tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrip Tease Ch. 02

Strip Tease Ch. 02


Tom was dozing off in a chair when I got in, watching something on telly. He looked up and smiled. "You had a good night?" he asked.

"It's not been bad at all. The kids were very good," I lied. I could still feel Grant's juices in my pussy seeping out and making my panties damp. The £250 cheque was burning a hole in my purse, and I was at some stage going to have to tell him how I had come by it.

I made an excuse to go up to bed early, and I was happy to be undressed and make the shower before Tom came up.

I lay in bed watching him undress, and then slip into bed beside me. I gripped his hand "No luck with any jobs today?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, nothing. I just don't know what we are going to do."

He was so worried I felt no matter what problem would be caused, I needed to tell him about tonight. Well, at least some of it. I guess at this stage I needed to leave the part out about Grant fucking me.

I took a deep breath. "I made some money tonight."

He looked at me. "Why, did Rachel pay you?"

"No, I won a competition."

"What competition was that and how much did you win?"

"£250, and I'm going through to the final and a chance to win £1,000."

"My God," he said, suddenly sitting up in bed. "What did you have to do for that?"

"I don't want you to get upset darling, but I knew things were getting bad."

"Please tell me—what did you do?" he pleaded.

"I went in for a strip tease competition."

He looked stunned for a moment. "You did what?"

"I won a strip tease competition at Cinderellas."

For a moment he didn't seem to know what to say. I didn't know if he were going to blow his top. He just looked down at me with a disbelieving expression on his face.

"Fuck me," he said. "I can't believe it. I didn't know you had it in you, and you actually won?"

I slipped out of bed and got the cheque from my bag. I passed it to him. He looked at it in disbelief still not really believing that I was not having him on.

"I hope you are not angry with me."

He looked at me. "Well, I know we said that something had to be done, but this...." He looked again at the check. "And you say you are in the final for £1,000?"

I nodded slowly. "What do you think?" I was a little surprised by his actions. I had expected him to be angry, but he seemed strangely unconcerned.

He lay back down in bed. "I think you need to tell me all about it."

I told him the whole story, but I did leave out the bit about Grant. I thought that might be going too far. He was a little surprised that Rachel and Ralph had been involved.

"How did you feel undressing in front of all those guys?" he asked.

I told him I had been a nervous wreck at first, but once I got out there and the crowd applauded and cheered me on, I had quite enjoyed the whole experience. Again, I didn't go into the details of the act, especially the rather lewd conclusion.

I was surprised when I suddenly felt his hand on my thigh. It was weeks since he had touched me.

I responded by moving my hand down across his stomach, and I was surprised to find he had a semi erection. I wrapped my hand around it and felt the excitement as it swelled in my hand. He turned on his side and began to massage my breasts. I was amazed by his reaction; even more so when he raised himself and lowered his body between my open legs. His cock, now rock hard, slipped easily into my pussy that had already been lubricated earlier by Grant, and for the first time in three months he fucked me, and he fucked me with an urgency that I had not known for a long while.

Afterwards, we lay in each other's arms and he wanted to know more about my experience. How did I feel appearing naked in front of so many people? Did it make me wet? We talked well into the night, and we even fucked again before finally we fell asleep.

I slept well that night. I was exhausted with the lack of sleep the night before and all the action I had been involved in. I was awakened around 10.30 by Tom bringing me a cup of tea. He had gotten up earlier leaving me to sleep and took the kids off to school. "I deposited that cheque into the bank while I was out," he said. "At least it will keep the building society off our backs for a while."

After breakfast in bed, I lay chatting with Tom who suddenly today seemed more cheerful. I got out of bed and went for a shower. When I came out, he was still there sitting on the edge of the bed. I saw him watching me as I dried myself.

"I see you removed your pussy hair," he commented.

I looked down at my shaven pussy and nodded. "I went to see the show the week before to see what it was all about, and I noticed than that most of the girls were shaven."

"I guess the guys there don't like anything to be hidden from them," he said with a slight smile.

I couldn't believe it when I saw that an erection was tenting his pants. This whole thing was really having an effect on him. I walked over and sat beside him. I reached across and ran my hand over his hardened tool. "Do you need me to do something about that, darling?" I asked, squeezing him gently. He nodded. Putting his arm around me, he pulled me towards him, kissing me tenderly.

I eased myself down onto the floor between his legs, unzipped his pants, and with a slight struggle, managed to extricate his cock. I ran my hand slowly up and down the length of it.

Then I leaned forward and placed my lips wetly around the head. He groaned and gripped my shoulders.

I let him slide deep into my throat before I started sucking and running my tongue along his length. I couldn't remember the last time we had done this. His hands reached down and cupped my breasts. He massaged them tenderly as my head bobbed to and fro. Suddenly he seemed to swell up, and with a gush, he came, flooding my throat with his cum. I almost gagged as I tried to quickly swallow as much as I could, but I could still feel it running down my chin and dripping onto my body. Damn! I thought to myself, I'm going to have to shower again.

I remembered afterwards that I had an appointment with Grant, and so we had a light lunch together. I said I needed to go do some shopping. He offered to come along with me, but I knew how he hated shopping, so it was not a problem to get him to stay home. Anyway, I might need someone to collect the kids from school as I didn't know how long I was going to be..

The club was closed up when I arrived. I tried the door; it was locked. I saw a small bell and rang it. A spotty youth in a white Cinderellas T shirt like the ones we had been given last night answered. I told him I was here to see Grant. He stood aside and let me in.

Grant smiled when I entered his office. He offered me a coffee and asked me to sit down. I looked at the desk where we had fucked last night. There still seemed to be a wet stain on the wood. I shivered slightly and felt a surge of warmth between my thighs.

"How did you like it last night?" he asked. Then he smiled. "The show I'm talking about, not what happened after."

I felt myself blushing slightly. "Actually, I quite enjoyed it, and that goes for both," I said with a slight grin.

"I see you are married. Does your husband know about you stripping?"

"He didn't before, but he does now. I told him when I got home."

"And how did he take it?"

"Surprisingly well." Then I went on to tell him some details of our financial problems. He listened intently and then he smiled.

"Well, I think what I have to tell you might make you both very happy." I looked at him, waiting. "I have spoken to a friend, Mike Reed, about you. I was really impressed with your performance last night. He runs a big club in Manchester, and he's always on the lookout for new, exciting talent."

I was quite surprised by this turn of events.

"He's coming over this afternoon and I want him to meet you."

I smiled. "That's great. I can't thank you enough."

Grant smiled. "I'm sure we can think of something you can do for me."

Again, I felt myself blushing slightly.

While we waited, he told me about Mike's club. Apparently it was very up market. And the earnings were high. "Depends on how far you are willing to go," he said with a smile. "After last night, I can't see you having any problems."

Mike arrived about forty minutes later. He was a tall, good looking guy with a deep tan and immaculately dressed in a dark pin striped suit.

He shook hands with Grant and smiled at me. "So this is the lady who has got you all heated up." He looked me up and down, then nodded. "Yes, I can see where you are coming from."

He sat in a chair and took the offered glass of Brandy. He asked me about my dance experience and was surprised when I told him that last night was the first time I had stripped in public.

He told me about his club in Manchester, a haven for tired businessmen and the more affluent people in the community. Restricted membership made it a safe place to work as everyone who came in through the door was known to them, or a personal friend of the accompanying member. What was on offer at the club was strip tease, pole dancing, and table dancing. If the girls wanted to take things further, and he assured me that it is up to the girl concerned, "We have rooms to rent to members on an hourly basis. Some members are just happy sitting drinking with an attractive lady," he said. "It's up to you what happens. There's no pressure put on you from me."

I asked him how often I would be expected to work.

"Two, three nights a week at the most. You could easily earn up to £300 per night."

I looked at him amazed. "£300?" I gasped,

"And it could be more. It's up to you; the more you are willing to give, the more you can earn."

We discussed other things, like getting there; it was over forty miles to Manchester. And then the hours I would be expected to work.

"We are open from 6pm until 3am. I would expect you to be there on selected nights at opening time, but you don't have to stay until closing."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing; it was like a present from the gods, the answer to our prayers: three days a week and earning nearly a grand a week. I could spend time with the children as I could give up my supermarket job. All I had to do was convince Tom.

Mike smiled at me. "Well, you have heard my terms. Now I think I need to see yours."

I looked at him a little puzzled; then I realised where he was coming from. "You want me to dance?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, Grant has convinced me of that and I trust his opinion. I'd just like to see what you have to offer my members."

I realised he wanted me to undress. I slowly got up from my seat. Grant smiled at me. I guess he was going to enjoy this as well. As I eased up my top, I was glad that I had put on some of my better undies. I had thought maybe I was in for another session with Grant so I had dressed accordingly.

I pulled the top over my head and shook my hair out, and then placed the top on my chair. I looked at Mike as I unclipped my skirt, pushing it down over my hips. I stepped out of it and laid it with my top. He nodded approvingly as I stood there in my brief undies and dark hold ups. He twirled his finger indicating that I should turn around. I did as requested.

He smiled "Very nice so far. Now let's see the important bits." I smiled as I unclasped my bra. It was strange; I did not feel any concern about undressing in front of Mike and Grant. In fact, I was feeling a little excited about it. I slipped off my bra and Mike let out a low whistle.

"It's a nice rack you have got there, Mandy."

I felt myself blushing slightly from his comment knowing that my nipples had risen to the occasion. With just one item left, I was now feeling really naughty, and wondered just what Tom would say if he could see me now preparing to remove my last item of clothing in front of two complete strangers. Well, Mike was a stranger; Grant was more of an intimate friend.

I eased the brief panties down and stepped out of them, and then I stood before them naked. I felt quite warm as Mike slowly surveyed my naked body from head to toes and back up again. He smiled. "Well, Mandy, I think you have got everything I'm looking for. The job is there for you if you want it."

I smiled. "Thank you, but I will have to clear things with Tom, my husband, first."

"You're married!" Mike said, somewhat surprised "What does your husband think about doing this?"

Grant turned and looked over at Mike. "She only told him last night after she had won the competition."

"Is that right?" Mike asked,

I nodded.

He smiled.

Grant leaned over and said something to Mike that I couldn't catch. He looked at me and nodded. Grant smiled. "I think you ought to come over here and thank Mike, don't you, Mandy?"

I caught the insinuation in his voice. Thank him, I thought? That could be interesting. I was already beginning to feel horny, standing there naked with the two of them looking at me. I walked over to where the two of them were sitting. I stood in front of Mike and caressed my breasts. "How would you like me to thank you?" I asked coyly.

Mike smiled and pulled down the zip on his pants. His hand went inside and he pulled out his semi-hard cock, and began rubbing his hand along its length. "Could you do something with this?" he asked.

I smiled and bent over, resting my hands on the arm of his chair. I swung my head and brushed my hair across his erection, my breasts swinging invitingly. He reached out and took one in each hand, squeezing them. I smiled at him and groaned softly.

His cock was now standing at attention. I lowered my head until I could rub my lips lightly across the large bell end. I felt him shudder. Then I opened my mouth and slowly sank my lips around his erection. As he continued to massage my breasts, my head started bobbing. I took him deep into my throat and then almost allowed him to slip out. He groaned and I enveloped him again, sucking and working my tongue around the full exciting length.

I was concentrating on what I was doing and I didn't realise that Grant had moved until I felt his hands on my bottom smoothing across my cheeks, and then easing my legs apart. His fingers probed into the wetness of my pussy, and then they were replaced with something harder and longer. I groaned, taking Mike deep into my throat as Grant eased himself into me from the rear. I had never experienced a threesome; it was incredible. With Mike fucking my face and Grant my pussy, how could any hot blooded girl not be on ecstasy?

Mike was the first to cum, shooting large amounts of his thick creamy juice into my throat. I hungrily swallowed it down, and seconds later, Grant was erupting, pumping his juices into my abused body. When I stood up watching them redress, I must have looked a horny slut with cum dripping from my lips and running down my face, and down below I could feel it seeping out from between my pussy lips and running down my thighs.

"I'd better get you something to clean you up with. You can't go home to hubby like that," Grant said with a smile. He picked up the phone and spoke to someone. "Greg's bringing you some clean towels," he said as he put the phone down.

I stood and chatted with Mike while I waited, not feeling any concern about being naked. He said that I had to let him know what nights I wanted to work and he would arrange transport for me.

Just then there was a knock on the door, and the spotty youth who had let me in came into the office. He didn't seem surprised to see a naked woman in there with the two guys. Maybe it wasn't an unusual occurrence, although I could not help but notice that he did take a good look at me as he handed me the towels. After he had left, I attempted to clean myself up and get dressed. Mike thanked me for the interesting interview and said that he would be waiting to hear from me. Grant walked me to the door and wished me luck with my new job. "Don't forget," he said as I was leaving, "you are expected back here for the final in two week's time."

I smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek and told him not to fear, I would be there,

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