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Sunset Tease


After a long day at work my Master called me at home and told me He had a surprise and to be ready. Giggling like a school girl it had been a long time since He had taken me out. Work had Him swamped with reports and end of the year reviews. Often times He would just want dinner, a bath and cuddle time with me until the weekend. Not today, today was to be a surprise. He told me to pack a blanket, some sweet wine, the blue wine glasses and some sandwiches in the picnic basket. Making quick work of my Master's list, I made turkey, ham and cheese sandwiches, added some grapes because I know He loves them, packed some Moscoto wine, rolled up the blue patchwork blanket that I washed today and the big blue wine glasses that He loved so much. Done with my first task, I smiled big before running off nude to get myself nice and clean. He wanted me to wear a peony scent, no panties of course and my short blue sundress with flat shoes. Taking a quick shower, I teased myself in the water the way my Master always requested. The sweet scent of the peony shower gel tickled my nose, as the suds washed away all the sweat and grime from the day.

Perky nipples awakened from my soft fingers, I tweaked them getting my breast ready for their Master's touch. Scrubbing hard on my belly I make my way down between my thighs. Though not allowed to touch myself, I caressed my inner thighs before quickly washing my throbbing clit. I was so worked up from the little scratches and sensations my loofah left on my creamy nutmeg skin I nearly forgot that I was on a tight schedule. Rinsing off in cold water quickly making sure my skin is squeaky clean; I darted out the shower padding into the bedroom to lotion down and get dressed. Pinning my long dreadlocks up before sliding on my pale blue dress and silver flats I spin around looking myself over in the full length mirror. Blushing as I see my Master peeking in the doorway.

"Are you ready my treasure?" he said coolly. He smiled seeing my blush. Master looked very handsome today. Dressed in khaki pants, a blue pin striped shirt and some brown loafers. His red hair combed back nice and neat and His blue trimmed glasses hid His clear blue eyes from my sight.

Beaming at Him calling me His treasure I answered bouncing over to Him, "Yes Daddy, I am ready."

Walking past Him, feeling Him pat my tush as I grab the basket waiting for Him to open the door, casually He takes the basket from me opens the door as He smiles lovingly at me. Turning even redder than I was before I giggle as we make our way to the car, He opens the door for me making sure I'm in before putting the basket in the back seat of the car. I watch Him slowly go around the back and pull something from His pocket. Getting excited I wonder what does He have planned.

"My girl, do you trust me?" He said with the mysterious item in His hand.

Biting my lip I nodded 'yes', "Of course I do Daddy!"

Master shows me a pink blindfold and instructs me to close my eyes while He covers my them with the satin material. I relax and lead back as He starts to drive. Master played love songs the entire way, putting me in a sensual mood. At stop signs He rubbed my thighs and clit, scratching and caressing them. It was a short ride. I listened to Him getting out the car, the rustling of the basket and then silence. My heart started beating so fast. I was wondering what is He planning...was today a special day...it wasn't His or my birthday or our anniversary. I jumped a little when He opened my door and helped me out the car.

"Just a little longer my sweet one, don't worry I have you," my Master whispered softly in my ear.

Holding on to Him I followed His lead. I smelled salt in the air and heard the crashing of waves. I got excited when I heard seagulls. "Take of your shoes," He said and I obeyed. Feeling the soft warm sand between my toes this was a special treat indeed. Master knew the beach was my favorite place to be...well other than in His arms of course. He sat me down on the blanket before taking the soft blindfold off my eyes.

Gasping I saw the sun setting before us. Looking around there were candles in a heart shape in the sand around us and red rose petals on the blanket, "Oh Daddy, this is beautiful."

Master sat behind me His legs stretched out on each side of my little legs. He wrapped His strong arms around me and kissed the nape of my neck. "Yes my dear you certainly are."

Turning to offer Him a smile, my Master took this opportunity to kiss me. His kiss was full on my thick lips. Looking into His now unobstructed blue eyes, I suckled His lips. My hands made their way up to His smooth red hair. The contrast of our skin, His ivory against my toffee, was beautiful under the glow of the setting sun. Mewing as His hands traveled up my dress He rubbed the soft petals of my flower. Breaking the kiss and removing His hand leaving me disheveled. "Let us enjoy the view and the snack baby girl."

Kneeling and panting lightly trying to get myself together, I served Him the turkey, ham and cheese sandwich and the grapes as He poured the wine into the blue glasses. "Daddy may I ask what is the occasion?"

Handing me a glass before crossing His legs sitting comfortably, He chuckled, "Do I need an occasion to spoil My sexy girl?"

Cheeks turning crimson once again I shook my head 'no', as I waited for Him to begin eating. He smiled always knowing how to tease me and getting the blush He enjoyed so much. Taking a bite, signaling it was ok for me to begin eating. "I do enjoy when you blush," He said before popping a grape into His mouth. We ate quietly watching people run with their dogs on the beach as the waves crashed into the sand. The sun slowly setting ending another day under my Masters care, I begin to think back while enjoying my wine on how we met, the changes my Master and I have gone through, and the love we shared for each other. Who would have known that this little black girl from Oakland would have found love with a red haired and blue eyed man from Los Angeles? It was indeed a chance meeting that I stumbled into the munch seeking answers to what I was and finding the love of my life. He took me, guided me slowly into submission. He unwrapped the layers of abuse and neglect from previous relationships to reveal the strong beauty that knelt before His feet daily.

Lost in my thoughts I didn't notice the change of my Masters position. He was on one knee with a box in His hand. Tearing up instantly I covered my mouth. "My sweet girl, you have grown so much in the past 11 months and I have enjoyed the gift you have given me. I know it has not be easy however, I want you to know how much I love you, cherish and treasure all you have done for Me. You are my moon in the night sky and I would be honored if you would accept both this permanent collar and ring to be my wife."

Squealing out, I wrapped myself around my Master kissing all over Him, "Yes yes yes yes yes Daddy!!"

He laughed out loudly before wrapping His arms around my waist kissing me softly. Sitting up He slid the blue heart shaped diamond solitaire ring on my finger before kissing my hand. I shrieked girly again looking at it. Standing His expression still gentle, "Kneel my little one," He said.

Kneeling as I had been taught all those months ago, He place the blue diamond encrusted heart necklace around my small neck. Giving a slightly confused look to Him, He answered the silent question pulling out a white gold key that was around His neck. "This you will never take off. It is a sign that only I hold the key to your heart now and forever."

Master seeing the longing in my eyes knelt down to kiss me His frame overpowering mine, pushing me back on the blanket. The sun finally set, the wind blew out the candles and the rose petals blew into the air. It was like a movie scene. Master settled between my legs as we kissed. Wrapping us up into the blanket as He grind against me. "Are you My sex kitten?

Nodding 'yes' as I spread wide open for Him. I felt Him undo His pants feeling His hard heat my Master had no boxers on. Blushing as His cockhead bumped against my drenched entrance. "Who needs their Master?"

Moaning out I answer eagerly, "Your girl needs her Daddy...her Master...her Love." Hearing His satisfied groan as He entered my soft, warm and wet slit I arched into Him. Squeezing as we rocked under the sounds of nature all around us, He nibbled my collar bone as He dove deeper into me. Light mew and moans filled the air as we united our bodies as one.

Grunting my Master continued His sensual line of questioning knowing it would send me over the edge. "Who is my good girl...my sweet little slut...who wants her Masters cum deep inside of her?"

Screaming out "Me Master...Your good girl...Your sweet little slut she needs her Master!" Sensing my urgency hearing me say I needed Him I felt Him smirk against my skin before commanding me to cum. My body exploded the moment He gave His consent my velvet walls began milking Him. Wave after wave hit me hard, just like the water on the sand in front of us. Bucking wildly in unbridled passion for my Master, He bit down on my exposed nipple before He too joined me in orgasmic bliss. I heard Him whisper 'Mine,' possessively in my ear, smiling I whispered 'Yours,' to Him.

Satisfied with a warm glow on our faces, we started straightening ourselves up quickly, my Master and I gathered up all the picnic items and walked slowly to the car. Feeling the wetness from His seed run down my thighs I blushed a little and He smirked. The ride home was quiet. I leaned back contently in the seat watched the lights and cars as we made our way home. I was all His...finally...HIS.

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