tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 22

Summer Vacation Ch. 22

byD.C. Roi©

The next morning, Tommy discovered how wonderful it is to wake up with a gorgeous nude woman lying against you. He and his aunt made love again when they got to bed, then fell asleep, exhausted. He awoke refreshed after a night of sound sleep.

Morning daylight streamed into the bedroom. Tommy looked at his aunt's face, relaxed in sleep, a soft smile on her lips. "She really is beautiful," he thought. "Maybe she'll get married again some day. And this time to a guy who treats her the way she ought to be treated." The elegant female lying next to him sighed and shifted position. The movement caused the covers to slide down, exposing her huge, exquisite breasts.

"On the other hand..." Tommy's mind began to race and his body began heating up, "...until she does, I guess I can take care of her, can't I?" He reached over his aunt's well-formed body and began gently caressing the breast nearest him. Very quickly, the nipple stiffened and grew, swelling out of the mass of dusky flesh around it.

Karen opened her eyes and looked at Tommy. "Oh!" she murmured. "Oh, Tommy! That feels wonderful, darling!"

"I thought it would," the young man said, then he bent and captured the swollen bud of flesh between his lips.

While her nephew nibbled her turgid nipple, Karen stirred and moaned louder. "You're never satisfied, are you?" she murmured. There definitely was something to be said for young lovers! Luxuriant feelings spread through her.

Tommy let her nipple slip from his lips and looked at her. "You want me to stop?" he asked.

His aunt pressed his head back to her breast. "No! Never! Never!" she groaned. Her body began twisting sinuously as passion flooded it. "Don't ever stop doing things like that to me!" Now that she had him, she wasn't sure she'd be able to give him up, even if it meant eternal damnation! He made her feel so good!

Tommy's hands roved over his aunt's body, gliding over warm, smooth skin, teasing her, inflaming her need.

Karen murmured constantly and her body twisted and tossed as he explored it. Nobody had come close to making her feel as good as her teen-age nephew did! She groaned softly when Tommy's hands hit a particularly sensitive spot on her anatomy.

Tommy loved the power he had over his aunt and used all of it to bring her to an extremely high state of arousal.

"I need you! Please! Don't...Oh! Don't tease me! Please, darling!" Karen begged, her body arching and straining. "Take me! Please! Take me!"

Tommy rolled atop her and, as if drawn by a magnet, his rigid cock slipped into his aunt's soaking wet vagina.

"Yes! That's it!" Karen groaned. She locked her legs behind his, pressing her pubic mound against his. "God!"

Tommy pushed himself up on his arms and began slamming his cock into her. He was as hot as she was, his need every bit as powerful as hers. He experienced wondrous sensations as his cock probed deep into her; the warmth, the sweet vibrations, the clasping, milking action of the walls of her pussy around his impaling shaft, and a shudder of joy swept through his body.

"Gonna come! Aunt Karen! Oh! Oh! Yes!" he cried as rumblings began deep inside him. "Oh, yeah!" he groaned, erupting powerfully into her writhing body.

"Give it to me, darling! Yes! Oh, God! So hot! Oh! Oh! Oh!" his aunt cried, her body straining against his as orgasm swept through her beauteous form. "Tommy! Uh! Uhh!"

Afterward, they lay wrapped in each other's arms, resting. When the phone rang. Tommy laughed. "Whoever that is has good timing," he said.

"They certainly do," Karen agreed. "If they'd have called earlier, they wouldn't have gotten through, would they?"

"No way," Tommy said. He reached over and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Thomas Jackson?" a male voice inquired.

"Yes," Tommy said.

"This is Sergeant Murtagh, North Hampden Police Department," the caller said. "You the Thomas Jackson who was a student of Master Lee Kwan?"

Karen stroked her nephew's body, feeling devilish. She smiled at the discomfort her touch caused him as he tried to talk on the phone.

The sensations his aunt's touch envoked were not in the least unpleasant. In fact, they were causing Tommy to have a bit of trouble concentrating on his phone conversation. "Ah, yes, I am," he admitted. His aunt was toying with his limp, sticky cock which was not so limp any more!

"I'm one of the officers who was working with Master Kwan," the sergeant said. "I think we've met, haven't we?"

"Ah...yeah, I think we have," Tommy said. He squirmed as his aunt fondled his balls. He remembered the sergeant, a big, tough, ex-Marine, a special operations veteran. He was one of the better students.

"I understand you might be taking over the dojo," the man said. "That true?"

"Ah, well, I-I really hadn't given it a lot of thought," Tommy replied, then he bit his lip to keep from groaning. His aunt was licking his cock and it was driving him crazy!

"Me and the guys don't have anybody to work with now that Kwan's dead," the sergeant continued. "I suppose we could get another instructor, but if you're interested, we'd like to toss the business your way. Sensei said you were his best student and that he was thinking of having you take over the instructing. If you're as good as he said, I'm willing to give it a shot."

"Oh...OK..." Tommy said. He was having a hard time keeping from moaning, given what his aunt was doing to him. "Ah...look, I-I'm kinda tied up at the moment, could...uh...could I call you back a little...um...later?"

"Yeah, sure, no problem," the man said. "Just ask for Sergeant Murtagh in the detective division, OK?"

"I'll get back too...you later today," Tommy gasped, then put the phone down. "You are impossible!" he told his aunt, who stopped sucking his cock and was grinning at him from between his legs. "Well," he said, "you got it hard, what are you going to do about it?"

"I was thinking about doing this," Karen said. She slid up so she was astraddle his hips, raised herself, gripped his cock, and slid the tip back and forth between the lips of her vagina. "And then maybe this." She lowered herself slowly, letting him slide into her. "And then I was going to do this." She began riding him, moving her hips, amazed at how hot she was. She couldn't get enough of him!

Tommy felt his cock lashing around inside his aunt's hot cave and passion flooded him. He'd never get enough fucking! Never! This was his aunt's show, she'd started it, so he laid there, watching as her face grew more and more flushed with passion. Her lovely breasts, nipples erect, leaped and bounded as she rode him. It was, the young man thought, a lovely sight.

"Wanted...Oh! I...Oh! I-I can't wait, dammit!" Karen exclaimed suddenly, her motions becoming more and more feverish. "I...I can't wait! Coming! Eee! Ah! Ahh! Take me! Tommy! Take me! Now! Now!"

Tommy felt his eruption nearing and could lie still no more. He clutched her bobbing breasts and his thumbs rubbed her nipples as he spewed his seed into her with a groan of joy.

"Who was that on the phone?" Karen whispered after they finished and were again snuggled in each other's arms.

"A cop from North Hampden," Tommy said. "He wanted to know if I'm going to keep the karate dojo going."

"Could you do that?" his aunt asked. "I mean, do you have enough experience to do that?"

Tommy nodded. "Master Kwan apparently thought so," he replied. "He told Sergeant Murtagh I was good enough."

"There is a lot about you I don't know, isn't there?" Karen asked, her hand sliding up and down his hairless chest.

"Yeah, but there's an awful lot you do know, too," Tommy said, and kissed her. "Come on, let's get dressed. It's my turn to cook breakfast."

After showering and slipping into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, Tommy went out to the kitchen and made them breakfast. His mother had taught him cooking, telling him it was good to know, especially in an age where both partners in marriage had to work. "You shouldn't expect your wife, when you get one, to have to do housework and cook like your grandmother did," was the way his mother put it.

"This is good, Tommy," Karen said as they sat at the table eating. He'd prepared a Spanish omelet, one of the recipes his mother taught him.

"Mom taught me," he explained, abashed by the fuss she was making. "She says it's good for a man to know how to cook."

"She's right," his aunt agreed. She grinned at him. "Especially a man like you. Your wife will be too tired to get out of bed, much less cook."

Tommy blushed furiously. "Ah...I guess I better call Sergeant Murtagh," he said, standing up.

"I'll get the dishes," Karen said.

Tommy thought about what he ought to do before he called the police officer. If he did keep the dojo open, it would be a way of honoring Master Kwan, and he liked that idea. On the other hand, he was going to have to be very careful about who he accepted as students. Maybe he could just instruct part-time, with those students he felt most comfortable with.

When he reached the sergeant, he told him he would continue their instruction for the time being. Sergeant Murtagh sounded pleased. He said that since he and Tommy lived in the same town he'd pick the young man up the next day and they could drive to the dojo together.

His conversation with the sergeant over, Tommy put the phone down and sat there, thinking. This had been some summer and it wasn't over. He'd gone from being a virgin who couldn't get laid, to having more sex than he knew what to do with. He'd also become a millionaire. It was more than a little incredible. If the early part of the summer had been this good, what was coming?

He thought about all the money he would have and knew he wanted to do something with at least some of it. "I'll pay off Aunt Karen's house for her," he thought. "That will make it easier for her once her divorce is final." He thought some more. He'd heard his father talking about trust funds the college had, and wondered if he couldn't do something like that for his aunt to help pay for Kim's college, too.

He got up and walked out to the kitchen. "I'm going to do some work out in the yard," he told his aunt, and went outside. The grass didn't need mowing yet, but there were a lot of flower beds that needed to be trimmed, and Tommy wanted to keep busy. He managed to find enough to do to take up the time until he had to go to work.

Tina was already there when he arrived at the Inn. "How did your date go last night?" he asked as they were putting water glasses on the tables and filling the water pitchers.

Tina shrugged. "It was all right, I guess," she said. "Bobby was really naughty. I don't think he likes Greg. He acted like a brat all night."

"Oh?" Tommy said. That wasn't the worst news he ever heard.

Tina frowned and nodded. "I don't know what got into him," she said. "Greg tried hard to be nice, but Bobby wouldn't warm up to him. He and I had a long talk when we got home."

"He'll get used to it," Tommy said, hoping fervently Bobby wouldn't.

"I hope so," Tina said. "Greg's the first decent guy who's asked me out since I got divorced."

"I asked you out, but you didn't go with me," Tommy thought bitterly. "Does that mean I'm not decent?"

They were busy and the evening went quickly. Much to Tommy's disappointment, Greg arrived to pick Tina up. It hurt the young man to see how happy she looked to see him.

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