Suburban Submission Ch. 02


Waiting for Karen to return, Jenny was surprised when the curtain twitched aside to let in the young assistant, a pretty college student. Her jaw dropped to see the sexy soccer-mom standing there nude, clearly aroused, in a room that reeked of sex. For a moment, they stared at each other before the girl spoke.

"I...err...I've been asked to check your measurements. Miss Mulder thinks your bra size is wrong..."

"I...of course. Of course," said Jenny, putting her arms out to the sides to let the girl put the measuring tape around her chest. She stood still as the tape was drawn around her breasts, and then her chest, waist and hips. Then the girl knelt down. "She said I was to check your inside leg miss," she whispered.

"My inside leg? For lingerie?"

The girl nodded, and Jenny sighed as Karen came back. She nodded to the girl who measured up her leg, trying to ignore the reek of sex emanating from Jenny's still swollen sex.

Karen put her hand on the girl's shoulder, making her jump.

"Have you got everything?" she asked in a warm tone. The girl nodded nervously.

"Are you sure? There isn't something else you need? Jenny here is very accommodating..."

The girl went bright red and stood up quickly. "No miss. No, I'm not that way. I don't want to be either."

Karen shrugged. "Fair enough: she said simply.

"Um... her measurements are 34F, 24, and 36" said the girl.

"Oh. Well okay... can you switch these for the right cup size please?" said Karen, handing her a couple of packets.

The girl nodded, leaving almost at a run.

Karen handed Jenny a pink bra and thong, ignoring her protests about the girl. This was an underwired set with transparent pink bra and knickers, disappearing to a tiny thong at the back. The bra lifted Jenny's boobs splendidly.

"Yes, that looks nice" said Karen. "Keep it on, and 'Display' yourself for me."

Jenny hesitated a moment, then remembered what to do, lying on her back on the floor and lifting her legs up to her chest, grabbing her ankles. The thong was tiny between her flared buttocks and provided only the tiniest hint of decency, covering without actually hiding her pussy lips, and only the slightest strip running over her ass. As Jenny lay there, the assistant came back with more clothes, stopping dead at the sight of Jenny's filthy display. Her jaw dropped.

"Are you sure you're not tempted?" said Karen suggestively, draping an arm around the girls shoulders. She moaned, eyes flickering between Karen's steady gaze, and Jenny's barely concealed pussy. For several seconds she hesitated - and then ran. A couple of seconds they heard the door open and close.

"Pity..." said Karen.

"Karen, for pity's sake. That girl could go to college with my daughter..." said Jenny hopelessly; still gripping her ankles obediently as she tried to reason with her neighbor.

"Don't worry," Karen giggled. "She never looked at your face!"

In another minute, Karen let Jenny get up again, telling her to put the pink underwear with the corset. The next set, a wet-look leather bra and knickers, didn't really work.

"You suit soft colours," said Karen. "We won't bother with any more leather".

They moved onto swimwear, Karen having picked out three to try. The first was the most modest by far, but still very sexy. A bright yellow two-piece, with narrow strings joining it together, the thong was narrow, and cut very low on the hips - in fact, the strings disappeared into Jenny's bum cleavage before finally meeting the material! The flimsy bra was made flimsier still by the crescent cut-outs on the underside of each, showing off the underneath of her boobs.

"Oh, we're so getting that!" crowed Karen, reaching out to play with the exposed skin beneath Jenny's nipples. "Play with your nipples" she ordered, reaching for the camera again.

Once she had taken a few more photos, Karen pulled Jenny close for a long passionate kiss, her tongue snaking into her semi-reluctant partner's mouth. She stripped the smaller one as they kissed, and then broke off to try the next costume.

This one was a 'Wicked Weasel' creation. Three tiny pieces of white cloth and some thin white string made it up completely. Even with Karen's help, it took several minutes to get right. Eventually, Jenny stood, looking like a model from an incredibly hot shoot. The tiny oval pieces of fabric which barely covered her nipples were tied around the back of her neck, and then strings descended to the front and around the sides. The thin G-string had no waistband at all, and was supported purely by these strings; two descending in a V at the front, and another two curving around her hips to tie at the top of her buttocks. The whole sweep of her back was undisturbed; a beautiful spread of soft, tanned skin leading down to her peachy butt, bisected by the white cloth.

"Oh that's good," cried Karen, snapping away with the camera. "Hands behind your head -- and pout! Now sweetie, I think it's time to learn another position. Get on your hands and knees. Yes - and now lean down with your head on your arms. Oh yeah, that's good. And bring yourself backwards...keep your butt up...yeah! Okay, we're going to call this the 'Flaunt' position. Any time I say Flaunt... well, you know the rest. If you're wearing one of these bikinis though, you don't need to strip off. I kind of like you in them!"

"Now 'Display' for me. Ooohhhh, baby that's hot! And 'Flaunt' yourself! Oh now this is getting good!" Karen's face was set in a huge smile as Jenny rolled about the floor for her, showing off her sexy body in the tiniest of bikinis.

Or, almost the tiniest... there was one more to try. Another 'Wicked Weasel'. This one was a two-piece, designed to appear stringless, with only thin transparent threads holding it up. The material was tiger-print, but it hardly needed to be. The biggest piece, for the pussy, was just a strip of material five inches long, and an inch wide! The nipple-coverings were round, just an inch and a half across. They appeared pasted to her breasts, the threads invisible against her lightly tanned skin. The gusset was just long enough to cover her pussy, but did not even reach her asshole before becoming just knotted thread a couple of millimeters across. Jenny looked almost more naked than when she was naked!

"God, that's hot!" cried Karen admiringly. "Such a sexy body..."

The camera snapped away as she had Jenny pose for her, including once again flaunting herself in the 'Display' position. Eventually, Karen decided she had had enough of playing with her living doll -- at least for a while -- and went to settle the bill. She gave Jenny a pack of moisturized towelettes she had had all along, telling her to freshen up.

Jenny was just pulling her jumper on when Karen reappeared, holding what looked like a pair of worry balls -- Jenny had bought her husband a pair once. But of course, these weren't to be held in the hand...

"Put them... in me?" said Jenny with horror.

"If you don't, then I will" said Karen firmly. "You'll just have to remember to clench so as not to drop them. It's good exercise!"

Jenny took the love-balls with a disgusted expression, and pushed them up into her still-moist pussy. They felt cold and lumpy; very strange to be there. But when she started moving, she realized how they worked! Between the high heels, short skirt and worry-balls, she found herself limited to just small steps, lest she stumble or drop the balls. Karen walked ahead of her with a couple of full bags from the shop. As she walked, Karen talked on the phone, clearly arranging to meet several people, but Jenny couldn't get close enough to hear the details.

After a light lunch, eaten with a somewhat stilted conversation, Karen and Jenny headed back to Karen's place. As they drove, Karen rested her hand on Jenny's warm thigh again, now just inches from her naked pussy. The brunette woman explained that she intended to hang out by the pool that day, and having given her maid the day off, wanted Jenny to wait on her. After a shower, Jenny was to dress in the white micro-bikini and join her by the pool.


Jenny washed herself thoroughly in Karen's power shower. Despite the warm water and expensive shower gel, she couldn't make herself feel completely clean though. Her feelings of desperation and dirtiness were too strong. The whole time she was showering, she kept wondering how to get out of this situation. Somehow she would have to get hold of the tape, as well as the pictures and videos Karen had been making incessantly the last couple of days. But when would she have the opportunity, she wondered, toweling herself off. It's not like she could just burgle the place! And if she did, what would Karen say? Would she tell Kyle everything? All the things she had made Jenny do? Jenny had never been any good at lying to her husband -- she could keep things from him, sure; but asked a direct question she was hopeless.

No, she thought, pulling on the tiny scraps of fabric that made up her white 'bikini', she needed some sort of opportunity, some time when Karen wasn't here to come up with a plan. Even as she thought this, she heard Karen calling her.

"I'll be just a moment -- it's just hard getting into this costume by myself!" she called down. This was certainly true; the front strings needing to be rethreaded through the tiny G-string segment each time, just to get the costume on and off.

Finally, she looked at herself in the mirror. Despite everything, she had to admit she looked good. "It's almost a shame Kyle will never see me in this" she murmured to herself.

Jenny left the bathroom and padded down the hallway. Turning the stairs, she heard laughter. She frowned, her steps slowing as she went cautiously down the stairs. There was definite laughter, and several women's voices coming from the den. Karen appeared, wearing a blue bikini and a sarong.

"Oh, that's good sweetie. That outfit looks so good on you." Karen pulled her in close and spoke quietly to her "Now I've got some friends round who are keen to meet you. We'll all hang out by the pool and have a good time -- but if you embarrass me, you'll regret it!"

Karen's voice went up as she took Jenny by the hand and led her into the den.

"Come on in, don't be shy," said Karen in a slightly sing-song voice as she pulled her nervous neighbor into the den. Waiting for them were three women; each of them women Jenny had seen visiting Karen before. Jenny tensed as she was led almost naked into the middle of the room of fully clothed women.

"Well Karen, she really is just as lovely in the flesh!" said the first women admiringly. She was a slightly heavier lady in her forties with thinning but well kept blonde hair, and a huge bosom beneath a stylish printed dress.

"Didn't I tell you? It's a shame Karen couldn't get the video to work on this thing!" said the second women, sitting behind Jenny. Turning, she recognized the manageress of "Dangerous Curves", a thin brunette with deep green eyes. Surprisingly sensibly dressed, with a string of pearls sitting on top of her blouse, and a soft grey skirt, she sat primly with her knees together. Jenny saw what she was gesturing to and blanched. On the huge LCD screen was a picture of her from behind in the tigerskin bikini, looking almost completely naked; the transparent threads just visible running into the crack of her ass!

"How about you Jenny?" asked the manageress. "Do you think you can get the videos to show from the camera?" she asked, gesturing to the tiny camera plugged directly into the LCD screen.

Jenny shook her head. "I'm afraid I'm not very good with electrical things," she said apologetically.

"Oh well, no matter" said the manageress. "We've got the real thing now, haven't we?" she said with an evil smile. She clicked a tiny remote control, bringing up the next photo, of Jenny in profile.

"Now, now ladies!" said Karen with a laugh. "Jenny's very new to this, so be gentle! She's agreed to look after us this afternoon, so why don't we get you some drinks whilst you peel off?"

"Oh, come on Karen!" laughed the first woman. "We've been waiting for Jenny to show her sexy body for ages now. Why not put her through her paces?"

Karen turned to Jenny, who looking distinctly uncomfortable. The brunette fixed her eyes with a level gaze and said coolly "Fair enough, Jenny's been enjoying showing herself off for me today, and she's here to entertain us -- she enjoys being told what to do, don't you Jenny?"

Jenny's insides squirmed. Doing what Karen had to say had been bad enough -- now she was expected to do the same for these strangers! Still, at least they didn't have cameras, and Karen wasn't using one either.

"Yes Mrs. Mulder," she said, dropping her eyes.

"I'll get us some drinks then," said Karen. "Jenny, I expect to behave yourself for these ladies just like you would for me... you can call them Mistress Mort, Mistress Gray and Miss Quick"

With that, she turned and left the room. Jenny was alone, near naked with three strangers, and was clearly expected to do whatever they said.

"Well now," said Mistress Gray, the manageress of 'Dangerous Curves'. "I think it's time for you to show off that sexy body of yours for us -- bend over girl, hands on your knees. No, facing away from me, I want to see your butt!"

Jenny shuffled round, turning crimson. With her bottom, almost completely exposed towards Mistress Gray, she was left facing Mistress Mort, the first lady who had spoke; whilst Mistress Quick was off to one side. Mistress Quick was the youngest, a redhead in her late twenties; extremely thin, with high, pert boobs.

"Now, put your legs apart and touch the floor, keeping your legs straight," continued Mistress Gray. "Goodness, you are a flexible little thing aren't you? And I do like your bottom -- it really is peachy! You must take great care of your body to have such soft smooth skin everywhere!"

Jenny took a moment to look away from the floor. Through her legs, she could see Mistress Gray leaning forwards. From her position, Jenny could see between the older woman's legs, glimpsing stocking tops beneath her skirt.

"Straighten up Jenny" came Mistress Mort's voice.

Jenny stood up, facing the older woman with a blush.

"Now, I want you to start jogging on the spot," said Mistress Mort. "Nice and quickly, now."

A little confused, but glad not to be bent over, Jenny started jogging from one foot to the other, her heavy breasts quickly bouncing up and down. Mistress Mort laughed and clapped her hands.

"Now isn't that a body that needs to be seen in motion?" called the bigger lady. "Jenny, start doing star jumps."

Feeling faintly ridiculous, Jenny did what she was told. As she jumped up and down, her breasts bounced wildly, and she felt the gusset of her costume rubbing hard against her pussy, pulled back and forth by the movement of her boobs tugging on the strings. She clenched, trying to keep the love-balls tucked up inside her. They were rolling about, stimulating her tremendously.

"You should see the view from this side," came Mistress Gray's voice. "Jenny, turn to face me."

The bouncing, blushing blonde did what she was told; still performing star jumps as though she was back in gym class. The manageress nodded appreciatively as she got to see the vigorous movements of Jenny's boobs.

After Jenny had been jumping for a couple of minutes, Miss Quick finally spoke.

"I've got a new one for you Jenny," came her voice authoritatively. Jenny looked over, to see that Miss Quick had taken her top off to reveal an aquamarine bikini top, well filled by her youthful breasts.

"Now hold your arms up and jump round on the spot -- one way then the other. Your arms go the opposite way to your legs, and your head stays still."

It took Jenny a couple of seconds to get this right, spinning her top and bottom in opposite directions, boobs flailing wildly. The youngest woman giggled "Ha ha ha! Not very sexy though, it's all too quick. Try climbing on the spot -- like you were climbing a ladder."

Once more, Jenny started to jog, this time raising her arms and causing her boobs to flex and bounce. She heard music start to play, and saw Karen standing by the CD player.

"That seems like a good warm-up, ladies," laughed the sultry brunette. "But I want to get in the hot tub, and I'm taking my toy with me. If you're coming, you'd better get changed!

Karen beckoned to Jenny, and walked out the patio doors into the sunshine. Glancing at the women around her, Jenny followed nervously.

Karen walked out into her back yard, which was spacious and high-walled, with a large pool, hot tub and outdoor shower. She put down the tray of glasses and the jug she was carrying by the tub, and climbed in, switching on the water jets.

"Jump in sweetie," she called to the curvaceous blonde. Jenny climbed in obediently, and Karen pulled Jenny down to sit on her lap with a laugh.

Karen wrapped her arms about her pretty plaything, pulling her in for a kiss. Karen's eyes gleamed evilly.

"You're doing so well -- I'm so proud of you!" she said warmly

"But Karen," Jenny whined softly "all these people..."

"Shhh... don't worry," said the dominant brunette. "They can keep a secret... we all can -- it's not like our husbands know what we get up to!"

"Now," she said, turning Jenny to face the house, where the three ladies were emerging clad in swimsuits. "I want you to be friendly to these friends of mine... I think you'll enjoy yourself!

Jenny whimpered as Karen's hands teased her barely-covered nipples. Watching Karen's friends approach, she saw hunger in their eyes, and turned away, closing her eyes.

"Look at it this way sweetie -- we're all girls here... what could be the worst that would happen? It's not like it matters or anything... no-one will ever know..."

Jenny's willpower drained away as the skilled fingers played with her breasts. The constant domination of Karen, and now her friends, was intoxicating. She had almost no ability to resist left...

She felt Karen lift her, helped by a pair of strong hands, and in a moment, she was sitting on another woman's lap; she wasn't sure whose. Her eyes were still closed as her head was tilted back for a deep kiss, a strong tongue invading her mouth. She felt firm hands caressing her breasts, several pairs of hands at that.

A hand curled between her thighs, fingers pushing under her tiny bikini. She moaned as her pussy lips were stimulated again, strong fingers plunging inside her as her breasts and lips were manipulated, her mouth invaded by a strong tongue.

Jenny couldn't think, couldn't retain a coherent thought as her mouth and pussy were invaded by the skillful women, each exploring her body without regard for consent or desire. The love-balls were pulled out, bringing a grunt from the hyperstimulated blonde as they stretched her pussy one last time. Knowing fingers curled up, rubbing against the front wall of her pussy, stimulating her G-spot before sliding in and out between her swollen lips. As one woman kissed her mouth, another took a nipple into her own mouth, sucking and nibbling it gently.

She gasped as she felt her orgasm approaching, faster than she would have thought possible. Liquid fire lit up her belly, tearing through her with a passionate cry.

"AaaaAAAAaaahhh!" she burst, shrieking around the tongue probing her mouth. Her lips, her tongue, her breasts and her pussy were all connected as if by electricity surging through her body.

She bucked and moaned, lying limp and helpless over warm near-naked flesh. Slowly, her eyes flickered open.

She was seated on the lap of the youngest woman, Miss Quick, who had bent her back by the hair, and was French-kissing her passionately. The most mature lady, Mistress Mort, sitting to the right was kissing and caressing her boobs. Across the hot-tub, she could see Karen watching with a broad smile, meaning it must be Mistress Gray crouched to the left, exploring her pussy so expertly.

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