tagGroup SexSummer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 01

Summer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 01


This series picks up where "Christmas with Summer" left off. "Summer Voodoo" follows this one.

~ ~ ~

"Jake, promise me that I'll never wake from this dream...."

Sighing contentedly while pulling our light blanket over us, she hugged herself against my bare chest. Once she was all settled in, I wrapped my arms around her slender shoulders and kissed her forehead before giving my happy girl a gentle squeeze.

Summer and I lay together on our back porch, staring up at the brilliant starry night sky of Cozumel. She was curled in my lap, purring like a kitten. Bathed in soft, warm candlelight, she held to her breast a single piece of fine parchment overlaid with beautiful calligraphy.

Bringing it to the light, she read the inscription in a wondrous whisper...

I solemnly promise to cherish you, to worship you, and to fill your life with happiness, laughter and love.

"And we always will," I said, caressing her smooth cheek with a lock of her long auburn hair.

"That was so beautiful. Baby, I was amazed that you agreed to those vows. It's still hard to believe we actually went through with it."

I grinned, "You were right there with me, saying those same words. I have witnesses and everything."

"Mmmm, I know. God, don't I know. I'm so glad they were all there," she said, kissing my chest.

"You know they wouldn't have missed it for the world. No way. Those guys, miss an opportunity to see you in a sexy wedding gown? Please."

"Yeah, right!" she giggled, punching me. "They were there for a lot better reason than that!"

Of course Summer was right. Following the success of the gifts she'd given them for Christmas, she and I had decided to do something similar with our wedding vows, invoking the spirit of each of us in our sacred promise. In honor of Aaron and how special he always made her feel, we vowed to cherish each other. In honor of Dave, celebrating his passionate devotion to her, we vowed to worship each other. In honor of John's fun-loving playfulness, we vowed to fill each other's life with happiness and laughter.

Above all, we vowed...love. Always and forever, we would love each other. Love for us meant respecting one another, as well as having fun together. It meant a lifetime of shared adventures and complete trust. It meant a search for excitement, absolutely, yet we would also never be without our security blanket.

We wanted nothing more than to bring each other endless joy.

In a soft voice she said, "God, we had such a wonderful wedding. Everything about that day was perfect." Then she gave me a cute grin. "I still can't believe you allowed the part about 'worshipping' to be included in our formal vows. Knowing what it really means, that it's about sexually worshipping each other the way David worships my ass...it was pretty ballsy of you to agree to that one, Mister Marshall. Yep, that was downright open-minded of you!"

"Not at all. For starters, Missus Marshall, you're wildly mistaken if you think Dave is the only one who worships your ass, or any other succulent inch of your perfect body. I completely worship you."

"You mean you ravenously worship me," she grinned, rubbing her bare thigh against my hardening cock. "I swear, ever since we got married, it's like you're channeling all three of them. The way you've been making love to me - the way you've been nonstop fucking me - it's just been overwhelming. My darling husband, I should probably warn you, right here and now. Baby, you've created a monster. I have become completely addicted to fucking you."

Sliding down my body, she took my cock into her mouth.

"Hey, it's a two-way street," I grinned, "which is the other reason why I loved the idea of including the 'worshipping' part. You also vowed to worship my body, so it was a win-win deal."

"Mmmm-hmmmmm," she growled playfully around my shaft. "I do, and I always will. I worship your perfect cock. I constantly crave your cum. Jake, I can never get enough."

She noisily sucked me; there was no soft, gentle pretense. Plain and simple, she was hungry again for cock. She released me only long enough to say, "As much cock as you feed me, and as much cum as I can drink, I'll never stop wanting more. It's like a drug to me. Baby, I want so badly for you to fuck me. Fucking you is my religion. I worship fucking you."

She pulled my erection from her mouth, kissing it and cooing to it as she ran the head all over her face, coating her full, swollen lips in pre-cum and saliva. Sucking it back inside, she took me deep down her throat, humming happily on the shaft. The little minx, she knew it always drove me crazy whenever she did that.

Pulling off for a moment, she grinned as she stroked my cock all over her face. "Believe me, Jake, you won't have to worry about that one. You will never be in doubt about my worshipping you sexually. I'm now Summer Marshall. I'm your Summer forever, and I can't wait to do anything and everything you could ever desire. Baby, you married me. My god, you made me your wife. You know who I am, and you know what I love." She started sucking me again before pulling back to whisper, "You know I love to flirt, and I always want to fuck."

She smiled sweetly as she slowly rubbed my cock across her nose and over her closed eyes. She pressed it between her naked breasts, sucking me as she titty-fucked herself. Pausing, she breathed hotly, "You know that I live for sex, and sucking cock."

Climbing up my body to straddle me, she positioned my tip at the entrance to her drenched pussy. She swiftly impaled herself, screaming with joy when I stabbed her cervix. "Oh, baby, yes, fuck your wife!" she cried, grinding her hips as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Quickly flopping down onto me, breasts to chest, nose to nose, she took my hands and placed them on her ass. Raising her hips, she began slowly and steadily fucking me. Her eyes fluttered, then refocused. Staring intensely, she bit my bottom lip and drove her hips into me with a wild urgency. Riding me hard and never blinking, she panted, "You know all this about me...and still you chose me to be your wife. Do you have any idea how wet...mmmm, how incredibly turned on...that makes me? I know you want a hot wife. You chose me to be not just your wife but also your slut. Baby, you won't have to twist my arm. I want it just as much as you do, and I will worship you like you cannot imagine."

I kept thrusting into her, and she bucked her ass in a frenzy. "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!" she moaned, her breathy voice becoming a high-pitched warble that matched the rhythm of her ass slapping against my hips.

Her gorgeous breasts were bouncing against my face, so I took a nipple in my mouth and clamped down on it. Her eyes snapped open, and she let out a gorgeous howl. I attacked that nipple, tugging fiercely with my sharp teeth while jamming two fingers straight into her warm, tight asshole. As I penetrated her perfect vise, I hissed, "Cum for me! Give it to me, you beautiful slut!" Twisting her nipple, I bit the other one while pressing a third finger up her ass. "I want that married cunt to cum HARD!" I urged, and that's when her dam broke.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, and her pussy began shooting torrents of hot, clear cum all over my balls and lower stomach. As she thrashed on my cock, her cum gushing everywhere, I drove my fingers into her ass while keeping my mouth clamped on her nipple.

Her orgasm far outlasted mine. Despite my climax having peaked following its fourth heavy pulse she continued to bounce and scream for another thirty seconds, until finally her legs gave out. Even after she stopped bouncing, her sleek thighs continued to jerk and spasm; she had no control over them. Her taut tummy quivered with each gush of clear fluid shooting from her pussy, and her back was pure sculpted granite. Summer had not an ounce of fat on her anyway, but when she came that violently her arched back was like a steel scimitar.

Her thighs gradually began to release, then her entire body suddenly went slack. Her ass pressed softly on my balls, her breasts flattening against my chest as her arms snaked around my head. Breathing heavily, she panted, "Like that...just like that. Baby, that's what you do to me. That's what I worship, my beautiful husband."

~ ~ ~

"Honey, who was at the door earlier?" called out Summer, heading toward the kitchen.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, talking to a local internet guy named Dimitri.

Odd as it may have seemed to find a Russian with an internet business in Cozumel, there he was, sitting at my kitchen table. He came highly recommended by the guy at the local market, who was the one person Dave told me to rely on for advice once we'd made our way down to Cozumel. So, what the hell, I'd called and made an appointment for him to come out and see about setting up our internet.

Dimitri looked to be in his late thirties or early forties; probably ex-military, what with his trim, solid build and razor-edged haircut. He spoke thickly accented English, and while very polite he was also a bit on the dour side. To his left was his assistant, a kid whose name I hadn't yet caught.

"Ukrainian. Good worker. Doesn't talk much. Good worker," was all Dimitri said about him.

The boy appeared to be maybe in his mid-teens. Tall and lanky, and actually a reasonably good-looking kid, he was nevertheless so shy that he wouldn't even glance up from his lap where he held some sort of wooden puzzle game he constantly played.

"Oh! I didn't know we had company," Summer said, stopping short at the archway leading into the kitchen.

At the sound of her voice Dimitri turned his head, and the kid finally looked up from his game. While Dimitri made a small strangled sound in his throat, the boy's eyes just about popped out.

"These are the internet guys, the people Dale told us to call," I explained to Summer.

"Dale's the super nice man at the market, right?"

"Yeah, he's the guy Dave told us to see once we got down here, remember? Dale recommended these guys to me for our internet."

"Oh, right, I remember now. You said people would be coming by. I just didn't hear them come in."

"Yeah, you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you."

Summer walked into the kitchen, and I only wish the guys had been there to see the stunned reactions of poor Dimitri and the kid.

As she approached the table, Summer was only wearing three things. For starters, she had Aaron's bejeweled silver bracelet on her right biceps, which she never took off. It was the one gift of Aaron's she felt secure in wearing every day.

She was also wearing a tiny 'Cozumel' tank top; an old, threadbare relic she'd found in one of the dresser drawers in our bedroom. Pale yellow and stretched out all to hell, it had huge arm holes that went to the middle of her ribs. The neckline was similarly low, coming down to the midpoint of her breasts. The top didn't quite reach her belly button, and the skinny shoulder straps didn't cover much either. Though her prominent areolas were covered, that didn't really matter since they clearly showed right through anyway. Besides, the shirt was so flimsy that the straps constantly slid off her shoulders.

Lastly, Summer was wearing a pair of sheer emerald green panties. They weren't a g-string, or even a thong; they were Brazilian cut, riding high on her hips to expose most of her ass.

Funny thing, those panties. Once we'd arrived in Cozumel, Summer had taken to going completely bottomless, or she'd wear some sort of tiny panties. She hadn't even bothered to bring a bikini.

When I asked her about that, a gleam came to her eyes as she smiled, "Didn't think I'd need one."

The other thing was that she had allowed some of her pussy hair to grow back. Whereas before the wedding she'd always been shaved completely bare, in Mexico she sported a small, neatly trimmed rectangle of auburn pubic hair above her slit. She was still shaved clean from the top of her pussy down through her entire split, but she'd decorated herself with a fetching little eye-catcher of a landing strip.

Her sheer panties did nothing to hide any of it.

In describing her new landing strip, she'd grinned, "That's the point, baby. With just this tiny bit of pubic hair you can see how sheer my panties really are. If I'm not wearing panties, now you can definitely tell that it's my naked pussy you're seeing, not merely a pair of flesh-colored panties. When you see my little landing strip, even from far away, you know for sure that you're seeing my pussy, which is still completely bare. Same as before, you can see my lips and my clit - my entire pussy. Once I become wet, my panties still show the spreading moisture. Because of the contrasting pubic hair, though, it's more of a 'taboo' thing, like you're getting to see something you shouldn't. I think it looks sexier this way."

Yes. Absolutely. We could clearly see her pussy through her sheer panties. Even better - and this just always drove me crazy - her panties were so small that a little bit of pubic hair was peeking out over the top.

With her sparkling blue-green eyes and wild auburn hair, along with her little outfit of a see-through yellow top and sheer green panties, she looked like a leprechaun porn star.

Back in the kitchen, having already been caught in her sexy panties and skimpy top, Summer decided just to go with it. With a friendly smile, she offered Dimitri her hand in greeting. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Summer."

Embarrassed over his poor manners, Dimitri quickly stood from the table while swatting the kid with his cap. The boy jumped up like he'd sat on a tack, which made Summer smile.

Formally taking her hands, Dimitri sort of bowed his head and mumbled, "Thank you to meet you. I am Dimitri, at your service."

When he released her hands, she took a step towards the kid, who dropped straight to his knees, bowing before her. With Summer trying not to giggle, the boy took off his cap and furiously shook her hand, never once looking up at her.

Grinning, she affectionately patted him on the head. "You may rise, my handsome prince," she said sweetly, making even Dimitri laugh.

"You are very good! Very good princess!" he crowed, trying not to be too obvious as he watched Summer's breasts jiggle both from her laughter and from the kid's frantic shaking of her hand.

"Bootiful pretty," said the boy, finally lifting his gaze to Summer's face. He said it with such reverence that it obviously took Summer by surprise, and she was more than a little moved.

Gently touching his cheek, she gave him a warm smile. "Oooh, you are a charmer, aren't you?"

Dimitri chuckled something in Russian to the kid, who smiled bashfully at Summer before saying something back to Dimitri.

"I think he like pretty princess!" grinned Dimitri, and it seemed the ice had been broken. Having dropped the dour act, he was laughing and obviously joking affectionately with the shy boy.

"My nephew," he said to Summer. "For him this is first time out of Ukraine. He say no pretty girls in Ukraine, not princess like you. He, how you say, not rocket scientist, but his eyes work good!"

Again, he laughed. The kid just shuffled his feet while smiling down at his shoes.

Touching the boy's chin to raise his gaze again, Summer said to Dimitri, "Tell him, 'Thank you for the compliment. You're both very sweet.' Oh, and also tell him, 'I think you're both very handsome princes too.'"

Dimitri blinked...once, twice.

Realizing she was showing Dimitri her bare ass through her skimpy sheer panties, she looked over her shoulder to give him a warm, welcoming smile. "It's okay," she said, turning to take his hands. "Tell him. I want you to." She looked back at the kid, knowing she was showing her bare ass to him too.

Dimitri spoke to the boy, who responded by looking confused. The Russian seemed to repeat what he'd said, only more slowly, with a rising lilt in his delivery. The kid guffawed and quickly sat down in his chair. Grabbing his wooden puzzle game, his hands were almost frantic as they went back to work.

"Dimitri, what's his name?" asked Summer, moving to stand behind the boy. Smiling, she touched his shoulder. When he looked up at her, she dazzled him with an even prettier smile. Attempting to return it, he gave her a silly lopsided grin.

"His name is Alexei. We call him Alex. He just turn sixteen yesterday."

"Oh, I wish I'd known!" she said, leaning down to kiss Alex and wish him a happy birthday. When Dimitri explained to him what she was saying and doing, he smiled and nodded bashfully to her. Running her hands affectionately over his back, she grinned, "I don't have any birthday cake handy, but may I offer you and Alex some breakfast? We haven't eaten yet, and I'd be happy to make everyone breakfast while you discuss the job."

"That'd be awesome, honey," I said.

"Anything in particular you would like?"

"Whatever you want to make is fine, but have your coffee first. Relax a little, and get yourself started. There's no rush, baby. We'll be here a while."

"Coffee?" she asked, gesturing with a coffee pot to Dimitri and Alex.

"Thank you! Please, yes. Very good," said Dimitri.

Setting out coffee mugs for each of us, Summer leaned over our shoulders to pour everyone a cup. When she pressed her breast into Alex's deltoid, he went stiff as a board.

Dimitri didn't miss a thing, noticing with laser focus the way her top fell away from her breasts, baring them to the nipples every time she leaned forward. When she poured my cup, her shoulder strap slipped down to her elbow, fully exposing her left breast.

"Oops," she said, smiling to Dimitri as she smoothly plucked the strap from her arm and slid it back over her shoulder.

Once everyone was taken care of, Summer took her cup outside to the back porch. As she lounged on a beach chair, sipping her coffee while reading a magazine, we all watched her through the sliding-glass patio door.

"Let Alex know we'll be having breakfast here soon," I said to Dimitri.

"Brek-fest. I know brek-fest word," said Alex, looking up at me with a proud smile. Using a knife-and-fork cutting motion, he made an eating gesture.

Nodding, I returned his smile. "Half-hour," I said, pointing at my watch, gesturing with my index finger to show the minute hand moving halfway around the dial.

"Is good," he said, nodding his understanding.

"Dale say you and Summer married only short time, come here on honeymoon," Dimitri said.

"Yes, we're here on our honeymoon," I smiled, looking out at Summer.

Dimitri also looked at her, then he turned back to me with a knowing smirk. "You are very fortunate man. Dale say you are very good people, too. He only send me good people. Dale is good man."

"He says the same about you. He said I can trust you to do good work, at a fair price."

"Yes, very good job. I do good job for you and pretty princess." He opened up his little binder, and we began to discuss the job.

A few minutes later, Summer came back in and started working on breakfast.

I had to give Alex credit. That poor kid desperately wanted to ogle Summer, but he did his best to keep his head down, listening to our conversation.

In the meantime Summer breezed around the kitchen, bopping here and skipping there, occasionally stopping to look over our shoulders at the paperwork Dimitri was explaining. Shifting her feet and moving her hips, she kept up a sexy little dance while standing at the stove.

Her legs and ass looked like, well, Summer, and Summer happily dancing in her panties was just about the most heartbreakingly beautiful and joyous sight imaginable.

While leaning across the counter on tiptoes to grab a bottle of seasoning, her calf would flex, her other leg stretching out straight behind her. Every time she opened herself up for us like that, beams of sunlight shining into the kitchen went right through her sheer panties, vividly illuminating her gorgeous sex.

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