tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 11

Submissive's Journey 11


I seem to remember saying this about Barbara: "I was sure that she would take me to my limits..." -- I was certainly correct.

It was late morning of our first day of living together when Barbara summoned me into her presence. "Take all your clothes off," she commanded.

As I began baring my body while standing before her, I could not help but wonder why I bothered getting dressed in the first place. I seemed to spend more time naked around this house than I did clothed. Thank goodness we lived in a relatively warm area.

When I was glowingly nude, Barbara stood up and came near. I could feel the heat from her body on my exposed skin, and her now familiar scent enveloped me. Reaching up to my neck, she secured my collar into place, and then snapped the leash to its ring. Letting the leash dangle between my breasts, she slipped a blindfold, thick and opaque, over my eyes, plunging me into darkness. Deprived of sight, my other senses intensified, especially my hearing. I became aware of my heartbeat, accelerating, as I wondered what my Mistress had in store for me.

"Come with me, my girl," she said, and tugged on the leash.

I followed blindly, resisting the urge to stretch my hands out and feel my way. Trusting in her guidance, I left my arms swinging gently at my sides as we walked. We did not have far to go. I knew the layout of our house well enough to be aware that she led me to her "office"; a room I was not to enter unless told to do so. Just inside the entrance, she said, "Stop, and turn slowly around."

When I had completed a half turn, she grabbed my arm to stop me, and commanded, "Shuffle slowly backward, girl."

After a few steps, I felt something cold and metallic under my feet. With a few more tiny steps something else also cold and metallic pressed all along my back.

Barbara then said, "Perfect. Remain there."

I felt her unsnap my leash. I heard her shuffling around, and some soft scraping sort of sound. After a few moments, I felt the first loop of rope encircling my waist. Other loops quickly followed, pinning my arms to my sides, and my body back against the metallic surface. Further, I felt loops of rope surround my thighs, and my legs. When Barbara finally halted, as best I could tell in my personal darkness, the only parts of me not covered by the ropes seemed to be my pelvis, and my body from my tits upward.

Apparently satisfied with her work, I heard Barbara give a satisfied chuckle, and she removed my blindfold. As I blinked my eyes clear, I looked down and around and saw -- Barbara had tied me standing upright onto a moving dolly! The same moving dolly that we had used when she moved in.

I was still taking stock of my situation when I felt the world tilt! Barbara had pulled back on the handles of the moving dolly, tipping it to get the proper balance. She began wheeling me out of her room, and maneuvered us into the living room. On the journey I happened to get a look at myself in a mirror that we passed, and sure enough, my face, neck, tits and pussy were on full display, while the rest of my torso, arms and legs were very efficiently trussed up.

I could not stop the flush of embarrassment that crept down my neck, splashing over the top of my breasts. Once in the living room, Barbara practiced moving me around, traveling between items of furniture. She even tipped the moving dolly back all the way, smoothly lowering the handles to the floor. Even though she did not jar me when the dolly touched the floor, my stomach still lurched as my world went horizontal.

I know I instinctively tried to move my arms to break my fall, but the bindings held me tight. What a marvelous feeling of helplessness! Barbara grunted softly as she lifted me back to an upright position, but she seemed to have no trouble with lifting and controlling the moving dolly with its firmly secured passenger.

Turning us, she wheeled me to the back door. I had a moment to think, "She wouldn't."

But Barbara opened the door, and calmly wheeled me out onto our back porch. Fresh air and sunshine struck my exposed body. I believe my flush must have deepened as I turned my head frantically from side to side, trying to see if I could be observed. Luckily, our backyard was relatively secluded. About the only people other than ourselves that were ever in it were the meter readers: electric and gas. This thought got my mind churning furiously, wondering when the meters had been read last.

My mouth went dry, and I swallowed furiously trying to moisten it. But Barbara merely sat down on a chair and began to read a book. She seemed supremely nonchalant about my situation, calmly reading her book. I, however, could not be calm. I was on a constant alert, looking around, straining to listen. After all, I was outside, with my tits and sex in full view, strapped to that moving dolly.

At each strange sound, I found my body involuntarily straining at the ropes, gently starting to sweat. My heart was throbbing fast inside my chest. I was hunching my shoulders, trying somehow to cover my exposed tits. My hands were straining under the ropes trying to reach and cover my exposed cunt. But it was useless; Barbara had tied me very securely.

The sun was hot, beating down on parts of me that seldom felt the kiss of sunlight. After a while, Barbara went inside and brought us cool drinks. Of course for me, she had to hold the drink and let me sip it through a straw. It was refreshing, but after a while I realized that my bladder was full.

"Miss, I need to pee," I pleaded.

"No problem," she replied. She walked up to me, drew back my labia to uncover the opening to my urethra, and held my now empty plastic cup under the opening. I must have looked at her with incredulity, because she looked into my eyes and said, "Come on! I don't have all day!"

The blush that started burning in my cheeks must have spread down to redden my nipples, but I could not hold it in any longer. As I released my muscles, I heard the stream of my piss strike the cup. Barbara merely looked on with an amused expression as I shook with embarrassment at peeing virtually in public.

A perverse thought rippled through my brain, "What if she makes me drink it?" I prayed that the thought would never occur to her. As my stream of urine ended, Barbara must have scraped the last few drops off of me with the edge of the plastic cup. A strange sensation shot through me as the cup edge moved over that sensitive spot. I wondered if it was possible for a pussy to blush. Perhaps to heighten my embarrassment, Barbara then placed the cup, filled with its yellow pungent liquid, where I could see and smell it.

Picking up her book, Barbara left me for a while on the porch, while she went back into the house. Alone on the porch, my apprehension doubled. I whimpered for a while. But I guess it's possible to get used to most things. Half naked as I was, bound upright as I was, the warm sun soon had me dozing.

I awoke abruptly when the world tilted. Barbara was wheeling me back inside. "So. Being tied like this is getting boring, is it?" Barbara stated. "We will have to correct that."

She wheeled me through the house to the living room right by the front door. Our front porch faced the street! A rather busy street -- cars, pedestrians!

"Oh no! Please Miss -- not out there! Not like this!" I begged her.

"You seem to forget who is in charge here. Silence! Hmmmmm.... silence -- that is a great idea," she mused. With that rumination, she went and fetched a ring gag.

"Open your mouth!" she demanded. When I did not comply quickly enough to suit her, her hand seized and twisted one of my nipples, getting my attention.

My mouth flew open first to say, "Ouch!" but I obediently held it open. The gag slipped into place, and was secured. To my utter horror, my world went dark as Barbara slipped the thick black blindfold again over my eyes. Weird sounds issued from my open mouth, unintelligible as only a ring gag can render them. I heard the door open, and my world tipped slightly, and Barbara wheeled me forward -- out onto our front porch.

A ripple of goosebumps coursed over my skin. I was outside, bound and half naked, on our front porch, in full view of the street and passersby. For a moment I thought I might faint. Could a person die of shame? My heart was thumping madly. Strange mewling noises were all I could issue around the ring gag.

Barbara stopped the moving dolly in an upright position. I heard the scrape of a chair as she sat down near me. At least she was not leaving me alone in my extremely vulnerable position.

I tried to make myself understood in spite of the ring gag, begging to be taken back inside the house. I finally became silent when Barbara said, "Hush, girl. I cannot concentrate on my reading with all that noise."

Soon I heard the sound of the first car go by our porch, and I cringed. Again my arms and legs tested the strength of the bonds that held me in place. They were no looser than before. All my struggles seem to do was to make my breasts swing back and forth slightly. "What a sight I must be presenting," I thought. Another car went by -- and another -- each one making me shake with humiliation.

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, a car went by and honked its horn as it passed. OMG! The driver must have noticed me, and honked! Other cars passed, and some of them honked also. I imagined what they must be seeing: two women on a porch, one of them dressed and seated, the other one tied to a moving dolly with both her tits and pussy visible. No wonder they were honking!

Since not all of the cars honked, I perversely wondered if some of them merely did not see me, or if the ones that honked were the ones driven by male drivers. Males seem to have an instinctive radar for unclothed females. At least I did not hear the screeching of brakes, and thankfully no sounds of cars crashing. I did not want to be responsible for car wrecks or injuries. I wondered if Barbara had thought this through. But there was little I could do about it. I could not even plead with her.

Adding to my humiliation, the ring gag was making me drool, and the drool was dripping down onto my tit. As the drool trickled downward, the slope of my breast actually made it climb up and outward toward its nipple. I could feel it clinging to my... to my... OMG... my fully erect nipple! Humiliated as I was, I was getting turned on by my situation. Since I could do nothing about it, I was beginning to accept it. Even beginning to revel in it. I must have a strong streak of exhibitionism.

But I sincerely hoped that I would not end up arrested and jailed. Actually, who would be liable to arrest? Me, for being naked? Barbara, for putting me this way? Both of us? My mind was wrestling with this, when I heard the footsteps on the sidewalk. Oh no! Cars going by was bad enough. Now a person walking by on foot? I felt my body try to get very small; try almost to disappear.

I heard Barbara say, "Good afternoon." There was a pause while my heart stopped.

A woman answered. A voice I had never heard before in my life said, "Oh. Good afternoon."

Barbara inquired, "Isn't it a lovely afternoon?"

And I was thinking, "Oh please, don't engage her in conversation."

But the woman merely replied, "Yes, a gorgeous day for a walk. But the weatherman says that it may cloud up later, and we may have rain tonight."

"Oh really?" Barbara answered. "Well, maybe I won't have to water my plants."

The woman chuckled merrily at this practical statement. To my amazement, I heard her footsteps start up again and walk away. With no comment about me, or my condition. Maybe the woman was nearsighted or something? My heart started again.

But a few minutes later I heard more footsteps, heavier this time. And my heart leapt into my throat as I heard a deep male voice say, "Really beautiful."

Barbara replied, "Yes, I think so too."

Trust a male not to overlook exposed female flesh. What now? Would Barbara invite him up onto the porch? Let him take advantage of me? I was mortified! But then, before I could attempt to utter any strangled sounds from around the ring gag, I heard his heavy tread walking away without making any further comments.

While I was still quivering and shaking from that encounter, I felt Barbara move close behind me, and unfasten the ring gag. Still in my darkness, I started to sputter, "How could you?"

But before I could say much more than the "H" of the word "How" -- Barbara's hand covered my mouth and she said "Shhhhhhhh" into my ear. She kissed my flaming cheek.

When I quieted, she undid the blindfold. Expecting the worse, I blinked my eyes open in the bright light and saw... AN ORNATE VANITY SCREEN! Yes, I was out on the front porch just outside the front door. But Barbara had prepared this spot ahead of time. She had moved her portable dividing wall from the corner of her bedroom out onto the porch, and unfolding it to screen the entire front door area.

No one could actually see me. Not the passing cars, not the passing pedestrians. With my gag to virtually silence me, no one had heard me, or suspected that I was behind the screen. As relief washed through me, I started to feel anger that Barbara had frightened me so thoroughly, and then I saw the impish grin on her face. Her eyes almost telegraphed the message, "Got you!"

My anger instantly turned into a fit of giggles, and my eyes watered a bit as I released my pent-up emotions. "But Miss -- why did those cars honk?" I was truly mystified now.

Barbara smiled, and disappeared around the screen, going out into our tiny front yard. She returned in moments with a hand lettered sign that said in large letters: "HONK IF YOU LOVE THIS WEATHER".

Then, as I burst into laughter, Barbara quickly wheeled me back into the house, and untied me. As she sent me, still naked, out onto the back porch to retrieve the cup with my piss, and empty it into our toilet, I had a feeling that life with her was going to be far from dull. How true that turned out to be!

(continued in part 12)

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