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Suckling a Policewoman


Hi. My name is Leviah -- the Hebrew term for "lioness". My parents were not Jewish, but they loved Israel very much (especially Tel Aviv-Yafo -- they found Jerusalem much too bigoted for their taste) and, when my mother bore a couple of twins, they named my brother "Arieh" [= Lion] and me "Leviah".

When I attended high school, such a name became a problem, because I was always mistaken for a Jewish woman - not only because of my name, but also because I am dark-haired, somewhat dark-skinned, I was taught some Hebrew and Arabic by my parents - and I got really big breasts.

So runs the stereotype: if a white woman is really well-breasted, she must be Jewish :-) I even had a Jewish lover once, but he was not better than my non-Jewish ones, so I barely remember his name now.

After high school, I went to university, but could not get my BA because my father got seriously ill, and I had to come home in order to take care of him, while my mother was earning a living for us all, and my brother was in the military.

When my father eventually died, I had to seek a job, and eventually I became a policewoman. Nothing really complicated -- I just directed traffic, and fined motorists.

My specialty is to check with a tape measure whether cars were parked too near a crossroad -- but once I made a mistake and wrote my bra size (38H at the time -- now I need something bigger) on the fine slip, and the actual distance of the car from the crossroad on my shopping list (3"), so the saleslady, when she read my shopping list, asked me if the bra was for a Barbie doll :-)

After that egregious mistake, I was commanded to watch a dangerous roundabout in the countryside. To tell you the truth, the crossroad was so trafficked that it deserved an overpass -- but the city coffers were empty, and the only palliative was to have it watched by a policewoman who had to enlarge her uniform jacket by herself.

Soon I got the habit of wearing a dildo while on duty, in order to fight the stress, the cold and the rain - at times. People with a standard body build could wear excellent weatherproof uniforms, but the quality of mine was compromised by the substandard cloth patches I was forced to insert in them.

I met Rina while it was going to rain; my seven hours' stint was nearly done, and I was really in the dumps; she did not gave way to a truck when engaging the roundabout, and she escaped an accident by the skin of her teeth.

I stopped her; when I approached her, and she opened the window, I heard a vibrator's noise, which stopped as soon as Rina snapped a cable spanning from her trousers' fly to the car's cigarette lighter.

"Where did you buy such a delightful contraption?" I asked.

"I bought a commercial battery-operated apparatus, and had it converted by my sympathetic brother," answered Rina -- and I was amazed as I realized that she was only telling the truth!

Arieh has never been sympathetic with me -- he always claimed that he could smell a menstruating woman, and whenever I was having menses, he managed to sleep elsewhere. He married a woman who had undergone hysterectomy -- so his smell is not offended by female physiology, but she cannot enjoy sex very much, and he is somewhat frustrated by that.

I was nearly crying, as stress and bad weather had already taken their toll, and, when I read on Rina's driving licence that she was living not far from my home, I asked her if she could bring me home after my stint.

"When does it end?" asked Rina

"In about half an hour. By the way, if you really need a vibrator to keep you awake while at the wheel, you should probably sleep for an hour before resuming your trip. If you do that, I will condone your fine."

Rina accepted, reconnected the cable to the gas lighter, closed the window, parked the car, collapsed her seat, and I saw her getting asleep with a gleeful smile -- not only was her brother sympathetic, he was also competent.

After my stint, I awoke Rina, who let me into her car. She must have been disgusted by my turning my own vibrator on while she was driving me home, but I could not admit that what I really needed was crying. Crying is childish, while masturbating is at least teenage.

I met Rina -- or better, her car -- several times thereafter, but I did not had to stop her and I did not talk to her until she once drove a motor home through the roundabout, and saw that a colleague had already arrived to replace me.

I crossed the road around the traffic circle in order to ride my bicycle -- even though it was going to rain, and she honked me.

She parked the vehicle near me, opened the door and told me: "Hi! Would you like to be brought home? My vehicle can carry your bicycle too!"

I accepted; she opened a compartment and put my bicycle in; then she let me sit besides her in the cabin.

The motor home was comfortably warm, and I removed my coat; she looked briefly at my bosom and told me she knew a tailor who could improve my uniforms and garments a lot.

I noticed that her bosom was somewhat bigger than mine, and remarked: "If you have already tested him, I can trust your word."

We giggled, and chatted while she was driving; but I soon noticed a white spot on her blue shirt. The first time I noticed, it was smallish; after a few minutes it had grown noticeably, so I told her: "Rina, what's the white stain on your shirt which keeps growing?"

"Ooops! Leviah, do you mind if I stop the van for half an hour?"

"I do not mind. Nobody is waiting for me at home. What is the matter?"

"You will see," replied her while parking the caravan. Thereafter she closed the tents, and we went into the dining room; she bade me to sit on the sofa, while he took a milk pump our of a cupboard, plugged it into a socket, and to my amazement she removed her shirt and bra, put the nipples into the pump cups, sat down and switched the pump on.

While her milk begun filling the bottles, she explained me that she was a milk donor for La Leche League, and she usually was at home at that time, where she could squirt her breasts tranquilly.

"Had you had children?" I asked.

"No. I have been taught how to induce lactation," replied her, "It takes a lot of patience".

I felt somewhat excited by her squirting her breasts, and I switched my vibrator on (I correctly assumed that the pump engine would have covered its noise), but I had to clasp my own breasts in order to conceal my turgid nipples.

But it was Rina the one who set the rhythm of my excitation: I found myself myself breathing at the same rhythm of the pump she was using, I nearly synchronized the vibrator with it, and I even felt as if it were my own nipples the ones nibbled by the pump.

I admired Rina, as she was giving something so precious of herself, while I was only able to ... "I only give blood from time to time," quipped I.

She smiled and said: "I do that too, but giving blood is sometimes painful; giving milk is always pleasurable, once you have fine-tuned the pump :-)"

I gasped and fainted as she told me that; she stopped the pump, removed the cups from her breasts, and tried to awake me.

She did not succeed, so she laid me down on the floor, watched into my mouth, and removed my uniform in order to bare my breast; she then kneeled down in order to assess if I was breathing and my heart was beating -- my naked moving breasts convinced her that I was just unconscious, so she put me in the lateral safety position -- lying on my left side.

She should have summoned an ambulance then, but she decided to behave otherwise: she put the pump on the floor, and laid on her back in front of me and my bare breasts; she bared her breasts too, bent them sideways and latched the cups to the nipple, so she could empty her breasts while looking after me.

When she was done, I was still breathing, but unconscious, so she tired to awake me; she put the pump aside and, without even covering her breasts, she pinched my shoulders -- without success.

She then heard my vibrator buzzing, searched for the remote, and switched it off. But I did not awake, and she felt authorized to remove my panties and my vibrator -- in order to ascertain that it had not hurt me.

As she did that, I moaned, so she thought that the only way to awake me was to arouse me sexually -- not with my vibrator, but with the pump.

She poured her own milk into a bottle, and put the bottle into the fridge; then she applied the pump cups to my nipples, and turned the pump on, increasing the pump speed and suction gradually.

As it was apparently useless, she decided to apply supplemental stimulation. She laid down on her right side, behind me; raised my left leg (which was bent in order to keep me in LPS) and put her lips on my labia.

Then she opened her mouth and began licking my vulva; as she found my clitoris, began stimulating it until I awake shrieking of pleasure.

"I am sorry, Leviah, but there was no other way to awake you save hurrying to hospital," she apologized.

I was both angry at her and grateful for the pleasure she had just given to me -- when I saw and felt that she had applied the pump at my own breasts, I was somewhat delighted by that, and definitely placated when she delicately put my vibrator in place again, and dressed me -- so I had my panties, my bra, my vest, my shirt and my jacket on again.

Then Rina dressed herself, sat beside me put her left arm over my right shoulder and whispered: "Leviah, are you sure you are well fed? I am afraid that you are buying the batteries for your dildo with the money you should spend on your food."

"A battery lasts a whole day, a meal satiates for just a few hours," I answered gloomily.

"Do not say such silliness!" replied Rina, "I am sorry that I have nothing to feed you with here, except ..."

She did not end the sentence: she went to the fridge, took out the bottles of her own milk, and brought it to me. She then said: "Drink it; then I will ask mom to make dinner for both of us."

"How about La Leche League?"

"I have not committed myself to a steady supply of milk -- I am not a stable cow, I am just a volunteer."

So I drank her milk, sitting on a chair of the motor home, while she was standing near me, with her right hand on my left shoulder, and looking at me intently as if I were her child eating a cake she had made.

When I was done, she caressed the nape of my neck, and told me, "Do you want some more milk?", while pretending she was opening her shirt.

I laughed and told her: "I liked it so much that I would appreciate it a lot."

She laughed too, opened her shirt, bared her breasts and told me: "Do not tell you have not asked for it!"

So she put her right nipple into my mouth; it took about a minute of me to realize how should I suckle it, but the results were excellent: I was well fed, while Rina apparently enjoyed more than an orgasm as I suckled her.

Then I switched breast, and I noticed that she was rubbing her pubis against my breast, so exciting me too. I even went so far as to open my uniform -- but her milk ended before I could unfasten my bra. Rina kissed my mouth and whispered: "I will let you suck some droplets of milk again now; do not swallow them; give them back to me as I will kiss you."

I felt afire, and could not refuse: my breasts gushed out of my bra and I rubbed them against Rina's pubis as she administered her leftover milk to me; and when I kissed her and gave her milk back, it was her who grabbed my breasts and rubbed her nipples against mine.

I leaned against the back of my chair, and let my pubis slid over the lid; as I was wearing a shirt, Rina raised it while her breasts were rubbing my knees; and while she was rubbing my thighs with them, she lowered my panties, kissed my pubic mound, spread my legs apart and begun licking my clitoris.

"Do not overdo! It was not the first time I fainted with too much pleasure," I begged, "That's why I asked you to park your car -- I feared that you could faint too!"

"It is my specialty to awaken sleeping beauties - I am a physician specializing in anaesthesiology!" she said before licking my clitoris with utmost ability.

This time, I was able to maintain consciousness, but I had to beg for mercy: "Was not your mother cooking for both of us?"

"You are right, Leviah; we have to go," she answered.

We dressed again and went back to the driver's cabin; she turned the engine on and asked me to phone her mother by just telling her: "White lamb has become a sheep for her dove."

I did that, but then asked: "What did that sentence mean?"

"That you have drunk and appreciated my milk. My mother too is a milk donor, and, if you like, you can eat some of her cakes, if you do not want to taste her milk too!"

I fainted again, but this time Rina was less devoted to me; she put me into the LSP [Lateral Security Position], converted the dining room of the motorhome into a double bedroom, put me into the bed, took her favourite erotic toy, the dildo her brother had adapted in order to let it take its power from the vehicle's lighter, and inserted it into my genitals -- so I had lots of sweet dreams while she was driving me home.

At home, she awoke me, and we went to the dining room, where dinner was ready.

I was expecting a mother much too ready to feed me with her milk, like Hansel's and Gretel's witch, but she was a good mannered woman who simply cooked good food all of us ate with pleasure.

After dinner, Rina's mother, Layla, asked me if I wanted coffee or latte, and I asked for latte.

While Layla was in the kitchen, brewing coffee, Rina whispered: "It is not my milk the one you will drink. Mom makes a point of serving her own milk to her best guests."

Her words aroused me; Rina noticed that and rubbed her breasts (the right first, the left after) over my ears, and I had to restrain myself from latching at them.

When Layla came back, the coffee was still black, and Layla apologized: "I did not know how much milk did you want; but I am giving you the best quality -- my own."

"It is OK," I answered, and Layla opened her shirt and her nursing bra; she begun massaging her right breast and then expressed her milk into the cup.

I was afraid that I had to drink cold latte, but she was able to pour a lot of milk fast; while she was doing that both me and Rina got excited -- our nipples grew and became visible through our garmens, and we could not help opening our shirts in order to breathe better.

When Layla was done with both breasts, I could drink my latte -- which was extremely sweet. I would have given a kingdom for being able to drink it all over my life.

Layla did not care to cover her breasts again; Rina arose, bared her own and asked me: "I have to empty my breasts again, Leviah. Should I use a pump?"

"No, darling," I answered, "I will do that."

So she delicately grabbed my head, and made me latch on to her right breast, which I sucked with delight; while my mouth was sucking, my hands removed my shirt and my own bra, so I could press my own nipples on to her pubic mound.

Layla helped Rina remove her skirt, her bra, her trousers and her panties; then he approached me and helped me undress completely, even though I was sitting.

Then it was her turn to get undressed; unlike my expectations, she did not touch either of us, and stood a yard away from us, exposing her breasts in full glory, smiling of bliss, and discreetly rubbing her vulva.

While I was suckling Rina's breasts, I caressed her thighs, her buttocks, her sides, the breast I was not suckling, her navel, and her own vulva. She, in turn, pressed her vulva against my nipples and caressed my back, sides and buttocks.

When I was done with her, Layla, Rina's mother, approached me and asked: "Are you sated, or are you going to drink something really sweet now?"

I was unable to talk: grabbed her hand and pulled her right breast towards my mouth. She obligingly put her nipple into it, and I began to suckle.

Layla's breasts were bigger but less firm than Rina's; Rina's milk was more nourishing, but less sweet -- both women had their advantages and drawbacks.

When Layla was done, they volunteer to suck my own breasts in order to reciprocate. I agreed, and experienced some orgasms as Rina suckled my left and Layla my right breast.

I had never known that my nipples could drive me to ecstasy, and I had to forbid them to touch my vulva -- they did that after they were done with my breasts, while they were rubbing their own vulvae against my thighs.

After that, I told them: "Gee, it was extraordinary. But how can I begin to produce milk, in order to reciprocate?"

"The best way is to have both your breasts sucked at the same time after work," replied Rina, "and we can arrange that, if you like."

"By a pump?" I asked.

"A human mouth is better," replied Rina, "We would like to meet you together; you will suckle my left breast first, while mom suckles my right one; then you will suckle mom's right breast, while I will suckle my mom's left one. Then we will suckle your breasts together the way we were doing now."

"An exciting proposal," answered I, and added, "How many times a day?"

"As many as you like. After a month you will produce some drops of milk, and your milk supply will stabilize in about three months. Do you agree?"

Had I said no, my body would have revolted and given myself to the enemy -- so I said "Yes", and agreed to sleep with them that night, in their triple bed.

I will tell you something about that torrid night in another story.

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