tagLesbian SexSubmission in the Sun and Sand Ch. 03-05

Submission in the Sun and Sand Ch. 03-05


Warning: This story contains graphic scenes depicting lesbian sex, humiliation and a mild watersports scene.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

This is carrie p.'s and Mistress SWP's shared fantasy.

Background for Chapters Three through Five

Carrie always had submissive fantasies. At the tender age of 19 she was seduced by a single mother. Even though she was pressed by her family to follow a path she didn't want, she kept her secret submissive fantasies burning bright in her mind, masturbating to them every night. Then one hot afternoon on the beach a stunning strawberry blond let go of her dog (a Great Dane) Duke's leash so she could meet Carrie. The woman, Amanda, invited Carrie to her house for a drink. Carrie went straight to Amanda's house from the beach. Amanda invited Carrie to take a shower to get the sand and salt off of her skin. As Carrie was showering Amanda stepped into the shower to join her. Amanda coaxed from Carrie her confession about her submissive fantasies. Carrie ended up on her knees in the shower and then later licking Amanda's sexy ass. Amanda decided to keep Carrie as a potential sub.

Chapter Three

It was three weeks since we first met on the beach. I spent almost every spare moment at Amanda's house learning her routines, doing her chores, taking care of Duke and starting my training as her most willing sub. When I was away from Amanda, mostly at work, I was daydreaming about Amanda. I knew that I was obsessed with her. I loved the feeling of being so overwhelmingly preoccupied by my submission to her.

About a week ago we determined it would be best if I moved in with her. With the tight rental market in Los Angeles it wasn't hard for me to find a person to sublet my apartment. On the day of my move I shoved all of my portable belongings into my car, praying that the doors wouldn't burst open.

My car sputtered when I turned the key and on the third try it started. I was careful on the drive as my clothes completely obscured the rear and side windows. I finally pulled up at Amanda's house, fearful that the neighborhood watch organization would report me as a vagrant.

Amanda apparently heard my car approaching and was standing at the front door waving. I went up to her and we hugged. It was good to feel her touch. It reassured me I was doing the right thing. We walked into the kitchen arm in arm.

Amanda separated from me as we entered the kitchen. "Carrie, I've retrieved a few of Duke's things from my garage. They'll have to do until we can buy proper gear for you. You'll be sleeping here when you're not with me." Amanda pointed to a dog bed that was placed next to Duke. The piping was significantly frayed, and there were two corners that were apparently chewed off my Duke. There was an attempt to clean the cover of the bed but there were still a number of dog hairs still stuck to the cover. I'd have to curl up pretty tightly to fit my whole body on the dog bed.

"Of course if you like, you can push your bed next to Duke and the two of you can share the two beds."

I didn't know what I was thinking. I thought that I might be sleeping with Amanda in her bed, or in the guest bedroom. I never thought about the possibility that I would be treated like Duke, a beloved pet, but still a dog. Apparently I needed to reorient my thinking. I felt the onrush of shame and humiliation at the prospect of being treated as a family pet, but I had always wanted to explore my submissive side and Amanda was simply accommodating that desire. I also sensed an awakening of my deep seated desire for submission and that tingly sensation gave me a pleasant shiver up my spine.

"You'll take all your meals here." Amanda pointed to a heavily dented and scratched stainless steel dog bowl for food, still bearing the name "Leslie" on it. "And you'll share your water dish with Duke. Just make sure you refill it after you use it."

I was still reeling from the prospect of sleeping next to or with Duke and sharing my water dish with him and eating out of an old dish belonging to Leslie when Amanda tugged on my arm. "Carrie, are you with me? . . . . Step with me over here so I can fit you with a temporary collar." We went over to the kitchen counter. On it was a well-used leather collar that had a small stainless steel riveted plate that said "Colleen." Amanda pulled the collar around my neck and fastened it by threading the tab of the collar through the buckle. The collar was a cold, damp presence around my neck that signified my submission to Amanda. I don't know what possessed me but I started to cry, dropped to my knees, and kissed Amanda's foot.


Amanda reached down to pull me up. "Carrie, I appreciate the gesture. You'll have many opportunities to show your love and devotion to me. This is just a temporary collar. You'll pay your proper respects at your collaring ceremony when you formally pledge your obedience to me in front of witnesses." She kissed me chastely on the cheek. That made me cry even harder. I was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Why the tears my pet?"

I had an epiphany right at that moment. "Because I've never been happier in my life."

"Because I . . I . .I . . . love you."

There, I said it. Those overwhelming sensations I had been experiencing, the intermittent crying, the longing, the daydreaming, it was all because I had fallen head over heels in love with Amanda. The collar triggered this response.

Amanda drew me close to her, stroking my hair and the back of my neck. I finally achieved a state of contentment that I had never previously experienced. Amanda held me until my sobbing died down.

"Carrie, I'm moved by your declaration of love. I'm very fond of you already." She was now caressing my shoulders. I knew it was early in our relationship to be declaring our love for each other but I couldn't hold it in and I was sure as I could be that I was madly in love with Amanda. I wasn't disappointed that she didn't say that she loved me. It was too much to hope that our relationship would move along at light speed, and I was sure that in time the feeling would be mutual.

After my emotional outburst I came back to earth and realized that I needed to unpack my car before it got dark. I went back to my car to unload it. Amanda assigned me a corner of the garage to store my belongings, including my clothes. There was a broken down dresser that I could use and a number of laundry baskets that had seen better days. I used a broom and dust pan to clean out the cobwebs and dust that had accumulated in my assigned corner and stacked all my boxes there and put my loose clothes in the dresser. I came back into the house dirty and sweaty.

Amanda was startled by my presence. "Out, out!"

I scrambled back to the garage through the interior door. Amanda stuck her head out that door moments later. "Heavens Carrie, you're filthy. I thought you had better manners than that! Strip off all of your clothes. Go out the side door to the yard and meet me out back." If I had a tail it would have been between my legs. My feelings of puppy love were displaced by the fear that I'd greatly displeased my Mistress. As I stripped off my clothes and went into the back yard I noticed that Amanda had a large yard, but there were no fences between neighbors (I found out later there was a buried electronic fence and a sensor in Duke's collar). I was fully exposed to the prying eyes of her neighbors. I ran to the back patio area with my arms covering my breasts. Amanda was waiting there with a rolled-up newspaper in her hand.

I said breathlessly, "The yard . . . exposed . . . neighbors . . . "

Amanda put her finger to her mouth to shush me. "Carrie, the neighbors know that I have subs stay with me. We have an informal agreement that they can watch my subs and they don't call the police. None of my neighbors have children. . . . . Now you've been bad. Do you remember our discussion about punishment?"

I had my head down in shame and embarrassment so I couldn't see Amanda's eyes. I nodded "yes."

"Look at me Carrie."

I raised my eyes to her level, but with a sign of resignation on my face. "Yes, Mistress Amanda."

"Bend over and grab your ankles."

I did so. Moments later I heard the whoosh of the rolled-up newspaper as it sped towards my bare bottom.

"SMACK!" The sound of the impact reverberated off the walls of Amanda's house and the neighbors' houses. The sound was actually worse than the pain. I could picture the neighbors peering out their windows, seeing me as if I was a common criminal that was caught in flagrante delicto and was being punished by the police. I was humiliated beyond words.

Amanda administered nine more swats, making my bottom a bright red. Although I never sought pain as a part of my sexual being I did feel a warm glow now radiating throughout my body. Amanda could see it as well. She walked up to me and pulled me upright and then kissed me full on the lips. It was a kiss filled with passion that promised more. She broke away and told me, "You must accept your punishment when it's deserved but it's always done with love." She dipped her fingers into my sopping wet cunt, eliciting a moan from me. "See little one? The humiliation and pain has made you wet. You are a greedy little slut." She was right. I was highly aroused by the humiliation, the pain, and then the kiss. I had a gnawing need that wouldn't go away.

"Carrie, you'll be expected to bathe out here unless I invite you into my shower." She pointed to a hose coiled on the ground and a plastic bottle next to it. "You can use this hose to clean up. There's a bottle of dog shampoo next to the hose. You should shake the water off and knock on the sliding glass door. I'll come and give you a towel."

It was now about 7 p.m., so it was starting to get dark . . . and cold. Amanda went into the house. My arousal was doused by the bracing cold water streaming out of the hose. I used the dog shampoo to wash my hair and body and rinsed off quickly with the frothy and chilly water. My feelings of humiliation rose again to the surface, knowing that the neighbors, alerted by the sounds of the newspaper spanking, were watching me shower. I shook to shed most of the water and stood dripping, with my hair still streaming water, at the sliding glass door. I knocked firmly once and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. I was freezing and my feet were starting to get numb from the cold decking. I finally rapped on the window again. Now thoughts were flooding in my head about my impulsive decision to move in with Amanda. Nude in her back yard after showering with a garden hose in front of her neighbors and now freezing my ass off. Seriously?

Amanda finally appeared, on her cell phone, and with a scowl on her face. She flung an old torn beach towel to me. I was still shivering. Amanda was nonplussed at my condition.

". . . so that's two, one that says "Carrie." Do you have the spelling for that? . . . . .that's right. And the other one that says "Slut." Yes, yes, I know. Just make it, OK? I really appreciate it Rebecca."

Amanda terminated the call and looked at me with a tinge of anger in her face. "Carrie, you only need to knock once. I was on a call. You'll have to wait patiently, right Dukie?" Duke was sitting at her side, wagging his tail. "Carrie, assume a sitting position, on your knees with your butt touching your feet and your arms at your side."

I assumed that position next to Duke. Hearing Amanda's soothing commands somehow allayed my second thoughts about being there. Now I could smell dinner.

Amanda had roasted a rack of lamb. I could see it coming out of the oven, accompanied by a baking dish filled with au gratin potatoes. She also roasted a tray of Brussel sprouts doused in balsamic vinegar. I had been working hard all day on the move. Both Duke and I had our mouths watering. I noticed there was only a place setting for one at the table. The aroma of the food was making my stomach growl. I also suddenly realized I hadn't had anything to drink in quite a while and eyed the dog dish filled with water.

"Mistress, may I have some water?"

Amanda shot me daggers with her eyes. "Slut, did I give you permission to speak? You wait until you're spoken to or until I finish my meal." Amanda sat down at the table and proceeded to down a glass of merlot accompanied by the lamb, potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Sighs of satisfaction accompanied each bite of the medium rare lamb. I was watching with rapt attention as she ate most of the lamb. After about a half an hour she pushed back her chair. She picked up the two dog dishes and scraped half of the leftovers in each bowl. She dumped the leftover wine in her glass in my bowl.

"Stay," she commanded.

Both Duke and I sat at attention as she slid the bowls on the floor next to the water dish.


Duke made a mad dash to his dish. I took that as my cue to go to my dish. Before I got to my dish, Amanda admonished, "No hands Carrie."

I lapped up the potatoes and Brussel sprouts doused in red wine. They were delicious. The one bone I was given was more of a challenge. I was able to pin the bone against the bowl and grab it with my teeth and chew the bone and suck the meat off of it. Amanda made a great rack of lamb and I could taste the mustard rub on my lips. I was still really hungry. Duke beat me to the water dish and was furiously lapping at the bowl, spilling water all around it. When he was finished there were bits of dog slobber, dog hairs and food floating in the bowl. I put my mouth next to the water and sucked it into my mouth. It wasn't too bad, although the dog slobber did linger on my lips and I had to pucker my mouth to get the dog hairs off my tongue.

Amanda rolled out a wheeled plastic container from the pantry. She opened the lid. The smell of dog kibbles wafted across the kitchen. "Dukie, Carrie, help yourself." Duke of course beat me to the container and was ripping through the dried dog food. I decided to take a pass on this delicacy and stay a bit hungry.

"I'm off to bed. The two of you stay down here." Amanda kissed Duke on the nose and then me on the nose and padded off to her upstairs bedroom. She shut off the lights to the kitchen. Duke sauntered over to his bed and laid down with a "plop." I was standing there a bit bewildered and disoriented. Reality hit me. I was really going to spend the night on a dog bed next to Duke.

I went to the guest bathroom to use the facilities and brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and stared at the collar adorning my neck with the nameplate "Colleen." I wondered who Colleen was, whether she still saw Amanda, and what she looked like. I pictured a redhead with long wavy flyaway hair, pale white Irish skin and large soft rounded freckly breasts. I went to the kitchen and in the muted light from the moon could see my tattered dog bed. I picked up the beach towel I dried off with, laid on the dog bed and covered myself with the damp towel. Despite the spartan conditions of my sleeping arrangements I was truly at peace. I started to drift off to sleep, with my hand wandering down to my pussy, recounting the events of the day, the humiliation I suffered, the arousal from it, and the love of my Mistress. I fingered my pussy and clit until I reached a forbidden orgasm, with perhaps the larceny of the orgasm making it that much better. As I closed my eyes, with the gentle drone of Duke snoring in the background, and a pang of hunger in my belly, I finally reached a deep sleep, muttering "Colleen . . . Colleen."

Chapter Four

It was 6 a.m. I knew it because that was the time on the clock mounted on the oven. Duke was at the sliding glass door barking in a low baritone at a squirrel. My head was woozy. It was the first time I spent the night on a dog bed. I was naked and cold. I pulled the torn beach towel around me for warmth and sat Indian style on my dog bed awaiting the return of Amanda. It was Saturday, so there was a fair chance that she'd sleep in. I thought I'd while away the time by making us a fabulous breakfast. I went into the refrigerator and found eggs and bacon and in the pantry found potatoes and onions. I scrambled four eggs, parboiled the potatoes and then cubed them and minced the onions. I put the bacon in the oven on a cookie sheet. I fired up the coffee maker and made a full pot of coffee. With the towel wrapped around me I ran to the end of the driveway to retrieve the newspaper. I set the table for Amanda and then returned to my dog bed. I was excited at the opportunity to please my Mistress and only slightly anxious that I'd overstepped my bounds.

Around 7:30 I heard stirring in the upstairs bathroom. I started to fry the potatoes and onions and put the bacon in the preheated oven. About fifteen minutes later I heard Amanda making her way down the stairs. It felt like Christmas Day. I could barely contain my excitement.

"Carrie dear, something smells wonderful."

Her voice sounded wonderful. "Mistress, there's bacon in the oven and potatoes on the stove. I'll whip up the scrambled eggs when you're ready to eat. Can I pour you a cup of coffee?"

I was practically shaking. Amanda was wearing her plush robe and it was clear to me that she had nothing on underneath. The top of her robe was open and I could the tops of her tanned breasts, the tan line, and then the creamy white undersides. Her strawberry blond hair was still wet from her shower and was hanging limply over her shoulders. She had the morning glow on her face and to me she couldn't have looked more perfect.

"Yes please Princess," she said as she sat down at the kitchen table. I brought over a piping hot cup of coffee and the newspaper. I let Duke outside and then attended to the breakfast, assembling the scrambled eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes, decorating it with a few sprigs of fresh parsley and putting it on a plate in front of Amanda.

Amanda was sipping her coffee as she put her newspaper down to see her breakfast. "Magnificent Carrie. Why don't you make yourself breakfast and then I'll have a treat for you." I was elated to hear her wishes and the promise of a treat. I made the two remaining eggs. I brought over my dog dish and loaded it with the eggs, bacon and potatoes. I then got on the floor and enjoyed this savory meal. I cleaned the bottom of the bowl, pushing it around with my face to gather in the last few crumbs (or Duke would clean it up for me). I washed it down with clean water from the dog dish. I was learning. I put Duke out before I filled the water bowl.

Amanda was finishing up her breakfast. "Carrie, you outdid yourself. Bravo on the breakfast. I didn't know you were such a good cook." I was beaming. I stood naked in front of my Mistress and tugged on my collar to remind myself that I was hers. Amanda turned her chair towards me. I watched her intently as she reclined in her chair, legs straight out, and untied her robe and let it fall open. Her breasts were tilted to the outside of her chest, soft and full, with her pinkish hued nipples erect and begging for my mouth. But my eyes wandered lower, to see her strawberry blond pubic patch, perfectly manicured, and the pouty lips of her pussy still dewy with the remnants of her shower and her excitement at what was to come.

"Your treat now Carrie, come and love your Mistress."

Words I had longed to hear. I never wanted anything more than to worship my Mistress. I dropped to my knees and crawled over to her. I started with her breasts, hungrily grasping each one in my hands, sucking on one nipple and then the other, almost with desperation.

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