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Succubus Unleashed


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It was a dark and gloomy night.

Kyros was out in the night, scouting for any possible leads on a Monk's whereabouts. Sweat ran down his brow, burning his eyes, his long black hair plastered to his head.

Sir Blake of the Horadric Legion had sent out a few men, who had so far only found one lead, an old building that looked similar to a Monastery. Two men stayed behind to scope out the place. Meanwhile the rest of them split into different directions.

For days Kyros traveled to no avail. The weather began to act strange for this climate. Days turned to night quicker than normal. On top of that, each night grew longer. Kyros pressed on thinking the answer could be right around the corner. The further he pressed the colder it got. Last night clouds started to form and today those clouds were pitch-black.

Clearly a storm was brewing, but it was far from natural. These clouds weren't flowing with the wind; instead they appeared to gather in one location. Kyros spent the day circling around to confirm his assumption. All the clouds were being pulled towards a central point, only to push those already there out. The cycle continued, clearly not a natural storm after all.

The source looked like it came from a small village in the valley below. For a moment Kyros was scared to carry on, his hands shaking uncontrollably. But he found the needed courage and headed down to investigate. Once he entered the village he noticed all the windows and doors were boarded up. Just then a loud thunder clap vibrated his ear drums. Hands covered ears as he launched himself into a nearby bush for cover. He checked himself and was relieved when he realized he didn't wet himself. The scout briefly chuckled at himself for being so skittish.

The thunder never ceased. Instead it grew longer and louder. Kyros looked up expecting to see a sky lit up by flashes of lightning and was amazed to find none. In fact it looked like the lightning was internal. It served only to peak his interest. The clouds themselves were flashing, like a song was being played by some genius musician. He had been sent out to find something, and he had certainly had found something.

With curiosity Kyros paid close attention to the storm, attempting to find its center. It wasn't an easy task seeing as there was no clear 'eye of the storm,' but he managed to gauge an approximate location. The village was like a small maze with many small alleyways leading to dead ends.

It wasn't every day a Horadric soldier could be found sneaking throughout the streets. He attempted to keep to the shadows. Not really thinking about it, since the village seemed to be abandoned after all. In the grand scheme of things however it was for the best. Someone or Something caused this storm. The Legion didn't mention any abandoned villages as they conquered the land.

The closer to the center he got, the worse the storm seemed to behave. Almost as if it was warning him not to proceed. Before long the thunder was so loud had to cover his ears with increasing pressure. To make matters worse, it started to rain, and not just any rain - sharp painful rain, aimed right at his face with the aid of a harsh wind.

Kyros covered his face as best he could before he peaked through a small gap in his arms. Perhaps it wasn't his presence that made the storm worse. Before his eyes the wind circled one building, an Inn of all places. The lights were even on inside, Kyros wasn't sure if he could make it any closer to investigate the matter further. The wind and rain circled the building so quick it looked like a tornado was forming.

It was now or never. He sprang forward, dashing for the door. Five steps later he pushed on as hard as his body would allow. As if in slow motion the man crept forward, before a strong gust flung him off his feet on to his side in a painful thud. His armor weighed him down. It was just too heavy and had to be removed promptly. Little by little his armor was undone and flung away to join the storm, until only his padded leather under armor remained. Well that and his sword. Couldn't risk losing that.

With all that weight removed he started to crawl through the mud towards his goal. One body length remained, his muscles began to burn and ache yet he pressed on. Something whizzed by his head with such force it threatened to tumble him over. Shocked by the mere speed of the object he looked up, only to see a piece of his discarded metallic armor flying straight for him. Without any time to react, his own armor crashed into his ribcage. Bones cracked in agonizing pain and Kyros rolled on to his back grasping at his side, as tears flowed from his eyes.

The powerful and raging storm picked up his body like a rag doll and tossed him around. Right when he thought his life would end the storm threw him. He screamed as his body was tossed at the building he had been attempting to reach the whole time. Wood splintered in every direction as his body was thrown through the door of the Inn. Kyros slid to a halt twenty feet within.


Kyros picked himself up and brushed the dust and splinters from his body, as everyone went about their business and the music began again. There was a slight pain to his side as he breathed. 'Weird, I must have landed harder than I thought.' He couldn't for the life of him remember why he was here, something to do with a Knight and a...

His thoughts were interrupted once he spotted the most amazing and beautiful strawberry blond woman he had ever seen standing in the corner. Slowly rotating her hips to the music, her hands ran along her sexy body. Her hair brought out her jade eyes, alluring and stunning.

All of a sudden he felt very parched, he needed a drink real bad. He stared to walk and make his way to the bar, noticing how packed the place was. Every table was full; a musician played as scantily clad women danced. The bar maids scurried around delivering food and drinks.

The red haired woman looked his way and for a moment their eyes met. Kyros blushed and turned his focus back to the bar. Once he reached it he gasped in pain as he leaned against it. He couldn't have bruised a rib from that fall, could he have? He gestured for a drink that was promptly passed to him faster than he could blink.

Kyros gulped down the drink and enjoyed the feeling it caused as he felt the cold beverage course through his veins. The wine's bouquet filled his nostrils, as he closed his eyes and savored the taste and smell. Rather than feel refreshed he desired more and greedily took it. Before he realized it the glass was empty. He let out a sigh to announce the drink's great taste. Another glass was slid his way, and another. With two down he grabbed the third and turned to observe the room.

The first thing he noticed was his pain was numbed more or less and new feelings turned in his gut. The music was soothing to his ears. He admired a dancer entertaining a group of men; movement caught his attention in the corner of his eye. It looked like there was a storm outside, but that couldn't be right. He just stumbled into the building and didn't remember a storm.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Come to think about it, the harder he tried to remember how he got here, the more thirsty he got. Taking another sip of his drink quickly calmed those thoughts. Slowly he relaxed into the bar and sighed. It tasted so good no words could describe it.

His gaze fell upon the beautiful strawberry blond, who just so happened to have been staring at him this whole time. A stirring in his loins caused him to blush yet again, but he couldn't break eye contact this time.

She returned his gaze with a sultry stare of her own and a sinister grin upon her lips. Freckles littered her skin below her hazel eyes. Her skin was a little too pale for his tastes, yet seemed to bring more attention to her features. Her body radiated sex and little did he know, how bad she needed it. He gulped and sought another sip from his wine.

His mind was cloudy with lust but he knew he had to shake it from his head. There was a reasonable explanation for being violently tossed in here. He just had to think. Think about... how sexy those long legs were, as they came closer to him. With his attention on her legs he couldn't help but notice her hips swaying with each step.

Oh shit she's coming over to me. What do I do, and what should I say? She beat him to it.

"My what do we have here, such a delicious morsel. I haven't seen your cute face around here before darling," She rubbed a hand over his shoulder and a pleasant warmth spread throughout his body.

"I... I um..."

"Need another drink."

He smiled and nodded as she spoke, he brought the glass to his lips for a small sip. Only she had other plans as she nudged the glass, which forced him to choke down more than he intended.

"Enjoy the unique honey nectar my Mistress created." Her smile broadened, showing off her pearl white teeth. "It's to die for."

He was confused - normal people didn't speak like that. However as the honeyed wine calmed his mind and body, he couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was in this light. She seemed to glow with confidence.

With another glass emptied the bar tender was quick to snatch it away. When he failed to produce another one Kyros squinted in curiosity and for the first time in a long moment he looked away from the girl. Everything was a complete blur, something wasn't right. There were two, no three bar tenders now. They were all moving in a circle. All of a sudden he didn't feel so good.

Without warning she lashed out and grabbed each side of his face and pulled him into a hot steamy kiss. In a flash he was weak in the knees. Kyros fell into her sultry body and found himself grasping her hips. Motion sickness forgotten, and eager to sample more, he returned the kiss and pulled her close, enjoying the feel of her strawberry lips. As she pulled away a blue gaseous substance flowed from his mouth to her own. Her body shook as a small orgasm exploded within, his essence tasted divine.

"You have no idea how wet I am. My body aches for you."

Her voice seduced any remaining will power out of Kyros. He couldn't deny his own painful, hard need for her even if it wasn't threatening to burst from his pants. A key was placed in his hands as if the barkeeper could read his mind. It wasn't like his desires weren't obvious or anything...

"My name's Amber by the way." With that said she gave a smile that stole hearts and turned towards the stairs, shaking her hips hypnotically with each step. Quietly she said, "You'll be screaming it for hours."

With her immediate presence no longer filling his head with naughty ideas and images his head screamed, half wanting, no needing more and the other half sought caution. Questions flooded his mind, why was he here? How did he even get here? All kinds of important things he should have been thinking about; not, I repeat, not the perfect shape of her ass, or the way her hips shook with each step. His member twitched, clearly enjoying the view.

That strange feeling returned to his gut, something was in the wine. It had to be. A part of his mind fought whatever was clouding it. Think you idiot; you're here for a reason. Don't fall for...

Amber turned to look over her shoulder, "Coming lover?" She slapped her behind and winked to Kyros, who was quick to respond.

"Fuck yes." He ran after her, ignoring the sudden pain in his ribs.


A woman sat at a booth off to the side, a wicked fang-baring grin displayed within the silhouette of her curves. She leaned into the light and licked those ruby-red lips. Her plan was coming to fruition. Delicate hands gripped the table as she rose to her feet. Slowly she made her way towards the staircase. Every action her body made was designed to seduce any soul foolish enough to be in her presence.

She was an ancient creature, and equally as powerful. Yet it wasn't until recently that she managed to enter the world. Trapped in the realm of dreams for as long as she could remember, it had been one man that set her free. A group of so called monks began to use her realm as a way of communication. Once she caught wind of their little operation it was only a matter of time before she found one powerful enough. And found one she did.

At first she thought it would be hard to earn her freedom. But a quick false dream was all it took to trick the man known as Yshomatsu into her web. He had put up a fight but in the end his body gave in to the endless pleasure she promised. She even managed to create a little plaything to distract him while she wandered the world.

With his mind lost within his lust he was helpless to resist little Bree, who herself was a slave to the Succubus' lusts. Meridiana knew that he was her lifeline to this realm. And she had no intention to let him have a rational thought ever again.

Her first experiment had consumed the entire village. The end result was Amber, her first attempt to create another succubus. Amber was little more than human perfection at the moment. When she devours her first soul the real transformation will begin. Meridiana thought they'd have to venture out to find a soul. But luck just happened to stumble in. She recognized the armor the man wore. Before she was released into the world a man that called himself a knight had hunted Yshomatsu. This man wore the same type of armor.

As Meridiana slowly ascended the stairs she decided to learn all she could from the man before Amber could finish him. It took an entire village to create one; she would need an army of souls to create more. A shiver went up her spine at the thought. She intended to enjoy her new life.


Kryos' mind screamed at him to stop following that sexy ass that swayed with each step. But blood wasn't flowing towards that mind, another mind had taken over. And it could only think of one thing, it needed it, release! Amber couldn't resist glancing over her shoulder triumphantly. A look his mind didn't miss, if only his body cared to listen. Her lips parted, revealing pearl white teeth, what are two of them elongated?

That warm feeling the wine created began to settle, in his groin. Further silencing his rational mind, closing in on her he slithered his arms around her waist and inhaled a deep breath of her perfume. Her pheromone induced perfume hinted at the pleasures she could provide. And to prove her point she rotated her hips into his solid need, forcing a moan from his lips.

Remembering the key he was given, he tried it on the closest door. When it didn't work Kryos grunted in frustration and shoved his body weight into it. The weak door unlatched and Amber squealed in surprise as she was thrown onto the bed. Rather than landing harshly upon the sheets, her body glided slowly to land with her elbows propping herself up.

"What are you?" His rational mind managed to say, the unnatural act, although beyond sexy woke him up, if only for a moment.

"Sshh baby, take it out." Her sultry gaze never left the tent in his pants. Her words caused his member to twitch painfully, quickly he lowered his pants. Warm air welcomed his skin as his cock sprang lose, his eyes glazed over.

She smiled and spread her legs, revealing her naked flesh. Wait when did she get naked; she was wearing clothing before wasn't she. He couldn't remember, or even recall when he first saw her. But one thing he was certain of, he would have remembered her trimmed red pubic hair had he seen it. Her pussy glistened and appeared to move as if a creature with a mind of its own, begging him to play with it.

Amber reached a slender finger and traced her clit, before flicking a drop of her arousal. It landed on his lip and instinctively he licked his lips. Fireworks went off in his mind, eyes opened wide. He had to have more; it reminded him of the wine downstairs. And he was beyond thirsty.

Kryos leaped forward, face first between her legs. She laughed and closed her legs around him, encouraging him to dive in deeper. He grabbed her hips and enjoyed the fine wine of his doom. His rational mind lost in the bliss that clouded his judgment. All that mattered now was to satisfy his thirst, which he greedily attempted.

"Yes, use that tongue baby."

Meridiana had promised her endless pleasure but she hadn't realized how good it would feel as he hungrily devoured her flower. Her pheromones filled the small room, becoming more potent as her orgasm approached, fueled by her arousal.

He lapped up her juices until his tongue ached, but he didn't care he needed more. She rocked her hips back and forth, fucking his face and moaning beyond that of a human woman. Not that he could hear it; her thighs were clamped over his ears, holding him in place.

She screamed in bliss as she exploded pure ecstasy into his eager mouth. His eyes shot open as his brain overloaded in pleasure. No drug known to man tasted that good. As if possessed he tore open the iron grip of her legs and climbed up her body. Their lips met in a fierce kiss as he sheathed his blade in one swift thrust.

They both moaned as he thrust time and time again. Never before had he needed to fuck so much in his life. It was as if his life depended on it, his mind was on overdrive. Amber's arms and legs squeezed him tight, never wanting him to leave.

He broke the kiss and gasped for breath, "You're so fucking tight I can't believe it!" Her pussy fit like a glove. With each thrust she clenched her inner muscles, milking his cock. He was close already; this was by far the best sex of his life. He thrust like a crazed animal, nothing could stop him.

"Yes that's it, fuck my tight cunt!" She screamed out as she raised her hand to the back of his head, about to pull him into another kiss. "Fuck me like there's no tomorrow." She pulled him in and attacked his mouth. As she moaned into his mouth she sucked out more of his essence, her eyes fluttered in delight, savoring the taste of his soul.

Kryos couldn't hold it anymore, her pussy masterfully milked his cock like nothing he had ever felt before. Unbeknownst to him the wine and her juices were drawing his essence into his balls. She wasn't powerful enough to devour all of him in one go, however. He attempted to warn her that he was close but only managed a muffled moan as they kissed.

One final thrust to the hilt and he screamed at the top of his lungs, pleasure beyond anything he had ever known before exploded between his legs. She tightened her grip on him, holding him in deep as her pussy eagerly milked every last drop, allowing none to escape.

Amber's eyes opened wide in shock, jade colored iris expanded and her pupil slit like a cats. Her two elongated teeth grew into fangs and her ears slightly grew into points. Her transformation had finally begun; soon she would be a full fletched succubus.

Kryos watched in both amazement and horror. Amber had become a monster, but that didn't dampen his arousal, she was still beautiful. Yet one thing did change, along with part of his soul the clouds in his mind vanished. He remembered everything. Who he was, where he was, and why he was here.

As Amber's body changed she was distracted and loosened her grip on the young warrior. A fact that didn't go unnoticed, realizing that he had found the source of the storm he retreated in a panic.

What the fuck have I done?

Part of him urged him on for another round. But he tried to focus on the exit instead, his hard on swung in all directions as he stumbled with his pants. As he reached the door he couldn't help but glance back at the creature that gave him the best lay of his life.

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