Strip Poker: Five Girls, One Guy Ch. 02


"Get off my boyfriend, you little slut," Lauren said with a laugh, and Mia's face turned red as she got up, and we both went back to our spots.

"My turn," Danni said, standing up. "OK, before I go, let's look around. Mia and Ryan basically just had sex" - Mia started to protest but then just looked down as Danni cut her off - "Lauren is standing because her asscheeks are so sore. Kelly has those things on her nipples, and Liz has a cork up her butt. It's time to step things up. I don't care who this bottle lands on, someone is going to come on this turn."

We all smiled and nodded. No complaints there.

Danni spun, and it landed on me. I was pretty sure this would be good.

But Danni had other ideas. "That someone is me!" she said, satisfied that she had tricked us all. "Get over here and get to work!"

Obediently, I moved over to the couch, and Danni spread her legs. I dove in right away.

I started by licking up and down her lips for a few minutes. Then I kissed the insides of her thighs. Then I went back to her lips, shoving my tongue inside of her.

Finally, I moved up to her clit. First I just breathed on it, making her wait. Her legs squeezed my shoulders as she tried to resist begging for it. I stuck my tongue out and flicked her swollen bud. Danni moaned loudly. I gave it another lick, longer this time, and again she moaned.

Then I pulled back, determined to tease some more, but Danni had other ideas. She grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled me back in. Oh well, I thought, might as well go for it. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked, all the while flicking with my tongue.

As Danni moaned and yelled, "Fuck," over and over, she bucked against my head.

She was almost there, and I had one more trick up my sleeve. I shoved my hand underneath her butt cheek and found her anus, sticking a finger in. Danni was screaming now. As I fingered her butthole, she started shaking and came hard, holding my head against her pussy so I could barely breathe.

Finally, she came down, and I was able to pull back, my face covered in her juices. Danni leaned forward and gave me a sloppy French kiss.

"Damn, I taste good!" she said, making everyone laugh.

I went back to my spot, smiling, and said, "OK, Mia, your turn."

Mia spun and it landed on Kelly.

Mia smiled. "Kelly, you remember how last time you made me try tasting his cum for the first time?"

"Yeah," Kelly said, not knowing where Mia was going, but not especially afraid despite Mia's brazen actions tonight.

"Remember how I ended up liking it and eating a bunch of loads that night?" Mia went on.

"Yeah," Kelly said, still confused.

"Well, maybe you'll like it, too," Mia said with an evil grin.

"Uh, Mia, I've swallowed plenty of cum before," Kelly said before catching herself. "I mean, not that much, I'm not a total slut, but ... whatever, you're telling me to blow Ryan?"

I could deal with that. Unfortunately, though, that wasn't Mia's plan.

"Not cum," Mia said. "You're going to use your mouth to clean off Ryan's finger."

Kelly looked confused for a second, but then she realized what Mia meant. The skinny girl was going to get her first taste of Danni's asshole from my right middle finger.

"Whatever," she said, moving toward me. She was trying to act like it didn't faze her, but I could tell she was reluctant as I held my finger out.

Kelly stuck out her tongue and took a reluctant lick. She closed her mouth and savored the taste. Then she shrugged and said, "Not great, but not terrible."

"Thanks for the compliment," Danni said sarcastically.

Kelly then took my whole finger in her mouth and sucked - hard. Finally, content that she had performed her dare to its full extent, she went back to her spot.

"So, how was it?" Mia said, grinning.

"You just better hope I don't get to give you a dare, because you might end up finding out, but not just from a finger - directly from the source," Kelly said with an evil smile.

"OK, it's my turn," I said. I spun, and the bottle landed on Danni.

"Well, we all know what the obvious thing here would be," I said. "But obvious is boring. I'm sure you ladies can find more creative uses for my dick than just me daring Danni to blow me."

I would have plenty of chances to fuck these girls' faces tonight. First I wanted to see them do some more with each other.

"One thing we didn't have last time was a good, old-fashioned 69," I said. "So, Danni, spin the bottle and 69 with whomever it lands on."

She spun, and it landed on Mia. This was going to be good.

"Top or bottom, Mi?" Danni said.

"I don't know," Mia said, embarrassed.

"OK, you get on the bottom. Lay on your back," Danni said, taking control.

Mia obeyed, and Danni got on top of her, lowering her pussy to Mia's face. Mia didn't move until Danni lowered her own face. I couldn't see through Danni's wavy brown locks, but from Mia's reaction - moaning and wriggling her legs - I could tell Danni was eating her out. I reached out to move Danni's hair, and confirmed it. Danni was going to town.

Meanwhile, Mia was slowly, cautiously licking at Danni's pussy. The poor, innocent girl was face-to-face with Danni's asshole in this position.

Eventually they both got pretty into it, lapping away, and I had a front-row seat. Lauren, who had finally sat back down, reached out and stroked my dick slowly for a little bit.

Mia was the first to cum, and she clamped her legs around Danni's head, almost looking like she was having a seizure. She took her mouth away from Danni's pussy for a few moments while her orgasm overtook her.

As Mia's orgasm came down, Danni rubbed her pussy back on Mia's face.

"You're not done," Danni said.

Mia opened her eyes again and reluctantly went back to work.

Luckily for her, Danni was close, and when Mia surprised her by sticking a finger in her butthole, Danni came violently for the second time tonight. Mia kept licking and fingering until Danni was done, and Danni finally stood up.

"Hey, Kelly, you want to lick it off?" Mia said, making everyone laugh.

"Fuck off," Kelly said. She was smiling, but she opted not to taste Danni's asshole for a second time. Mia left the room to wash her hands.

As we waited for Mia, the sexual tension was almost unbearable. We all wondered who would be the next to cum.

When Mia came back, Lauren spun the bottle. Surprise, surprise - it landed on Kelly.

"You've got to be kidding me," she said. "I've gone, like, as much as the rest of you combined. Did you rig it or something?"

The skinny girl just couldn't catch a break tonight. Lauren was ecstatic.

"You three, off the couch," Lauren said. "Kelly, go get on your hands and knees on the couch, with your head wresting on the end."

Everyone obeyed. Kelly was careful getting into position, not wanting to get the clothespins caught on anything.

"Ryan, get up and walk over there," Lauren said.

I had some idea of where this was going.

"You're going to fuck her face," Lauren said. "But wait, that's not it. Everyone gets to do whatever they want to Kelly - spank her, play with the clothespins, whatever - until Ryan cums."

Kelly just dropped her head. There was nothing she could do. She had started a war with Lauren with her last dare, and now Lauren wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to get her back.

"OK, let's do it," Kelly said dejectedly. She looked up at me and opened her mouth.

I started to put my dick in, but as I saw Lauren line up to smack Kelly's butt, I pulled back.

"You can't bite my dick, Kelly. I'm serious," I said.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be careful," she said.

"Kelly, if you bite him, the clothespins are going on your pussy next, and we won't be gentle," Lauren said.

"Don't tempt me," Kelly said, starting to have fun with the situation.

Satisfied that she would be careful, I grabbed her head and shoved my dick in her mouth. I went slowly, but I kept going until she gagged, and I kept pushing. Finally, I got it to the back of her throat and held it there.

It was then that Lauren smacked her ass as hard as she could. Kelly's eyes bulged, and she gagged again on my dick, but I held it in place.

As I slowly started moving my dick in and out of her mouth, holding both sides of her head while I did it, everyone crowded around Kelly.

Liz was the first to reach underneath Kelly. She grabbed the clothespin on Kelly's right tit and slowly twisted it.

"OW!" Kelly said, pulling her face back off my dick and out of the grasp of my hands.

"Bad girl!" Danni said, and gave Kelly four hard smacks on the ass.

"I hate you guys so much," Kelly said, her eyes squeezed shut as Liz gave the other clothespin a flick with her finger.

"Less talking," I said, smacking her in the cheek with my dick. "Spit on it and get back to work."

Kelly worked up some saliva and spit on the top of my dick. There was a string of saliva going from the tip of my dick to her mouth, and my shaft was glistening wet.

Instead of grabbing her head this time, I let Kelly take her time. She took my mushroom tip slowly into her mouth and made love to it.

The rest of the girls watched intently as Kelly put on a show with her sensual blowjob. Then Mia stepped forward, wordlessly, and reached out for Kelly's butt. But she didn't spank it. Instead, she spit on her own finger and stuck it up Kelly's butthole.

Kelly held still for a moment, eyes wide open, my cockhead still in her mouth, as Mia started to finger her asshole.

Then Liz grabbed both clothespins and yanked, just hard enough to stretch Kelly's nipples without pulling the clothespins off.

"How many times are we going to have to tell you to get to work and stop taking breaks?!" Liz said with a laugh as Kelly shut her eyes again and moaned around my dick in a combination of pleasure and pain.

As Liz let go of Kelly's nipples, Kelly got back to sucking my dick, slowly and sensually.

Mia removed her finger from Kelly's asshole and got up. As Lauren and Danni took turns spanking Kelly - the poor skinny girl's butt cheeks were bright red by now - Mia came over toward me and motioned for me to take my dick out of Kelly's mouth.

I did, and Mia promptly stuck her finger in Kelly's mouth. Kelly made a disgusted face, but Mia kept her finger in there.

"Remember when you threatened to make me taste a butt from the source?" Mia said with a laugh. "Clean my finger. You have to; it's part of your dare to obey all of us until he comes."

Resigned, Kelly sucked all she could off Mia's finger.

"How does your own butt taste?" Mia said with a laugh as she took her finger away.

Kelly ignored her and took my dick back into her mouth, and Mia briefly left the room.

When Mia came back, she looked proud of herself. In her hand, she had another wine cork.

I looked down, and Kelly's eyes were closed as she worked on my dick. This would be good.

Danni and Lauren saw what Mia had, and they stopped spanking her for a second. Danni spread Kelly's tiny little butt cheeks, and my girlfriend leaned in toward her best friend's puckered anus and spit on it.

Mia then took the cork and slowly inserted it into Kelly's butthole.

To her credit, Kelly didn't even pause or open her eyes this time, though a slight moan escaped her mouth.

Mia used her index finger to shove the last bit of the cork through Kelly's sphincter, and then she pulled her hand back with a satisfied smile and admired Kelly's now-closed starfish, knowing she had a cork in there.

Danni then reached between Kelly's legs and inserted a finger in her vagina, eliciting another moan. When Danni took her finger out, she held it up for everyone to see. It was practically dripping with Kelly's juices.

"Damn, Kelly, you're enjoying this so much I think I could've fit my whole fist up there," Danni said. "Don't worry, though, I won't do that - right now, at least."

Kelly tried to say something, but with my dick still in her mouth it was tough to understand. Something like, "I hate you guys."

Kelly then started to go deeper and sped up on my cock. She made loud slurping noises. This bitch was determined to make me cum, and it was working.

I started meeting her with a thrust every time she went down, and she made gagging sounds every time my dick hit the back of her throat. My balls slapped loudly against her chin.

I started to feel the telltale signs that I wasn't going to last much longer, and I announced it to the group: "I'm only going to last about a minute longer, so everyone get in what you want to do."

The girls sprung into action. Mia and Liz switched places, and Mia started rapid-fire hitting the clothespins on Kelly's nipples, also hitting Kelly's boobs themselves a few times.

The other three girls spanked Kelly's ass mercilessly, not even taking turns anymore - just getting swats in wherever they could.

Finally, I felt the cum starting to rise in my balls as Kelly, oblivious to the humiliating torture being performed on her by her four friends, feverishly worked my dick with her lips, tongue and throat. There was no denying this girl was talented, as she swirled her tongue around the underside of my cock while deepthroating me.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed Kelly's head, held it in place and shoved my dick all the way in her mouth, the head going down her throat.

I released a torrent of cum down her throat. I wouldn't get to see it, but that was OK - the feeling of having my whole cock engulfed by her mouth while I shot my seed deep down her throat was amazing. I came and came for what seemed like a full minute.

To her credit, Kelly took it like a champ. She didn't try to pull off. When I was finally done, she sucked hard as I removed my dick from her mouth, making sure she got every last drop. She then opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out, showing that she had swallowed every drop.

"Good?" she said, looking at Lauren, who had given her the dare in the first place.

"Yeah, I guess so," Lauren said with a laugh.

Kelly sprung up from the couch then.

"Good, because now it's my turn," she said. "And someone is going to get fucked - in more ways than one."

To be continued...

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