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Submissive Butch Lesbians Exist


"Dr. Khadra Mohamed, this isn't easy for me to say, so I'm just going to say it, I feel that my curiosity about experiencing sexual submission is most definitely at odds with my identity as a butch lesbian," said Rhonda "Red" Redding, and the six-foot-tall, muscular, blonde-haired, alabaster-skinned and heavily tattooed young woman leaned back in her chair and sighed deeply. A forlorn look crept into Red's normally frosty blue eyes, and the doctor considered her words carefully before addressing her patient.

"Are you sure that your evolving desires are a problem? Isn't there more to being a butch lesbian than just mannerisms and appearances?" Dr. Khadra replied, a thoughtful look on her lovely face. Rhonda had been seeing the psychiatrist in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, for a couple of months now. The sessions weren't cheap, and the Canadian government was paying for them ever since Rhonda had an episode at work. Rhonda needed to get better, because otherwise her job might be in jeopardy in the long run.

Dr. Khadra Mohamed, educated at McGill University in the City of Montreal, Quebec, and licenced by the Canadian Psychiatric Association, is certainly a woman of mystery. One of a few Muslim psychiatrists in the capital region of Canada, the tall, attractive, Somali-born doctor specialized in treatment of mental health patients hailing from strict religious backgrounds. That's why Rhonda, a die-hard Catholic ( once upon a time ) selected her, at first...

Rhonda Redding was raised Catholic by her British immigrant parents, Leonard and Bernice Redding in the City of Toronto, Ontario. They moved there from Berkshire, England, when Rhonda was younger. After graduating from the University of Toronto with her MBA, Rhonda ended up moving to the City of Ottawa, where she took a job with Stats Canada. Along the way, Rhonda came out as a lesbian, which earned her the staunch disapproval and estrangement of her strict Catholic parents.

While working for Stats Canada, Rhonda Redding met a lovely young black woman named Katrina Brown, a newcomer to the City of Ottawa by way of Bethel Town, Jamaica. Katrina was studying accounting at Carleton University and interning with Stats Canada when she got on Rhonda's radar. Although they hailed from different worlds, the two young women became friends and subsequently fell in love. Katrina moved in with Rhonda, and it should have been happily ever after. Except it wasn't...

"Doc, look at me, my hair is short, I'm more built than most guys, and you know that when people look at me, they know from the jump that I'm a gay woman, and a tough one at that, and that they know shouldn't mess with me," Rhonda said, and she bit her lip. Dr. Khadra nodded thoughtfully and looked at her confused patient, feeling deeply moved by her turmoil.

A few days ago, Rhonda Redding tried to broach the subject of her rapidly evolving emotional and sexual desires for deep submission with her girlfriend Katrina Brown, but the feisty young Jamaican dyke simply hadn't wanted to hear it. Their subsequent separation took Rhonda by surprise, and left her an emotional wreck, hence why she was having a near-breakdown on Dr. Khadra Mohamed's couch.

As much as the LGBT community liked to think of itself as a bastion of diversity and tolerance, Rhonda knew that it was anything but. She remembered the way a lot of the other queer women at Pride events looked at her and Katrina, simply because they were an interracial lesbian couple. Even in gay and lesbian spaces, white supremacy never failed to rear its ugly head, and Rhonda for one was sick of it.

Racism was alive and well in lesbian circles, and after hearing more than one queer white woman make disrespectful comments about her darling Katrina, Rhonda stopped going to queer community events. If they wouldn't respect the woman she loved, Rhonda wanted nothing more to do with them. That's why, whenever she was out with her darling Katrina, Rhonda held her hand and smiled daringly at any would-be haters. Let them try to mess with her beloved...

Rhonda Redding had gone to bat for Katrina Brown, hence why she felt so betrayed when Katrina flipped out on her. Apparently, femmes like Katrina weren't keen on dealing with butches who were eager to try new things. In the bedroom, Rhonda had always been the dominant one. Katrina liked to be fucked roughly, tied up, spanked, flogged and fisted, indeed the whole nine yards. Rhonda had always been happy to oblige her, pulling Katrina's long kinky dark hair and spanking her shapely ass while fucking her with her trusty strap-on dildo, and then some.

"What do you mean you want me to fuck you? Rhonda, we've been over this, I'm a power bottom and you're a top, you know I don't play that shit," Katrina Brown said sharply. Rhonda pleaded with her to understand, and the young Jamaican woman scoffed, looking at Rhonda Redding as though she had two heads. The two of them lay in bed together, having come home from the movies where they'd watched a double feature, Guardians of The Galaxy Volume Two and Wonder Woman.

Katrina had been kissing Rhonda and feeling her up since the movie theater, and by the time they got home, she was ready to fuck. Rhonda lay in bed next to Katrina, clad in her usual bedroom attire, her tank top and boxer shorts. Katrina wore a slinky red negligee, and looked simply gorgeous, the red fabric contrasting sharply against her lovely dark brown skin. Rhonda had always found women of the African persuasion absolutely gorgeous, and unlike others, she didn't fetishize them. Rhonda truly loved Katrina, hence why she felt she could share her secret desires with her...

"Well, um, yeah, I know that, but, fuck it, sometimes I want to be the one getting it," Rhonda said hesitantly, and Katrina narrowed her eyes. Shaking her head, she got up and headed to the living room, leaving Rhonda sitting up on the bed, feeling lost and disappointed. That's the queer community for you, Rhonda thought bitterly. Queer women liked to rail against the heterosexual establishment, and yet they had firmly established gender norms of their own which they refused to let go of. Rhonda, a self-styled butch lesbian, wanted more freedom than that...

"When I look at you, I see a beautiful human being, Rhonda," Dr. Khadra Mohamed said, and Rhonda blinked, snatched out of her little trip down memory lane by the doctor's melodious voice. Rhonda smiled nervously and looked at the good doctor. For some reason, Dr. Khadra reminded her of Hollywood starlet and music icon Alicia Keys, only clad in Hijab and a stylish pantsuit, of course. Why are all the gorgeous and decent women unavailable? Rhonda thought with a sad little sigh.

"Yeah, doc, but I'm a freak, I'm a butch lesbian who wants to get slapped and spanked and fucked, all the other butches I know are tough, stoic and dominant, what's wrong with me?" Rhonda said, and she buried her face in her hands. Rhonda's broad shoulders sagged, and all the tension, sadness and fear that she'd been holding onto came pouring out of her in a torrent of emotion which she could not stop. Stoic butch or not, Rhonda was human...

"Rhonda, my dear, there's nothing wrong with you," Dr. Khadra Mohamed said, and that's when the good doctor did something which went against her code of clinical detachment as a licenced and practicing psychiatrist. Deeply moved by the almost elemental pain emanating from the blonde woman sitting across from her, the doctor rose from her desk, and gently took Rhonda's hands in hers. When the younger woman looked up at the doctor through tear-stained blue eyes, Dr. Khadra smiled.

"Doc, um?" Rhonda asked, a bit perplexed, and Dr. Khadra drew even closer, until her lovely face was inches from Rhonda's. Looking into the good doctor's soulful brown eyes, Rhonda did not see the usual emotional detachment there, but a burning intensity. Rhonda smiled faintly as Dr. Khadra nodded, and then gently pressed her lips against hers. In spite of her surprise, Rhonda kissed her back, and thusly, doctor and patient shared their first kiss.

"And that's why I can't be your doctor anymore, l like you, Rhonda," Dr. Khadra Mohamed said, once they came up for air, and Rhonda smiled and hugged her tightly. The two women looked into each other's eyes, and kissed once more. Thus a new chapter began in both of their lives. Rhonda looked at Khadra and squeezed her hand. All of a sudden, Katrina Brown and her antics were the furthest thing from her mind, and Rhonda was okay with that...

"Fuck yeah, Mistress Kay, bring it," Rhonda said, smiling at Khadra, who stood before her, clad in a black tank top, black leather skirt and thigh-high black leather boots. The two of them were in the basement of Khadra's townhouse in the suburb of Barrhaven, getting down and dirty, as they say. Khadra ditched her Hijab and office gear for once, and Rhonda felt that her girlfriend/dominatrix looked absolutely gorgeous in that PVC outfit...

"Did I give you permission to speak, slave?" Mistress Kay/Khadra Mohamed asked in a haughty tone, and her eyes blazed with controlled fury as she slapped Rhonda hard across the face. Kneeling before her dominant, Rhonda blinked as the slap stung her cheek, then she smiled. Khadra was in full dominatrix mode, and it turned Rhonda on so much that her pussy tingled. The submissive butch couldn't wait to experience more wicked fun at the hands of her mistress...

"No ma'am, you didn't, I apologize," Rhonda replied meekly and Mistress Kay smiled and nodded. After putting a doggy collar around Rhonda's neck, Mistress Kay tied it to a leash and led her butch lesbian bitch on a tour of the house. Afterwards, Mistress Kay sat on the living room couch, while Rhonda sat at her feet and obediently sucked on her toes, just like a good bitch should.

"Nice job on those toes, slave, now come here, that big butch booty needs a sound spanking," Mistress Kay said, and she tapped her lap for effect. Nodding, Rhonda lay across her mistress lap, and the sultry Somali dominatrix caressed her big white ass. Like a lot of butch chicks, Rhonda had a nice, thick ass, but in typical butch fashion, she hid those goodies under baggy, male-type clothing. Well, tonight, Mistress Kay wanted to play spank the butch, and what she wants, she usually gets...

"Oh fuck, that stings but I love it," Rhonda cried out, as Mistress Kay bent her over and gave her big, pale ass a sound spanking. Mistress Kay laughed, loving the way the butch slut's ass jiggled and turned red as she spanked her. Khadra had been with quite a few women in her time, and she'd never been with anyone like Rhonda. A submissive butch, now that's a rare treasure. What else could make a dominant femme's day? Katrina was definitely a fool to let Rhonda go. Khadra wasn't about to make that mistake...

"I know you do," Mistress Kay said, smiling, for Rhonda's ass was now beet-red. Time to try something new, Khadra thought. Next, she laid Rhonda on the carpeted floor, and went to work on her. Rhonda sighed happily as Khadra got on top of her and kissed her. Khadra's knowing hands caressed Rhonda's small but firm breasts, and then slid between her thick, firm thighs. Rhonda held her breath as Khadra caressed her hairy mound, then slid her fingers into her pussy...

"Khadra, I usually don't let other women touch me there, but I've been craving your touch," Rhonda confessed, and Khadra/Mistress Kay smiled and began fingering her beautiful butch lover in earnest. Rhonda shuddered as Khadra grazed her breast with her teeth while working two fingers into her pussy, then a third. Just like that, the two women began making love without any bullshit rules or boundaries. Simply two souls communing in the most wonderful way possible...

"Oh yes, give me that sweet butch ass," Khadra/Mistress Kay cried out, a little while later, as she finally took Rhonda to the edge. On all fours, face down and ass up, Rhonda squealed as Khadra fucked her with a strap-on dildo, spanking her ass with one hand while gripping her hip with the other. Rhonda arched her back and pressed her ass against Khadra/Mistress Kay's groin, driving the dildo even deeper inside of her.

"I'm a real butch, not a soft and sweet little thing like those other bitches you fuck, so give it to me harder," Rhonda panted, and Khadra/Mistress Kay grinned, and then smacked her pale ass, hard. Rhonda grimaced but did not scream. To really shine her on, Khadra put Rhonda on all fours and raised her muscular, thick legs in the air, exposing her hairy, moist cunt.

"What do we have here?" Khadra asked, and she rubbed Rhonda's clit between her thumb and index finger, and then slid her middle finger into her asshole. Rhonda's blue eyes went wide, and a smiling Khadra added a second finger in her ass. Just like that, she began exploring Rhonda's inner world, so to speak. Conflicting emotions coursed through Rhonda as Khadra penetrated her pussy and ass. Shock, fear, arousal, intense desire, and a craving for more of it...

"I'm a dirty slut who needs to be fucked," Rhonda heard herself squeal, and Khadra grinned and grabbed a bottle of Aloe hand lotion sitting on a nearby table. After lubricating Rhonda's asshole, Khadra pressed the dildo against her opening, and then gently pushed it inside. Rhonda gasped as Khadra entered her bum, and gritted her teeth. Holding Rhonda's legs aloft, Khadra smiled down at her as she worked the dildo deeper into her ass.

"Damn right you need to be fucked, my sexy butch slut," Khadra said, smiling wickedly at Rhonda, whose beautiful face was contorted in wicked pleasure and delightful pain as the Somali dominatrix took that ass cherry. While fucking Rhonda's ass, Khadra let go of her legs and instead, slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. Rhonda squealed, and a grinning Khadra began fingering her cunt while working the dildo into the depths of her asshole.

"Oh fuck, you're killing me," Rhonda cried out, and she moaned deeply as incredible sensations assailed her body, and she looked up at Khadra, whose beautiful brown face was serene, serious and playful at the same time. Rhonda licked her lips and then pinched her nipples, and that's when it happened. The tall butch gal finally surrendered to her beloved femme, secure that she was with one who loved her, and at last she let go.

"Thank you, my love," Khadra/Mistress Kay said, holding onto Rhonda as she climaxed, driven to the edge by their passionate lovemaking. Rhonda sighed happily, pleased by Khadra's words and gesture. Truth be told, she was still feeling tingly down below, in a good way. Smiling, Rhonda wrapped her arms around Khadra, who kissed her forehead. The two women looked into each other's eyes, and exchanged a smile. Without another word, they kissed and held onto one another. Sometimes, there's really nothing more to say...

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