tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 26

Summer Vacation Ch. 26

byD.C. Roi©

Karen was up before her nephew the next morning and, as she got breakfast ready, she thought about her date with Bud Murtagh the night before:

* * * * * * * * *

Bud took her to a nice, but modest. "Sorry I couldn't afford anything fancier," he apologized once they were seated. "The food here's pretty good, even if the surroundings are a little plain."

"It's wonderful, Bud," Karen replied. She wouldn't have minded it if he'd taken her to a fast-food place. She liked being with him and it surprised her how much she liked it.

"Ah, well, on a cop's pay and all..." he said.

"Bud, you don't have to apologize," she told him. "After all, don't they say it's the company that counts toward making an evening nice, not the surroundings?" She loved the flush that came over the big man's face when she said that. It warmed her. Maybe...just maybe, there was a chance this would develop into more than just a night out for dinner.

After the ate--the food was actually quite good--they went out and got in Bud's car. Karen was very aware of the fact that the big man was acting uncomfortable.

He sat behind the steering wheel, and took a deep breath, then he turned and looked at her. "Ah...I...was wondering," he said, "I don't want to sound forward or anything, but...I...would you like to come to my place for a drink or something?"

"Sure," Karen replied. "I'd love to see your bachelor pad."

"Bachelor pad, yeah," Bud snorted. "It isn't much, believe me." He put the car in gear and started off.

His apartment was small, but tidy, and surprisingly neat. Karen said so.

"Ah. well, you know," Bud said. His face started getting red again. "Would...would you like some sparkling cider?"

Karen said she would, and he went to the kitchen to get it. She followed him. The apartment's kitchen was quite small, and being in it with him meant she had to stand very close to him.

Bud got a bottle of the refrigerator. "I...since I can't drink booze any more, I kinda developed a taste for this stuff," he stammered, "you don't mind, to you?"

"I'm sure it will be just fine," Karen said. She was pleased by his obvious nervousness at being around her.

Bud poured them each a glass of the cider and, as they sipped it, they stood there, looking into each other's eyes.

Finally, Bud took a deep breath. "You...you are just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he said softly.

Karen didn't know how to respond to his compliment. She was terribly conscious of how close to her he was standing, and his nearness thrilled her.

Then Bud was moving toward her slowly, and his face was getting closer and closer to hers. When their lips met, it was as if Karen had received an electric shock. With a soft groan, she moved into his arms, pressing her body against his.

So much of what followed was a blur, so she couldn't recall exactly how it happened, but they wound up on his bed, their clothes a tangled pile on the floor. Bud's hands were sliding over her, thrilling her. He had big hands, rough ones, a contrast to her nephew's soft, gentle touch, but no less exciting.

While Bud caressed her, Karen explored his body, too. It was hard, heavily muscled, and she felt ridges, possibly scars. He felt so different from Tommy! Incredibly sweet sensations roared through her when his lips closed over one of her nipples. She pressed tighter against him, groaning, and felt his erection prodding her belly. She didn't care if this was their first date. She wanted him! Desperately.

"You're so beautiful! So beautiful!" Bud moaned as he caressed and explored her. "So beautiful!"

"I need you, Bud!" Karen murmured. "Please, Bud, I need you!"

He rolled atop her, his bulk pressing her against the bed. She reached between them, gripped his cock, and guided it to where she wanted it to be. "Unhh!" she moaned when the fleshy tube invaded her, filling her with warmth and thrills. What she had with her nephew was wonderful, but this was better, far better!

"Ah!" Bud groaned. The minute he was in her, his hips began going wild. "Can't wait! Oh, God! Feels too good! I can't wait!"

Karen couldn't either. Her body yearned for release. "Take me! Bud! Please! Take me!" she cried. Her hands raked his back, her legs locked behind his, and her hips strained against him. "Now! Now! Now!" she cried. "Bud! Oh, God, Bud! I'm coming! Please! Please! Take me now! Ahh!" Wild sensations boomed through her, filling her with ecstasy.

"Gahh!" Bud groaned when his hot cream splashed her insides.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"God, that was so wonderful!" Karen thought as she leaned against the counter, a dreamy look in her eyes.

Tommy walked into the kitchen, saw the dreamy look on his aunt's face, and smiled. "So, did you and Bud have a good time last night?" he asked.

Her nephew's question startled Karen out of her delicious daydream. She turned a delightful shade of red and gulped. "Ah...he's...he's very nice," she stammered. She turned around and began working on something on the counter.

"So, I take it the two of you hit it off?" Tommy asked. He was tickled by his aunt's discomfiture. He had an idea they'd gotten along much better than Aunt Karen was willing to admit.

"We...we, ah, we got along fine," his aunt replied, keeping her back to him.

"Where did you guys go?" Tommy asked.

Ah...we...we just, you know, went out and had a little dinner and talked," Karen said. She turned. "Nothing happened, if that's what you're thinking. Bud's a gentleman." She wasn't exactly sure why she'd lied to her nephew.

"You implying I'm not?" Tommy asked softly, smiling.

"Ah..." his aunt stammered and got even redder. "That's...you're twisting what I'm saying all around."

Tommy laughed and stood up. "I'm glad you guys hit it off," he said. "You deserve a guy like Bud. I'm not sure why his wife divorced him, but I think she was nuts."

Karen nodded. "I...they say being married to a police officer is hard," she said.

Tommy grinned at her. "Wow! You're thinking about marriage already?" he asked. "I guess you guys did hit it off!"

"Well...you know...I mean, I just was thinking and all..." Karen stammered. She turned back to the sink and began rinsing the dishes.

"I've got some things to do this morning, Aunt Karen," Tommy said. "Then I've got to go over to the dojo for a little while. After that, I've got to go to work."

"Why don't you give your notice at the Inn?" Karen said. "You don't need the money any more. And if you're going to teach at the, what do you call it, the dojo, you'll be busy enough."

"I know," Tommy said, "but I hate to leave Mr. Dreisbach in the lurch. And I really like working at the inn." And he wouldn't see much of Tina, either, if he quit the job at the inn.

"I'm sure he can find someone else," Karen said. "Maybe not as good a worker as you are, but..."

"I guess I should think about it," Tommy said. He turned, walked out the kitchen door, and got in his parents' car. What he hadn't told his aunt was that he had an appointment with the lawyer to make arrangements for some of the money he had inherited from Mr. Kwan.

"One of my associates will get to work right away on the trust funds," Attorney Brothers said after Tommy explained what he wanted done. "I must say, you are being extremely generous. Little of what you want to do is tax-deductible."

"I have more money than I'll ever need," Tommy said. "I might as well use some of it to help people I care about."

The lawyer nodded. "This Tina Nyce, the woman whose son you're setting up the trust for, is she aware you're doing it?" he asked.

Tommy shook his head. "No, and I'd like to remain anonymous, if I can," he said.

"What about your aunt?" the lawyer asked. "Don't you think she'll figure out who paid off her mortgage and set up a trust fund for her daughter's education?"

Tommy nodded. "I'm sure she will," he said. "She'll make a fuss about it, but she'll get over it."

"And this gentleman you are making a partner in the karate school," the attorney said. "You just met him, didn't you? Are you sure you want to commit such a large chunk of resources to him?"

"First of all, he's a police officer. Second, Master Kwan liked him, and I've worked out with him," Tommy said. "He appears to be a good man." He smiled. "Besides, it's possible he might eventually be related to me. He's dating my aunt."

Brothers smiled, nodded, and said, "I see. Well, then, why don't we get together again next week and finalize these arrangements? The paperwork will be done by then." He leaned forward, took something out of a folder on his desk, and handed it to Tommy.

Tommy took it and looked at it. It was a cashier's check in the amount of twenty thousand dollars. "What's this?" he asked.

"There are still a few loose ends to tie up until all of the funds are available," the lawyer said. "I thought you might like something to deposit in your checking account until we can make arrangements for the rest of the estate." He leaned back in his chair.

"Wow!" Tommy said. Until now, the money, even though he knew he was getting it, seemed unreal. Holding the huge check in his hand suddenly made it very real. "I-I guess I better stop at the bank."

"Wise idea," the attorney said.

Tommy left the lawyer's office, put half of the check in his savings account and used the rest to open a checking account. He left the bank feeling prosperous and drove to the dojo.

Only a few students were scheduled and most of them weren't very skilled, so Tommy didn't have as strenuous a workout as he'd had the day before with Bud Murtagh. He was getting ready to leave when an unmarked police car rolled to a stop in front of the dojo. Bud got out and walked inside.

"Thought I'd check if you were here," the big man said. "I needed to talk with you."

"Oh?" Tommy said.

"Yeah," Bud looked a little sheepish. "I talked with the Chief this morning. He wants to contract with you...us...to train guys in the department."

"Great," Tommy said. "You want to handle it?"

"You want me to?" Bud asked. "Maybe it would be better if you did, I mean, you are sensei now."

The fact that Bud looked at him as sensei really hit Tommy. The man was old enough to be his father! He shrugged. "Why don't you put together a program you think will work?" he suggested to his partner. "You know what the needs of the police are a lot better than I do."

"Yeah, OK," Bud said. "What should I charge?"

"Same rates Sensei used to," Tommy said.

"OK," Bud said, turned and started for his car, then stopped and turned back to face Tommy. "You know, your aunt's a neat lady." His face reddened a little.

"She is, isn't she?" Tommy replied, delighted by Bud's interest in his aunt. "I think she likes you."

Bud brightened. "Yeah?" he said. "Hey." He seemed not to know what to say. "I-I got to get going, you know, I, ah, I got work to do. Captain gets pissed if I goof off too much."

He and Tommy walked outside the dojo and the young man watched the officer slide behind the wheel of the car.

"See you later," Bud said through the open window then wheeled the car out into the street.

Tommy felt good. It looked like his aunt and Bud were going to be a couple. He liked that. It meant he wouldn't have to worry about taking care of Karen's sexual needs any more. He got in his car and headed for the Inn. He'd have to give Mr. Dreisbach his notice. He didn't want to, because it meant he wouldn't see Tina any more, but that was the way it had to be. If he was teaching classes at the dojo, he'd have all the work he could handle. And he wanted some time for a social life, too. Just once, he wanted to take Donna, or someone, out on a date.

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