tagGroup SexSummer House Fun Ch. 02

Summer House Fun Ch. 02


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The girls left the lounge, Jenny's black halter neck was a mess, covered in spunk. Kay was equally sticky, her cheeks glazed in cum. They giggled as they made their way through the house, holding hands, looking for John. They walked through the hall and past the kitchen towards another room at the back of the house which led to the pool area, kind of like a utility/storage room. They could here him unpacking bags. They stood at the door, as john was kneeling on the floor, his back to the girls, putting things in the fridge. Jenny reached behind Kay's back and unfastened her cum-soaked bikini. She smiled at Kay, and pointed towards John, who was still unaware of their presence. Holding the top by its strap she gently threw it in John's direction. It landed next to him, by his knees. Without tuning round he picked it up and held it in front of him. The cum was clearly visible against the black background. He slowly stood and turned round.

Kay was holding her breasts and shook them playfully at John, who began to speak;

"Jesus, that was quick! I'm gone what, 15 minutes, and already you girls are having fun!"

"The fun has only just begun Johnny boy!" replied Jenny.

Kay released her tits and put her hands around her friend's shoulders, pulling Jenny towards her. Kay flicked her tongue out at Jenny's chin, where a stream of spunk was hanging, she licked it off and ran her tongue around her lips, smearing them with cum. She then looked at John, and swallowed the cum on her tongue. John's prick was visibly hard by now, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Kay and Jenny.

"Looks like you're a little bit turned on John, how about we go get cleaned up and then we can carry on the fun?" Jenny said, fondling Kay's breasts as she spoke. John looked a little disappointed, clearly eager to get his piece of the action from these two cum covered girls.

"Well, erm, if that's what you want, yeah," he stuttered, his cock practically popping out of his shorts.

"Or maybe," began Jenny "Kay could stay here while I go clean up a little, and she could look after you for a bit. What do you think?" Kay knew which option she preferred, and made it slightly more obvious by pulling her jeans down to the floor.

Jenny looked at her friend, and began to mockingly tell her off.

"Let the poor boy make up his own mind before you start getting naked!"

"Oh no its not that, its just that, well, look at my jeans, there's a load of cum on the knee, and they need washing!" Kay joked back. Jenny, seeing that this was turning John on even more played along.

"Let me see. Ah yes, that's cum alright. Who does it belong to, do you know?"

"Well I didn't ask there names, I just opened wide and sucked really..." John began to approach the girls as they teased him mercilessly.

"If you want to get cleaned up Jenny go ahead, but don't be long, I'm ready to burst here!!"

"Ok stud, I'll be back in five minutes, whatever you do, don't cum, or I'll be forced to lick it off Kay wherever it lands!" With that she left the room, leaving John and his rock hard cock, and Kay, her trousers round her ankles, wearing nothing else but a black thong bikini bottom and a big smile.

Kay stepped out of her jeans and kicked them to one side as john pulled his cock free of his shorts. He ran his hands over Kay's shoulders, and down to her breasts. She giggled, and took a step towards him, his erect cock touching her stomach lightly. John leaned towards her and began to kiss her breasts, running one hand down her body to her hip and thigh, the other gently cupping her breast. Kay slid her hands under the sides of her thong and began to wriggle out of it quickly. As it fell to the floor so did she, finding her mouth inches away from her third cock of the day. She looked up at John, wanting to prolong his wait a little longer. She grinned as he looked down at her expectantly.

"You want me to suck it? Shall I suck your cock John?" Before he could reply she took the head in her mouth and flicked her tongue left and right. John moaned and gasped, his pent up excitement finally gaining some release. He placed a hand on her shoulder to steady himself as she took him a little deeper and played with his heavy balls.

She then slowly pulled her head away, leaving his saliva coated cock , and she stood up and moved towards the fridge. She closed the door and turned to face him.

"Come here John, I need you inside me now."

Kay pulled herself onto the top of the fridge and slowly parted her legs. She ran a hand through her trimmed hair and fingered her swollen clit. John walked over to her and positioned himself between her legs. He rested his cock against her wet pussy and leaned forward to kiss her. The kissed deeply and Kay pulled him closer, edging his cock into her dripping pussy. She moaned as his tongue probed her mouth, pulling him deeper and deeper till he was fully inside her. He began to thrust back and forth gently, she pulled her legs up behind his back and gripped him tight. She broke the kiss with a moan, leaning back against the wall. John picked up the pace a little, thrusting deeper and faster as Kay moaned louder and louder.

Jenny appeared at the door, naked. She had washed her face, but her chest still shone slightly with sticky jizz. She walked up behind John, and reaching between his legs grabbed his balls gently. He groaned deeply.

"You like fucking my friend John? Is her pussy tight? I bet you want to cum don't you john? I bet you want to empty these ball into her don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes" he whispered.

"Well, not just yet John, you cant cum just yet, not till I've had a taste for myself."

With that she pulled him back by the arms, pulling him free of Kay's pussy. She spun him round and thrust her tongue into his mouth. Kay pulled herself off the fridge and went to work licking her juices from John's cock. John jumped slightly and moaned as she sucked him deep, deeper than before, almost up to his balls. Jenny sank to her knees as well, and began to lick and suck his balls as Kay deepthroated his big cock. Jenny reached a hand down between her legs and began to slowly rub her pussy, smearing her juices across her clit. Kay pulled free of John and lay under her friend, positioning her mouth below Jenny's wet pussy. In turn Jenny took over sucking johns cock, starting with just the tip, then inching her way down. John moaned as he looked down to see his cock disappear into her mouth. He pulled her head towards him a little, pushing his cock further still into her warm mouth. He was aware that he was getting close to cumming and he wanted to fuck Jenny as well as Kay so he pulled his cock free. Jenny remained kneeling astride Kay as John moved behind her. He pushed her upper body forward slightly and knelt down.

He looked down and saw Kay's tongue flicking along Jenny's clit. He edged his cock forward towards Jenny's waiting pussy. He entered her slowly, Kay ran her tongue along his shaft and back along to Jenny's clit, which she began to suck. John pushed deeper, grabbing her hips as Jenny gasped;

"Oh John that feels so good. Fuck me with that big cock, make me scream you dirty fucker, fucked me harder."

John pulled her hips tight and began to thrust harder and herder. With each thrust Jenny moaned until John was slamming his cock into her, his balls banging against Kay's chin who licked and sucked them when she could. John continued to fuck her hard, one hand on her hip the other on her tits. She pushed back against him, grinding her pussy on his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah John. Keep fucking me, shoot your cum."

John pushed deeper and harder than before, Kay brought one hand up and began to massage his balls as he thrust faster and faster. He could feel his orgasm rising, and as Squeezed him one last time he let out a groan and emptied his balls deep into Jenny. Stream after stream left his cock as he moaned and fell forward onto Jenny's back. She too moaned, feeling his cock spasm inside her. They didn't move for almost a minute, both exhausted. Then John straightened up and slid his cock out slowly. As he did Kay opened her mouth, ready to catch his cum as it fell from Jenny's pussy. John stood up, a drop of cum fell from his cock onto Kay's face as she sucked the cum form Jenny.

Kay then jumped up, her mouth full of cum, and turned to Jenny. She opened her mouth in her friends direction, then swallowed the whole load in one. Jenny reached over and kissed her full on the lips.

To be continued, again!

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