tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSummer of '77 Ch. 04

Summer of '77 Ch. 04


Over the next few days, Natalie wanted to cool things down at the house, in more ways than one.

The air conditioning was finally fixed, making things a bit more comfortable, and she also put a stop to Dick's nudity, at least when the kids were around.

When Natalie wasn't around, Rachel and Adam continually joked about what they had witnessed Dick doing, that special talent that Natalie had him show a crowd of women for what seemed like an afternoon tea party.

"If you could do it, would you suck your own dick?" Rachel would ask Adam.

"Who says I can't?" he would tease back.

"Yeah, okay," she said sarcastically. The conversation would then start up again.

"But seriously, would you, if you could?" she would ask her stepbrother.

"I guess," he said. "I've actually had dreams where I could do it..."

"You've had dreams about it?" she asked with a laugh.

The two, taking a break from their yard work, now just sat in the grass, having a candid chat.

"Isn't it kind of gay?" Rachel asked.

"Not if it's your own," Adam fired back. "Jerking off isn't gay."

The logic made sense to Rachel.

"I won't even be able to look him in the eye any more without cracking up," Rachel said. "I'll just keep thinking, 'wow, you can suck your own dick.'"

Adam was kind of curious if Rachel had enjoyed any more episodes with the eccentric friend of the family.

"Have you...hung out with Dick since that day we all went swimming?" he asked casually.

"No," she said. "I'm still trying to find out what happened after Natalie sent us upstairs."

And yes, Rachel was trying to find out every detail, much to her mom's dislike.


"Pleeeease, tell me," Rachel begged her mom.

"Rachel, you are getting on my last nerve," the mom told her. "I told you a million times, the officer had Dick pay his ticket, he apologized to Ms. Cohen, got dressed, and left. It was no big deal."

Rachel pouted like a little kid. She knew the three women must have had some fun with Dick, but the mom wouldn't say one peep about it.

"Why are there cashews all over the floor?" Rachel asked as the three entered the family room. Natalie knew exactly why.

"Don't ask how they got there, just clean them up," she scolded her daughter. The three were just about to leave for the afternoon, to go shopping, and suddenly they heard splashing in the backyard.

"Wow, Dick's here," Rachel said as she looked out the sliding glass doors.

"Yeah, I told him he can use the pool for the afternoon," Natalie explained.

Rachel had a naughty smile on her face, like she was pondering something.

"Oh, he has a bathing suit on," she whined.

"Uh, that's usually what you wear when you go swimming," Natalie replied.

"Yeah, but last time he was naked," Rachel said, continuing to whine a bit.

"Last time was a one-time deal, young lady. I don't want the entire Boone County police force banging down my door because we have a naked man in our backyard," Natalie said in an annoyed tone. "That created way too big a stir for my taste."

Rachel kicked at the floor.

"But Molly got a kick out of him - even Ms. Cohen did," she said.

"Rachel, just let it go," Natalie said.

The girl reluctantly became silent, and sat down on the sofa as Natalie went through her purse. She then looked over at Adam, and saw he was wearing ratty clothes.

"Adam, sweetie, go get dressed, wear a nice shirt," she told him. Adam didn't bother arguing, and quickly went up to his room.

He figured he would put on a clean pair of everything, and simply got completely naked and went about getting his underwear, socks and undershirt. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and figured it was Natalie going into her room. He thought nothing of it.

But suddenly, and without warning, the door to his room flew open, and there was Natalie, looking right at Adam, who happened to be facing the door directly. In shock, Adam just froze, leaving his privates fully exposed. Almost by instinct, Natalie's eyes darted down to his penis, and she let out a big, jovial laugh.

"Oh my," she said with a loud chuckle. "I didn't expect this."

Adam cupped his genitals with his hands, really embarrassed and caught off guard.

"Natalie, what are you doing?" he asked frantically.

"Sweetie, I just thought you were changing your shirt," she said. "I didn't know you would be...completely naked."

He stood there, helpless. She was in no rush to leave.

"Now this is a shirt you can wear," she said, dropping a clean, ironed shirt on the bed. "Hurry up and get changed. We have a lot to do."

She looked down once more at him cupping his genitals, laughed one more time, and left the room.

Adam was still breathing heavily. He shut the door, and just stood there in shock.

'Natalie just saw me naked. Natalie just saw me naked,' was the thought racing through his mind. Once he got past the embarrassment, he kind of liked it. And his penis did show up nicely, for the brief instant she saw it. It had some hang to it, and his balls were also hanging pretty low.

'Could he tell his 'pervert' friends about this little episode?' he thought. No. He would keep it to himself for now.


On the way to the mall, there was very little conversation in the car.

"Why is everyone so quiet?" Rachel asked about halfway through the trip. Natalie smiled, and was at first hesitant to say something, but being so amused by the whole thing, she had to speak.

"I saw Adam naked," she said.

"What!" Rachel screamed.

"Natalie!" Adam said, not yet ready for Rachel to know about it.

"It's no big deal," Natalie said, downplaying it at first. "I went in his room, thinking he was only changing his shirt, and..."

"And what?" Rachel asked.

"And...he was naked," Natalie replied. Rachel was loving it.

"He was...naked naked?" the daughter asked.

"Oh yes, naked naked," the mom clarified. "I saw everything."

Rachel now rolled back and forth in the back seat, laughing heartily about this little tidbit of news.

"Yes indeedy," Natalie said very proudly. "I saw Adam's ding-dong."

Adam squirmed down lower in the front passenger seat, feeling so embarrassed in front of the two women.

"Was it big?" Rachel couldn't help but ask.

Natalie gasped at her question.

"Rachel, the size of your stepbrother's penis is not your concern," the mom said sternly. There was a momentary silence.

"But yes, it looks like Adam has a very nice penis," Natalie added. Rachel playfully shoved Adam's shoulder. He couldn't even speak.

"Is he as big as Dick?" Rachel asked, not really asking that question in a serious fashion, more in a comical way. Natalie rolled her eyes.

"Sweetie, there are horses and elephants not as large as Dick," she said jokingly. Even Adam laughed along with them now.

As their journey to the mall was coming to an end, Rachel was now in full-tease mode.

"Natalie saw Adam naked, Natalie saw Adam naked," she said in a sing-song way. She loved poking fun at her shy stepbrother.

His face was beet red, but he wasn't retaliating.

"He's being such a good sport about it," Natalie said. She pinched his cheek and gave him a smile.


One fine morning, a few days later, Adam was awakened by some rustling about in the upstairs of the house. He figured it was Natalie getting ready for work.

The young man got out of bed, completely naked, as he now slept in the nude. He liked the feel of it. His room felt cold, as the family now used the air conditioner to an extreme, seemingly trying to make up for the weeks in which it felt like a sauna inside the house.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock at the door, and Natalie spoke from the other side of it.

"Adam, honey, are you decent?" she asked. Now, she let Adam know when she was coming in his room. Adam didn't know whether to be happy or sad about that.

He put a blanket around himself for now, and sat on the bed.

"Yeah, Nat, come on in," he said.

The brunette burst into the room, and my God she looked good. She was wearing tight khaki shorts that rode up awfully high, exposing those big gorgeous thighs that were often the center of Adam's attention.

She had a small blue top on that hung down low enough that Adam could see some cleavage, and those big breasts of hers could be made out pretty easily. 'They look like big globes,' the young man thought to himself.

"Sweetie, I talked to Dick and he said he doesn't really need you today," Natalie explained. Adam was excited, for a moment, but it didn't last.

"So I need you to help me out again," Natalie went on. Adam groaned, the way any 18-year-old boy would when chores are mentioned.

"It's not the end of the world, kiddo," she said. She now plopped herself down next to Adam on the bed, and crossed her legs. Jesus, those big tan thighs were right in his face! This wasn't exactly agreeable to him, considering if he gets an erection, which seems inevitable, it's going to be pretty hard to hide with just a few bed sheets draped around him.

"This is our phone bill from last month," Natalie went on. "I need you....to highlight any call that looks weird. Any long distance one, anything suspicious, because our phone bill was way high and I think something must be wrong." That wicked woman - she put the phone bill right on her right thigh, so Adam was forced to look down at those gorgeous legs of hers, and his erection was uncontrollable. What if she asks him to get up?

"Now I need you to do that," she said, now getting back up from the bed. "And also clean this room. It's a mess in here!"

"Yes, ma'am," he said. Natalie retreated out of the room, and Adam got a glimpse of that big, sexy butt of hers, each cheek outlined vividly in those tight, khaki shorts.

When Natalie left, she didn't shut the door all the way, and as it would tend to do, it then slid open wide enough where you could see in and out of the room a bit. Adam was feeling naughty.

He heard Natalie walking back and forth, up and down the hallway, probably carrying laundry and such. He got an idea, and acted on it. He suddenly had a kinky urge to be roaming his room in the nude, and maybe, just maybe, Natalie might peer in when she walks by, and see him in his birthday suit.

He took the sheets off and pushed them away, and rose to his feet. He had a huge erection, maybe the biggest one he's ever had. In his mind, it touched his chin.

It felt so cool to be walking around in the nude, knowing that, on the other side of the door, there was Natalie, who just might catch a glimpse of him.

Adam casually walked over to one of his models, which was sitting on the desk, just a few feet from the partially-opened door. Adam's erection bounced as he walked. He always had erections when he first awoke, but this one was special - seeing Natalie's thighs first thing in the morning had him already dripping some pre-come. He couldn't believe how excited he was.

He fiddled with his model for a few moments, and heard Natalie coming. He instantly had butterflies in his stomach, even like he might throw up, he was so nervous. He felt like a little perv, but he couldn't help himself.

He heard Natalie woosh by the room, and he thought "rats. She didn't see me." He heard her walk by again, with her back turned to the door, and she went into her room.

His erection did not subside though, and he figured he would give it one last shot before getting changed. He waited for a minute, then waited another. Isn't she coming back out?

Then suddenly, his prayers were answered. Natalie came walking down the hall again, and Adam heard the woman come to a sudden, abrupt stop when reaching his door, and she audibly gasped. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Natalie standing there, obviously looking through the doorway, at him. He could almost feel her eyes on his huge erection.

She just stood there, not budging. Suddenly, he heard her giggle, and thought he could hear her mumble "oh boy." She was being really quiet, not wanting Adam to know she was there. But she must be enjoying herself, seeing his young, taut 18-year-old body, with a fierce erection pointing upwards. Just then he heard her start walking again, leaving with another giggle. What also made the experience so hot for Adam was that he figured Natalie thought it was by mistake that Adam was exposed like this, and she just kept looking anyway.

Shy little Adam wouldn't leave his door wide open and be showing off like this would he? Of course not. Natalie figured that this was just due to the flimsy door that didn't shut all the way. And she got to see her stepson naked. It was just starting.


Natalie got home one night, after going to dinner with her new boyfriend, and Adam was in the family room watching some television.

"Hey, twerp," she said as she came into the room, sitting down next to him on the sofa. "Whatcha watchin'?"

"Oh...Circus of the Stars," he said.

"What the hell is that?" she asked.

"Oh, it's...a-a-a-all the Hollywood stars, compete against each other in these circus-type events," he explained, his stutter returning. He was a little nervous being around Natalie, ever since that special morning.

"Well, it's enough of a circus around here," Natalie said. "Do you know Dick was trying to re-shingle the room for us the other day, and nearly fell down into the backyard?"

"Oh, man," Adam replied.

"That Dick is trouble, I'll tell ya'," she said, as she fluffed a couple pillows and tossed them aside. Natalie settled in with Adam and watched T.V. for a bit.

After an hour or so, the two headed up to bed, and Natalie went into her room, and Adam went into the bathroom. He thought he would take a shower before retiring for the night.

He got stripped down, got into the shower, and began washing away. Suddenly, he heard a knock at the bathroom door, and it startled him.

"Yeah?" he asked.

Natalie came in. By instinct, he hid behind the shower curtain.

"Sweetie, if I knew you were gonna get a shower, I would have gotten you clean towels," she said. He stuck his head out, but that was all. Everything else was behind the curtain.

"Here, lemme take your laundry," she said as she picked up his clothes, "and these dirty towels," she said as she picked them up off the floor, "and I'll run these down to the laundry room, and come back up with some fresh towels. Okay?"

It sounded fine, and Adam nodded. Although in effect, and to this day he could never figure out if she did it on purpose, Adam was left with nothing to hide his nudity.

Natalie didn't return right away, and Adam kept on showering for another 20 minutes, until finally he was ready to come out. Just a few seconds after the water stopped, that was Natalie's cue, and she again knocked on the door.

Adam figured 'oh, she'll hand me the towel through the door.' Wrong.

The door flew open, and Adam was standing there completely naked, and feeling a bit on the shy side at this time, he coweringly cupped his genitals.

Natalie laughed, and waved her had like it was no big deal she had seen him naked again.

"Oh, I've seen you," she said.

He was starting to get excited again with her behavior, which involved her imposing on his privacy any time she felt like it. She did it in such a subtle way, but it was there.

"Here," she said, handing him the towel. "Dry off with this, and here are some clean pajamas."

"But I sleep naked," he said. He couldn't believe he told her that.

"Oh," she replied, surprised and taken off guard. "Well, I'll just put these in your room then." But she didn't leave. She stayed and made conversation.

Adam dried off, with a growing erection now fully exposed. It bounced around as he frantically dried the other parts of his body.

"You look a lot like your father," Natalie said with a big smile. Although it was a tragic loss when Stan had passed away so young, they all remembered him fondly. And Natalie noticed a certain part of Adam's anatomy that rekindled a memory.

"What do you mean?" Adam asked as he continued to dry off. She laughed, and covered her face, like she was embarrassed for noticing such a thing.

"Your penises," she said. "Your dorks," she added, trying to be silly and make him feel more comfortable. "I can't help but notice your penis reminds me of your father. I mean your penis reminds me of his penis," she said, stumbling. They both laughed.

He now took the towel away, and stood there, arms at his side, with a towering erection now sticking straight up. He did this so she could have an unobstructed view.

"Oh my," she said. "What a strong, young man you are." Natalie shook her head, and seemingly feeling guilty about looking at her stepson in this state of affairs, she retreated from the bathroom.

"Well I will see you in the morning," she said. "Get a good night sleep."

Adam, in fact, couldn't sleep. At least until he was forced to masturbate. His step mom had gotten him so worked up, he had to relieve himself of his urges. When he climaxed, some of his load splashed up onto his face. He wished Natalie had seen him do that.

He looked forward to seeing her again the next morning.


It was a Sunday. Natalie and Adam were both off, and Dick had driven Rachel to aerobics. Adam was sleeping in, but Natalie came up and tried to get him out of bed.

She knocked first, then asked if he was awake. He mumbled a few things, and she said she would be back to make sure he was awake and out of bed. She wanted his help in the backyard.

About 20 minutes later, Adam finally got out of bed and stood there, naked, trying to stretch out. He was kind of out of it. But thoughts of Natalie rushed into his head, and he again had an impressive erection.

He thought Natalie was in the backyard, thus there was no need to rush to get dressed. But she was actually in the very next room, and Adam heard her coming towards the door, but didn't have time to react.

The door flew open, and again Natalie was treated to the sight of her nude stepson.

"Well gee willikers," she said with a big smile. "We're making quite a habit of meeting each other like this aren't we?" And there was that rich laughter again, which drove Adam wild. Before he could even recover, she spoke again.

"Well I can see one part of you that's wide awake," she said, eying his huge erection. His face turned bright red, and he instinctively tried to cover his big hard-on.

"Oh don't cover it up, sweetie. Show it off," she said. "That's something to be proud of." Her teasing was relentless.

He stood there facing her. He was fully naked. She was fully clothed. And she was actually drawing attention to his wang, not diverting it away.

"You must really be excited about helping me out with my yard work," she said, further poking fun at his aroused state.

He couldn't even speak.

"You gonna dig holes with that thing?" she asked jokingly. She was so nonchalant about the whole thing.

She kept on looking at his penis, all the time with a big smile.

"Well, get dressed," she said. She didn't leave the room. She sat down on the bed and relaxed.

"I have to warn you, sweetie, it is awfully hot today," she said.

He stumbled around his room, walking in between piles and piles of clothes. His erection bounced all over the place, right in Natalie's view.

"I thought I told you to clean your room," she said with a jovial laugh. "My goodness, how do you even find anything in here?"

In fact, he was struggling to find his underwear. And a clean undershirt, or a clean anything. He didn't even know where to look.

"I feel bad for Ms. Cohen's dog," Natalie went on. "I saw her walking him outside. Poor thing. It's so hot, that French poodle is gonna become a French fry." And again she went on laughing.

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