tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 09

Super-unnatural Ch. 09


This time she knew she wasn't dreaming. She knew it because she had just cleaned up the bed and washed up, trying not to thinking about the aching that her recently interrupted intercourse with Ted had left in her loins. She knew it because she had only just got into bed and taken a last, quick glance in the mirror, and realised that the smudge was back. Or maybe he had been there all along, observing her as she went about her chores stark naked. That second thought sent a slight tremor up her sex.

Trudy was right -- Ted would never be able to satisfy any woman because he was too much into what he wanted and he thought the world of his own prowess. And that had been true for each and every time he had had sex with her. He never bothered about what she wanted or how she felt, he just assumed she liked it because he was Ted.

Now that recent events had awakened her once-dead sensuality, Hazel had begun to worry if she was turning into a sex-crazed nympho. After all, she was getting hot just at the idea that some stranger, no, strange being, had been looking at her naked body. She ran her hand lightly over her sensitive nipples, now standing proud and erect, down to her belly, and almost cried out as her fingers brushed through her tuft of pubic hair. Oh god. He's watching me, she thought to herself. And all I can think to do is to touch myself. I'm so fucked up.

The smudge did not move, but she was certain he was watching her, as certain as she was that he was of the masculine gender. And it wasn't just because she had just seen him sodomise her ex-husband too -- there was just something very male about the shape and look of him.

What are you? she thought to herself as her hands continued to sweep across her naked body. She had lain back down on the newly-made bed, spreading her legs slightly and inviting him to take a longer look at her body. Are you a toyol?

Her legs spread a little more, opening her secrets to her unknown observer. He had red eyes, she knew, even though she could not see them in the mirror... and those red eyes were fixed on her vulva, exposed and waiting for his touch.

He surprised her by replying. Nothing was said -- she didn't hear his words, but she heard him in her head -- yet his voice was reassuringly familiar. It was the same voice of the stranger in her dream.

"I'm no toyol," he laughed. "I am what people call a djinn. I am far more powerful than the mischievous little imp you're referring to."

But what about what the old man said? Who is he to you?

"The old man? He's a bomoh, a local magician. Not a very powerful one, I might add. He called me that to insult me. He knows just what I am."

"No, he didn't summon me," the djinn continued just before the question popped into her mind. "He got lucky. I had been fooling around and was really weak when he came upon me. He bound me to the doll, which is how I ended up serving him."

So you're not the doll?

"Of course not!"

Hazel could hear an undercurrent of anger in his voice even as his tone sounded jolly. She shivered. The aching, tingling sensations in her groin had increased, and it took all of her willpower to concentrate on his words, instead of doing what she really wanted to do. She crossed her legs, squeezing her labia tightly together in a bid to quell the little tremors running through her sensitive flesh. He smiled.

"The doll is some cheap item he got from a nickel-and-dime store. He's not a great magician, but he knew enough to bind me, and control me. I've been doing his bidding since."

What bidding?

"Oh, you know. Stuff. Like what magicians need to make people believe in them."

So how come he's not controlling you now?

"Because, my dear, you have most of the parts of the doll. Collecting them has helped me focus my energy so that I can manifest, albeit in a very limited manner."


"Yes, limited. You can't see me because I don't have a form. Heck, no one can see me now because my parts are still separated."

So what can... how can you get your powers back?

"Assemble the doll. The parts that you have, that is. You'll be able to see me without having to look in the mirror."

I... OK. I suppose I can do that.

Hazel left the room and almost ran to the cupboard where she had kept the doll parts. She returned as quickly as she could, the fire in her lower belly increasing as her thoughts jumped from wondering what he would look like to what he would do to her when he had his form. Her knees were shaking by the time she set the doll parts down on the bed and began pushing them together.

He laughed. It was a deep, masculine laugh that sounded like a bell tolling in the distance. "My, aren't you in a rush?"

She blushed and ignored his comment, concentrating on snapping the head, then the arm and leg onto the body of the doll. As the leg slid into place, she realised that she wasn't alone in the room anymore. She could see him. He wasn't solid the way a human body was, but at least, he had a definite shape. He was certainly a man, alright. Her eyes drifted lower and her mouth gaped as they alighted on his penis. It was massive, and it was clearly erect. It was the clearest, most defined part of the djinn.

Oh god. That... monster is going to... oh god, she thought as she realised her thighs were opening up involuntarily in response to the sight before her. Her pelvic muscles twitched uncontrollably and she could feel her own fluids sliding out of her drooling vagina as her eyes went lower still, to gaze upon his incredibly large balls. I... don't know if I can...

She could tell he was grinning even though his features were indistinct. All that she could see of his face were his red, glowing eyes, which were fixed on her. On her naked body. On her secret parts. Hazel felt another rush of fluid from deep within dribble out of her and blushed again. She knew that she would find out soon enough, if she could.

"Tell me, my dear, why did you agree to put me back together? What is your purpose in wanting to see me?"

I... I don't know...

"Oh but you certainly do. You agreed to put the doll back together, just like you agreed to let me into your body back there on the beach."

I thought... I should help...

"A stranger? And one you couldn't see? That's hardly believable, Hazel. Since you are hearing me in your thoughts, surely you know that I am aware of just what you want."

What I... want? What do you..?

"The man, Kevin. You wanted him to stop but he didn't. So I stopped him, with whatever limited powers I had. Ditto your friend Trudy and your husband Ted. They were all trying to abuse you, and you wanted them stopped, so I did as you wished."

But I didn't wish...

"Hey, I'm inside your head, Hazel. Don't you think I'd know what you really want?"

But I didn't wish for them to be harmed!

"No, you didn't. And they weren't harmed. Just hurt a little. Just enough so they won't try to bother you again."

So you... those dreams I'd been having... were they real?

The djinn's laughter boomed in her sweltering room. Or maybe she was just feeling hot. She was so hot, especially down there, that she had to... spread her legs apart... even though the very act of doing so seemed to fan the flames further.

"They were images I put in your mind to help you accept what was going on down inside you. You got up so quickly and left before I could really get inside you, so I had to do that while you were asleep."

But I thought you... got in at the beach?

"No, not at all. I accepted your invitation, but like I'd said earlier, I have no physical form, although I am bound to an item with physical form. So I had to move that item into you, in order to get away from that damned tree."

What's the significance of the tree?

"That old thing? That's where the old man caught me, while I was napping. So that's where he trapped me in the doll and buried me in the sand. He goes back regularly, you know, to re-energise his power."

But what about the other night?

"Oh, you mean when you woke up under the tree? I brought you there. I'd drawn enough power from your feelings to be able to transport you there unseen. I wanted you to see what the old man had done. I didn't have enough energy to bring you back in, though I knew you had it in you to find your way back here without being seen."

That... was nasty. I could have been seen!

"But you weren't. And you enjoyed it anyway, didn't you? Especially when the old man reached out and grabbed you?"

I... yes. I guess so.

"Well, guess who woke him up?"

You... you! How could you..!

The djinn's laughter drew more fluids from deep within. Her throbbing vagina was burning so hot that she had to lean back and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Never mind that he could look right up into here -- he had already been in there anyway -- she just didn't trust her own body anymore. Not in the presence of the djinn. She shivered and moaned slightly. Her vulva, no, the entire area between her legs had become so sensitive she almost screamed when a light breeze blew across her body.

"Your words suggest anger, but you body says otherwise. I believe you will need some help with satisfying a current need."

Hazel did scream when he moved forward, but it was not out of fear... she screamed because his cock had grazed the top of her pulsating slit and caused a sudden burst of electricity to run across and deep into her pubis.

Oh god. I can't watch, she thought to herself as she lay on her back on the bed, drawing her knees upwards to give him unobstructed access to her aching sex. Oh god. Oh god. Oh goddddd!

It seemed he enjoyed drawing things out because he took a long time putting his penis where she wanted it to go. But his tardiness also made the experience excruciatingly erotic. Hazel felt her vulva slowly pressed apart and back as the huge girth of his cockhead slowly passed into her. Her breath caught in her throat as the thickest part pressed forward, stretching her labia so much she thought she would tear apart down there. Then it was inside her, the massive bulb distending her vaginal walls like nothing had ever done before. Not even the doll was as large as the djinn's cock!

He stopped when he was halfway inside her, and she found the courage to breathe again. He was smiling at her impatience -- her hips were undulating, her vagina trying hard to swallow more of his prong into her.

"You had a question? About the doll?"

What..? I do?

"Yes. You were wondering if the old man put me into a doll with only one arm and one leg. The answer is no. He has the remaining limbs with him. That is how he retains his power over me."

Oh. OK. Yes, I did wonder... please. Faster! Don't stop. Don't stop!

"Your wish is my command."

And the djinn continued his obscene exploration of her deepest parts, his massive cock probing and stretching her vaginal walls to unimaginable degrees. Although Hazel had decided not to look, she couldn't help herself -- a quick glance down and she was both shocked and aroused by the sight of her belly bulging out with his inward thrusts. She supposed that she should be in tremendous pain, but all she felt, in her ravished loins and all across her breasts and body, were waves of pleasure, crashing with increasing frequency against each other as he slowly pumped his cock into her.

As the sensations began to build towards what she knew would be an exhausting and totally satisfying climax, she found herself pulling her legs upwards, clutching on to her knees as she held herself open for an ever deeper fucking.

"I need your help." He suddenly slowed his pumping into her badly leaking parts, drawing a mewl of protest from her. "I want to be free of the old man."

What? WHAT? Don't stop! What do you want? I... keep on... fucking me!

"I need your help to get the remaining parts of the doll back from him."

OK. Sure! I'll help! Please! Just don't stop! Don't STOP!

"Ir won't be easy. You'll need to find him. And let him see you, touch you. And fuck you."

OK. OK! Anything! Just don't stop!!

"There's one more thing," he said as his tempo increased slightly.

WHAT? Whatever it is, I'll do it! She could hear her private parts squelching loudly with his thrusts, but she didn't care. She was close. So close to it she could almost touch it. She wanted to. She needed to reach the peak that he was maddeningly withholding from her.

"I'll have to get all the way inside you. I mean ALL the way. Are you sure you're OK with that?"

Yes! Yes! YES! Please! Yes! Come all the way inside me! Just don't stop! She found herself agreeing even though she knew what he meant -- that he would be forcing his inhuman cock past her cervix and into her inner sanctum. Her womb. But she couldn't care. The climax was so near. She had to agree.

"Very well, then," he said, and suddenly she couldn't see him anymore. But she could still feel his cock pumping into her with greater enthusiasm. It seemed to be getting bigger and longer, and the head was mashing up against her inner barrier, pressing up against the muscular neck of her womb. She tried hard to relax herself so that he could get in, and was surprised to feel her cervical os begin to open up to the djinn's cockhead.

Ohhhh goddddd! she moaned loudly as she felt her womb being breached by the djinn's cock. It was less painful than she thought it would be, although the stretching feeling was more pronounced deeper inside. I'm not... sure I can take... it...

And then the huge head was inside her uterus. She felt her cervix clamp down on the stem right behind the cockhead, and open up slightly as he drew it out a bit before plunging it back in again. She began to shudder, both at the sensation and the thought that she was being fucked more deeply than any woman had a right to be fucked. He was fucking her womb with his cock, and she was... taking it all!

Oh god. What am I doing? she suddenly thought to herself, then she took a glance at the mirror. The smudge was no more, and her eyes had not lied to her -- the djinn was nowhere to be seen. But she could still see what he was doing to her, because her legs were wide apart, her vulva a widely gaping O from which liquid was gushing with each outward movement of his unseen penis. She could see right into herself, and she saw her vaginal walls undulate as they were massaged by the massive invisible cock that was plundering her womb.

It was precisely at that moment when she realised this that she came. She came so hard, her pelvic muscles spasming painfully against the djinn's cock that she saw stars behind her eyelids. Then she felt his cock twitch inside her, and spurt what felt like thick, cold fluid directly into her womb, she came even harder. And promptly passed out.

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