tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 21

Summer Vacation Ch. 21

byD.C. Roi©

They went to a nice restaurant for lunch, which seemed to please Aunt Karen. "Back in the days when it still mattered to him," she said when her nephew turned into the restaurant's parking lot, "your Uncle Dave brought me here once. I've always wanted to come back, but until now I never have had the chance."

"I'm glad I brought you, then," Tommy said. He parked in the restaurant's parking lot, got out, and went around to open the door for his aunt. He was feeling chivalrous today. If he couldn't have the woman he wanted, he could treat the ones who wanted him well.

"My, aren't you the gentleman today?" his aunt commented as she slid out of the car. She laughed. "With your money, you'll be able to hire someone to chauffeur you around and open doors for you."

"I don't think I'd like that," Tommy said as they walked into the restaurant. "Actually, the fewer people who know about my money, the better. I don't want to change."

"Two for lunch?" the maitre de asked.

"Yes," Tommy said.

The man gave Aunt Karen an approving look, even though Tommy was the one he was talking to.

"Smoking or non-smoking?" the man asked.

"Non-smoking," Tommy replied.

The maitre de nodded and said, "Of course. Please, follow me." They were seated and handed menus. "Your waiter will be Robert," the man said, pronouncing the name "Rob-bair." "He will be with you in just a moment."

"'Row-bear', huh?" Tommy said. "I don't think I've ever known my waiter's name before."

"You better get used to it," Karen told him. "In places like this, that's standard. Especially for regulars."

"I don't have any intention of becoming a regular here," Tommy told her. "I just thought, because today is special, and because you look so pretty, I'd take you someplace special."

"Flatterer," his aunt said. She began looking at the menu. "My word! Look at these prices!"

"Not to worry," Tommy told her. "I'm a man of means now, remember?"

"Still," she went on, "five dollars for a hamburger! I don't care if they do call it a 'chopped sirloin open-faced sandwich'."

"Yeah, but it comes with the salad bar and coffee," Tommy said.

"I don't care," his aunt said firmly, "it's too much to pay for a hamburger."

"I'm having poached salmon," Tommy said. "What are you having?"

"I think I'm going to have Chicken Divan," his aunt replied. "I didn't know you liked fish."

He shrugged and said, "I've never had poached salmon. Today seems like as good a time as any to try something different."

Karen laughed. "Yes, I guess it is," she said.

Lunch went extremely well. The food was fantastic, and Robert was an attentive and pleasant waiter. Tommy left him a huge tip.

"How much did you tip him?" Karen asked as they walked out to the car.

"I don't know," Tommy said, "ten bucks, I think."

"My God!" his aunt exclaimed. "That's way more than necessary."

Tommy held the door for her and she slid into the car. "I've done what he's doing, and it isn't easy," he said. "Besides, he was the best waiter I've ever seen."

"It's your money, I guess," Karen said.

Tommy drove out of the parking lot, turned down Main Street and drove past a line of car lots. "You know," he mused, "I wouldn't mind having a pickup like that one there." He indicated a bright red 4 X 4 with lots of shiny chrome accessories.

"No reason you can't have it," Karen said. "Not now."

Tommy was beginning to understand how the money Master Kwan left him could going to change his life, and he found the prospects more than a little exciting. There was little he wanted he couldn't have. He didn't have to work unless he wanted to, and he could probably have any woman he wanted. Well, almost any woman. Tina, the woman he really wanted, was interested in that asshole Greg.

When they got home they went into the house. The young man looked at his aunt, who was standing across the kitchen, studying him.

"A penny for your thoughts," she said.

Tommy smiled and started toward her. "I was just thinking that, since Kim's going to be staying with her friend tonight," he said, "and I don't have to be at work for a couple of hours yet..." He pulled his aunt into his arms and covered her lips with his.

Karen pressed against him and her tongue forced its way into his mouth. She was a bit surprised that he had made the first move. Until then, she'd been the aggressor in their relationship, and she liked the change. Heat rushed through her as his body pressed against hers. Excitement blossomed as their tongues lashed.

"Come on," Tommy said when the kiss ended. He led her toward the living room.

Karen followed, her legs rubbery, thinking they were headed for the bedroom, but Tommy led her to the sofa instead. She wasn't sure what he was up to, and didn't care, really. Just so long as it ended up with him making love to her. He always made her feel so good!

Tommy liked being in charge. What he and his aunt were doing might be considered wrong by some people, but he didn't care. Nobody else wanted him, why not take advantage of what he could have? He sat on the sofa and pulled his aunt onto his lap. Her firm, full bottom pressed against his swollen cock and she squirmed delightfully as he pulled her into another torrid kiss.

Karen felt her nephew's cock pressing against her bottom. She, too, knew what they were doing was wrong, but was unable to resist. The fact that he was making love to her in the living room was terribly exciting! She groaned, pressed more tightly against him, and lashed her tongue almost all the way down his throat.

Tommy managed to get the belt at his aunt's waist undone and opened her dress. His hands began exploring her smooth hot skin, bringing gasps of delight from her. Her hands caressed his face and slid through his hair while her lips and tongue roamed his face.

"We...we shouldn't be doing this here!" Karen murmured.

"Who's going to come in?" Tommy asked. He slid his hand inside the bodice of her dress, onto a warm, smooth breast and his aunt groaned with delight and squirmed on his lap. That made his already-hard cock even harder. With her dress open, it wasn't hard for Tommy to get his aunt's bra-encased breasts exposed, and with a little fumbling, he managed to get the white lacy garment open as well.

"Oh! Oh, God!" the gorgeous woman groaned while her nephew sucked first one of her turgid nipples, then the other. His hands massaged and squeezed the firm mounds gently, adding immeasurably to her passion. She began stripping his clothes from him and soon they were sprawled naked on the sofa, his hands roaming over her body, hers clutching at his. At that point, she didn't care if someone came in, there was no way she was going to stop!

"You like it when I do this, don't you?" Tommy asked when he shoved two fingers into his aunt's soaking wet pussy and began caressing her clit with his thumb.

Karen certainly did. "Yes! Yes! Oh, Tommy! Yes!" she cried, her body writhing. "Please! I-I need you, my darling! Take me!" She wanted him more than she ever had!

Somehow, the young man managed to get behind her and, lying against her spoon-fashion, he managed to slide his erection into her warm, snug opening. He loved this position because he could suck her breasts while he fucked her.

"God, Tommy! You make me feel so wonderful!" Karen woman crooned while her nephew's cock pistoned steadily in and out of her. His lips on her breast at the same time were making her crazy! "You...you...Oh, God!" she groaned, barely able to speak because she was so overwhelmed with passion.

Tommy was enjoying what he was doing to his aunt's full, lush body and the effect he was having on her. She shook every time he slammed into her and all she seemed to be able to do was moan and gurgle with delight. "Tina doesn't know what she's missing!" he thought, then he felt guilty for thinking it. If Tina found out what he'd been doing with his aunt and cousin, she definitely wouldn't want him, not that she did anyhow.

"I-I can't wait! Oh! Oh! Tommy! I can't wait!" Karen's body stiffened, then she began to tremble violently when the feelings she so desperately needed cascaded over and through her. "Ahh! I-I-I'm coming! Eeaahh! Eeaahh! Yes!"

The lovely woman impaled on his cock went wild, but Tommy didn't come. Steadily, inexorably, his cock continued to slide in and out of her cum-slick pussy.

"You...you didn't come!" Karen exclaimed after her peak passed and her excitement calmed a little. She wasn't sure how she knew he hadn't come, but she did, and it scared her. "What...?"

Tommy pulled his erection out of his aunt, rolled her onto her back, laid atop her, and jabbed his cock back into her. Her body rose to meet his onslaught.

"Yes! Oh, God! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" Karen cried, her hands clasped her nephew's ass, pulling him against her. He was a wild fucking machine and she hoped he'd never stop! Never!

Looking down into his aunt's passion-inflamed face took Tommy to the point where control was fast fading. She looked so beautiful, so needy, and her body was moving against his so urgently!

"Gonna come!" he cried, feeling his insides begin to unleash, knowing his explosion was near. "Oh, God! Aunt Karen! I'm gonna come! Yeah!" His insides uncoiled and he spewed gusher after gusher of hot, sticky cream into his aunt's clasping vagina.

"Yes! Oh, yes, Tommy! Take me! Take me!" Karen cried, pulling at him, her body trembling once more with ecstasy. "Eeyahh! More! More! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Her body arched against his while her tight sleeve milked every bit of pleasure possible out of his plunging cock.

"Wow!" Tommy said breathlessly after their passion had finally ebbed. They were lying wrapped in each other's arms on the sofa. "That was really intense!"

Karen kissed him. "It certainly was! You are fantastic, young man!" she exclaimed. "I had no idea I could feel this good!"

"I'm glad," Tommy said, "I want to be good for you."

"Oh, God! Are you ever!" Karen exclaimed and kissed him again. "I'm glad you came to stay with me this summer!"

"Me, too," Tommy agreed. "You know what?"

"What, my darling?" his aunt asked.

"I have to get to work," he said. "I'll be late if I don't get going."

"You don't have to work any more," his aunt said, running her hand over his bare chest.

Tommy was tempted. He could call Mr. Dreisbach and tell him he wasn't feeling well... No, he couldn't, not with Tina off, too. "I'd...I'd love to stay home and play some more," he said, "but I can't. It isn't fair for me to ask for time off on such short notice."

"Well, then," his aunt gave him a warm smile. "I guess I'll have to wait up for you, won't I?"

Tommy stood up and smiled. "I'd like that," he said, grinning.

Things were slow at the Inn. "Actually," Tommy thought as he watched the few customers eat, "I could have called in sick, Mr. Dreisbach could have handled this."

He thought about Tina and what she and Bobby were doing and got morose again. Some of the customers had finished their meals, so Tommy went over to clear the table. He put the dishes on a tray and headed for the kitchen. Just as he was going in, Mr. Dreisbach came out. There was a huge crash as the tray of dishes fell from Tommy's hands, splattering him with the remnants of meals. He could feel things soaking through his clothing.

"Ach, Tommy," Mr. Dreisbach said, looking embarrassed. "I should be more careful, no? Look at you. You're all a mess. Look, we aren't so busy, why don't you go home? I can handle things here."

"You sure it's OK?" Tommy said. "I can stay if you want. This will dry off."

His employer shook his head. "No, it's fine," he said. "We're not busy. Beside, it does me good if I work once in a while."

"You're home early," Aunt Karen said when he walked into the house a bit later. She looked at him. "What happened? You're a mess."

"Had a little accident," Tommy said. He headed down the hallway to his room, stripped off his clothes and put on his bathrobe. Then he went back out to the living room where his aunt sat watching TV in her fluffy pink terrycloth bathrobe. Apparently she hadn't gotten dressed after their afternoon romp. He smiled. The robe wouldn't be anywhere near as hard to take off as her dress and underthings had been.

"Want to watch a movie?" he asked.

"Good idea," his aunt said. "Why don't you pick something?"

Tommy searched through the collection of films his aunt had, picked one he knew had a torrid love scene, put it in the VCR, turned it and the TV on, then joined her on the sofa. She snuggled against him and laid her head on his shoulder. He liked the way her hair tickled his cheek. "It would be neat to do something like this with Tina," he thought, and felt guilt and anger. Tina and Bobby were at the movies with Greg, seeing a movie he was supposed to take them to see. The chance of his ever getting to spend an evening like this with her was extremely remote and seemed to be getting remoter by the day.

They watched the movie and said little. Tommy was aware that both of them were nude under their robes and his aunt's proximity, coupled with what was happening on the TV, was doing things to him.

When the love scene started, he felt his aunt's hand slide into his robe. It sought, then found, his erection. She began stroking it, still watching the screen, her face showing the signs of passion he had come to know so well. His cock grew harder as she stroked it. The young man, not wanting to get too turned on, continued watching the movie, although that didn't do much to keep him calm.

Karen, as fired up with need as she'd been earlier, continued to toy with her nephew's hard cock, massaging the fluids that seeped from the tip into the shaft, feeling bolt after bolt of delight shake her as she played with him. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn't help herself! He made her feel better than any man had! She shifted a little and moved her head toward the rigid obelisk of flesh. She was going to suck his cock. She had to taste that wonderful tool!

"Ah!" Tommy groaned when warmth and wetness suddenly covered his cock. He looked down and saw his aunt sucking on him! "Oh!" he moaned, his hips moving.

Karen sucked him avidly for a while, then she stood up, stripped off her robe and seated herself astraddle his hips. As she lowered herself on him, she grasped his cock and guided it into her body. "Got...to...have...you!" she groaned, starting to move. She couldn't wait any more! She needed him! Now!

Tommy had picked the movie for this very reason and exulted in his aunt's reaction. As she worked herself up and down on his cock, he began sucking the thick nipples jutting from her magnificent breasts.

"Can't...can't stay away from you!" Karen murmured, her body rising and falling, making his cock lash around inside her. It felt so damn good! "Get...near...you...got...to...have...you!"

"I need you, too, Aunt Karen," Tommy replied, then resumed his oral attentions to her breasts. Her nipples were incredible! He loved the way they got big and hard, almost like little fingers. And she got so crazy when he sucked them!

"You...keep...Oh, God! You...keep...that...up!" Karen mewled, "and...I...I...Ah! Oh, God! I'm coming! Tommy! Take me! Please, my darling! Please! Take me! I can't stop! Oh! I can't wait! I can't wait! Eeahh!" Her cries of delight echoed through the house as a maelstrom of passion whipped through her.

Tommy clamped his hands on her hips and kept sucking her nipples. Then he felt himself letting loose. "Yeah! Oh, yeah!" he cried, hosing her insides with jets of his torrid cream.

Spent, Karen collapsed into her nephew's arms and stayed atop him as he held her.

"Maybe this isn't so bad," Tommy thought as he cradled his aunt in his arms. "After all, even when Mom and Dad come home, they won't mind if I come over and help out Aunt Karen from time to time." If he couldn't have the woman he wanted, the next best thing was to want the women he had.

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Karen sighed.

"Did what?" Tommy replied innocently.

"You picked that movie on purpose, didn't you?" his aunt asked.

Tommy nodded, chuckled, and said, "Yes."

Karen kissed him. "You are a devil, you know that?" she said.

Tommy licked one of her nipples. His aunt squirmed and giggled.

"You are also insatiable!" she squealed.

"When it comes to you, I seem to be," Tommy answered. He licked her nipple again, bringing another squeal of delight.

"I can't get enough of you!" his aunt exclaimed, then kissed him. Finally, she pushed herself off him and stood up. "Come on." She reached out her hand. "Let's go to bed. I want to go to sleep in your arms and wake up with you in bed next to me."

Tommy got up and turned off the TV and VCR while his aunt turned off the lights and made sure the doors were locked. Then, hand-in-hand, they walked down the hallway to her bedroom.

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