tagFetishSun Hee Ch. 06

Sun Hee Ch. 06


"I've taken your manhood. It belongs to me now."

These were the first words I heard from Sun Hee in the morning as we woke together in each other's arms. Her little hand was down between my legs resting on her property, as it often was, and her long black hair draped across her sleepy face and stuck between her lips. Her hair was in my eyes as well, and the sweet musk of her skin filled my nostrils. My lips pressed against the side of her temple, tasting her.

I could feel her fingers absently exploring the chastity cage she had locked there, her touch both delicate and cruel.

My eyes squinted against the light, unwilling to wake up, and instead I drew Sun Hee's petite little body closer to mine. She felt warm and soft and willing. Crammed together in the tiny twin bed of my dorm room, we must have looked a picture of young love, if not for that plastic cage.

For any other young couple, waking groggily would have led to tender sex, her legs falling open as I rolled toward her, morning wood nosing between her sleepy thighs.

But Sun Hee was right. She had taken my manhood. I was locked in chastity, and the key to my cage was on a thin chain that was right now twisted up in the sheets around her left breast. Her large full tits pressed into the mattress, and I felt just the tip of the key digging coldly just below my third rib.

It'd been almost a week since Sun Hee introduced me to the true nature of a ruined orgasm, and true to her prediction, my balls since burned with an urgency that remained unrelieved. The effect was unlike anything I could imagine.

Yet even as sex with this cute little Korean girl was out of the question, still I wanted to please her. My extended chastity only amplified this desire, a warm, overpowering urge to shower her with constant love and attention and devotion.

Thus, even as Sun Hee's eyes fluttered closed again and she seemed to drift back into a languid sleep, I was lowering down under the covers, seeking for that dark and warm treasure between her thighs.

I don't even know whether this was what she had wanted, but she welcomed it readily enough, her legs parting naturally at the first touch of my wet tongue. Sun Hee let out a long contented sigh as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wider, a trace of a smile widening on her sleepy face. Waking to such oral pleasure was, no doubt, something she enjoyed.

My body felt cramped and awkward as I tried to move down low enough. My spine and neck started to ache, and my legs ended up poking out from the bottom of the bed, flailing awkwardly from underneath the warmth of the covers. But her pussy tasted so sweet and tender.

I nosed deeper, reaching my tongue along the wetness of her exposed labia, and then lightly nibbled on the hood of her clit. Sun Hee rewarded my efforts with a sleepy squeal.

Licking harder now, I burrowed even farther down the bed until the bulk of my body hung off the end. I felt cold and exposed, yet it was so warm there between her legs. It never ceased to amaze me just how wet she became. So wet - and so open.

Above me, the sweet little mewling of my girl grew faster and more urgent. I could sense her breath rising and the tension in her body gathering. Yet in the darkness under the blankets I could see little more than the curve of her thighs and the tuft of black public hair high on her pubic bone. Her scent surrounded me in the wet darkness.

Eager to please her, I licked harder, urging her on. The sounds of her pleasure were music to my ears. Yet - the alarm on her phone chose this moment to start beeping.

"Baby," Sun Hee called to me. I licked harder now, desperate, but she called again. "Baby... I have to go." Her hands reached down to my head under the covers and pulled me up.

The beeping alarm continued from where her phone lay on the floor across the room.

"Ugh, can you get that," she said. It was a statement, not a question. She had already nestled her head under the shade of her arm again, confident that I would take care of the alarm.

Just a few short weeks ago, before this pesky cage had ended control over my own sex, I would have been annoyed at her behavior. But wearing her cage had worked a profound change in me, or maybe I was fooling myself. Maybe I was always this way. Instead of annoyance, my heart leaped to please her. She wasn't being selfish; rather, of course she should expect me to take care of her as my Princess.

I crawled out of the bed into the biting cold air and stumbled over to turn off the alarm for her. I had wanted to make her cum but I think she felt good at least, and I knew there was no hope of convincing my Korean girl to stay in bed longer when she had to go to class. Few things, not even sex, got in the way of her drive to study hard.

I shivered naked in the middle of the room. Feeling tenderly, I gathered up her clothes from the chair where I had folded them for her the night before, and brought them over to the bed where Sun Hee was still squirming her pleasure underneath the covers.

It was an automatic gesture. By now, it just felt natural to serve her.

I was still naked as Sun Hee slipped back into her clothes, gathered up her things, and prepared to leave. She didn't thank me for helping her dress. She took it for granted.

"I'll see you tonight after my study session," she said.

As Sun Hee leaned up onto her toes to kiss me goodbye, I was self-consciously reminded of the smell of her sex on my breath. Another strange reversal. If we had been a normal couple, it might have been she whose breath was heavy with the smell of sex from having sucked me in the morning. But I had never had that pleasure. Never felt Sun Hee's soft lips wrap around my turgid cock. Though I knew other men had.

I felt frustrated seeing her go. It wasn't the chastity cage locked onto my cock, it wasn't the oral sex that had been interrupted, it was simply that she had to leave. I missed her.

Five or ten minutes after Sun Hee had slipped out the door and the last of her footsteps echoed down the hall, I was dressed myself and gathering my things when my roommate Blake poked his head into the room.

"Blue balled?" he asked with a smirk.

His question caught me off guard, and I felt my face blush furiously. Did he know? He was my roommate and Sun Hee was around often enough; had he divined the nature of our relationship?

I guess my face must have shown some of the horror I was feeling because Blake suddenly looked contrite.

"Sorry, man," he said. "I didn't mean anything. Just that I heard you two fooling around a little." He knocked on the wall as a reminder of just how thin they were. "Sounds like you two got interrupted."

"Oh... yeah," I offered lamely.

I don't know what on earth possessed me to say what I did next. It wasn't cool to talk about Sun Hee this way even if she wasn't keeping me locked, and she would absolutely kill me if she ever found out. I guess I just badly wanted people to believe I was fucking this incredible girl, even if I wasn't.

So I lied.

"Actually, she... uh... " My hand gesture signaled a blow job.

Blake's eyebrows climbed up his forehead. "Oh yeah?" he asked sudden interest. "Was it good?"

"The best." I lied again, or rather, I said what I knew to be true though I had never experienced it. "Swallowed."

Blake whistled long and slow. It was wrong, but it strangely excited me to know what he was now imagining. Probably he would be jacking off to it after I left.

"No offense, man. But damn! I bet you're right. I bet that hot little Korean girl gives one hell of a blowjob." He cuffed me on the shoulder. "You're one lucky dude."


Finals were coming up soon, and sadly that meant seeing Sun Hee far less than I would have liked. When she wasn't in class, she was in the library, and when she wasn't in the library, she was in her room.

Sadly, then, I wasn't too surprised when I didn't see Sun Hee later that night as she had promised. Her study group went past midnight, and after that all she had the energy for was to crawl back to her room to crash.

"Sorry, baby. Too tired," she texted. "Miss you."

I missed her, too.

I didn't see her the next day either. She was out with her Korean friends for dinner and then after that, more studying. "I need some girl time," she said. "Need to de-stress, you know? I'm sorry."

I understood. Of course I did. I even had some blow-off time of my own, hanging out with Blake and a couple other guys, but still I thought about Sun Hee constantly. And it wasn't just because of the cage. It was hard being away from her so much, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't help but nag and beg to see her more, even as I sensed that my constant texts were annoying her a little.

Bemused, I realized this was another reversal in our roles. I had become the "woman" in our relationship, always wanting to spend more time together, while Sun Hee was striking out for more independence and more alone time.

The next day I just couldn't help myself. Despite promises to let her study, I was scratching at her door like some poor, needy stray cat.

"Please, baby. I miss you!" I wheedled, perfectly aware that my begging gave her all the power.

But the half-smile on Sun Hee's face showed me it was working. "Ok, but the focus is on studying," she insisted sternly. Then Sun Hee moved aside and let me in through the door.

Imagine my surprise, then, when ten minutes later I found myself lying naked except for the chastity cage on Sun Hee's bed with all our textbooks and notes spread out around us. She was fully dressed of course, cute in a pair of yoga pants and a simple tank top, no makeup on her face and her hair pulled back in a lazy ponytail.

Sun Hee's large D-cup tits were perky enough not to require a bra, though as she laid propped up on her stomach they hung down pendulous and heavy. And between her big breasts, on a delicate gold chain, hung the tiny little key to my cage. Occasionally, she would slip the key between her lips and chew on it with her teeth. It was an absent gesture, a nervous habit.

As she glanced my way, the key dangling between her teeth, I don't think she even realized how she was teasing me.

I could look into Sun Hee's large dark eyes forever, and I was. My calculus book was open in front of me, but my eyes were only on her. I hadn't actually glanced at my book once. Instead, I just watched her.

Sun Hee was studying intently, her book open and her notebook filled with the neat orderly rows of her notes. Around her were the many colored highlighters and pens I had come to associate with this smart little Korean girl. She had a system. Organized, neat, efficient. And a little stray wisp of black hair kept falling in front of her eyes.

It was intoxicating.

And each time, her left hand darted up to slide it back into place behind her ear. The gesture was adorable, and made her seem somehow both innocent and sexual at the same time.

The curve of her ass in the tight fitting yoga pants didn't hurt either. Sun Hee's ass wasn't what many people would call "thick," but it wasn't flat either. Lying on her belly, her butt curved upwards with a delicious fullness, and her yoga pants clung to every curve and angle.

The way Sun Hee laid on the bed propped up on her elbows made her lower back arch and her ass pushed upwards, almost as though she was asking to be mounted. Her thighs parted slightly, revealing the upturned opening of her sex, covered but not hidden by the sleek material of her pants, in a way that spoke of sex and availability.

And frankly, of fertility.

Her narrow waist and unusually large breasts had that effect. This was a young and desirable girl. Nubile. At the prime of her sexual power, and ready for a thick cock to press inside her and deposit its seed deep into her womb.

My thoughts were getting away from me. Way away from me. And I knew it. But I loved this girl. I wanted to marry this girl.

It was an understatement to say I was distracted.

Instead of the curves and integrals of calculus I saw only the curves and angles of her body. The way she called out to be fucked. Longed for it. The shine of her long black hair reflecting in the sunlight through the window as her back would arch backwards, her body groaning into the deep thrust of my cock pushing between her legs.

I saw it so clearly in my mind. Climbing on top of her. Pushing inside her. Sun Hee's squeal of delight at being penetrated.

And I saw her need. Sun Hee's simple, desperate need to get fucked. It had been too long for her as well.

But alas, the rhythm of fucking her was never more than the rhythm of that infernal cage around my cock: stop, stop, stop. Each attempted surge of my frustrated dick blocked, as if by some invisible, insurmountable power.

Utterly turned on, and yet utterly unable to get erect.

Of course, the other thing that was distracting me was that while Sun Hee's left hand was studiously flipping through pages of her notes, her right hand kept drifting down to wrap around the plastic of my cage.

Her touch wasn't sexual. It felt more like she was reaching out for a favorite stuffed animal. Her touch was idle, absent. As if she was seeking comfort.

"I miss having my little toy around," she murmured absently, before flipping the page of her textbook.

The way she patted my dick felt both possessive and affectionate. I liked it, but it also felt strangely unsettling. So did lying next to her naked on her bed while she was fully clothed and studying.

I felt exposed. Like I was on display. And the air tickled on my bare ass.

I felt like an object, like her object, which was just... not something I was used to feeling as a man.

It felt nice, but shit, it was so out of sync with the insistent need I felt in my balls. I wanted sex! I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to lick her, I wanted to hear the cries of her orgasm like music in my burning ears.

And lying here like this next to Sun Hee but getting only about ten percent of her attention was driving me crazy.

I nuzzled up against her, pressing my face up into her armpit as she jotted down notes, feeling like a lost puppy. My eyes looked up toward hers, begging for attention.

Sun Hee gently nudged me aside, barely noticing. And then she patted my cage again as if to say, "There, there."

I pressed in against her again, inhaling her scent deep into my nostrils. I couldn't help it, I needed to feel her.

This time she pushed me away gently. "Baby, stop it," she complained.

I knew full well her mood, sensed full well her growing frustration with me, but I couldn't help myself. Didn't want to help myself. I traced my lips down the length of her petite torso until my face came even with her tight little ass, and then I plunged in, burrowing between her legs, biting and nipping at the fabric against her sex.

I wanted to lick her!

"Baby!" Sun Hee squealed with a mix of delight and exasperation. Her body curled away, and she pushed at me, hard this time. Her stiff arm pressing my naked body back against the cold wall at the edge of the bed. Her braless breasts rocked back and forth underneath the thin fabric of her tank top.

"Stop it!" she cried, throwing down her pen. "Gosh, you're like a horny little puppy, I swear."

Her neat little rows of highlighters and pens were a mess now, which gave me a petty sense of satisfaction, and our books were scattered everywhere. I had her attention at least.

This wasn't the first time I had tried to get between her legs and lick her today, and it wasn't the first time Sun Hee had pushed me aside either. I tried, I really tried, but I was just so horny I couldn't help myself. And I hated that she was able to focus so easily on her work with me naked beside her, when her mere presence made me crazy with a constant desire to touch her and caress her and please her. How could I please her if she didn't pay attention to me?

"You don't understand how hard it is to wear this stupid cage and not be constantly wanting to kiss you and touch you." I tried not to sound pathetic. I don't think I succeeded.

Sun Hee laughed in that high-pitched and girlish way of hers. "I guess I don't, but I'm starting to."

She brushed the hair out of her eyes, and whether it was intentional or not, she treated me to a generous view of her cleavage, braless under her tank top. Her tiny little nipples stood out hard and erect.

Sun Hee was horny, too. She had to be. Sensing opportunity, I went in for the kill, pushing Sun Hee back against the bed and burying my face between her big tits and pushing open her legs.

Sun Hee giggled and screamed at first, letting me get one of her hyper sensitive nipples between my teeth, before pushing away again. This time using her arms and legs to kick and knock me off her.

"No!" she said again. This time she pinned me down against the mattress and held me there, and her voice carried stern authority for such a tiny girl. Her breasts hung pendulously above me, and the little chain with the key had fallen out of her shirt and was dangling just out of reach, swinging back and forth and glinting in the sunlight from the window.

"No. This is a study session. No fooling around today. Not for you," Sun Hee insisted. "I mean it." Sun Hee held me pinned with her arms locked on my shoulders, and she emphasized each word by pushing me down into the softness of her bed.

Feeling helpless and already knowing I was defeated, I let out some kind of wordless groan and squeal, like a pathetic animal, and thrashed about underneath her, trying to break away, trying to... I don't know what.

There was a brief flurry of arms and limbs as I struggled against her, but Sun Hee held me pinned. Her breasts hanging above me made me ache with need, and I just needed... something. But Sun Hee was implacable. How could I lose to a girl?

I ached for her.

The ache hurt still more when she let go and returned to her books like I was nothing. With neat, efficient movements that hinted at a barely hidden frustration, Sun Hee tidied up her notes again and pulled her book closer.

"How can you stay calm like that? How can you just push me away when I'm so horny?" I sounded desperate even to myself.

"I guess for me it's easy," Sun Hee said, calmly opening her book again.

I slumped against the mattress, feeling hurt and defeated. Unconcerned, Sun Hee turned the page in her book.

"Please, baby," I begged. "I just want to please you. I just want to..." I trailed off into a whine.

"You want to do something for me?" Sun Hee looked back at me, her pen between her lips. Her tone had changed, and I wasn't sure what it meant.

"Yes, Princess. Anything."

She studied me with a hard, flat gaze and then seemed to come to a decision. "Ok," Sun Hee said, moving off the bed and going over to the corner of the room. In her closet, she pulled out a little white basket and pushed it toward me.

"Go do my laundry for me."

The basket was full of whites and pinks and pastels, fluffy with her clothes and intimate things.

My heart fell a little. This wasn't what I had in mind, and I hated doing laundry, barely bothering to care for my own. But I did what to do something sweet for Sun Hee - didn't I?

"You're sending me away?" I asked in a small voice. That's how it felt, and it hurt. I wanted to stay here with my girlfriend. I wanted to feel close to her.

But now Sun Hee was pissed. Her hands went to her hips, and she yelled at me from across the room, "Look, you said you wanted to help out, and I'm tired of all your begging. I need to study." She glared at me from underneath her cute little bangs. "Now, I asked you to go do my laundry."

"I..." I broke off, embarrassed by my resistance but still feeling stubborn. "I don't know how," I confessed, feeling foolish.

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