tagBDSMSuddenly Single Steffie Ch. 04

Suddenly Single Steffie Ch. 04


Jack pushed her into the room and unfastened the cuffs at her wrists. "Turn around and bending from the waist, pull down the thong, slowly," he ordered. Trembling, she turned and did as he asked. "Spread your legs and grab your ankles," he commanded once she was fully bent over.

She stepped out of the thong and spread her legs, wrapping her hands around her ankles. He gazed at her fully exposed pussy, the shaved lips spread wide, hiding nothing. He approached her and ran his finger through the pink folds, briefly dipping inside her, causing her to gasp at the slight penetration. He gently slapped the lips a couple of times before trailing his finger to her asshole. He pushed his finger against it, dipping just the tip in. "This is going to be so good," he murmured. "I am going to spread you so wide." Stepping back he told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees.

He pulled a few items from his bag and knelt behind her. She could feel the oil as he squirted it at the top of her ass. It slowly trickled down over her puckered hole, which he began to circle with his finger. He pushed her head down into a pillow before kneeling again between her legs. He opened a tube of lube and squeezed some onto his finger. "You ready?" he asked.

She took a deep breath and whispered, "Yes, sir."

Hesitating, he said, "Steffie, you don't have to do this if you really don't want to. Just say so and we'll stop."

She thought for a moment and replied, "No, it's OK. Ever since you first mentioned it, I've been thinking about it and I do want to try it. As you can probably tell, it's getting me very excited."

Or course, he had noticed how wet she was. Her pink lips were glistening wet and some was even running down her thigh. "OK then, here we go," he said as he pushed his lubed finger at her tight hole. He had to push hard but it entered her and he slid it in to the first knuckle.

She gasped and cried out. She was surprised that something as small as his finger would hurt. He pushed in further until his whole finger was inside her. Twisting, he pulled out and then pressed back in.

He pulled out and lubed up two fingers and then pushed them inside. She bit her lip trying not to cry out. He slid them in and out of her and the pain began to fade into pleasure as he finger fucked her ass. She groaned her pleasure but it was soon replaced by another gasp of pain as three fingers worked their way inside her and began to pump in and out.

He pulled them out and she felt lube again being applied to her hole. She could hear him squeezing more out of the bottle and soon something was pressing at her ass. "A little toy for you," Jack explained, a smile in his voice. "A slim dildo." He pushed the phallus hard and it slid into her, spreading her hole.

Steffie pressed her face into the pillow and screamed as it stretched her. Oh how it hurts, she thought. How was she going to be able to take his cock if she couldn't take this thing?

Jack pumped the dildo in and out of her ass, trying to get her used to it. The pain she was feeling again faded into pleasure and she moaned. "Does that feel good?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," she murmured.

"Good, you're ready for the next step," he replied. "The butt plug."

"A butt plug?" she asked as she felt the dildo removed and something bigger pushing into her. This one was really spreading her. She could feel that it was getting wider the deeper it went. Suddenly it became smaller and was fully inside her. She lifted her head from the pillow she had been screaming into. "Is it in?" she asked, her voice shaking.

"Yup, it's in," Jack confirmed, staring at the base of the toy. Grabbing her leash, he tugged on it, "C'mon, let's go show Cal."

She winced as she stood, the plug pushing in deeper. They descended the stairs and she was blushing as Jack told her to turn around and bend over.

"Hey, right on!" Cal exclaimed, seeing the base snugged up between her ass cheeks.

A sudden thought struck Jack and a wicked gleam appeared in his eye. Grabbing the leash again, he pulled her from the room. "C'mon!" he ordered, hurrying up the stairs. He stopped in his room and quickly grabbed the vinyl thong and then proceeded to Steffie's room.

"Put these back on," he said, tossing them to her. "Put on that really short, tight mini skirt you have and one of your thin short tank tops. No bra," he ordered.

She dressed as he ordered and he stared at her. Lifting her top, he removed the nipple clamps that she had forgotten all about. The pain in her ass far outweighed the feelings those little clips produced. He lowered her top back down but left it slightly bunched, revealing more stomach. He also bunched up her skirt a bit so that it didn't quite cover her ass. The very bottom curve was visible when she walked.

He walked her back downstairs and showed her to Cal. "What do you think? Does she look like a bitchslut?"

"Hell yeah," Cal replied, leering at her nipples that were hard and straining at the thin cloth of her top.

As he unclipped her leash, he said to Cal conversationally, "You know what Cal? We seem to be completely out of fresh porno mags. I think bitchslut and I should take a stroll to the smut shop on the corner and buy some."

"That sounds like a great idea!" Cal enthused.

Steffie went pale. He couldn't be serious! The store on the corner was much like any other corner store except they also sold the most obscene magazines and the young men behind the counter always leered at her whenever she went in. She couldn't possibly go in dressed as she was, with a plug up her ass!

Jack saw her mortification and confirmed her fears. "Oh yes, we're going." He saw she was resisting and held up the leash. "Now don't make me use this," he threatened cheerfully.

On trembling legs she headed for the door. Best to just get it over with. As soon as they stepped onto the street, people stared at her, men with lust in their eyes, women with disgust. She could feel the plug pushing in her ass with each step she took. They reached the store and she hesitated before going in. He gave her a shove in the small of her back and she stumbled in. The two young men behind the counter looked up and couldn't help but smile wolfishly at her. "Smile and wink at the nice young men," Jack whispered in her ear.

Obeying she turned and smiled saucily at them, giving them a wink. Jack slid his hand down to her ass, squeezing her cheeks as they turned and walked to the magazine rack. Sure enough, the usual assortment of dirty titles were on display. Jack picked up a copy of Anal Invaders and began to flip through it. He handed it to her, saying, "I think we should get this one. And this one too." He grabbed a copy of Butt-fucked Beauties. He handed her every magazine they sold on anal sex and a couple on bondage and proceeded to the counter.

The guys behind the counter blatantly stared at her breasts, the hardened nipples plainly showing through the thin fabric of her top. Jack saw the direction of their gaze and squeezing one of her breasts, he asked, "They're nice, aren't they?" Much to her horror, he lifted her top and fully revealed them. He pinched the hardened nipples before lowering it again.

Tearing his eyes away from her tits, one of the guys began to key the magazines into the cash register. After a few he mentioned, "You guys like the butt action, don't you?"

"Oh yeah," Jack replied. "My bitch here has a plug up her ass right now!"

Steffie was so stunned that she couldn't even think to react when Jack turned her and lifted her skirt, pulling her thong aside so the guys could see the plug in her ass.

"Very nice," they commented. "Hey, is her pussy shaved?" one of them asked.

Jack pressed down on Steffie's back causing her to bend over and pulled her thong further aside. "Yeah, just had her do it about an hour ago," he said conversationally. "But her ass is the main attraction tonight. I'm going to fuck her till she's begging for mercy," he bragged, giving her a sharp slap before letting her stand up again.

The two guys laughed and Jack paid for the magazines. The guys were again staring at her breasts. Jack gently pushed her up to the counter and firmly holding her hands behind her back with one of his hands, he again lifted her top. "You guys want to give her a squeeze? They really feel amazing."

Steffie watched with stunned amazement as one of the young men reached out and roughly squeezed her breasts. Then the other did the same. Adding to her shame, Jack added, "This is what I like to do." He pinched one of her nipples hard and stretched it out before shaking it, causing her flesh to jiggle before finally lowering her top. "Well boys, have a good night. I'm going to take my bitch here home and clamp her nipples and then fuck her ass good and hard." Whispering in her ear, he commanded, "Smile and wink."

She obeyed as they walked out of the store. She was burning with mortification as they walked back home, the butt plug still twitching in her ass. Jack lowered his hand to her ass and gently squeezing it, he laughed. "You were great in there! Those guys were sporting hard-ons like you wouldn't believe!"

They walked a little further, Jack still squeezing her ass. "How does the plug feel?" he asked just as a business man walked past them.

"It's uncomfortable, sir," she replied.

"But what does it feel like?" he persisted. "Is it moving as you walk?"

"Yes, sir. It's twitching and pushing."

The two blocks seemed like an eternity to Steffie but they finally reached the house. As soon as the door closed behind them, Jack scooped her up and put her over his shoulder, carrying her up the stairs, smacking her ass with each step.

Once in his room, he dumped her on the bed. "Take off the thong," he ordered. He removed his own clothing as she slid the tiny garment off. "On your knees," he said.

She complied and he roughly pulled her wrists behind her back, fastening the cuffs. He pulled up her top and smacked her breast. She hissed in a breath at the unexpected assault. He watched the shaking flesh and smacked the other one. Retrieving the nipple clamps, he gripped her nipple painfully and stretched out her breast again as he attached the clamps. He fastened the chains as he had before and pushed her forward on the bed. She landed with her cheek on a pillow and her ass high in the air.

"Spread your thighs," he commanded, kneeling between her legs. He roughly grabbed her soft ass and kneaded the cheeks, spreading them and staring at the plug pushed deep inside her. He gripped the base and jiggled it and then tugging gently, slowly pulled it from her ass, suddenly leaving her empty. From his bag, he pulled out one last item. A large black rubber dildo, heavily ridged, 8 inches long and 3 inches around. He held it in front of her face. "I'm going to fuck your ass with this," he said menacingly.

"Oh God, no, please, sir. It's too big," she whimpered, her eyes wide.

He slapped her ass several times, causing her to gasp. "You're going to take it and you're going to say you love it and beg for more," he growled at her.

He squeezed a liberal amount of lube onto the dildo and on her asshole, pushing the slick liquid into her with his fingers. He positioned the large toy at her entrance and pushed hard, ramming it half way in, causing her to scream loudly.

Twisting it insider her, he asked, "How does it feel, slut?"

With a gasping and quavering voice, she replied, "It feels good, sir. May I please have all of it?"

"Such a good bitchslut," he purred before giving the dildo another shove, pushing it in to the hilt, causing another scream to pierce the air.

Without giving her a chance to adjust to the invasion, he began to pump the dildo in her ass, long fast strokes, ramming it in deep. She had her face buried in the pillow, screaming and crying, the ridges of the phallus scraping against the tight walls of her ass.

Jack ignored her cries and continued fucking her ass with the large dildo. He watched it sliding in and out of her hole, amazed that she was actually taking it. Eventually she got used to the size and the ridges began to work their magic. Her thighs began to tremble and he reached down between her thighs, massaging her clit.

As soon as his fingers touched her sensitive mound, she cried out loudly, the orgasm searing through her body, quickly followed by another and then another. Her body slumped causing the nipple clamps to catch on the sheets, but she didn't notice. All she could feel was this deliciously monstrous invasion of her ass. She bucked against the huge dildo, wanting even more of it in her. Suddenly it was pulled from her, leaving her empty. She cried out in protest, causing Jack to laugh.

"You've got a greedy little asshole, don't you, bitchslut?" He gazed at her gaping hole, watching it slowly close as he lubed up his cock.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"Say it," he ordered.

"I've got a greedy little asshole, sir," she obediently replied.

Steffie knew the time had come, Jack was going to shove his big dick into her ass. He was bigger than the dildo that had just violated her ass and she didn't know if she could take anything more. She was so nervous she jumped when he touched her asshole with his finger, applying more lube. He chuckled as he slid his slick finger into her ass, spreading the lube. "You're not as tight," he commented as his finger slid in easily.

He knelt behind her and positioned his cock at her sweetly puckered hole. "Relax," he whispered as he held her hips tightly and began to push his dick into her. The head disappeared into her and she gasped loudly, pushing her face into the pillow and whimpering. Jack moaned loudly, her ass was so hot and so tight. He gave a hard thrust, pushing his cock in half way as Steffie screamed into the pillow. Ignoring her pain, he pushed hard again this time burying himself to the hilt.

"God, your ass feels so fucking good!" he cried, grinding against her.

Steffie turned her face away from the pillow, panting heavily. It felt like she was being torn in two, it hurt so much. She couldn't help but whimper as he ground deeper into her.

"Does it hurt?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," she breathed.

"Just relax," he repeated as he slowly pulled back, drawing his cock out of her before slowly sliding the full length of himself back in. He slowly fucked her ass a few times and asked her again, "Does it still hurt?"

"Yes, sir," she repeated. The pain was slowly changing from burning and truly hurting to something more exquisite. Like the spankings, which did hurt, but in a good way.

"Tell me you like it," he ordered gruffly.

"I like it, sir," she dutifully answered.

"Tell me it feels good," he told her, pushing in roughly.

She let out a small cry before whimpering, "It feels good, sir."

He increased his speed, thrusting in deeply as her ass began to open for him. The pain began to ease, being replaced by the most amazing feelings. Her heavy breathing changed from being caused by pain to being caused by the most intense pleasure.

"Oh yes, it feels good, sir," she gasped. "Fuck me, sir. Fuck my ass."

Encouraged by her words, even though he was unsure whether they were true or not, he plunged in faster and deeper. His increased speed pushed her over the edge and she cried out again as her orgasm rocked her body. Jack could feel her muscles clenching and the surge of wetness from her pussy on his balls as she came and was glad that she was enjoying this.

"Oh God, yes, sir! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she cried loudly. "Give it to me, give it to me hard. Ram your big cock deep into my tight ass!" she begged.

He thrust even deeper and harder into her, sweat dripping from his brow. He pulled her cheeks apart and watched his cock pumping in and out of her, amazed that he had stretched her hole so wide.

She again began to quiver and tremble beneath him and he knew she was about to come again. He timed it right and pushed in deep as another orgasm roared through her body causing him to come as well. "I'm coming!" he cried and pumped his cum deep into her ass.

"Oh yes, sir. Fill my ass with your cum. Shoot it deep inside me," she cried as he exploded inside her.

He stayed in her until the last of their climaxes subsided and then he gently pulled out. His legs trembling, he watched as cum dribbled out of her gaping asshole. "My god, that was amazing!" he panted.

He looked down at Steffie, her breathing was heavy, her eyes closed. "Are you OK?" he asked her.

"Yes, sir," she breathed, a smile curving her lips.

"You liked that?' he asked.

"Oh yes, sir," she replied, chuckling.

"Good, because there's more." He stepped out to the hallway and she heard him hollering down the stairs. "Hey Cal? You want a piece of her ass?"

His question was answered by feet quickly pounding up the stairs. "How was she?" Cal asked.

"So fucking good. Her ass is so tight," Jack responded as they entered the room.

Cal sucked in a breath at the sight as he walked around to the end of the bed. "You sure spread her," he commented as he undid his pants and slid them off.

"She's closing up, you should have seen it when I first pulled out," Jack laughed.

Calvin's cock was already fully erect as he knelt between her thighs. He squirted some lube on his cock and smoothed it over the entire length, savoring the moment. He directed his dick to her almost closed hole and pushed the head in.

Steffie groaned loudly as his cock entered her. She quickly turned her head to the pillow to muffle her cries as he roughly plunged into her, burying himself to the hilt with one thrust.

Calvin cried out as he rammed his cock into her. "God you feel good!" he grunted as he began pumping in and out of her, gripping her hips, slamming her ass against him. He pulled out and smacked her ass a few times before driving his cock back into her.

Cal relentlessly drilled his cock into her ass, ramming in deeply, pistoning in and out. She couldn't think, her entire world shrank down to his cock in her ass, driving her to the edge of madness. The pillow continued to muffle her cries of ecstasy as he abused her tight hole. Her orgasms were coming one on top of the other, storming through her body, causing her ass to clench tightly around Cal's punishing cock.

Jack sat in a chair watching them, stroking his hardening cock. "Yeah, that's it bitch, take it like the ass slut you are," he called to her. He could see the muscles in her thighs clenching, could see the juices from her orgasms running down her legs. "You love it bitch, don't you?"

A devilish idea suddenly struck him and he approached the bed. "Move over for a bit," he said to Cal. He pulled out and Jack slid beneath Steffie, causing her to raise her head. He positioned her soaked pussy over his cock and gripping her hips, pulled her down onto him, impaling her. She cried out at this new invasion, as Cal once again knelt behind her and pushed his cock into her ass.

She was momentarily speechless as both men were buried in her to the hilt. They slightly raised her hips and holding her in place, Jack began pumping in and out of her as Cal did the same. She buried her face in Jack's shoulder and cried out loudly as another orgasm roared through her.

"Yeah, you like that don't you, you dirty slut?" Jack whispered to her.

"Yes, sir," she gasped.

"What are you?" he teased.

"A dirty slut, sir," she breathlessly replied.

"You like having two cocks in you? You like feeling full?" he asked, his voice taunting.

"Yes, sir," she grunted. "Oh God, Cal, yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard!" she cried out as Cal increased his tempo and slammed into her.

Feeling close to cumming, he suddenly pulled out of her, wanting to stretch it out longer. He began slapping her ass, watching his red handprints cover her flesh. He spread her cheeks and gazed at her gaping asshole. "You are spread so wide. Your hole is huge," he laughed.

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