tagLoving WivesSummer Lovin' Show and Tell

Summer Lovin' Show and Tell


Married couple flashes and teases, just for the sake of sexy pillow talk later.


Because my wife, Cindy, and I live in northern New Hampshire, a colder part of the country, after having to endure a long, snowy winter, the summer is our favorite season. A time without coats and jackets is when my wife and I play our sexy games of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Of course, she's the exhibitionist and I'm the voyeur, although there have been a few times we've reversed the roles with me playing the exhibitionist and her playing the voyeur.

For the most part, free from the fear of arrest for exposing my penis, I prefer her being the exhibitionist. Besides, so long as the woman is good looking, women can show nearly everything and not get arrested. That's just the way it is in our lopsided sexually twisted, puritanical society.

Over the years our appetite has grown to do more sexy things by involving more people in our devious sexual games. After spending all of our marriage flashing and being naked in public, we now need to do even more flashing to get excited. Secretly, we've involved most of our friends and family in flashing them.

Actually, it'd be easier if I just tell you how it all started, before showing you what we do. Then, you can see for yourself. I don't have to tell you, but all this exhibitionism and voyeurism, all this sexual teasing, which is our way of foreplay leads to summer lovin' and great summer sex. If our pillows could talk, well, suffice to say, they'd have a lot of hot stuff to say.

It all started innocently enough on, of all auspicious occasions, our wedding day, August the 24th. The Best Man, my friend, Jerry, and the ushers, Bob, Jim, and Pete, walked in on my wife, just as she was getting into her wedding dress. All the rooms in the hotel looked alike and after spending a night drinking at my bachelor party, they opened the wrong door and there was Cindy wearing nothing but her crotch-less, bikini panties with garters and stockings, and her shocked expression. Her dress, tightly fitted and gathered around the top, was the type that she didn't need to wear a bra, which was why she was standing there topless with her tits so exposed to them. Even now, years later, when I think of all that they saw of Cindy, it makes my cock throb.

Had I known what they saw, the fact that all four of my horny friends saw Cindy getting into her wedding dress was enough to have given me an erection all through the wedding ceremony and during the entire reception party. Only, at the time, I didn't know they had seen her shaved pussy and her B cup tits. I figured they had just seen her in her panty and bra, which was more than enough to get me excited. Had I known they had seen everything, her shaved pussy, her tits, and her ass, I would have wanted to have sex with her right then and there, so that she could whisper all the dirty details in my ear for me to imagine the rest.

When she told me that the guys had walked in on her, while she was dressing, I couldn't wait to get her alone for some hot pillow talk. I needed to know exactly what they saw and how she felt about them seeing all that they saw of her. Figuring she was embarrassed, figuring she was so mortified that she could never face my friends again, boy was I wrong. That first accidental flashing experience was the beginning of our summer lovin' escapades every year for the twelve years we've been married.

"Cindy," I said finally getting her alone in the elevator. "Tell me again what happened."

On our way up to the Honeymoon suite, this was the first time I had some alone time with my new wife. Things immediately changed. I was her husband now, her protector, and I had to show more concern for her feelings than I did for mine. Even though I wanted to pull out my cock and start masturbating, while she told me all that happened and all that my four horny friends saw of my new, beautiful bride, in sympathetic sensitivity to her, I had to show more self-control. Had I known, when my four lust filled friends opened her door and saw her standing there in what I had imagined was her sexy underwear, panty and bra, no doubt, when, instead, she was practically naked, I would have lost it to my lust for her and the sexually charged situation.

"What? What do you mean? What happened? Nothing happened." She gave me a look that told me she knew what I was about to ask her.

"I'm talking about when the guys opened your door. What did the guys see, when they accidentally opened the door to your room, while you were getting into your wedding dress?"

I was so excited by the thoughts of my friends seeing Cindy in her underwear that I was shaking.

"Oh, that. Well, it would be easier to tell you what they didn't see, when they opened that door," she said with a nervous laugh and a blush to her cheeks making eye contact and quickly breaking it.

Oh, my God, I thought. For her to act in this way to blush and to not look at me, they must have seen something they shouldn't have seen. I imagined her in her sexiest lingerie. I'll be jerking off over that image for years.

"Tell me," I said trying to choose my words with my brain instead of with my penis. "What were you wearing? What did they see?"

"It would be easier to tell you what I wasn't wearing and easier to tell you all that they didn't see," she said with a sly, sexy smile that made my cock pulsate with my imagination.

Damn, she was such a sexy tease. She was talking in riddles. Maybe the champagne she had at our reception went to her head.

Figuring they saw her from the back in her unzipped wedding dress and didn't see much more than the back of her bra and perhaps the top of her bikini panty, I figured she was just teasing me by making me believe they had seen more than what they saw. Yeah, that's probably it. She was getting me primed for the Honeymoon. She was so sexy. She made me want to push her down right there on the elevator floor and have my lusty way with her.

With her strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was so damn beautiful and even more beautiful now that she was my lawfully wedded wife. She was mine, all mine and no one else could have her, but me. Now that we were married, we openly talked about sex in the elevator and along the corridor to our room. I couldn't wait to get her alone in our Honeymoon Suite.

"C'mon," I said holding open the door for her and allowing her to alight from the elevator first. She was still in her wedding gown and I was still in my tux. "Tell me, Cindy. What did they see?"

"They saw everything, Michael," she said, this time looking down and not making eye contact with me at all.

Oh, oh, obviously she's embarrassed. Definitely, they saw more than they should have. Treading on thin ice, I didn't want to upset my precious flower by pressuring her to tell me all that they saw. I didn't want to say the wrong thing and have an argument on all days, our wedding day, especially since we were just about to start our Honeymoon, which I called Hornymoon, back then.

I figured she was really embarrassed by all that they saw of her. Maybe my sweetie is more modest than I thought. Maybe it really bothered her that they saw the back of her bra and the top of her panty. Only, with trepidation at the thought of them seeing her naked before, now I was wishing they had seen more of her, if only for some hot pillow talk. Certainly, it would have been more exciting if they had seen her in her panty and bra, instead of just seeing the back of her bra and the top of her panty. Big deal that they saw only that. So what?

"What do you mean they saw everything?" We walked toward the room with me watching her more than watching where I was going and I nearly knocked over a plant in the corridor and she laughed at my clumsiness.

"All I was wearing was my surprise for you, my shocked expression, and nothing else," she said, lowering her voice to a whispered hush.

"Surprise? What surprise?"

Her surprise for me? What surprise? I couldn't imagine the surprise she had beneath her wedding dress.

Maybe beneath her wedding gown she had something that lit up with big, red arrows pointing and showing me the way to Nirvana, much like a landing strip for an airplane, a jumbo jet, if you know what I mean. Maybe she had a six pack of beer strapped to her waist. Real beer and not that lite shit. Wow. I could use a beer, right about now. I knew it wouldn't be a Plasma TV. With her petite figure, there's no way my baby could fit a big screen TV under that dress. Now thinking more about the surprise, I put what my friends didn't see in the back of my mind.

"Well, if I tell you, then it won't be a surprise anymore," she said, as I opened the door to our room and, holding it open, allowed her to go in the room ahead of me. "And if when I show you, now that someone else has seen me nearly naked, you might get mad.

Nearly naked? Say what? Is she kidding me? They saw her nearly naked? What the Hell is she talking about? My four friends saw her nearly naked? Why would she consider the back of her bra and the top of her panty as being nearly naked?

Now that we're married, has my sexy girlfriend turned into a sexual prude? And if my four friends had seen her nearly naked, why in Hell would I be mad? Mad? I wouldn't be mad. If I'd be mad at all, I'd be mad with desire for her. If anything, slapping high fives around the room, I'd be excited that they saw all that is mine.

I couldn't wait to get her inside the room. I couldn't wait to get her out of that wedding dress. I couldn't wait to see my surprise. I couldn't wait to find out what my friends saw of her that I'd have a lifetime of seeing up close and personal.

"Are you ready?"

"Good God yes."

"Close your eyes," she said.

"Okay," I said making myself comfortable at the foot of the bed with my eyes closed.

She was such a big tease. She was so damn sexy. I couldn't even imagine what she was wearing, something from Victoria's Secrets, no doubt. Then, I heard her zipper and a lot of rustling, before I felt her wedding dress being tossed on the bed beside me.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now," she said with a giggle.

"Damn! Hot damn! Cindy. My God. Wow! Oh, honey, you're so beautiful," I said wrapping my arms around her slim waist and pulling her closer, while reaching down to cup her sweet naked ass. "I love your tits. Baby, I love your crotch-less panties. I can see your shaved beaver," I said reaching down to cup her pussy." Damn, she was already wet, so very wet.

"I'm glad you like it lover," she said. "I'm all yours forever and ever."

"Wait." Too preoccupied with my surprise and the sight of my nearly naked bride to realize that this was what all four of my four friends saw of her, I stood up and took a few steps back to look at her with a new set of eyes, as if I was one of my friends seeing her getting into her wedding dress. "Is this what you were wearing," I said taking a hard gulp before continuing, "when they opened the door?"

"This is it, baby, and this is all that they saw, everything. They saw everything. They wouldn't have seen more of me, had I been lying on the rug with my leg spread," she said twirling around, as if she was a ballerina. "Even my ass is barely covered," she said with a giggle. "They couldn't have seen more of me, if I was naked. They saw my tits, my ass, and my pussy."

"Oh, my God, baby, I'm so sorry, Cindy. You must have been so embarrassed," I said suddenly feeling my cock growing to the hardest it's ever been with the thoughts of my four friends in their rooms jerking off over the sight of my nearly naked bride. "Do you want me to say something to them?"

"Embarrassed? I wasn't embarrassed," she said looking at me more embarrassed now than I thought she was when my friends saw her nearly naked body. "You'd think I'd be embarrassed having your four friends giving my pussy, my ass, and my tits the horny eyeball look, but I was excited, Michael. It was as if I wanted them to see me. With the sight of them frozen in place and staring, I've never been as wet by the thoughts of four men excited by what they saw of me and four men wanting me, after seeing so much of me."

"What did you do? I mean, you must have covered up, right? Crossed your arms, pulled up your dress really fast, or squatting down so they couldn't see, while screaming at them to get out?"

"My arms were by my side with my chest sticking straight out. I was turned to the side and with the mirrored wall behind me, they could see every part of me in every direction. It all happened so fast, Michael, and they surprised me that I didn't even have my wits about me to say anything or time enough to move. My Mom and my sister had their backs to them and were slow to shoo them out and I just stood there looking at them looking at me. I'm a little ashamed to tell you this but--"

"But what? C'mon, you can tell me. We're married now and--"

"I enjoyed showing them my body in that way."

"Damn, Cindy. What do you mean?"

I couldn't believe it. My wife is an exhibitionist. Holy shit. This is a horse of a different color. Instead of marrying a mare, I married a purebred racehorse. Giddy up!

"It wasn't so much that it was your four friends who saw me nearly naked, it was because the nudity was accidental, it wasn't planned and because it was accidental, that was the thing that filled me with lust and horniness," she said looking at me. "Do you know what I mean?"

"I think I do," I said, suddenly feeling the same horniness now that she and my four friends must have felt then.

Cindy and I were together for five years, before getting married. We were best friends and knew one another, as well as any man and woman could. The fact that she gets off on oops and accidental exposure, well, now that we were happily married and all the jealous possessiveness was finally put to rest, the sexual possibilities were limitless. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, I couldn't wait to explore all the fun activities we could have at the mall, in the car, at the beach, in our home, and out in the backyard by the pool.

Right there on our wedding night was the first time we've ever had such open pillow talk and that was a great start to having a happy marriage. That one accidental nearly naked flash opened the flood gates of flashing over the twelve years of our marriage. This story relates some of those things we did to heighten our summer lovin'.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, now that my four horny friends saw my wife nearly naked, every time they came over, we played them. Cindy always wore something sexy, a short skirt with a low cut top that showed enough of her tits and that was enough to drive them crazy. Pretending she didn't know she was showing so much, while flashing them her panty and exposing her bra clad tits, she had them squirming the entire night and they always left our house with erections.

What started as an accident before in her being so exposed, with her playing the eternal cockteaser now with her flashing herself, always gave us great pillow talk later. I can't tell you how many times she lost her bikini top in the pool at the most inopportune of times with so many different friends, family, and co-workers.

"Oops, don't look. I lost my bikini top."

Of course, everyone looked, including the women. I don't think there's a man that either one of us knows who hasn't, at the very least, seen her tits. Many have seen her naked and all of them have seen her panties.

When she wasn't flashing her tits, she was flashing her panty. Short skirts were her uniform of the day. She wore skirts so short that she couldn't sit without flashing her bright white panty or her sheer barely there panties that should the darker shade of her pubic hair.

From the mailman to the UPS driver to the pizza delivery guy, it's a game that has kept the spark in our marriage burning, as bright as the first time we made love. The mall, because there are so many of them in close proximity to our house, was our favorite place to flash because we can do that year round. All it takes is for her to wear a short skirt, while going up a steep escalator and, at the right moment, reach down to adjust her shoe. Oops. I enjoy being behind the men, she's flashing, so that I can see their reactions and tell her about them later that night, while in bed.

"Honey, those two guys nearly fell off the escalator, when you leaned down to fix your shoe."

"Tell me, what could they see?"

"Well, with that tiny thong you were wearing, they saw all of your ass and your pussy lips peeking out between that thin strip of cotton."

"Oh, baby, I'm wet thinking about them staring at me and wanting me."

Guys are so easy to flash. We'd always find a guy to flash, taller guys were easier for down blouse views and shorter ones were better for up skirt flashes. All it took was for Cindy to lean over the counter in a store and the salesman's eyeballs would nearly fall out of his head while focused looking down her blouse. I don't know where she found them all, but she had all these low cut tops that sagged open, whenever she leaned forward and exposed her sexy bra that showed enough of her tits for them to imagine more. Sometimes she didn't wear a bra and they had a clear view of her tits. Always afterward, we'd have great pillow talk that night.

"Oh, my God, Cindy, I thought that guy was going to stick his head down your blouse, he was looking at your tits so intently and intensely."

"Tell me, again, Michael, what was he doing, when I leaned over the counter to show him, which earring I wanted to see."

"He never took his eyes off your boobs, Cindy. And with that bra you wore, he could see all of your boobs, except for your nipples. That bra doesn't even cover your areolas."

"I know, I love wearing that bra for flashing. I wish I could find more of them. I'd buy one in every color. Maybe, next time, I won't wear a bra."

Shoe stores were always fun, too. Cindy loved wearing panties. I can't tell you how many sexy panties she has, but because of me, whenever we went shoe shopping together, most times, she agreed not to wear panties. She didn't feel comfortable walking around without panties, so she carried them around in her purse and put them on in the ladies room, after we were done flashing the shoe salesman.

She was the exhibitionistic actress and I was the voyeuristic reporter. She went in the store alone, while I stayed outside and watched her through the window. At first, we tried going in together before, but with me present, she never got the looks, the attention, and the reaction that she received when she went in the shoe store alone.

Boots were her favorite shoes to have the salesman help to fit her. She always asked for a size too small, too, so that in his struggling to get the boot on her foot, her legs would open more and more, while her skirt rose higher and higher. We experimented over the years, as to which skirts gave better up skirt views. We even experiment with her being shaved, trimmed, or having a bushy pussy. Always, she received more of a reaction flashing a trimmed pussy. With the lighting not the greatest in some stores, she needed to have a patch of pussy hair for the salesmen to realize that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Cindy, that was awesome," I said giving her a kiss, as soon as she walked out of sight of the shoe store salesman.

"So, tell me, Michael," she said with her sexy smile, while knowing full well that he did. "Do you think that shoe store salesman enjoyed my little show?"

"Are you kidding me? He was gone in back so long the first time, I thought he was masturbating back there. When he finally returned, didn't you notice the erection that tented his pants? It was huge. He never removed his stare from your crotch."

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