tagLesbian SexSuburban Submission Ch. 04

Suburban Submission Ch. 04


This is the continuing story of Jenny's submission to Karen, the neighbor who is blackmailing her. It involves her reluctant (yet willing) sex with both women and men, and a fair bit of anal sex. If this is likely to offend you, don't read it!


Jenny slept late the next morning. Fortunately, the kids could take care of themselves in the morning, and Kyle had gone in to work whistling happily.

Last night had been so much better than she had expected. She had been so excited at being told what to do, and Kyle had been so willing to experiment. She couldn't help but be grateful - and to Karen, of all people!

She stretched, feeling the ache between her legs that always followed really good sex, as well as a less familiar ache coming from her bottom. Yesterday had been the first time Kyle - or any man - had taken her there; and she had had the most amazing orgasm.

Jenny got up, pulling on the thin silk robe that she liked to wear when she was alone in the house; which clung to her ample curves and made her feel sexy. She wandered downstairs, putting on the kettle for a cup of coffee and pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

There was a knock at the front door, and Jenny knew immediately who it would be. She looked through the spy hole in the door to find herself gazing at a dark cleavage. Opening the door, she smiled at Karen quite genuinely.

The taller woman was wearing a plunging blouse with a bra that lifted her dark-skinned breasts upwards, giving her a generous cleavage. She looked cool, composed, and almost regal.

Jenny invited her in, noticing that Karen was carrying a paper bag from the local deli, smelling of warm pastry.

"I thought I'd come over early today, make the most of the morning." said Karen with a wide grin.

"I brought Danish pastries, so we can have breakfast whilst you tell me about last night."

"Um...sure. Okay. Coffee?"

"Sure," said Karen, eyes roaming over Jenny's barely clad form. "Nice robe."

Jenny blushed. "I should put something else on," she said reflexively.

"Why bother?" said Karen. "The closer you are to naked, the better for me..."

Karen grinned broadly, and Jenny's blush deepened. She felt her nipples tighten under the silk robe, and knew Karen would have noticed. Nothing seemed to get by her!

She turned away, using the coffee as an excuse not to look Karen in the eye. A minute later, with two steaming mugs in hand, she had to face Karen again, and they sat down in the breakfast room.

Karen had laid out a couple of Danish pastries on the coffee table, and leaned forward to pick up her coffee.

"So, how did it go? Tell me everything" enquired Karen shamelessly.

As if she didn't know, thought Jenny. Karen had told her what to do, after all...

"Well, we had the house to ourselves, as the kids were at friends houses...."


Jenny had cooked a tasty, if light meal for her husband, before suggesting she give him a neck-rub. Massage being one of his favourite treats, he'd gladly accepted, and had taken off his shirt so she could use one of their favorite 'Lush' massage oil bars.

With Kyle sitting on the floor in front of her, Jenny sat on the couch and worked away on Kyle's neck for twenty minutes, gently easing the tension out of his shoulders. At first, she worked hard at the knots in his shoulders, but soon was able to lighten her touch, running her hands up into his hair, and down his arms. Gently, she kissed the back of his neck, and he smiled.

After a few more minutes of this, Kyle murmured that she should stop if she didn't want him to get worked up, and Jenny laughed.

"I've been wanting to get you worked up since before you got home! Why do you think I sent the kids out?"

Kyle half-turned around. "So what's brought this on?" he asked with a smile, only then realizing that his wife was wearing lipstick and earrings, with her hair pinned up they way he liked.

"Well..." Jenny hesitated, but thought quickly how Karen had suggested she approach this. "I spent some time at the mall with some of the other bored housewives, and we pretty much spent the whole time talking about sex."

"What!" laughed Kyle. "Come on!"

"It's true! A couple of the girls aren't married, and we were talking about their boyfriends - and you know girls will talk about everything - and pretty soon, it was just sex, sex, sex. It made me realize we've maybe let things slide a bit."

"I - I don't think we've let things slide." said Kyle defensively.

"Oh darling," said Jenny, throwing her arms around him from behind. "I don't mean it as a criticism. And I really appreciate everything you provide for us. But you do work incredibly hard, and it tires you out. I mean, can you remember the last time we had sex, and it wasn't the weekend?"


"So there I was thinking what a sexy husband I've got, and how maybe I need to remind him how sexy I find him from time to time..." said Jenny into his ear.

Kyle smiled a little; he had always been a bit of a sucker for compliments.

Jenny kissed his neck just below his ear. "And I do find you really sexy," she murmured.

Jenny sat forwards, spreading her legs either side of Kyle's chest to bring him between them, and leaned down, running her hands over his well-muscled chest. She brought her head down to speak softly into his other ear.

"Some of the girls were talking about things that got me really horny," she whispered. "You'd be amazed what some of our neighbors did when they were younger."

Kyle smiled, his hands taking a gently hold on Jenny's ankles, appreciating the well-shaven smoothness of her bare legs. She was wearing a short white skirt he hadn't seen her wear in a long time, which only reached halfway down her thighs when she sat.

"Do you remember in Maui when I surprised you?" asked Jenny.

Kyle nodded slowly, his ears pricking up.


"What happened in Maui?" interrupted Karen, delicately licking flakes of pastry from her well-manicured black fingers.

"It was our honeymoon. I'd shaved myself for a surprise. That was the first time he went down on me." said Jenny. "But I guess when Erin came along, I stopped - and Kyle didn't really go down on me much afterwards either. I guess I just figured it was about me being a mom - but maybe he just preferred me shaved. Do you know, he never said!"

"Did you ever ask?"

"No, I guess not. But I did miss it from time to time."

"So anyway, you told him you were shaved? And then what?"

"Well, once he realized what I meant, he turned right around, still on the floor between my legs, and kind of stared at me, then looked down at my lap. He slowly ran his hands up my legs, till he lifted up that short skirt I was wearing..."


Kyle's mouth opened in lust and appreciation as he revealed his beautiful wife's freshly shaved thighs, coming together to join at her pubis, where her pretty pussy lips gleamed with a tracing of soft, musky juice. He looked up at her for a moment, and then lowered his gaze again. His neck bent, and his head began to crane down towards the gleaming lips, seeking out the juices he craved.

Jenny watched, almost hypnotized by the sight of her hunky husband, shirtless, bending his head down to her lower lips. She could hardly believe his response - she thought he had hated going down on her but - oh! There he was...

Kyle's tongue slid out again, caressing Jenny's lower lips tenderly, tasting the sweet nectar of her arousal. Again and again he licked, his strokes becoming bolder, tongue pushing inside her sweet pussy.

Jenny moaned. Why hadn't she shaved herself after the kids were born? God, if she'd known the effect it would have on him... His tongue probed her, lighting up sparks in her head, even if he lacked the skill displayed earlier that same day by the young Miss Quick.

Kyle nuzzled at his wife's now flowing pussy, savoring the juices coming from her wet pussy. He reached up, pulling at her blouse. After a moment, her hands joined his to manage the tiny buttons, and Jenny shrugged off the blouse, revealing her large breasts clad in one of her lightest, laciest bras.

As Kyle groped at her breasts, Jenny reached down to undo the belt and clasp of her wraparound skirt, leaving her nude but for the flimsy white bra. As Kyle's strong hands groped her breasts, slowly forcing the bra off, she slid a hand around and down to press a slender finger onto her swollen clitoris.

"Oh, lick me here..." she murmured, showing Kyle where to go. Dutifully, he began to stroke and tease her swollen cherry with his tongue, sending waves of pleasure through her body, almost painful in their intensity.

"Aaaaahhhhhh" cried Jenny, a soft moan of delight as she clamped her nude legs around her husband's head.

Kyle kept working away, his tongue diving deep into his wife before rising out to sweep gently over her clitoris; back and forth a half-dozen times before his desire to fully taste her sweet pussy overcame him and he dove back into the grand sweeps of her pussy. The overall effect was almost excruciating for Jenny, as she became more and more aroused, but wasn't able to reach the peaks of stimulation needed to bring her to orgasm.

Within a few minutes, Jenny pushed her husband back, hunger in her eyes as she fixed him with a level gaze.

"Fuck me" she gasped hungrily, lying back on the couch, and opening her legs wide. Her pussy glistened with saliva and pussy-juice, the wet lips swollen and pink.

Kyle stared, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His wife laid naked, legs spread-eagled in front of him, her ample chest heaving above her flat stomach and gaping wet pussy.

His hands couldn't move fast enough, pulling at his fly and pushing his trousers down to his ankles and off.

Jenny watched through half open eyes, as her husband revealed his erect cock, seven inches of slim, hard shaft topped with an uncut purple head. He knelt between her open thighs and positioned his cock at her pussy, thrusting into her in a single motion.

Jenny cried out with joy as her husband's beautiful cock filled her up, the way it had for so many years. This was the moment she loved, the sudden sensation of being penetrated, her pussy stretched and every nerve suddenly calling out for attention...


"Oh yeah... that's hot" said Karen approvingly, as Jenny paused for a mouthful of coffee. The black woman still held her own cup, but the other hand was cupping and squeezing a heavy breast inside her light jacket, teasing and pulling on the nipple.

"So how is Kyle at going down?" asked Karen shamelessly.

"God, it felt good..." said Jenny "He hasn't done it for so long - I don't know why. Maybe he doesn't like doing it without me being shaved. It's like he was SO hungry for me - actually I just wanted him to concentrate on me, not on what he fancied."

"Do you think that Tessa was maybe better?" asked Karen.

Jenny dropped her eyes and nodded. "But it was still good!" she said forcefully. "And when he pushed inside me...it's just the best thing to have sex with someone you really love..."

Karen shrugged, love not really being a major feature of her relationship with her own husband.

"So that was the start. Tell me how you got on...you know what I want to hear. And whilst you're talking..."


Kyle thrust away, driving in and out of his beautiful wife, lying back on the couch. She had got rid of the bra completely, and with every thrust, her breasts rolled upwards, bouncing up and down. She reached forward with a hand, grabbing one of his own to pull herself up into a sitting position. He bent down, and they kissed passionately, tongues inter-twining.

Jenny fixed her husband once more with a hungry, lust-filled gaze. As he thrust into her, she held herself up close to his face.

"Baby..." she murmured. "I love the feeling of you fucking me."

Kyle managed a slight smile, before his face got back to the half-grimace he tended to adopt when he was focused on having sex.

"Do you know what else the girls were talking about? Something you once said you wanted?"

Kyle looked confused. "No..."

Jenny pulled his head down so that she could whisper in his ear.... "Dee Mort says she likes to get fucked in her ass!..."

There was a long pause as she leaned back. Kyle looked at her, somewhat shocked, and his thrusts slowed down. After several seconds, Jenny spoke again.

"Tessa said that she liked it to. She said her husband begged her to let him fuck her ass."

Kyle swallowed slowly.

Jenny continued her slow, seductive suggestions. "They said every guy fantasises about it - and I remembered that you did once, too..."

Kyle moved his hips slowly now. "I thought you didn't like the idea of...it"

"I didn't. But...I've been thinking about it all day."

Jenny sat up decisively, giving her stunned husband a shove that pushed him out of her, and sitting back on his haunches. She stood, and turned, showing him her pert bottom. Slowly, she knelt in front of him, her heavy breasts pressing into the couch, and her knees moving apart.

She knelt for a few seconds, and there was complete silence. She turned to look over her shoulder at Kyle, clearly knocked for a loop.

"Don't you want it?" she purred seductively.

Kyle knelt up, his cock bigger than ever, shining with her sweet juices. He stammered something about being sure, and Jenny finally frowned with frustration.

"Kyle! I'm ready now, but this could be a one-time offer, so just get your ass over here and...oh!"

Kyle moved forward, his cock sliding halfway into her wet slit. But that wasn't where it would stay...

With his left hand holding Jenny's hips, Kyle took his cock in his right hand, and guided it to his sexy wife's puckered hole. He pressed his hips forwards, pushing the swollen shaft against her anal rim, slowly pushing inside.

Jenny gasped as her husband slowly pushed into her ass, pressing backwards hungrily. Finally his head passed her sphincter, and she squealed as several inches slid inside at once.


Kyle froze, and they were a momentary tableau, a study in priapic lust as the muscular man's hard shaft penetrated his curvaceous wife's tight bottom.

Once Jenny calmed down enough, Kyle slowly started to push inside again, and groaned at the tightness of her anal sphincter.

Jenny moaned continuously, pausing only to gulp a breath as she felt her ass penetrated deeply by her husband. His cock was a pretty similar size to Karen's dildo, but it felt so different - so sexy and dirty to be taken like this, even by the man she loved. It felt like she was being split open as he fucked her.

Slowly her husband slid back out, bringing the head of his swollen cock to press against the inside of her rectal sphincter, before pushing back in. They groaned in unison.

With great care, Kyle held Jenny by her hips and gently rocked back and forth, thrusting his hard cock in and out. Jenny panted, her back shimmering with a sheen of sweat. Between her legs, a trickle of juice ran down the inside of her thigh from her open sex, the scent of her arousal heavy in the air. Her breasts pressed into the couch, the rough material scratching the tender flesh; and her head pushed against the back of the couch as her husband pushed her forwards.

It didn't take long before the aroused couple was approaching their very different orgasms. Jenny was so sensitive, her anus so stretched already that she felt Kyle's cock grow stiffer and more swollen yet, and she could tell he was close to coming. She felt a heaviness in the base of her belly, a knot growing tighter as an anal orgasm approached, and she began to move, thrusting back in an effort to reach orgasm before Kyle did.

Jenny bucked back and forth, her excitement growing, and as Kyle howled behind her, his cock-head swelled and jerked, erupting deep inside her, the most amazing orgasm crested over her, an eruption of pleasure that rose from the depths of her spine, leaving her stunned and exhausted.


"Wow" said Karen. She sat back in her chair, jacket open. Underneath she wore only a push-up transparent purple bra, giving her dark breasts a magnificent cleavage. Her nipples were swollen, and she teased them with one hand. The other lay between her thighs, where her skirt had ridden up to expose matching transparent purple panties. She stroked her pussy gently through the thin fabric.

"That was such a sexy story. Did you find it a turn-on telling me?" she asked.

"Yes" said Jenny awkwardly. Karen had made her expose herself during the story; first pulling the silk robe open to expose her breasts, then opening her crossed legs to expose her pussy. Now she was completely nude once more, legs open wide, hands behind her head. She couldn't be more exposed, and her skin tingled as Karen's gaze roamed across her.

"Good girl. I'm glad you're enjoying sharing with me," said Karen. "Now get on your knees and crawl over here."

Without the slightest surprise or hesitation, Jenny unlocked her hands from behind her head and slid onto her knees on the soft carpet, before padding over between Karen's legs on hands and feet.

"Can you smell my pussy?" asked Karen softly.


"Does it smell good?"

A moment's hesitation. "Yes."

"Take my panties off"

Jenny knelt up, and reached under Karen's butt, which she lifted to allow Jenny's hands to pull off the filmy, sticky panties. Karen's swollen pussy lips gleamed, clean shaven with a neat bush of hair above them.

"Come closer so you can smell me" ordered Karen gently. Obediently Jenny moved closer, bringing her face close to Karen's wet pussy. Just inches away.

"Closer..." whispered Karen.

Jenny's face got closer still. Two inches. An inch. Her face was hovering above the swollen sex lips of her neighbor, and she seemed to sway softly. Karen didn't move, or say anything. For a minute they were frozen in tableau; the only sound Jenny's increasingly laboured breathing. Eventually Jenny's willpower was drained. With a whimper, she pressed forward, her open mouth eagerly seeking out Karen's moistness.

Jenny's tongue slid out, pushing deeply into Karen, savouring her earthy taste, the spicy musk of her sex. Jenny moaned, her lips pressed against Karen's pussy, draining her of every drop she could reach; her tongue stretching deep inside, painfully stretching at the root.

Eventually Karen moaned too, having been holding herself back whilst Jenny submitted herself willingly, hungrily seeking Karen's pussy without a request or order from the dominant black woman. This was a turning point for her. Karen moaned, legs closing about her pale slave; one hand falling behind Jenny's head to stroke her possessively.

"Oh yes... that's it... oh you're a sexy bitch... my little slave... my slut... my dirty little slut - so hungry for me... you couldn't wait to taste me, could you...oh!.. Oh yeah...just there..."

Karen convulsed lightly, gasping as a mini-orgasm swept through her, but managed to hold back from a full orgasm, wanting the tension to build. Slowly she got more and more aroused, as the smaller woman between her thighs probed her every crevice with her eager tongue. Karen began to pant, letting the pressure build this time, letting it carry her...OVER!

Karen came explosively, bucking in her chair as she crushed Jenny between her strong thighs. Her pelvis thrust back and forth, and she cried out. Jenny fell back as Karen's legs weakened, and watched Karen jerk and gasp as her orgasm surged and finally collapsed, leaving the black woman gasping for breath, almost falling out of her chair. Jenny knelt naked at Karen's feet, waiting patiently for her mistress to recover.

It took a couple of minutes before Karen regained the breath to speak, but eventually she recovered; standing up and pulling Jenny to her feet. She reached down and kissed Jenny passionately, tasting her own juices on the blond woman's lips. Karen looked her in the eye and spoke.

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