Summer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 01


Noticing that Dimitri had stopped talking, I turned back to him, only to be met by his big, grinning face. He didn't say a thing, but we both knew I hadn't been paying any attention to whatever he'd just been saying.

With a laugh I shrugged, holding up my palms in an admission of guilt. "You're right, Dimitri. I am a very fortunate man, and I apologize for being so rude."

He laughed too, and I returned my attention to the paperwork he was explaining.

Beaming brightly, Summer was soon serving us a beautiful breakfast of chorizo omelets and fresh fruit. Once we were all through eating, Dimitri and Alex began working on setting us up. They were checking our house's wiring when Summer said she was going to go catch some rays.

Grabbing a towel, a book, some sun cream and her sunglasses, she made her way outside to her favorite spot on the sand. After spreading her towel, she lay on her stomach facing the house. She read for a short while, then she dropped her head onto her folded arms and dozed off.

As I was loading the dishwasher, Dimitri came and told me he needed to grab a different modem from his shop. Saying he'd be back in about half an hour, he asked whether it would be okay for Alex to hang out and continue working on the wiring. I told him that'd be fine, then I went outside to join Summer.

Ten minutes later Alex appeared by the side of the house, indicating that he was finished. Summer lifted her head and waved him over, so he came and sat down beside us. He wasn't there but a minute or so before he gestured first to the ocean then to his t-shirt. Tugging on it, he said, "Is hot! I go?" He was asking for permission to take a swim.

Nodding, I pulled my shirt off and headed towards the water. He jumped up and ran ahead of me, pitching himself headlong into the surf. Following him in, I dove beneath the waves and swam for a bit before surfacing in waist-high water.

Wham! I was immediately tackled right back into the surf.

Tumbling around together beneath the water, it was fairly obvious as to who had tackled me. Alex was never going to feel that soft and sexy.

After regaining my footing, I tried to stand again, only to have Summer jump on my back. Wrapping her arms and legs around me, she leaned down and gave me a huge raspberry in my ear. "Morning, sunshine!" she laughed, never letting go. She just pressed her breasts into me while locking her ankles together, holding on tightly as I lurched about in slow, awkward circles like Frankenstein's monster.

Clinging to her perch upon my back, she grinned at Alex, who was laughing at our antics. Finally she released her anaconda death grip, dropping herself underwater. Slithering between my legs, she paused to grab my cock and shake it before surfacing in front of me. She jumped up again, this time facing me as she locked her arms and legs around me.

"Kiss me, you fool!" she giggled, offering me her lips in an exaggerated kissing motion. When I leaned in to kiss her, she attacked, noisily smacking her lips and tongue all over my mouth.

"Mmmm, you taste like spicy sausage," she said, licking my lips.

"You taste like...Summer!" I shouted, flinging myself on top of her, dunking us both. Once we were underwater, I scooted down and captured her panties-covered pussy in my mouth. Even underwater I could hear her excited squeal when I gently bit into her before pulling her back up.

Spluttering and laughing, she shouted, "You cheated, you big, fat cheater!" Kicking her legs while windmilling her arms, she splashed me with everything she had.

"I learned from the best," I chuckled, splashing her right back.

She slowly slinked her way over to me, sliding into my embrace. Reaching up to hook her arms around my neck, she pulled me in for a much more sensual kiss. While grinding her pussy against my growing bulge, she smiled, "You are so bad, biting my pussy like that. I ought to pull your big cock out and fuck you right here. You deserve it, you know, especially after letting me blunder nearly naked into a kitchen full of strangers."

"Welcome to paradise, gorgeous," I grinned, slipping my hands inside her panties to cup that perfect ass.

"God, this really is paradise. I still can't believe this place is all ours. Remind me to thank David when he gets here...." With a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, she playfully swished her bottom back and forth in my hands.

I laughed, "Now why do I suspect it won't be necessary for me to remind you?"

"Details," she said, smiling as her hands slid inside my shorts, one cupping my ass, the other stroking my dick. Kissing me again and sucking my tongue, she moaned into my mouth before pulling back to grin, "You're right. I won't forget."

After watching us for a while, Alex had gone back to the sand and plopped himself down beside Summer's towel.

"Clever boy. I think he's taken a real fancy to the beautiful princess," I said, leading Summer back to her towel.

"He's absolutely adorable. Can we keep him?" she grinned. As we walked up the sand, she slid her hand down the back of my shorts to play with my ass.

Laughing, I smacked her tight little bottom. "Baby, look what you've done to him! He doesn't even know where to look!"

Taking a quick glance down her body, Summer noticed that not only had her skimpy top become completely transparent but so had her panties, which had also managed to slip halfway down her ass. Most of her small patch of pubic hair was exposed over the top of the loose waistband.

Coyly biting her lip, she looked up at me with another mischievous smile. "Oh, I'll make it easy for him to decide."

When we arrived back at her towel, Summer went to her knees alongside Alex. Leaning down to grab her sun cream, she handed it to him. "That's sun screen. You rub it on me," she said, making a rubbing gesture up and down her body. Crossing her arms, she reached for the bottom of her wet t-shirt and pulled it over her head. Smiling sexily as she bared her breasts to him, she casually dropped her top beside her book. Again she made her 'rubbing in the cream' gesture, then she lay on her stomach.

"Take a seat," she grinned, motioning for him to sit astride her pooched-up ass. When she lowered her head to her folded arms, Alex tentatively shifted over, stopping once he was next to her hip. "No, here..." she said, jiggling and patting her bottom. She took him by the wrist to pull him on top of her, and finally he gave in, straddling her upper thighs. "Close enough. Now rub in cream," she said, abbreviating her speech for his benefit. Looking over her shoulder, she made a rubbing motion on her lower back.

Alex stared at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

I laughed, "You heard her! Rub!" Reaching forward with two hands, I made a rubbing motion on her back.

He tried to hand me the cream, gesturing that I should do it, but I just laughed and leaned back, letting him know the floor was his. It looked like Summer had chosen him to be her next lucky victim, and I wasn't about to spoil their fun.

Alex had a confused look on his face, as if to say, "Seriously? You don't want to? You want me to do this? Are you insane?"

I just nodded while gesturing with my head to Summer, who gave him an inviting smile. Lifting onto her elbows, her stunning breasts swaying heavily beneath her, she took his hand and placed it on her lower back. After guiding his fingers around in circles for a bit, she took the bottle from him and turned it upside down, pointing it to the spot where she had him rubbing her. She squeezed out some cream and handed him back the bottle before returning her head to its resting place atop her arms, finally ending her little demonstration with another tempting wiggle of her ass.

Alex gently placed his hands in the goop, using his fingertips to spread it up and down her back. Once he'd used it all, he picked up the bottle and squeezed out a huge dollop of the stuff. After rubbing it between his palms, he returned his hands to her, and Summer sighed happily. Encouraged, he began doing circles across her waist. She reached up and pulled her long hair to the side, exposing her entire back. Taking the hint, he began doing smoothing circles along her spine and over her shoulders.

Still appearing rather uncertain about the whole thing, he gave me a quick glance.

Gesturing to the house, I made a drinking motion, asking him if he'd like a drink. He nodded.

I got up and went into the house to grab three cold bottles of water from the fridge. Instead of heading straight back out, though, I stopped at the kitchen window. As I took a moment to watch them, Summer looked up and blew me a kiss before giving me a secretive little smile. She subtly gestured for me to stay put. Her message was clear: Alex was already freaked out, and my being there with them was only making him even more nervous.

Turning back to him, Summer made a motion that she wanted to get up. Once he scrambled off of her, she rose to her knees and gestured for him to stay there.

She came to the kitchen and took two bottles of water. Kissing me, she said, "He's absolutely terrified. I just want to let him relax and calm down a little. I need you to stay here, but you have to promise you won't cum from watching us. I don't want you wasting a drop."

~ ~ ~

Carrying the two water bottles, Summer smiled to herself as she walked topless towards Alex. He hadn't moved an inch.

She was adding a provocative sway to her hips, and she never had pulled her panties back up. Half her pussy hair was still showing above her completely see-through panties, along with six inches of bare ass crack.

Returning to their blanket, she went to her knees before handing him a bottle of water. Popping hers open, she took a long pull, tilting her head back to accentuate her full, gorgeous breasts and the silky line of her elegant neck. She set the bottle down and lay on her stomach. Patting her ass again, she gestured for him to climb aboard.

Though he still couldn't quite believe everything that was happening, he was nevertheless much more eager to straddle her spectacular bottom. When she handed him the bottle of sun cream, he went right to town on her.

"Good, Alex," she purred appreciatively when his hands slid down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts bulging out beneath her.

He flinched when he touched her there, but she just wiggled her shoulders, indicating for him to continue. Curious and emboldened, Alex lingered on her sides, which Summer encouraged by humming happily while doing a subtle rocking motion of her torso. Each time his hand touched her breast she rocked that side of her body higher, exposing more of her soft mound to his groping fingers. She was inviting him to explore.

Whenever he leaned forward to rub her shoulders or the sides of her breasts, Summer felt his erection pressing into her ass. Grinning, she happily wiggled her bottom on his cock.

"Here, Alex..." she said, making a rubbing motion over her lower back and hips.

He was relieved to be able to slide down from her bottom, onto the backs of her thighs. Though he'd never been with a girl, he'd masturbated many times, and he knew he would quickly cum if he kept rubbing his cock into the beautiful woman's mouthwatering ass.

Summer looked back at him with a friendly smile, then she made a pouty face and moaned in exaggerated disappointment when he removed his erection from her deep split. She tapped her fingertips over the exposed skin where her panties had slid down, showing him where to rub next.

Alex hesitantly began to squeeze the cream onto her tailbone, right at the top of her exposed crack. Summer flinched and giggled, which made him laugh. His laughing made her laugh, and with the tension broken Summer tugged her panties further down her bottom. She placed his hands at the top of her soft moons; then, while wiggling and lifting her ass, she turned and gave him another inviting smile before lowering her head back to her arms.

"Rub, Alex."

Alex began to smooth the cream into her skin, sweeping out over her hips and back across the top halves of her bare cheeks. He made slow circles, which quickly turned into more of a caressing motion than a rubbing in of cream.

"Good, good," said Summer, gently gyrating her hips beneath his searching hands.

He squeezed out a little more cream, and some of it dropped right into her sweet split. Summer flinched, then she reached back to roll her panties all the way down to her thighs, exposing her entire ass. Alex slowly rubbed the cream into her smooth globes; she moaned when his fingers pressed into her warm divide, coming within an inch of her gorgeous pink pucker.

Moving her ass in slow, sexy undulations, she reveled in the feeling of the shy boy furtively exploring her body. Attempting to spread her legs for him, she was frustrated by her panties holding firm at the tops of her thighs. Unable to open herself any further, still she was rewarded when Alex passed his index and middle fingers over her tight little star.

"Mmmmmm, good," she whispered, so he started caressing up and down her crescent divide, until he was eventually focusing all his attention on her tiny, intriguing opening. He'd never seen one before, and he was spellbound by her naked beauty.

Summer looked back and saw his wonderment, which made her smile. He was no longer applying the sun cream. He was simply exploring her tender asshole, caressing it and admiring it. She absolutely loved everything he was doing, and she moaned when the tip of his index finger began a gentle probing in the center of her winking aperture. She reflexively arched her back, spreading her ass for him, and his finger slipped to the second knuckle inside her tight treasure.

Moaning again, she raised onto her elbows, baring her breasts.

"Yes...more," she said, smiling over her shoulder. She pressed her ass onto his finger, softly crying out as she impaled herself all the way on the long digit. Alex gasped, and she grinned when she felt his finger fully buried in her hot clutch. He fucked her for a few strokes, then she saw his hips spasm. Suddenly cumming in his shorts, he went into a panic.

Giving him a reassuring smile and a gentle wiggle of her bottom, she tried to let him know it was okay that he came. She attempted to reach back to him, but he only wanted to hide his embarrassment. His eyes wild, he quickly jumped up and ran to the surf.

With a patient sigh, Summer peeled off her panties. Completely naked, she slowly walked down the sand before wading into the water to go to him. He was thoroughly crestfallen, mumbling apologies, but Summer just touched his lips with her fingertip. "'s's okay."

With a pitiful look Alex made an embarrassed gesture to his crotch, as if to say, "Look what I did! I'm such an idiot!"

He was still erect, his lengthy cock making a huge bulge in his shorts.

Summer again touched his lips. "That's good, Alex. Very good." Offering him a warm smile, she reached into his shorts and pulled his cock out, then she began caressing it. "Very good, Alex. Very pretty."

Awestruck, he slowly raised his hand to touch her breast. "No...princess bootiful pretty," he said quietly. Moving his hand from her breast to her face, he simply stared at her gorgeous features. "Princess...bootiful," he whispered.

Summer reached up to cup his face. "Alex bootiful pretty too," she said, imitating his speech so he could better understand her. Going to her knees in the foaming surf, she gently grasped his cock again. Slowly stroking it, she planted gentle kisses over the entire shaft before finally taking it into her mouth. After sucking it all the way down, she pulled away and held it to her cheek. Kissing the head, she gazed admiringly at it. "Alex...very bootiful pretty. Do you understand?"

Nodding slowly, he touched her hair.

She took him by the hand and led him out of the water, back to her towel. As they were walking up the sand, they heard Dimitri getting out of his truck.

Feeling Alex's sudden panic, she stopped him and again touched his face. "Alex, it's okay. Sssshhh."

Returning to their spot on the sand, she lay on her stomach and gestured with the bottle of sun cream for him to do her legs.

~ ~ ~

When Dimitri came back into the house, I led him to the patio door while asking, "Has Alex ever seen a naked woman before?"

Looking across the sand, he watched as Alex applied sun screen to a fully nude Summer. The Russian broke into a huge grin and slapped my back. "Dale was right. You good man. Very generous! No, Alex never see naked girl. Summer is first girl Alex see. Alex have good fortune!"

We laughed together as we watched the greatest moment of Alex's young life unfolding out there on the sand. Sensing why I was leaving them alone, Dimitri turned to me. "Is good, we stay here. Alex not so nervous. Very good."

When I told Dimitri that Alex had said he'd completed his wiring assignment before asking to take a swim, Dimitri immediately went out to check on Alex's work. He came back nodding his head. "Is good. Job is good."

Summer stood and took a drink of water. Looking towards the house, she smiled when she saw us standing at the patio door. "Hey!" she called with a wave. Alex panicked again, immediately scrambling to find his shirt. Dimitri laughed and said something to him in Russian while motioning with his hands that everything was okay.

Gloriously naked, Summer walked over to give Dimitri a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you. That's very nice of you not to get mad at him." When he started to say something, she just kissed him again before bouncing right back to Alex. Taking him by the hand, she led him down to the surf. He turned to shoot us a goofy grin, and Dimitri gave him a thumbs up.

Alex suddenly became the young boy he really was. As soon as they reached the water's edge, he threw Summer over his shoulder and raced out into the surf where he launched her into the air before diving in after her.

She came up laughing and spluttering, slapping at him as he again tried to fling her over his shoulder. Happily wrestling in the surf, the tables were quickly turned; she became the hunter, and he became the prey. Laughing and splashing, he was trying to make his escape. She was tugging at his shorts, obviously trying to pants him, and we kept seeing flashes of his snow white butt. When he attempted to dive away, she lunged for his legs, grabbing two handfuls. Emerging from the surf with a loud cry of exultation, she triumphantly held up his shorts.

Suddenly naked too, he went to attack her, but she'd already lit out up the sand. Laughing like a maniac, she ran straight towards us, with Alex in hot pursuit.

Just as he was about to catch her, she looked back at him. "Haaa!" she shouted, throwing his wet shorts onto the roof of the house. "Thhhhhppppthhhh!!" After giving him a big raspberry, she stuck her tongue out and did a sexy little victory dance, spinning in sensual, hip-gyrating circles, her arms waving above her head.

He was laughing at her celebration antics when suddenly she gave him a comically fierce growl, then she pounced on him, tackling him! Landing in a heap together on her towel, they ended up with Summer straddling his stomach while trying to hold his arms down.

He wasn't fighting back too seriously, though. He was mostly just laughing.

"Smart kid," I grinned.

"Yes, smart," agreed Dimitri.

I laughed, "Horny, too! Look."

"What will she do? Will she do sex with him?" he asked, spotting Alex's erect cock sticking straight up behind Summer's naked bottom.

"I don't know. She thinks he's sweet, and knowing he's a virgin, she just might. She's a very warm and giving woman," I grinned, laughing to myself over my absurd euphemisms.

He turned to me. "You don't mind?"

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