tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 04

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 04


Summer Wayne, the 40 year-old married English teacher has spent the previous day being forcibly submissive to Master T, her internet tormentor, Todd Spillers (an innocent student) and her best friend Lisa. She had been forced to suck Todd in the school parking lot and her best friend had forced her to eat her pussy in the bathroom at their favorite margarita bar. In addition to that, Summer had been forced to lie across the bathroom counter while Abby, the waitress, used Summer's wide hair brush as a paddle then a dildo. Summer could not remember the rest of the evening after Lisa had made her drink three Sex on the Beach shooters from Abby's mouth at the bar. She had just hung up the phone from her weekly Saturday morning call with her husband James who was in Asia and had told her that his trip had been extended by at least two weeks which meant he would be there about a month.


As Summer lay in her empty bed between the Egyptian cotton fibers sheets, her mind wandered back to the events that led to her current situation. If only she had not been so playful on the sex site and had not been so difficult with Master T initially, maybe just maybe she would not be where she was today. She had complied with his every texted request and demand in the hope that he would relent and agree to return the damn picture of her on the bathroom counter. If James had only not taken it, she would have never been able to send it in the first place.

As she lay there, Summer's mind wandered back to the scene in the car with Todd where she had been made by Master T to take her pink panties off and place them on the passenger seat next to her. Summer remembered the look on Todd's face as he glanced into her car, first looking at the panties then down between her legs. She remembered Todd getting into the car, the feel of his hands on her breasts, her legs and then on her pussy mound. Summer's hands started slowly sliding down the sides of her white silk nightie. When her hands found the bottom him, she started pulling the bottom of the nightie up until it was above her breasts.

Summer's right hand rested on the mound of her pubic hair remembering the fact that Lisa's pussy was completely shaven and how Master T had said that it was disgusting to have the amount of hair that Summer had. Summer playfully tugged at her mound of hair and then slowly lowered her hand to her already moist pussy. Her middle finger found her already erect clit, moistened by her juices and she slowly began to stimulate her clit with a circular pattern. Her left hand now has slowly working its way up to her breasts and she found her nipples already erect. Summer's finger and thumb found the first nipple and closed around it to begin a soft, but consistent squeezing of the tip further hardening her silver dollar sized nipple.

As Summer's fingers worked their magic on her hairy pussy, she began to brutally squeeze and twist her nipples. Summer turned her head to one side, remembered the 8" black dildo in its hiding place in her bedside table. She reached over, pulled the large cock out of the drawer and placed the tip against her pussy lips. As she fantasized about sucking Todd's cock in her car on Friday afternoon, she let the bulbous head of the black cock slip past her the lips of her mouth and she slowly worked it into her mouth to help moisten it for its ultimate journey deep inside her moistening pussy.

Summer's left hand returned to her pussy and spread her lips wide as her right hand pulled the black cock from her mouth to lower it to her waiting pussy. As the head slipped slowly inside her, Summer let out a soft murmur as the black cock found the edge of her G spot. Summer's mind wondered back to the bar and the drinks that she had with the three men and Lisa. For some reason, she could not remember how the evening ended, but she felt comfort in knowing that she had woken up in her own bed.

As Summer sunk the black cock all the way into her pussy, her body began to quiver from the beginning of what she hoped would be several intense orgasms. She began to pump the black into and out of her pussy meeting each thrust with her upraised hips. Her nipples began to cry out from the pain she was inflicting on each of them as she seemed to crave the pain associated with the ultimate pleasure she would receive from the cock she held in her hands and with the muscles of her pussy. Just then, the head of the black dildo found her sweet spot and Summer's body erupted into an orgasm that took her breath away.

As the ebbs from her first orgasm subsided, Summer began to jam the black cock faster and faster into her now sopping wet pussy. She began envisioning the spanking given to her by Abby the waitress and then the paddle turned dildo being inserted deeply into her pussy as she was forced to lie across the bathroom counter in the restaurant last night. As if on cue, the last thrust of the black cock into her pussy caused Summer to experience yet another tremendous orgasm. But her need to cum again led Summer to spread her legs even wider than they had grown on their own and she once again jammed her black cock deeper and harder into her pussy until the inevitable happened and she screamed in orgasmic bliss.

As Summer was able to gather herself after her three orgasms and calm down, she noticed that her white silk nightie was drenched in sweat even though it was bunched up above her breasts. She casually got out of bed, cast aside the nightie and jumped into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over her body, Summer began to bathe herself with lilac fragrance soap. As she scrubbed the older skin cells from her body, she began to relax and enjoy the feeling of her hands on her body once again. Suddenly Summer said to herself, "Get hold of yourself. Why am I touching myself this way and why can't I stop?"

Quickly, Summer turned the shower water off and lightly patted her now exfoliated skin dry. She moistened the skin with several of her favorite lotions and oils. As she turned to look at herself in the mirror, she stopped to gaze at the mound of pubic hair lying above her pussy and she once again thought of Lisa's smooth mound. Summer thought to herself why Lisa would shave such a private place and to also let her husband see it. Summer patted her mound dry and then pulled on her white silk, almost see through robe. She slipped on her low heeled dressing slippers and padded down the steps to the kitchen. She poured herself a cup of hot coffee, put in a touch of half and half and then sat down to watch the morning TV news shows.

Summer was not sure how long it had been, but her coffee was now cold and she had not drunk more than a couple of sips. She could not focus for some reason and she still could not remember what happened at the bar after she drank her three Sex on the Beach shooters from Abby's mouth. She remembered feeling slightly woozy, but that is all that she could remember. Summer guessed that she had gotten too drunk after the drinks from Abby, the multiple orgasms in the ladies room and that Lisa had gotten her home somehow. Then she thought, "Oh God, where is my car?"

Summer jumped out of her kitchen chair and raced out to the garage. But her fears were unfounded as her car was in the garage, the garage door was down and there was no apparent damage to her convertible.

As she padded her way back into the kitchen, after placing her coffee cup into the microwave she picked up the remote to turn the volume back on for the TV, when her doorbell rang. To herself Summer yelled, "Fuck." As she walked to the door wondering who could be bothering her at 10:30 on a Saturday morning, she saw Todd Spillers standing on her front porch.

Fortunately, James had found a home that was set back pretty far from the street with a curved walkway so that anyone passing by would not have been able to see her young student standing on her porch.

As Summer opened the door, she asked, "Todd, what are you doing here? You know that a student should not be seen entering the home of a teacher. What would someone who saw you think?"

Without even acknowledging her question, Todd strolled into Summer's home that she shared with her husband James and where her two children had been raised. Once inside, Todd whirled around and said to his sexy English teacher, "Slut, do not question my being here. You are mine now and you do not have any right to refuse me in any way I choose to demand that you do."

Summer was immediately taken aback by the student's aggressive style with her. His demeanor caught her completely off guard as she said, "Todd, I must insist that you leave our home. My husband is due back any time and I am sure that you would not want him to find you here."

Todd continued in on her, "Slut, I know that your husband is out of the country for at least four more weeks. I also know that you were to anticipate my arrival based on your last communication with Master T last night. You do remember his message telling you to expect me today, right?"

Summer stood stunned before Todd trying to remember what exactly the last message was from her tormentor Master T. She then remembered and said to Todd, "Yes I remember. It said that you would be bringing me directions from Master T and that I would have a busy Saturday."

"Slut, I am Master T," exclaimed Todd.

Summer was stunned and went right back at Todd, "There is no way you could be Master T. You are a student and could not possibly get a profile on an internet site."

"Slut you either the stupidest woman that ever walked the earth or the most naïve slut I have ever dealt with," shouted Todd.

Summer continued, "How is it possible that you could get access to a site in the first place Todd?"

Todd continued to toy with his new conquest, "Slut, access is easy if you know how. The hard part used to be finding a willing woman to chat with me. But, you my sweet are the easiest I have ever dealt with. I could not believe my good fortune when you sent me that wonderfully explicit and full face picture of you. The look on your face with your pussy filled that big black dildo was very erotic."

Summer shakily replied, "Todd I do not believe you. I think that you are trying to take Master T's place or at least take advantage of the situation. Please leave now!"

Angrily Todd said, "Slut, just this one time I will prove to you who I am. Go and get your phone."

As Summer walked across the floor and headed up the stairs, Todd began to look longingly at his new found slut. He could see Summer's ass cheeks gently sway as she made each step.

Todd took out his phone and texted to Summer, "Slut, I am truly Master T. Come back down the stairs with only your white slippers. If you do not come down as I demand, I will leave, log onto my computer and send the attached picture along with the original of you to the school's website and also to my parents, signed Master T."

Just as Summer reached her bedroom, she heard the familiar chime of her phone set to ring for text messages, which was different from her call ring tone. As she picked up the phone, she saw that indeed she had a text message from Master T. As she opened the text, Summer's eyes grew wide and began to tear up.

There on her screen was a message from Master T that said that Todd was indeed Master T. To give her further proof, Master T had attached a picture of her from yesterday in the car with Todd's cum on her lips. In addition to the car picture, Master T had attached the original picture of her lying on the bathroom counter with the black dildo stuffed into her pussy.

In compliance with Master T's directions, Summer loosened the tie of her white silk robe and let it fall off of her shoulders. She wiped away the tears that had started to flow from her eyes and took a wash cloth to wipe away the trails of the tears that had streaked her puffy cheeks. As she exited her bedroom, she cast an eye towards the full length dressing mirror and silently whispered to herself, "Summer, you are such an idiot and you are so fucked!"

Todd was waiting at the bottom of the stairs as was able to take in all of Summer's nakedness as her feet touched each of the steps. He could see her still firm breasts lightly bounce as her feet went from step to step. Todd could not help but smile to himself over his good fortune and the dumb, naïve actions of his newest slut, Summer Wayne, High School English teacher.

When Summer completed her trip down the stairs of her house and she stood in front of Master T, she looked him directly in the eyes and begged, "Todd, please stop this. I have done all that you have asked of me. Please give me back the picture and let's end this ridiculous game".

Todd stood silent for what seemed like an eternity to Summer. She watched his facial expressions and got nothing in return. She tried to read his thoughts, but he was not forthcoming with what he was thinking or what his next step might be. She did not have to wait any longer.

Todd, almost screaming, "Slut, don't you ever refer to me as Todd. You may refer to me as Mr. Spillers at school when someone is around. But, at all other times you are to refer to me as Master T. Do you understand slut?"

Summer, was visibly shaken by his words and simply replied, "Yes Master T."

"Slut, for your transgressions today, you need to be punished. I am not ready to hand out your punishment at this point as I want to complete the inspection of my slut's body. Now bend over and place your hands around the banister post on the first step while I use my hands to inspect your pussy and ass," were Todd's first instructions for the day.

As Summer slowly swung round on her low heels, Todd could not believe how responsive she was to his demands. When Summer had complied with his instruction Todd said, "Slut, spread your legs wider and make sure that you do not move unless I tell you to. Do you understand slut?"

Summer quickly replied, "Yes Master T, I understand."

With that, Summer quickly slid her legs outward as far as she could comfortably and awaited Master T's next instruction.

Todd looked at Summer from behind and he thought that he had never seen anything as erotic and sexy as he was seeing right then. He just stared at the ass cheeks that were at such an inviting level, the nice spread crack that he could follow down to the pouty lips of his slut's asshole and he could see the moisture on Summer's pussy lips that revealed that she was getting turned on with only a bit of degradation from him. Todd knew that she was quite submissive and wondered if she was a true submissive hiding in school and her English text books.

Todd then began to trace a line from above Summer's ass down each cheek to the top of each thigh. Then he allowed his hands to roam back up to her hips. He then spread his new slut's ass cheeks wider so he could see the full length of her ass crack right down to Summer's clit. With his left hand still pulling on Summer's cheek, Todd slowly trailed the index finger of his right hand to the entrance to her ass hole and then slowly made its way to her pussy lips. Todd swore that he heard a low murmur coming from his newest conquest and the thought to himself that Summer was so much easier to control than any of the high school girls he had made into his slave.

Slowly, Todd inserted his index finger into what was now a sopping wet pussy of his English teacher. As his finger pressed deeper into Summer's pussy, Todd could feel her muscles instinctively grasp and clutch his finger. Todd slowly inserted a second and then a third finger.

As Todd's third finger entered her pussy Summer let out a low moan and begged, "Please Master T. Do not do this to me. You are my student and I cannot allow you to treat me in this manner."

Todd quickly removed his fingers and began to savagely attack Summer's ass cheeks with his large hands. Standing over 6' 5" and weighing over 250 pounds created a good deal of force and angle when he started to apply his punishment.

After 25 smacks on her ass, Summer finally begged, "Master T, please stop. I apologize for my disrespect. I promise to not do that again."

Todd knew that Summer was a proud woman and would not completely give in until he had had more time with her. But, he relented and said, "Very good slut. To prove your sincerity, I want you to get down on your hands and knees, take off my tennis shoes, my socks and then lick my toes until I tell you to stop."

Summer hesitated for only a second and slowly turned around, fell to her knees, placed her hands on the floor and slowly crawled to where Todd stood. Summer deftly untied first one shoe then the other. She lightly pulled on Todd's first sock and he assisted by lifting first one foot then the other. Summer hesitated before she slowly lowered her head towards Todd's large feet. As her face neared her tormentor's toes, the scent from a young boy's feet after being confined in worn tennis shoes caused Summer to lightly gag.

Without her knowing it, Todd had removed the belt from his cargo shorts and as if anticipating her non-compliance, let loose a terrible blow across Summer's ass. Todd followed the first blow with three more well placed strikes across his slut's ass. He could see the whelps immediately begin to form across her beautiful ass cheeks. Todd almost felt sorry for her, but he could only say, "Slut, get that tongue out of that sexy mouth of yours and start working on my toes. They are sore from football practice and I need some tender therapy."

Slowly, Summer's tongue extended until she felt Todd's first toe and she went to work doing as she had been directed. She did not want Todd to know that for some reason, the blows to her ass by both his hands and now his belt had caused her body to tremble. Summer could feel that she was on the edge of an orgasm and she did not want Todd to know.

As Summer continued to lick Todd's large toes and feet, she began to be overcome with a desire to please this young master. Kneeling before him on her hands and knees while she licked and sucked his toes made her feel very strange and all she could think about was pleasing him. She began to enthusiastically suck on his big toes and was able to get one into her mouth where she treated it like a cock.

Looking down Todd said, "That's it slut. Suck my toes. Show me how much you want to please your master. Let me hear you say it slut."

Summer stopped in mid-suck and looked up towards Todd and said, "Master T, I am glad that I am pleasing you. It makes me feel wonderful to know that you are happy with me.'

Once he was satisfied with her compliance Todd ordered, "Slut, go into the kitchen and make me some breakfast. Call me when you have prepared a satisfactory meal for your Master as I will be in your bedroom looking at your clothes."

Summer watched as Todd bounded up the stairs on his way to the bedroom she shared with James. As he reached the top of the stairs, Summer turned and headed to the kitchen dressed only in the morning slippers.

When Todd reached Summer's bedroom, he paused to think about the times that she had sex with her husband in that very bed. He wondered if her husband tied her to the four posts to have his way with her. Todd took a mental picture of the bed for his future enjoyment, but today he had other plans for his slut teacher.

Todd first went through the drawers until he came upon the one that contained the undergarments of his slut. He laid each piece out on the bed making sure to align the bras and matching panties. Todd's first reaction was that there were not enough thongs. Summer had some sexy panties in a string bikini version, but he preferred thongs.

Todd took all of Summer's cotton panties and threw them into the nearby trashcan. Then he found several plain white bras that also had to go. When he had completed culling the lingerie, he was down to brightly colored sets, several all lace sets and then two sets that quite obviously her husband had bought for her to be seen by no one. Todd selected a red bra and matching lace thong. The bra was one of those that he had seen in the Fredrick's catalog that had no material to cover Summer's nipples. He thought to himself and then remembered they were called shelf bras. Then he remembered that Summer had described her best friend Lisa's lingerie and she had been wearing a red shelf bra last night. "I wonder if their husbands got together and went shopping for lingerie for their wives," Todd said to no one.

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