tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 25

Summer Vacation Ch. 25

byD.C. Roi©

Tina arrived at work in good spirits. She told Tommy that Greg would be picking her up after work. It bugged the young man that she kept telling him about Greg, but he wasn't sure what to do about that. If he told her, she might not talk with him at all.

Things were slow at the inn. Halfway through the night Tommy, in a free minute, phoned Donna. The phone rang three or four times, then someone answered.

"Hello?" The voice was feminine, but it wasn't Donna.

"Ah, hello. Is Donna there?" Tommy asked.

"Who may I say is calling?" the woman asked. Whoever she was, she wasn't very friendly, the young man thought.

"Ah...Tom...Tom Jackson," he replied. "I'm...I'm a friend of hers."

The woman said, "Just a minute." Tommy heard the phone being laid down and voices in the background.

"Tom?" Donna's voice came on.

"Ah...hi," Tommy said. "I-I was, you know...ah...wondering if, ah, if you wanted to go out with me after I get off work."

Tina had walked over and was listening. Tommy wasn't sure why, but it bugged him.

"Tonight?" Donna said. She sounded hesitant. "I..."

"Look, if you don't want to," Tommy said. He was confused by her hesitance and assumed she didn't want to go out with him again.

"It isn't that," Donna said quickly then her voice dropped to a whisper, "I have to convince my folks I'm going out with one of my girlfriends. They...they don't want me dating guys they haven't met...you know?"

"Oh," Tommy said. He'd forgotten her parents were stricter than most. "Look, I don't want to get you in trouble."

"I can't get the car," she said, "but I want meet you."

"I'll go home and get my car after work," Tommy said. "Where do you want me to pick you up?"

"How about down at the mall?" Donna asked. "Mom and Dad don't complain when I go down there. They think all I live for is shopping, anyhow."

"OK," Tommy said. "I'll see you at the mall a little after eleven." He put the phone down and turned.

Tina was grinning at him. "Hot date?" she asked.

Tommy felt his face getting hot. He nodded and said, "Sort of."

"Anyone I know?" Tina asked.

Tommy found her concern interesting. "Remember the girl in the sports car we saw the other night when I walked you home?" he replied.

"The skinny blonde?" Tina said.

"Yeah, that's her. Her name's Donna," the young man replied. He was pleased there was a trace of disapproval in Tina's voice. Could it possibly be she was a tiny bit jealous? "She's a friend of my cousin's."

"This something serious?" she asked.

Tommy shrugged. "I've only seen her a couple of times, " he said. "I don't know. We're just friends, I guess."

A customer signaled, and Tina left, ending the conversation. They didn't get a chance to talk any more that night, then Greg showed up near closing time.

"You ready to go?" he asked Tina, who was helping set up the tables for the next day.

"I'll be ready in a minute," she replied. "I've got to finish this."

Greg frowned. "Why don't you let the kid do it?" he said. "I have reservations for us at the Biloxi."

"I can't let all this work for Tommy," Tina told him and continued working. "You'll have to wait until I'm done."

Tommy already didn't like Greg, and the man's attitude this night didn't do anything to win him over. "Why does she let him boss her around like that?" he wondered. "I wouldn't treat her like that...that asshole does." He continued working, taking his time. He glanced across the room at Greg, who was pacing and looking very put out. "He's such an asshole!" the young man thought.

They finally finished and Tina left with Greg.

"Tina's new young man, he is very impatient, isn't he?" Mr. Dreisbach commented as the door closed behind them.

"I think he's a jerk," Tommy said. "I don't know what she sees in him."

"Some girls, they think that they can't be so choosy once they get divorced," Mrs. Dreisbach commented. She'd just come out of the kitchen. "I was worried after my divorce that no other man would want me. Then I met Poopsie, here..." She gave her furiously blushing husband a hug. "I was lucky, I tell you."

"Ah...yeah, I guess you were," Tommy said. "Look, I have to get going. I have a date."

"Sehr gut," Mr. Dreisbach said. "I wondered about that. You work too much, I think. A young man your age, he needs to play sometimes. Play is good for you."

"See you tomorrow night," Tommy said, heading for the door.

"Come, Poopsie," Tommy heard Mrs. Dreisbach say, "let's go home, yes? We're not so oldt. We can play, too."

Tommy was surprised to find his aunt's house dark when he got there. He wasn't sure how his aunt would react to his taking the car, but it didn't seem to be a problem since she wasn't there to object. He went inside to get the keys and found a note.

"Tommy, Bud and I have gone out for dinner," the note said. "We might not be home until late, so don't wait up," it continued. His aunt had signed her name, followed by a little happy face. Tommy grinned. Maybe introducing his aunt to Bud Murtagh was a good idea.

Tommy got the car and headed for the mall. He parked the car in the huge lot and walked to the mall's main entrance. Donna was standing just inside the entrance, looking a little nervous.

"Hi," she said softly when Tommy approached. She was wearing a light tan shirtdress that buttoned down the front and had a black belt around the waist. Several of the top buttons were open, and when she walked toward him, he noticed quite a few of the buttons on the skirt were undone as well. A lot of shapely tan leg showed as she moved. He could see why her folks worried about her. He was glad she'd come. It was time he started going out with girls his age.

"Sorry I'm late," he said, "cleaning up took longer than I expected."

Donna smiled. "I don't mind," she said softly. "Besides, you aren't that late."

"Want to go for a walk?" Tommy asked. As late as it was, there weren't many places to go. And he didn't feel like sitting in an all-night diner or donut shop.

"Sure," Donna said.

There was a park not far from the mall, so they started in that direction. Tommy took Donna's hand as they walked. Holding her soft warm hand felt nice. "You going to get in trouble for this?" he asked her.

She shook her head. "No, not really," she said. "My folks think I'm at Lucinda's. She'll cover for me if they call, but they won't. They never do."

"How come your folks are so strict?" he asked. His parents trusted him, and the idea of not being trusted was hard for him to understand.

Donna shrugged. "I don't know, that's just the way they are," she replied, "They've always been like that."

"I wouldn't like that," he said.

"I don't, sometimes," she replied. "Like tonight."

"I'm glad you got out," he said. "I like being with you."

Donna squeezed his hand and said, "I like being with you, too."

"Doesn't it bother you that I'm younger than you?" Tommy asked.

Donna smiled. "Why should it?" she asked. "You're a nice guy, a lot nicer than some of the guys I've gone out with at college."

They reached a secluded, dimly lit part of the park. Fortunately the small community where they lived was still a place where it was safe to be on the streets at night, even in areas like the one they were in. Crime had not yet become the problem it was in major metropolitan areas. They sat down on a park bench under a big oak tree.

Donna leaned against Tommy. "I never knew what a nice person you were," she said.

Tommy laughed. "I wasn't sure I was," he said. "You couldn't have told it from the number of girls I dated."

"I know," Donna said. "I thought you were cute, but..." She shrugged. "I mean, you were younger, and the kids I hung out with said..."

"That I was a nerd," Tommy finished the sentence for her.

She nodded. "Yeah, stuff like that," she agreed. "I-I guess I shouldn't have listened to them."

"No reason you shouldn't have," he said, a little bitterly, "everybody else did."

She turned on the bench and laid a soft hand on his cheek. "But they were wrong!" she said softly as she caressed his cheek. "You're a neat guy!"

"And I'm cute, too," Tommy said.

She smiled and nodded. "Yeah, you're cute, too," she said.

"Sounds like you're trying to convince someone to go out with your little brother," he said. "He's cute and he's a really neat guy."

Donna's hand left his cheek and settled in his lap. "You're anything but little," she whispered. "I ought to know."

Tommy put his hand on the silken softness of her hair and pulled her to him. His lips covered hers and desire flared inside him as her tongue lashed into his mouth. Her hand softly stroked the bulge that had begun to grow in his pants.

Donna was flushed when the kiss ended. "You kiss pretty good, too," she said breathlessly. "You make me feel all funny inside when you kiss me."

Tommy began stroking one of her small, firm breasts gently through the smooth material of her dress. He felt the nipple grow erect. Her slim body quivered against him.

"You're so gentle," she whispered, laying her head on his shoulder. "I've never known a guy as gentle as you are."

"A beautiful woman like you should be treated gently," Tommy murmured, sliding his hand inside her dress onto hot, bare skin. She wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't need to. His fingers began toying with a rigid nipple. A soft sigh escaped her and her hand clutched his swelling cock.

"God, Tom, when you do that, it makes me crazy!" Donna whispered. "You're turning me on!"

"I'm turned on, too," he replied. "Being with you does that to me."

"We ought to go somewhere," she murmured. She fumbled his pants open and slid her hand inside, onto his swollen cock.

"What's the matter with here?" Tommy groaned.

"He...here?" Donna gasped. She found it hard to think. His hand slid up between her slim legs, found her naked, wet pussy, and she shuddered. Hunger for him was rapidly overwhelming her. "What...what if someone comes?"

"You want me, don't you?" Tommy asked and slid his finger into her tight opening, making her squirm.

"God, yes!" she replied, thrusting her opening against his hand. "You're making me crazy!"

"Sit on my lap," he told her.

Donna got up and straddled his legs. Tommy pushed his pants down, then pulled her onto him. She held her skirt out of the way as she lowered herself onto him. "Oh!" she groaned as his engorged cock slid into her. "I can't believe we're doing this here!" Her slim arms locked around his neck, her lips ground against his, and her body began the rhythmic motions of sex.

Both of them found it thrilling to be making love out in the open. The "wrongness" of what they were doing was a tremendous stimulant and the couple's passion rapidly grew to unstoppable proportions as their joined bodies strained together. There was danger of discovery, but the hour was so late and the spot they were in so secluded it was unlikely they'd be interrupted.

"I can't believe it! Oh, God! I'm gonna...Oh! Tom! Tom! I'm...I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" the slim, beautiful blonde cried, her body jolting and jerking wildly. "Now! Now! Yes! Yes!"

Tommy exploded a gusher of his seed into her hot, clasping cave. "Yeah! Donna! Yeah!" he cried.

Spent, Donna sat atop him, arms wrapped around his neck, head lying on Tommy's shoulder. His cock, still hard, remained buried in her snug pussy. After a few minutes, he felt his penis begin to soften. All of a sudden, his shrunken organ left her.

Donna giggled. "Oh!" she murmured and squirmed on his lap. "That tickled." She straightened up, kissed him, and hugged him. "I can't believe what we just did!" she exclaimed. "What if someone had come along?"

"They'd have gotten quite an eyeful, wouldn't they?" Tommy said, smiling.

Donna stood up and straightened her clothing.

Tommy got up, too, and pulled up his pants. "Sometimes..." he mused, "...sex puts you in ridiculous positions." "I guess I should get you home," he said. "I ought to get to bed. I've got to be up early in the morning."

Donna put her hand in his as they walked back to the mall, and leaned against him, her head on his shoulder. Tommy found the experience not at all unpleasant.


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