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Sunday's Letter


Hello My Dear Sweet Friend,

Did you enjoy yesterday’s letter? Have I moved up a few places, maybe all the way to number eleven? Why is it you get angry with me when I tell you about the waitresses at the restaurant, what I am thinking about? I tell you I want to fuck them when I do not really want to. It is just a way for me to tell you it is really you I want. Then you tell me you do not calculate me when you think of the men in your life. You have fifteen perspective suitors and I am not among them. What must I do? I write all these erotic letters to you, do any of the other men in your life write such letters to you? Have any of them ever told you in such explicit terms how you could have their ass for your pleasure? I hope not, I want to be the only one. Maybe it is your way of getting back at me for telling you of my lust for the waitresses. Are you playing with my mind?

It is a quiet day here, Sundays always are. I took the dog for a walk down main street and down toward the interstate. Main street is only six blocks long. It always amazes me how everything is closed here on Sundays. It is like they wrap up the whole town on Saturday at 10:00 PM and don’t unwrap it until 8:00 AM Monday. All the restaurants are closed on main street, all the shops, not that there is that many, but you know what I mean.

It looks like it might rain again. It was raining last night before I went to Bruno’s. Stopped for a beer and an enchilada. An enchilada is a tortilla shell filled with meat, vegetables and cheese, and then covered with more cheese and baked in an oven. I had chicken this time for the meat. They serve it with Spanish rice and refried beans. I know you do not know what these are and I am not sure how else to describe them. I can assure you it was quite delicious.

I think eating Mexican food is very erotic. The best way to eat it is with your fingers, though eating an enchilada requires a fork. Don’t you think eating with your fingers is kind of sexy? I do. That way you get to feel the texture of the food before you eat it, like feeling your body before I eat you. I would never dream of just eating you without feeling you with my hands and mouth and tongue first. We should do the same thing with our food. Savor the texture and taste the same way I will savor you when we make love for the first time.

Sure wish I could call you today. I really was looking forward to talking with you. Too bad you are on your shopping trip. Kind of wanted to see if I could make you cum again on the phone. I liked that. Knowing you are there masturbating while listening to my words is such an incredible turn on. I get amazingly hard. I love to make you cum. I like the idea of my letters giving you so much pleasure that you want to masturbate when you read them. You do that to me you know. Make me want to masturbate over your words. I often do. I will be reading your letter and become so hard I will have to cum. It is the same when I write to you. I get hard describing what I am going to do to you and have to cum so I can free up my hand to finish typing my letter. It is hard to type with one hand you know.

After yesterday’s letter I was so turned on, I could feel you filling my ass with your dildo. Would you like to do this to me? I know I would like it. The thought of giving my virgin ass to you is so exciting. It is making me hard right now. This morning when I woke up I was still thinking about you taking me this way and I could almost feel your dildo still in my ass.

I imagined it still there as we were kissing. I could almost taste you in my mouth and smell my ass on your lips. I know you have just cum but now it is my turn to give you pleasure. I lick the inside of your mouth with my tongue hoping for a taste of myself mixed with you. I love to eat you. I love the taste of you in my mouth. I like it when you cum in my mouth. I love everything about you.

I am going to lick my way down your neck, taking the time to taste you. I like the feel of you on my tongue, to take long wet strokes. I have a mission though and I must pursue it. I continue to kiss down your neck, pausing at the hollow place right above your chest. There is something about this spot I find very enticing. I spend a few moments licking you there, enjoying the feel. Kissing further down I discover your breasts waiting for me. I lick around them and over them, working my way up to your nipples. Alternating from one to the other, enjoying both, ignoring neither. I circle your hard nipple with my tongue, flicking it gently, arousing you.

“I like that.”

“So do I.”

Your nipples are hard against my lips and I bite then softly pulling on them with my teeth. Abandoning this pleasure I begin to ease farther down you exploring your stomach, your navel. You giggle.

“That tickles.”

So I linger there teasing you making you laugh. I love it when you laugh. Laughing during sex is important. It means we are having fun. Isn’t that what it is all about? Having fun? I wet my lips and drag them from your belly button down to your pubic hair. Then I place my hands on your thighs and gently spread them apart so I can see you.

This is the first time I have touched you with my hands, everything so far has been only with my mouth and tongue. As I spread your legs, you smile and ruffle my hair. I pause to smell you, inhaling deeply the scent of your pussy. I can still smell your cum. I like this smell and breathe it into my nose letting the sensation fill my mind with what we have just experienced. Your pussy is still very wet and open from my having so recently eaten you. I can taste your cum and I lick you and tease your still swollen clit. I love to eat you, you know. How do I know this? I have never even met you. Yet from our exchange of letters I have come to create the pleasure of this in my mind. I know the first taste of you will be like being in heaven. I have never been there either, but I can imagine.

I want to linger in the wetness of your pussy, but I have other ideas, another pleasure I wish to give to you. I roll your legs back as if I am going to enter you in a missionary position, but this is only to better access my real desire. That’s right, you guessed it, I want your ass. I let my tongue trail down from the bottom of your pussy to your soft little brown hole. But before I begin to explore this beautiful tight little virgin hole, I again inhale deeply. The smell is different from your pussy. Another whole unique aroma. I savor it. I let my nostrils fill with you. I wallow in the pleasure of your smell. I want to just keep inhaling you, but can no longer resist touching your hole with my tongue. I lick it softly, tenderly. I want to prepare it for your pleasure. I want you to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed your ministrations to my ass.

I swirl my tongue around your ass wetting it with my saliva. I place my mouth over your hole and force my breath into it trying to open it for my tongue. You moan and spread your legs further, inviting me in. I run my finger up into your pussy and wet it, then rub it on your ass. I like to lick your cum off of your ass. It is a whole mix of tastes, a cornucopia of pleasure. Two entirely different tastes at the same time. I could feast here all night and never grow tired of the taste, the texture, the smell.

I lick a little harder pushing my tongue inside your hole. It is tight and I must push, but I soon gain entrance and begin to fuck your ass with my tongue. I run it in and out slowly at first letting you adjust to the feel. I reach up and caress your clit with my thumb and then push it into your pussy soaking it with your cum. I take my thumb and ease it up into your ass, replacing my tongue and let you feel another new sensation. Your ass wants to tense, but you will it to open letting my thumb go completely inside you. I wiggle it around, moving it in and out, all the time continuing to lick you.

“That feels so good. Can you put your tongue and thumb in there at the same time?”

I like it when you talk to me during sex, telling me what you like. I know you know your body better than anyone and know exactly what gives you pleasure. You have told me in your letters what turns you on, what makes you cum. This is what I want, to hear you tell me what to do, how to give you pleasure.

My cock is throbbing. My body is on fire. I cannot get enough of you. I run my thumb in and out tonguing you, preparing your ass for another part of me. I would do this all night if you wanted, but I think it is my cock that you really want up there. I continue to lick fuck you with my tongue and thumb until I hear you groan.

“I am so hot. I want you. Stick your cock in me.”

That is all the incentive I need. I quickly slide up and offer my cock to you so you can suck me lubricating it with your saliva. You suck on me with a lust I have never seen before, enjoying the pleasure of it in your mouth but really wanting to feel it in your ass.

“Roll over on your stomach and lift your ass up where I can see it.”

You roll over pushing your ass into the air opening it wide for me. I reach for the lubricant you used on me earlier and squirt some all over your hole. It is already open wider than I have ever seen it, made that way by my tongue and thumb, staying open in anticipation of my cock. I caress your hole with the fluid pushing it up inside of you, making your ass slippery so I will not hurt you when I enter you. I would not like it if I hurt you, this is for your pleasure and I want you to have nothing but pleasure. I slide down the bed and stand at the foot.

“Slide down here so I can get inside of you.”

While you are doing this I coat my cock with the warm liquid from the tube. It is all I can do not to cum as I rub it on my cock.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, please I cannot wait much longer or I am going to cum just from thinking about it.”

I take your hips in my hands, and pull you back. I place the head of my cock at your entrance and push slowly increasing the pressure until my head pops in. I stop there letting you adjust to the feeling, the sensation. You have never had a cock in your ass before and I do not want to rush it. Besides going slow will increase the pleasure for both of us.

As I feel you relaxing around my head I push another inch up inside you, again stopping to allow you to adjust and to enjoy it. You are moaning from the feel of my cock inside of you, penetrating your ass. It is a new feeling for you and I can tell you like it. The pleasure is incredible for me too. I again push against you letting another inch or two slip up inside of you.

“I want it all.”

I pull out stopping before the head of my cock comes out and then slide in and out of you a few times making sure you are well lubricated and ready for all of me.

You lean forward and moan, “Ram your cock deep inside of me.”

Your voice is raspy and filled with lust and I pull almost all the way out. As I begin to slowly shove back inside you, you drive your ass back hard and fast and completely bury my cock up your ass, startling me.

“Oh, fuck. It feels so good. Fuck my ass.”

I begin to drive me cock into you as you push back against me. Our bodies are in rhythm. I hold onto your hips so I will never come completely out and am amazed at the power of your desire. It is like you cannot live without the pleasure you are feeling. Your body craving the feeling, the pleasure, you rock back and forth driving me as deep inside of you as I can go.

As we begin to coordinate our movements and I know exactly what you are going to do, I reach around and begin to rub your clit with my fingers. Your moan is from deep in your throat almost as if it originated in your ass and worked its way out of your mouth. Your hips are almost flying now, like a machine, pumping on my cock.

“I am going to cum. Oh, fuck.”

It is as if our minds are connected as we both explode at the same time. You crush your face into the bed, but just keep pumping, lost in the feeling. I can feel your hot cum running over my hand and dripping down onto the sheets as my cum shoots in your ass. I have never felt anything like this before. The power of this feeling is concentrated in your ass, in my cock, in your pussy and consumes our bodies, our minds. There is nothing we can think of but our lust for each other. Nothing we would possibly want to think about but this extraordinary feeling overtaking us. I want it to never end.

Your knees give out and you clench your ass on my cock pulling me down on top of you. I can feel your heart racing all the way through your back and am afraid for you. I think I hear you crying and I am afraid I have hurt you.

“Are you OK?”

“Oh, god yes. That was so incredible.”

“Do you want me to get off of you?”

“No! God, no. Just stay there.”

I lay on you, my cock still imbedded in your ass and listen to you breathe. I kiss your neck, you turn your head searching for my lips. You reach back and pull my arms under you placing them on your breasts. Your nipples are hard against my hands, and I caress them between my fingers. You moan with pleasure and I am filled with the pleasure of pleasuring you. I kiss you tenderly, softly feeling you beneath me and I know the pleasure has only begun.

I love to write to you, it really turns me on. It is like I have spent the whole afternoon making love with you. What could possibly be a better way to spend my Sunday than thinking about giving you pleasure? Writing to you about the pleasure I wish to give you. Have I ever told you how incredible you are? How much I desire you? How much you arouse me? How happy I am that we are friends? What a pleasure it gives me to tell you of my passion, my lust for you? I cannot imagine my life without you. I long to meet you. I want you.

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