Superheroines Bk. 01


The door led to her private gym, and she told Wendy to stand on a set of weighing scales.

Wendy weighed 140 lbs normally and the scales recorded this fact.

'Take off your cat suit please,' asked Blaze who was still naked and standing with her hands on her hips.

Wendy assumed that this was to accurately weigh her without any clothing, and peeled off the cat suit.

She was now as naked as Blaze and found to her embarrassment that her nipples had stiffened with lust.

She surreptitiously peeked at Blaze's nipples and found that they too were hard and swollen.

The removal of her cat suit made very little difference to the reading on the scales.

Blaze had known this but had simply wanted to see Wendy naked.

As the young girl stood nervously on the scales, Blaze ran her hands over her young firm body.

'Hmmmm, good muscle tone, are these real?' she asked squeezing one of Wendy's breasts gently.

Wendy gasped as she felt her breast gently fondled by the older woman; her nipples that were already hard now actually ached with need.

'Oh yes Blaze, I have never needed augmentation, my breasts started growing early and just got bigger,' she replied breathlessly.

'I sympathise my dear, as you can see my breasts also are well developed and perfectly genuine, feel them,' replied Blaze in a businesslike manner.

Wendy wanted more than anything to feel Blaze's large firm breasts. However she was terrified that Blaze would be offended and simply daren't risk upsetting this goddess who had just offered to take her under her wing.

'I can see that just by looking at them, not that I'm staring at them or anything but they are beautiful and hard to miss,' stammered Wendy blushing again.

Blaze decided not to push it and returned her mind to the reason they were in the gym.

'Now Mist, hold this ball in your hand and concentrate, try and " go misty " for me please,' she asked.

Wendy tried to relax and recapture the mental state that she found was necessary to Mist.

Having one of her heroines standing naked in front of her made it extremely easy.

Blaze watched in amazement as the ball fell through Wendy's hand. However the weight reading on the digital scales didn't change.

'How do you feel dear?' asked Blaze concernedly.

'I feel fine, I certainly don't feel any lighter, what do the scales show,' asked Wendy.

'Walk through that set of racks for me please,' suggested Blaze.

With a nervous smile Wendy stepped off the scales and walked towards the racks that held the barbells and other weight lifting equipment.

Without any apparent effort she was able to walk straight through the wooden rack and the steel weights.

Blaze was frankly amazed, none of the Super heroines or heroes could match what see had just seen this young inexperienced girl do.

Giving Mist an encouraging smile, she asked her to stand back on the scales again.

Wendy had now become used to being naked in front of Blaze and happily stood on the scales again.

'Well done Mist, now I would like you to try and do the opposite of getting lighter, try now to increase your mass. I have a good reason for asking you to do this and I will explain it later,' said Blaze.

Seeing that Mist was having trouble with this task, Blaze thought she would help by asking the young girl what she had been thinking of when she had fallen through her bed.

Blaze was surprised when Mist put both her hands over her face and refused to answer her question.

'Please Mist, this could be very important, what were you thinking of at the time,' she persisted.

Blushing furiously Wendy whispered ' I was thinking about you.'

'What about me? What was I doing in your mind?' asked Blaze.

'Please don't ask me that, I will just die if I have to tell you,' begged Wendy piteously.

'Oh, very well then dear, but you realise that if you don't tell me then I will probably think up a far worse scenario than the one that actually happened,' warned Blaze smiling at the flustered girl.

'We were just kissing,' Wendy blurted out, terrified in case Blaze was thinking that hey were having sex or something.

'Ahh just kissing eh, oh well that wasn't so bad was it dear,' said Blaze stroking Wendy's pink flushed cheek.

'Right then, back to business, if sexual thoughts were needed to initiate your decrease in mass then perhaps you could think of icebergs to try and increase your mass.

'Well that is going to be a bit difficult isn't it what with you standing there fucking naked and sexy, how the fuck am I going to think of anything except kissing you,' snapped Wendy driven to madness by her frustration.

'Oh for heaven's sake girl, come here for a second and let me clear your mind for you' said Blaze. She grabbed the naked girl by the shoulders and kissed her deeply on her partly open mouth.

'What the Muummph' Wendy was going to say, until Blaze's experienced tongue found it's way into her young mouth.

This was too much for Wendy to resist and she surrendered completely and returned the kiss passionately.

Blaze's large firm breasts pressed hard against hers; and the feeling of her naked skin and firm nipples sent electric shocks straight down into Wendy's groin.

Wendy's hand went unerringly to Blaze's breast and squeezed it hungrily, her fingers finding the nipple and pulling on it in passion.

Blaze had one hand behind Wendy's head stopping her from pulling away, whilst her other hand slipped down between her legs and squeezed her shaven pubes.

Wendy's cunt juices squirted out from between her cunt lips and soaked Blazes fingers as they worked themselves deep inside her vagina. Without conscious thought Wendy thrust her groin towards the older woman, causing her fingers to thrust deeper inside her body.

'Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck what are you doing, my cunt's on fire' cried Wendy, opening her legs wider to enable Blaze's fingers to enter her more freely.

'I was thinking of you Blaze, while I was in bed. I was thinking of you and fingering my cunt until I squirted my cum all over the sheets,' she confessed as her orgasm smashed through her body.

'Aaaarrrgghhh I'm cumming for you I'm cumming over your fingers.

Oh Fuck me, Oh Fuck me' she screamed loudly until Blaze thrust her nipple into the girls mouth.

Wendy instinctively closed her mouth over Blaze's large firm nipple and sucked on it hard.

To her utter amazement hot milk filled her mouth, Blaze was lactating and her full breasts were full of mammary milk.

Blaze now lost control and she became more demanding.

Her powerful arms forced Wendy to her knees until her mouth was pressed against her thick red pubic hair.

Her pubes were soaked in cunt juice and the scent was overpowering to Wendy.

Without any hesitation she buried her face in that hot wet cunt and licked and sucked frantically.

Blaze opened her legs as wide as she could to allow Wendy's mouth access to her most private of places.

The erotic sensation of Wendy's lips and tongue delving into her vagina brought Blaze to an incredible orgasm.

With an animal like grunt she came into Wendy's mouth, her hot cunt juices almost drowning the young girl as she valiantly tried to swallow every drop of Blaze's love juice.

'AAAIIIEEEE OH you fucking sexy little cunt, eat me, eat my cunt out.'

Blaze demanded complete compliance.

Her fingers locked into Wendy's hair thrusting her face hard against her squirting cunt.

Wendy was helpless as Blaze ground her spasming cunt against her face.

When her orgasm had finally eased enough Blaze slipped down onto the floor to join Wendy.

Blaze pulled the naked young girl into her arms and cradled her gently.

'Wow Mist, that was something else, I really needed that. I hope I didn't scare you too much dear,' she whispered to a shaking Wendy.

'I was a virgin this morning, doe's this mean that I am a woman now?' she asked looking up at Blaze's beautiful face.

'You are still a virgin dear one, and a very sexy virgin at that.

It explains why your cunt was so very tight on my fingers. Has anyone else made you cum before?' asked Blaze stroking Wendy's hair gently.

'No, you are the first person to ever make love to me,' admitted Wendy shyly.

'Why are your breasts full of milk Blaze? I thought a woman had to have a baby before that happened.'

Blaze sighed, 'There is so much I will have to teach you about being a Super human.

Normal women need to get pregnant before their breasts can lactate. However as you may have noticed, we are not normal women. In fact there is a theory that we are not even human, but a mutation that is headed humanity towards a more powerful form.'

As Blaze was explaining this, Wendy was gently squeezing Blaze's swollen nipples and watching in fascination as warm milk oozed out of them and ran down her perfect globular breasts.

'Oh my God, doe's this mean that I will start to leak milk out of my tits as well?' asked Wendy in a shocked voice.

In reply Blaze lowered her mouth onto Wendy's nipple and sucked hard on it.

'Oh Blaze, stop it, you will make me cum again if you suck my tits like that,' Wendy groaned as she felt the erotic suction of the woman's mouth on her breast.

Blaze's mouth released Wendy's well-sucked nipple.

'Look at your nipple dear girl' she said.

Wendy looked down at her nipple; it was red and swollen where Blaze had being sucking it but there was no sign of any milk.

'To put it bluntly, you won't start to lactate until you have been fucked by a man. Even then he has to cum inside your cunt before your body will start to produce milk,' stated Blaze.

'Lactation with us seems to be similar to an allergic reaction to a man's semen.'

'Doe's this mean that you have been fucked Blaze? We all thought that you were a virgin,' blurted Wendy without thinking.

Again Blaze sighed and kissed Wendy on the mouth lovingly.

'OK darling girl, I had better tell you the bad news that comes with choosing to be a Super heroine. The rules are like this, when we capture a bad guy, whether he is a normal or a super villain he or she goes to jail. However if and when they capture us then we get raped. We don't kill people and in return even the bad guys won't kill us, but they will certainly rape us repeatedly until we can escape or be rescued by our teammates. Also in order to further humiliate us they always fuck us up the ass.'

'Oh my God, I have never heard of any of the Super heroines being raped,' gasped Wendy incredulously.

'No dear, the media always hush it up in order to promote the fiction that we are unbeatable and virtuous. In truth there are few of us who haven't been well fucked and buggered, including me,' admitted Blaze quietly. 'I'm speaking to you as an adult, I'm using the words Fuck, Cunt, Rape, Bugger and cum because that is the reality of it. The bad guys do not make love to us; they do not gently penetrate our vaginas.

They fuck our cunts and asses as hard and often as they can.'

'It gets worse I'm afraid,' continued Blaze grimly. ' Once fucked we then start to lactate, unfortunately normal humans have discovered that by drinking the breast milk of a Super heroine they can acquire her powers for a short time. Consequently our milk is always sought after, and after they have raped us they milk our breasts dry. A small bottle of our milk is worth hundreds of dollars on the black market. Just think how valuable your milk would be to a safe cracker. He could rob any bank he chose by just walking through the vault door.'

Last year four of our members disappeared; we finally rescued them after they had been imprisoned for over a week.

We found them held captive in a dairy farm in the country. The bad guys had repeatedly raped them and had then connected them to an industrial milking machine that milked their breasts dry every morning. When we finally rescued them they were in a terrible state, fucked and buggered raw and their big firm breasts just empty bags.

We had to send them to a private health resort for a month just to recover.

On the plus side, we do recover from the most violent of abuse, our bodies regenerate very quickly and our strength returns with our milk.'

Wendy was suffering from information overload and just sat there hugging Blaze tightly.

'Oh you poor darling, it must have been awful being raped and buggered. But how on earth could anyone get close enough to overcome such a powerful Pyrotechnic like yourself?' she asked.

'They caught me by using gas in an enclosed room, I was young and cocky and thought I could take anyone. When I woke up I was a strapped naked over a pool table, I had been gang raped and buggered. Needless to say my cunt and ass were fucked raw, and my breasts were sore and bruised where they had been roughly squeezed to try and drain milk from them.

I had no milk in my breasts because I had been a virgin until then. It takes a week or so before the milk comes in after your first fucking. They had to keep me sedated as they violated me because if I had been awake I could have burned them to a crisp if I had felt like it. They had long gone but had left me a parting gift, my cunt and ass were full of their cum.

I was lucky not to have gotten pregnant as back then I wasn't on the pill. I never dreamt that I could be captured, but there you go, you live and learn and I certainly learnt my lesson after that little episode.'

This previously secret information had the effect of a bucket of cold water on Wendy's libido.

She no longer felt the tiniest bit sexual and got to her feet.

Blaze watched her as she pulled on her cat suit; her face was very serious as she processed this information.

'Is this why you prefer women?' she asked Blaze outright.

'I'm afraid so darling girl, I hope it never happens to you, because being gang raped is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me, and it put me off men for life,' confessed Blaze sadly.

'This is the main reason that we have Super Villianesses like Falcon. She was brutally gang raped and buggered at a very young age. She hates all men with a vengeance and doesn't hesitate to kill them if they get in her way. She is not the only one that has been abused and has turned against humanity. Ironically it is the existence of these Super Villains that ensures our own survival, the normal humans need us to protect them against the likes of Falcon and Demoness' said Blaze.

Invoking those dreaded names made Wendy shudder in fear; this was the dark side of being Superhuman.

Falcon and Demoness, were two of the evil Super humans.

The normal population lived in fear of them, and rightly so.

Falcon was one of the super villains who could fly.

She had equipped herself with strap-on claws and swooped down on anyone who incurred her wrath inflicting terrible damage on them.

Demoness was even more dangerous; she was a coercer.

She only had to touch you to be able to bend you to her will.

Fortunately she had to actually touch her victims for this power to work, and she could only enthral one person at a time.

Even so she could cause chaos as and when she chose.

Like all the normal humans Wendy had put them both firmly in the evil box.

Now she found herself having a degree of understanding for these women.

It seemed to work out that every main city had equal numbers of Superheroes and Supervillans, why this was nobody knew for certain, it was just a statistical fact.

Wendy found that she was shaking uncontrollably, the letdown from her unexpected orgasm and then the news about the dark side of a life that she had thought was similar to Gods had shaken her badly.

She now realised that it was a dangerous life being a Super heroine.

For the first time she wondered if it might have been better if she had remained a normal girl.

Blaze realised that she had frightened Mist, and hoped that she was being cruel to be kind.

The last thing she wanted to do was to find this fresh young girl tied up and raped in a dingy basement.

If only she had someone like herself to advise her when she had been young and enthusiastic.

Still there was no point crying over spilled milk, and she also stood up and taking Mist by her hand walked into her bedroom to get dressed.

Wendy sat on Blaze's bed and watched her dress herself in her trademark scarlet cat suit with the golden flame on its chest.

She pulled on her scarlet leather thigh boots with stiletto heels, and completed her uniform by belting on her utility belt.

'I love your uniform; it is a statement of your power and is also very sexy. Oh my God, I've just noticed that your eyes are green. You are a green-eyed redhead. I was sure that you had red eyes,' said Wendy in a puzzled voice.

'I wondered when you would notice that,' said Blaze smiling at the confused girl.

To complete her transformation into Blaze the Super heroine, she opened her beautiful green eyes wide and slipped in coloured contact lens.

When she turned and looked at Wendy her eyes were the familiar red flames that stared out of the thousands of posters that decorated the bedroom walls of her fans.

'They are fake, your eyes are fake exclaimed Wendy, ' why bother to do that?'

'It's all Showmanship my darling girl; smoke and mirrors. There aren't that many green-eyed red-heads in the city. How long to you think it would take the bad guys to discover my secret identity if I hadn't changed their colour?' she said.

'All of this, the eyes, the uniform is totally un-necessary, a show for the public. I could have burnt you to a crisp when I was stark naked from the shower if I had chosen to.

No my darling girl, the sexy uniform and props are all to do with advertising franchise. My sponsors want me to look hot and sexy, it sells their products and makes me a lot of money.'

Wendy was stunned at her candour and respected her even more for being so honest.

To finish off her disguise Blaze donned her mask and was now unrecognisable as the woman Wendy had just made love to.

Compared to Blaze's hot and sexy uniform, Mist's simple black cat suit seemed amateurish and boring.

To cheer herself up Wendy asked Blaze if she would help her design her own uniform.

Blaze thought it would be a positive thing, and might lift Mist's spirits if she had a decent uniform.

'Before we design a uniform we must be sure what your powers are, so it's back on those scales for you young lady,' said Blaze with a fond smile.

Wendy didn't see why Blaze was so determined to pin her powers down. She thought it was enough that she could walk through walls, still she had asked Blaze for her help and she would do as requested.

Now dressed in her black cat suit she once again stood on the scales.

'Why are we doing this?' she persisted.

Blaze considered her answer and then asked Wendy a question.

'What am I famous for?'

'Why for being able to set fire to anything of course,' she answered.

'Oh, just that? you could set things on fire yourself, it just needs a match,' replied Blaze with a grin.

There was an ornamental brazier in the room and with the mere touch of her power Blaze ignited it with a whoosh.

'Look at those flames,' she instructed Wendy.

As instructed Wendy looked at the flames crackling merrily in the brazier.

Suddenly without warning they were extinguished totally.

'Go and touch the embers,' ordered Blaze.

Wendy walked across the room and gingerly poked the embers with her finger.

They were stone cold, almost freezing in fact.

'What the fu.... How did you, did you do this Blaze?' she stammered.

'Yes my dear girl, the other side of my power over heat, is the ability to draw the heat from a fire and extinguish it as you just witnessed.'

'Wow, the fire brigade must love you,' whispered Wendy in awe.

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