad people so effective. Almost no-one in China so silly enough to re-offend. If they prove so stupid as to re-offend, so helpful Chinese police take far away to Xinjiang, never to return. Really bad people, well, Chinese Police shoot so immediate. So simple fast effective punishment. Bad people so not repeating crime after execution.

Chinese Police charge family for bullet. Bad people so obviously fault of parents. Only fair that bad parent's pay. In China, bad parents so feeling shame. In China, bad parents not rioting in streets and burning down buildings. If burning down buildings in China, bad parents also sent for so necessary educational experience in Xinjiang or if so irredeemable crimes against the people committed, so also shot.* People's Government so wise in ways of maintaining order and respect for law.

Chinese peoples government so sensible. Chinese police so capable. Chinese judges and lawyers so knowing their role in legal system and following so knowledgeable guidance of so respected people's government. So not wasting everyone's time defending indefensible and making so annoying and time-wasting appeals. In China sentences implemented so fast and in so wise manner. China so safe, proving wise policies of Peoples Government so correct. Chinese police solve America crime problem so fast if wise advice only followed.

Ramona and Cathy and Linda all so horrified when I say that. So scolding me. I so not understanding why they liking bad people so much. So puzzled. Surely better to send bad people far away from so civilized people or if bad people so very bad, removing from society on permanent basis? So not comprehending reasons for rejection. So not mentioning again.

Cathy's hiking equipment all piled up in corner of room. Cathy so messy. I step into room, look at pile of hiking equipment. Cans? I look closer. Bear Spray! Yes! So saved. Cathy not minding if I borrow. Paper? Pen. Yes. So fast to write a note, tell Cathy I borrow her bear spray, I buy her new can if I use it. Otherwise bring it back. So relieved when I add that bear spray to my luggage. Feeling so much safer now.

So concerned to see my three little suitcases all so full. So worried that Alan's car might not have room. Only two door Dodge Challenger. So big engine, so small space for luggage. I so wondering if anything missed? Gasp! I remembering I so forgetting to pack my bathroom bag. Hurry into bathroom, pack everything that might be necessary. So surprised at how many essentials a girl who wears almost no makeup has. Filling my overnight bag. Overnight for makeup, maybe.

"Strawberry, Alan's here." Ramona call out from downstairs.

"I coming ... I coming." I pick up my little overnight bag, struggle to carry downstairs. Needing both hands. Makeup so heavy! Drop bag, let crash to floor, give Alan big hug. My Alan so handsome, so wonderful. So on time. And miracle! I ready on time too! So very amazing occurrence!

"Wow, everything packed already, Strawberry? Travelling light?" Alan picks up my little overnight bag. Looks so surprised.

"That my makeup." I so smiling. Alan so funny. "My suitcases upstairs." I make so big eyes at him. "So heavy for me, Alan, can you help me bring them down?"

"Sure, let's get your suitcase." So happy when Alan smile at me so lovingly, follow me upstairs. So surprised when he looks at my three little suitcases and say "Holy Shit, Strawberry! Did you pack the kitchen sink?"

"No." I say, so concerned. His parents not have sink? Do they wash everything in buckets maybe, like poor peasants back in China? So heart pounding. So anxious. So stress. "Uh, Alan, if we need sink, we could stop at Home Depot?" Now I sweating. How to fit kitchen sink in car? Can we buy in time? I so worried. I buy Christmas presents for everyone, maybe I should have bought kitchen sink for parents earlier?

Why Alan not telling me before? Why only now, at last moment? What else do Alan's parents need? Does Alan expect me to buy everything for kitchen for parents? I so not knowing American customs. My allowance from Daddy so big, so not a problem if this customary practice, maybe like Indian dowry system I reading about, but so wishing Alan tell me earlier. Could have bought and sent by FedEx. Now is too late. Even so efficient FedEx not that fast. So heart sinking. So failing to be good potential daughter-in-law and not even close to meeting potential-parents-in-law-to-be yet. So crestfallen my expression.

So wondering why Alan looking at me and laughing.

"No, no, no, Strawberry, it's just an expression for packing so much luggage."

Ohhhh, anxiety so abated. English so strange language. Say one thing, mean another. So shaking my head. So relieved that Alan only joking. So wondering if they really do have kitchen sink? So hoping they have dishwasher in addition to sink. Surely they not expecting me to wash dishes. I not girl from farm. Washing dishes so ruin my nails. So bad for skin. Wondering if they have maid? Hoping so. If not, I hire one for stay. Must be maids available, cannot be so uncivilized place as to be lacking Filipinas or Mexicans for necessary cleaning work, even if in far north.

"I not pack very much, just essentials." So wondering why Alan say I have so much luggage. I look so puzzled at my three little suitcases. Bare essentials only. When I fly here from Shanghai to start College, I have twelve suitcases. Big suitcases, not so small ones like these. Airline make so much fuss. Airline want so huge excess baggage payment. So big argument. I so losing temper with intransigence of check-in clerk. I flying First Class. Surely no problem. Longwei paying so much for ticket for me. So big argument. Finally resorting to mentioning my boyfriend Longwei Wang, son of banking tycoon Chaoxiang Wang, so major shareholder in airline, standing over there looking so bored while waiting with Shanghai paparazzi to say bittersweet goodbyes to beloved girlfriend.

So expressing acuteness of annoyance. Asking First Class check-in clerk if needing to talk to Longwei to clarify situation. Airline clerk looking at Longwei and so changing mind instantly. Fortunately check-in clerk not smart enough to be asking why I not flying to America on private jet of Chaoxiang Wang. So humiliating to tell truth, that Longwei only here with me for last blowjob earlier in morning in hotel room and now being polite for reasons of newspaper publicity in gossip columns. As soon as I say I going to America, Longwei so no longer interested in me. I so knowing Longwei only here for sad and tragic goodbye photos.

Knowing successor no doubt already lined up, I so taking humiliation and bad temper out on check-in clerk. Longwei so unconcerned but check-in clerk not knowing that. Check-in clerk seeing Longwei, suddenly so obsequious and helpful. Obviously my baggage not excess, so obviously all essential items only. Check-in clerk so apologizing for mistake. All so clear now. Airline initially so not understanding that a girl has to travel with her so essential clothes. And her shoes.

Gasp! Eyes widen. Aiiiyaaahhhh! So forgot to pack shoes.

"What are you doing, Strawberry?" Alan watch me, sound so puzzled.

I look back over shoulder, pulling out shoes and boots from racks along bedroom wall. "I forget to pack shoes, Alan. Pass me empty bag from over there, please. No, the biggest one." Okay, just the essentials Strawberry. Only the absolute essentials. Travelling so light. Little black heels for restaurant. Only taking two pairs. So embarrassing to wear same shoes out more than once but I have to bite bullet. Winter boots, five pairs that I buy last week to cope with possible variations in conditions of weather in far north.

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