tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 23

Summer Vacation Ch. 23

byD.C. Roi©

Dejected, Tommy watched Tina leave the inn with Greg. Then he started walking home. He'd gotten less than a block when a car pulled up beside him. He heard the car coming, and when it stopped, he stepped back and took a defensive position.

"What's that all about?" he heard Donna ask. "Did I scare you?"

"Ah...no," Tommy said. He felt his face get hot. "I thought you went to the shore with Kim." He relaxed and walked to her car.

She shook her pretty blonde head. "Nope. My folks wouldn't let me," she said. "They think I'm still pure and all that stuff." She chuckled. "They're trying to make sure I save myself for marriage. You want a ride?"

"Sure, why not?" Tommy said. He went around and got in the car on the passenger's side. He looked at Donna. Maybe her folks saw her as chaste and pure, but the way she was dressed, he wasn't sure why they didn't suspect what she was up to.

Donna's lean, firm body was encased in an acid-washed denim jacket with a wide neck that bared her pretty shoulders, and matching jeans that fit her like a second skin. He wasn't sure how she could breathe. Actually, as he studied her, he started having a problem with his own breathing.

Donna, aware of his gaze, smiled at him. "You aren't in a rush to get home, are you, Tom?" she asked softly.

"Ah...no, ah, I guess not," he replied. Actually, Aunt Karen would be waiting up for him, but he didn't care. If Donna wanted to play, he wasn't going to turn her down. There was more than enough of him to go around.

"Good," Donna said. She turned onto the same road out of town she'd taken the last time. It wasn't long before she pulled into the same secluded spot she'd taken him to on that earlier occasion. She put the front seat all the way back, shut off the car and turned to face him.

"This feels kinda, ah, funny," she said. "I-I don't know why, but I'm nervous."

Tommy had noticed it, too. The time before, with Kim in the car, it had been pure lust from the moment he got in the vehicle. Now, alone with Donna, he wasn't sure how to start. Even though he'd been getting sexual experience at a frantic pace, he hadn't had to instigate most of it. From the way Donna was acting, he had a feeling she wasn't sure how to get things going, either. "Slide over here," he said softly, and the slim, pretty girl did.

"I-I...what happened the other night...you know, with Kim and all...that's...I'm not usually like that," Donna whispered. "I-I smoked a joint just before we picked you up and..."

Tommy slid his arm around her. It was surprising. She was older than he, had come on like a nymphomaniac that last time they were together, and now she was acting virginal. He gently urged her against him.

Donna looked up at the young man, her eyes wide. "I-I was a little scared to come looking for you tonight," she whispered, her face very close to his. "I mean, after what happened last time, I-I wasn't sure what you thought about me."

"I think you're very pretty," Tommy said. "And I think you're a nice person, too." Slowly, their faces moved closer, then their lips joined. A rush of heat and passion rolled through his body. This was nice! His arms tightened around the slim girl and her lithe arms slid around his neck.

"That made me feel kinda funny," Donna said after the kiss ended. She was still pressed against him, her hands toying with his hair. "You kiss good."

"So do you," Tommy told her. slid his hand over her shoulders, feeling the silky softness of the long blonde hair that cascaded from her head.

Donna murmured and shuddered. "You're so gentle," she whispered. "Your touch is so soft!"

Tommy kept stroking his lovely companion and she kept responding. Her breathing became more and more ragged, and her body motions became more and more sinuous. Slowly, he opened the buttons on the jacket and was delighted to discover she wore no bra. She didn't need to. Her breasts were tiny, firm and pert. Her nipples, unlike his aunt's and Kim's were tiny, but very long.

They were sensitive, too, he discovered when he sucked one of them into his mouth. Actually, he managed to get most of Donna's breast in his mouth. He knew she liked what he was doing because a loud moan came from her.

"God!" the lithe blonde murmured as his tongue lashed the turgid bud of flesh on her chest. "That feels wild! Oh, Tom, you make me feel so incredible!"

He continued paying homage to her breasts while his hands went to the waist of her jeans and got them open. Down inside the denim his hand moved, through sparse, already damp pubic hair, searching for, then finding, her engorged clit.

"Oh!" Donna murmured. Her hips rotated as his finger caressed the swollen, nerve-filled bud. "Tom! Oh, my God!"

Tommy kept toying with her clit, glad the car had a roomy front seat. He knelt on the floor, got Donna to lie down, and pulled her jeans over her lean hips. She lifted her hips to help him. The snug garment slid easily down her incredibly long, lovely legs. Keeping his touch as light as possible, he began stroking her legs her feet to her thighs and back again.

With each caress, Donna's moans became more impassioned. "You're making me crazy!" she groaned. "I-I don't know how much more of this I can stand!"

Tommy lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and put the other on the back of the seat. He was between the lovely pale columns of flesh and she was wide-open to him. In the glow of moonlight streaming in the car windows, he saw her pussy, glistening with droplets of excitement. Gently, he stroked his fingers through the puffy, soft lips and her bottom rose off the seat.

"Oh, God, Tom! Please! Oh, please!" the nubile young woman cried. "I...Oh, God, Tom! That feels so good!"

Tommy inserted a finger into her and found her surprisingly snug. Maybe she wasn't as daring as she acted the last time he was with her. He began thrusting his finger in and out slowly, his thumb rubbing her engorged clit.

Donna went wild, her hips gyrating madly, rising, falling, twisting, straining, while she babbled mindlessly. "Too good! Oh, God!" she cried. "You're making me feel too good! I'm going crazy! I can't stand it!"

Tommy heard her cries of delight and continued what he was doing. He was in no rush. If she came two or three times, so much the better. He began kissing the impossibly smooth skin of her inner thighs, his lips moving inexorably upward, toward her center.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Donna chanted, her body straining, as the young man between her legs gave her unbelievable pleasure with his lips and fingers.

Tommy's lips finally arrived at the destination they sought. He felt her soft, now-damp, pubic hair against his lips as he kissed through it, then tentatively he licked her clit.

"Wahh! Oh, God! Oh, God!" the slim blonde cried, her body arching impossibly, as ecstasy shot through her. One of her hands clutched the steering wheel, the other was tugging on an erect nipple. Her head rolled from side to side and gasps of joy poured from her. "Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Ye! God! Yes!" she groaned. "I'm gonna come! I can't stop! I'm...I'm...I'm coming! God! God! Oh, God!"

Tommy continued pleasuring the young woman with his lips and fingers until, at last, she lay spent and sated.

Donna gazed up at him wide-eyed. "That was awesome!" she whispered breathlessly. "God, you made me feel so wild!"

Tommy had slipped his finger from her and was fumbling with his clothes, trying to get his pants off. His cock was hard as steel and he wanted it in her! He needed her! When he finally struggled out of his pants, he climbed on the seat between her legs.

Donna reached for him. "I-I want you!" she cooed. "I want your...you know...your cock in me! Put it in me! Come on, Tom, put it in me! Now!"

Holding his rigid cock in his hand, he moved closer, then felt warmth and dampness on the tip as it touched her center. Her hips moved upward and it began sliding into her. A shudder of delight raced up Tommy's spine.

"Yes!" Donna hissed. "God! Oh, God! You're filling me!" Her legs locked behind his and her hips strove against him, pulling him deeper inside her.

Once he was all the way in his lovely companion's body, Tommy stayed still, luxuriating in the fantastic feelings roaring through him. When he managed to get himself under control, he began thrusting in and out slowly, dragging his cock out until only the tip remained in her, then slowly shoving it home once more.

"Oh, Tom!" the lissome girl murmured, "You make me feel so good! It...Ah!...it feels like you're in me so far your cock's gonna come out of my mouth!"

Each stroke into Donna's snug opening brought the young man to a higher level of pleasure. His movements grew more and more urgent as his passion built to a fever pitch.

The young woman under him, too, was headed for an explosion. Her body writhed and strained against his. "Can't wait! Oh, God! I can't wait!" she moaned, her body stiffening. "Gahh! I'm...I'm...I'm coming! Now! Now! Oh, God, Tom, I'm coming now! I...I can't stop! I can't stop coming! Uhh!"

"Yeah!" Tommy roared, unleashing a torrent of hot juices into her.

Some time later, when they'd regained their senses, the two young people slipped into their clothes and Donna drove Tommy to his aunt's place.

Before he got out of the car, he leaned over and kissed the lovely blonde. "Thanks for the ride," he said.

Donna stroked his face gently. "Thank you," she replied softly.

Tommy got out of the car and waved to Donna as she drove away. Then he turned and went into the house. He hoped Aunt Karen wouldn't be too mad at him.

His aunt was in bed, sound asleep. Tommy wasn't sure what to do, but was feeling daring, so he got undressed and took a quick shower to remove the traces of his joining with Donna, then got in bed with his aunt. Before long, snuggled against her warm body, he was sound asleep.

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