Suburban Submission Ch. 04


"That was unbelievable. That was probably the best orgasm I've ever had, and some of the best head."

Jenny smiled, actually proud.

"I think you've found your real talent, sweetie - and I think it's something you enjoy."

Jenny looked away shyly, showing herself still a little conflicted. Karen took her softly by the chin and turned her back to face her.

"Thank you," she said earnestly, kissing Jenny again. "I hope you'll do that for me willingly for a long time to come."

Jenny stared at her, breathless and confused. After a moment, Karen grinned like a cat that got thoroughly creamed.

"We should go out. I had an idea earlier, and want to try it out - take a ride into the country. I liked your slip - nice and easy access!" Karen laughed. "Why not put on a wrap, that black one you wore at Peter's barbeque? Don't bother with anything underneath" she purred.

Jenny nodded wordlessly, and after a moment, turned and went upstairs...

They left town in Karen's convertible Mercedes, and began driving out of town on the interstate, heading west. The sun was bright in the sky today, and they could feel the wind in their hair. Soon enough, Jenny noticed the toots of car horns and truckers. Karen grinned, having been looking forward to this.

"Jenny lets give those truckers a show. Undo the top of your dress"

"Karen, please... be reasonable...these guys could be anyone... they could be crazies, druggies, anything..." begged Jenny weakly. She knew she wouldn't win this or any other argument right now.

Karen laughed. "Sweetie, this is a Mercedes. As soon as I want to lose one of these guys, they're dust! So sit back and let's show these guys what they want to see!"

Slightly reassured, Jenny unbuttoned the top half of her dress. The warm sun felt good, but the breeze was cool, and soon Jenny's nipples were erect.

"Sweetheart, you have the finest breasts I've ever seen." Karen said approvingly. "Now pull the seatbelt down so it isn't cutting between them."

Karen allowed her speed to drift down, seeing a truck approaching from behind on the right.

Karen tooted her horn as the truck approached, waving her right hand up in the air.

As the truck levelled with them, Karen gave Jenny more instructions, and after a moment's hesitation, the blonde obediently turned and waved at the trucker, who whooped and sounded his air horn furiously. Karen kept level with him for a minute before gunning forwards, leaving the heavy truck behind quickly.

As they passed another truck, Karen commented on Jenny's erect nipples. "My, my, are we enjoying ourselves? I really love those nipples. And so do these guys." She said, waving at the truck alongside them; two guys in their twenties driving an overloaded pickup.

The Mercedes pulled away again. Another truck was half a mile ahead of them and it would take a minute or so to catch up.

"Jenny, open the dress the rest of the way."

Over the last couple of days, Jenny had learnt that Karen would never back down just because Jenny begged her to. For now, Karen was in charge, and Jenny reluctantly unfastened the remaining buttons.

Once the dress was fully undone, Karen asked for more. "Okay, open the dress - and spread your legs as wide as you can. Put your arms out wide - put one around my shoulder."

Naked, her skin goose-pimpled from the wind even in the warm sunshine, Jenny spread her legs and arms as the Mercedes pulled abreast of the truck cab. The trucker swerved, nearly crashing into the Mercedes as the truck driver stared at the beautiful naked blonde spreading her legs, apparently just for him.

Karen kept the Mercedes abreast of the truck for about two minutes. "Blow him a kiss!" Karen commanded Jenny. The truck tooted his horn appreciatively. "Now, lift those tit up for him... show him how big they are. Oh, he's loving that!" she laughed as she sped off once more.

Karen giggled. She loved showing off her submissive slave; and Jenny just had the most phenomenal body. Even in her mid-thirties, the mom-of-two had a body like a centrefold and could, if she were so inclined, make a fortune doing sexy modelling.

Levelling at another truck, they were rewarded with roars of approval from the young guy driving.

"Hey, he's cute! Let's give him a real show, Jenny - put your fingers between your legs." Ordered Karen relentlessly.

Jenny looked at her with an anguished expression.

"Just do it!" she was told firmly.

Jenny reluctantly did what she was told, stroking between her legs with her right hand; her left hand remaining around Karen's shoulder.

The Mercedes paced the heavy truck as Jenny slid her fingers in and out of her pussy, to the visible delight of the guy driving alongside them.

"That's beautiful, sweetie. Now put those sticky fingers in your mouth..." Karen ordered. The young driver was left staring open-mouthed at the hot woman licking her own juices from her fingers as the engine roared, the powerful car easily pulling away. This was the last truck, as less than two miles further on; she took the off-ramp, quickly leaving the freeway behind.

In just a few minutes, after a few sharp turns, they were on a gravel road leading up into the hills. As the car turned sharply, the seatbelt cut into Jenny's soft tummy, and she cried out.

"Oh, sorry," said Karen honestly. She slowed down, and drove a further ten minutes down the track before eventually pulling into a small clearing by the road to park, with no other cars in sight. The two women sat in the car, and Karen turned to her submissive plaything.

"Slip the dress off the rest of the way - it's time for our walk, Jenny" the brunette ordered.

"What do you mean?" asked Jenny. "Do you mean you want me to walk around naked?"

"Of course! This is a beautiful secluded spot," said Karen, not mentioning the much bigger car park just 500 yards beyond this one. "You can get an all-over tan, and we can have a private out-of-doors photo session."

Jenny sighed. She supposed that it could have been much worse. She'd been terrified that Karen would let one of the truck drivers follow them off the freeway, and then who knows what would have happened... And anyway, Karen had so many photos that a few more would make no difference. She would have to play along for now.

"I've got a costume for you," said Karen. "I saw some bits and pieces when we were shopping, and remembered a fantasy an old boyfriend of mine had. Kind of a weird one, but I can see the appeal..."

Karen reached into the glove compartment, and pulled out a collar, made of two inch-wide soft fabric and covered with mirrored sequins, gleaming in the sunlight.

Karen handed the collar to Jenny. Jenny accepted the collar as much as she accepted her fate and put it around her neck, snapping it in place. There was a quartet of matching bracelets too, stretching around her wrists and ankles, gleaming in the morning sunlight.

Karen looked Jenny over and said, "Sit still and look at me."

Karen pulled out her make-up case, and worked on Jenny for several minutes, decorating her face and nails.

Soon, Jenny wore blusher, green eye-shadow, and deep rust-brown lipstick. The same lipstick was used to coat her nipples as well. Karen used a fascinator to pin her blonde hair back so that it tumbled down her back. The fascinator was also silver, decorated with white feathers, thrusting into the air from between Jenny's golden hair.

Jenny glanced at herself in the mirror, and was surprised to see how beautiful she looked - she kind of expected Karen to make her look cheap!

Right on cue, Karen handed her the love balls she had walked around with yesterday.

"Put these in your cunt, Jenny," said Karen pleasantly. The blonde hesitated, but did what she was told, squeezing the love-balls into her hairless pussy, still a little sticky after she had played with it in the car.

"Ok, let's go," said Karen. She got out of the car, and went round to the back, opening the trunk. Jenny looked around, but saw no sign of life. She sighed - she was in a convertible anyway! Reluctantly, she got out of the car, and padded round to Karen. Finally, her tormentor held out a pair of beautiful, translucent fairy-wings and motioned for her to turn around. The wings had loops, which hooked over her arms, leaving her breasts exposed. In moments, the blonde mom-of-two was transformed into a beautiful fairy.

Even Karen was a little taken back by the beauty of her new plaything. Naked, Jenny's body was curvaceous blonde perfection; her legs long and slim, buttocks high and natural breasts that a porn star would have envied. But with the make-up, and the feathery spray of the fascinator from her hair, she had an ethereal quality, truly like a queen of the fairies. Karen felt the dampness of her own pussy build as she gazed at her captive's heavy breasts and the decorated nipples.

"I'm going to have to call you Titania - queen of the fairies," Karen laughed.

"Come on Titania," she ordered. Karen pulled her shoulder bag out of the car and locked it, walking off without a backward glance; knowing that Jenny would have to follow.

Jenny sighed, but had little choice but to follow her tormentor. The fairy wings bobbed back and forth as she walked, making her look all the more realistic.

Karen led Jenny up a narrow track before stopping to let her walk ahead up the hill. Jenny didn't look at Karen as she passed, but Karen's eyes caressed Jenny's curves. Following two paces behind, her eyes were on a level with Jenny's waist as she watched Jenny's legs and butt flex with every step. God, this white woman had worked hard to keep in shape! Most twenty-year olds would kill for an ass that moved like that! Karen's nipples hardened, and her pussy continued to moisten as she planned what to do.

After ten minutes, they were well into the trees as Karen heard movement behind her. A pretty girl of about twenty was jogging up behind her. She wore a baseball cap, boob tube and running shorts. She clearly hadn't seen Jenny.

"" the girl petered out as she looked up to see the naked 'fairy' walking ahead of her. She froze as Jenny turned at the sound, exposing herself to the younger girl. Both blushed, and Jenny's hands slowly moved to cover herself. Karen grinned lasciviously at the tableau. After a few seconds, the girl began running furiously, past Jenny and rapidly up the track out of sight.

"Oh god," Jenny murmured.

"Don't worry sweetie - there shouldn't be too many joggers," said Karen with a cruel laugh. "Now come on - we're almost at the lookout point."

Karen walked on, and Jenny followed, cursing under her breath.

The lookout point was on a turn-off just off the main track. It was a clearing about thirty feet across, where the tree line had been felled to offer a panoramic view of the valley below. There were a couple of wooden picnic tables and benches, and nothing else. The grass was high here, almost knee-height like a meadow.

"Here we are, Titania" Karen announced. "Time for your photo shoot."

Karen gestured forwards, motioning Jenny to stand in front of her, with the panoramic view behind her. She took a couple of shots, and then started posing Jenny, getting her to kneel down in the grass and smell the flowers. Jenny obeyed, glad to hide herself a little in the long grass, until she felt the prickly blades tickling her freshly shaven crotch. The love-balls had done their work, and her pussy was moist and the lips swollen and tender.

Karen took her time, enjoying the appearance of Jenny, dressed up as a beautiful fairy, silver gleaming at her neck and wrists, wings soaring behind her as she stood amongst the grass and trees. Still, she began to tire of the more innocent fairy pictures, telling Jenny to kneel up in the grass and stroke herself.

"Lie down and rub your fingers against your clitty. I can see you're excited - is it the outfit? The love-balls? Or do you just enjoy being made to do this by another woman, a woman whose pussy you sucked to orgasm this morning?"

"Go on you slut - you love it! Slide those fingers up and down your juicy slit. And right inside too."

Jenny moaned. She was already quite ready, her pussy stimulated during the long walk by the love balls, and being seen by the jogger; now she was lying nude in the grass, sun beating down on her body as she was ordered about. She was so close to an orgasm...

"Stop! Stop right there!" Karen snapped.

Jenny's eyes snapped open, and she froze.

"Put your hands behind your back slut," said Karen, still shooting. Unbeknownst to Jenny, Karen had switched to video to capture Jenny's humiliation. Flushed, panting and near orgasm, her neighbor the soccer mom was definitely as hot as hell.

"That's right - now look at me. Right at me. Good. Now bring out that sticky hand of yours - and lick it. Suck on those fingers. Yeah!"

Jenny sucked her sticky pussy secretions from two fingers, sliding them in and out of her mouth, the way Karen wanted. Now it was the third time she had done it, and the pungent taste was sweet and musky as before, but somehow the fact that she was so horny made it even tastier.

"Do you want to come, slave?" Karen asked mockingly.

Jenny nodded. "Yes - yes please" she said eagerly.

"Beg for it, bitch." Came the cruel reply.

"Please - please, I need to come," begged the blonde.

Karen laughed, filming her sexy neighbor almost naked in the grass, and begging to masturbate herself. "If you're good, bitch. But first you'll need to pull those love balls out."

Jenny dropped her head, but one hand automatically slid to her crotch.

"That's right - mmmh, deep aren't they? Keep going, they're in there somewhere...oh well done! Now hold them up to show me. Wow - those are pretty sticky, huh? Got your little cunt all heated up, did they? Slave?"

"Yes - yes, Miss Mulder" said Jenny. She knew better than to call Karen by her first name when she was being dominant like this.

"Oh good girl! Now pop them in your mouth - yes, the balls. Pop them in and suck them clean like a good fairy. Smile, Titania! You're the queen of the fairies!"

Karen laughed as she filmed Jenny cleaning the love-balls in her mouth. Then, she switched back to still photos. For the next several minutes, she positioned Jenny on the picnic chairs; first one leg up, then bending over; now lying on the table, bent over with legs spread. The fairy wings rose serenely above her naked form, giving an elegant otherworldliness to the erotically charged pictures.

Keeping Jenny in this position, Karen dug into the hamper for a dildo, and passed it to Jenny. Once more, she switched the digital camera to video.

"Fuck yourself, slave. Slide this cock deep into that hungry pussy. Tell me how good it feels."

Jenny took hold of the dildo, eight inches long and fairly thick, and pushed it almost effortlessly. She groaned with pleasure.

"OH GOD that's so good!" she cried passionately. "Oh God!"

Jenny began to slide the thick, veiny rubber cock in and out of her shaven quim, stretching the lips of her pussy with every thrust. She began to grunt and gasp, and was taken aback when Karen called her name, and placed a second dildo in her free hand. This one was smaller and slimmer; about six inches long and much less broad; but it was a vibrator rather than a dildo, humming obscenely in her hand.

"You know what to do, slut" said Karen sharply, filming eagerly.

Jenny knew exactly what to do; and already knew how to make it more comfortable for herself despite her limited experience of anal sex. She pulled the thicker dildo out of her pussy and pushed in the vibrator, coating it liberally with her slick juices. The vibrator sent thrills riding through her clitoris, and she held it there a moment.

"Come on, slave - I want to see both your holes filled" came Karen's cruel voice.

Lying down, breasts pressed into the rough wood of the table, the buxom mom-of-two thrust the two sex toys into her ass and pussy. The vibrator buzzed away, sending obscenely pleasurable messages to her brain as it stimulated her tight anus. Jenny could barely focus enough to slide the two toys in and out of her two holes. Eyes closed, she was almost unaware of Karen leaving her 'extreme close-up' position by her bottom, and coming round to film the blissful expression on her face. She was completely unaware that behind her, the young jogger had run into the grassy area and stopped in shock. Karen had seen the girl though, and beckoned her over. Then she leant down, lifting Jenny's chin in her hand.

Jenny opened her eyes, forced to look up. Karen held her gaze. "You've been a good slut Titania," she said coolly. "And I'm going to reward you. I'm going to let you come, if you promise to do whatever I want you to without hesitating. Will you do that?"

"An... anything!" gasped Jenny, glassy-eyed.

"Good - now look into my eyes. I want you to watch me as you fuck yourself. That's it. Go on. Fuck your brains out."

Jenny let out a loud moan, crying with ecstasy as she finally came. Karen held her gaze the whole time, finally letting her slump to the table in exhaustion. As Jenny slumped, gasping for air, Karen approached the young girl who had frozen several paces away.

The newcomer was a wide-eyed blonde girl; pretty, pert and perfectly formed in her skimpy running-wear. She was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and her hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail.

"Hi sweetie," said Karen. "I was hoping to see you again"

"Aah - me?" said the girl nervously.

"Sure." Said Karen. "I'm a photographer," she lied smoothly "and I'm always on the lookout for new talent."

"I... I don't think..."

"Come on," said Karen as persuasively as she could. "You're a student, right? You must be pretty strapped for cash, huh? Loads of college girls do work like this."

"I'm... I mean..." the girl stammered, looking at Jenny.

"Hey don't worry - I'm not expecting you to turn pro right away." Karen said with a smile. "And if you pulled your cap down and put your sunglasses on, no-one would recognise you."

Karen reached up, tugging the cap down over the girl's eyes, plucking the glasses from the front of her boob tube to slip them on her young face. As she stepped back, she called out "Take five, Jenny" as she brought the camera up to her eye.

Jenny sat and watched as Karen began corrupting the young girl, getting her to pose in her running gear before persuading her to peel it off. Karen was slick, moving from friendly to demanding and back, manipulating the girl like an old hand. Soon, the girl was topless, clad only in her shorts (and hat, of course). The sunglasses had already gone, and the girl peeked shyly at Karen as she posed.

"Go stand with her, Jenny," said Karen after about ten minutes. Slowly, Jenny did just that. The naked fairy and almost nude jogger posed together, and Karen had Jenny steadily remove the girls remaining clothes. In next to no time, her shorts and thong panties had been stripped away, and she was naked, her body stroked and fondled by Jenny's hands. The girl was panting slightly, her nipples erect.

"She wants it Jenny," said Karen softly. "See, her pussy is wet. Slide your hands down and feel for yourself."

Hating herself, Jenny obeyed, holding one pert breast in her left hand, the right sliding down the girl's taut tummy to slip between her legs. The girl moaned; arching her back as her head tilted back, seeking a kiss. Jenny bent down and planted her lips against the youngster's, their tongues tangling. Jenny was very aroused still, and was finding herself very attracted to the horny teenager. She didn't even know her name, or how old she was, but this girl really wanted her - and that was kind of hot!

Karen watched with glee, setting the video camera on a tripod as the soccer-mom French-kissed the girl, young enough to be her daughter, whilst fingering the girl's juicy slit. The girl turned round to grab Jenny's body, hands sliding behind Jenny's head and down between her legs. Two sexy bodies, one with mature curves, the other with nubile pertness, pressed into each other, hips grinding. Their whole bodies seemed to kiss as they pressed together tightly, rubbing their breasts over each other, hands groping and sliding over buttocks and into damp pussies.

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