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Superheroines Bk. 05


WARNING... This is an "Erotic" Science Fantasy story. If you are offended by commonly used sexual words and graphic descriptions of various sexual acts then stop reading this now.

There are countless Alternative Universes, ranging from ones that are almost indistinguishable from our own, to ones that are totally unrecognisable from our own. Somewhere/time in the middle of these possibilities; is a Universe where there are special people with special abilities.

On this particular version of Earth, the background radiation has produced a range of humans with strange powers. As humans everywhere, some of these people used their powers for self-interest and the accumulation of personal power. Thankfully there were also those who chose to use their special powers to help others, and protect the vast mass of normal humans against the selfish and greedy ones. These people, men and women, are known as Superheroes. They justify their existence by fighting the Supervillians.

The rules are simple If the Super heroines win, the bad guys go to jail. If the bad guys win, the Super heroine gets raped.

Angel – Winged Sex, American Eagle, and Mort - The Angel of Death.

Angela had always been a beautiful child; her mother had put her on the modelling circuit as soon as she was old enough. She was the typical American beauty, long blonde hair sparkling blue eyes and a slim body. Her mother was Mary Latimer, a former Homecoming Queen and glamour model. Mary was still a beautiful woman, although the lines in her face told of approaching age.

Mary's home was filled with trophies and ribbons and prizes; that her stunningly beautiful child had won over the years. This success was facilitated by the fact that Angela was so cute. She was a flat chested innocent little girl, and the beauty judges loved her.

Her mother was realistic enough to know that as with all child stars; she would be overtaken by younger cuter girls. This was inevitable as she grew older and her breasts developed. The child model circuit demanded cute, not sexy.

To mothers surprise however, her breasts didn't grow, nor did she reach that door to womanhood called puberty. By this time Angela was nearly eighteen, and although taller seemed to be unable to put on weight. Her mother simply changed her from being a child model, into a clothes model.

Angela graced the catwalks of Paris and Rome, moving in the circles of the rich and famous with ease. Her mother was always by her side to protect her daughter from the sexual attentions of the men, and sometimes women that admired and wanted her daughter. Although she had to admit to herself, that Angela had no interest in the sexual side of life whatsoever.

Angela was now tall and slim, and weighed next to nothing compared to her rivals in the business. Her mother who had always been her manager, refused to divulge Angela's weight. However she was becoming worried because although her daughter was six feet tall, she only weighed 60lbs.

Her mother couldn't understand it; Angela wasn't anorexic in fact she ate like a lion. Her body was slim and still flat chested, but her limbs were smooth and pleasantly rounded. She should have weighed 160lbs going by her looks alone.

The answer to this came just after her eighteenth birthday. Angela suddenly felt unwell and had taken to her room; she felt hot and was suddenly beset by her period at last. Her mother was relived, she had been thinking the worst, but thank god it was only delayed puberty.

Alone in her room Angela felt terrible, it was bad enough bleeding but she had known this was coming for years. Her girl friends had moaned about their monthlies, and called it the curse. Angela knew that she should expect the bleeding and the vaginal cramps, but she had never been told that her breasts or shoulder blades would hurt so much.

She imagined that she could feel her hormones flooding through her body, rewriting her structure from an innocent little girl into a sexual woman. Telling her mother that she wanted to be alone and rest, Angela felt the urge to strip naked and threw herself onto her bed. Her raging hormones affected her so strongly that she slipped into unconsciousness.

Unbeknownst to Angela or her mother, the hormones that were rewriting her body were not normal hormones. Angela was a dormant Super human, and her hormones were super human too. As she lay unconscious, her breasts swelled out until they became the typical breasts of the female super human. These were invariably large and firm; and seemingly ignored the force of gravity. Even her virgin pink nipples became enlarged and swollen.

This would have been surprising enough, but something even more unusual was still to come. Her shoulder blades thinned and extended dramatically. Her hair follicles on her back transmuted into long brilliant white feathers. Her back muscles writhed as they grew bigger, and her entire body became four times stronger than it had been.

The final change although unseen was the most important. Her bones became hollow whilst retaining their strength. By the morning, although a human girl had gone to bed, what woke up the next day was a veritable Angel complete with wings.

Angela thought she was laying on a pillow, and rolled onto her side to get comfortable. She sleepily stared at the two white mounds that she had been lying on. Her brain finally kicked in and she realised that these big white things weren't her pillows; they were breasts.

'What the fuck is going on?' she swore to herself, tentatively feeling these strange additions to her chest. Strangely enough although they were very large, they didn't seem to be very heavy. Her nipples were now large and very noticeable. 'Well I've always wanted big tits and now I've got them' she muttered, not displeased with the changes to her body. It wasn't until she got up to admire her new breasts in her full-length mirror, that she discovered the main surprise.

Her brain at first just couldn't accept what it was seeing. She had wings, not little fairy transparent wings, but fucking big white-feathered wings that stretched from above her head to brush the floor. She thought she was dreaming; she looked just like a fucking Angel. She carefully turned around to try and see them from the back.

Fortunately as a perk of her modelling career, she had a set of mirrors that showed her from any angle. These confirmed that she did indeed have wings; and they were beautiful. She had once seen a white swan launch itself into the air from the surface of a lake. It had spread its wings, and with powerful strokes had lifted itself into the air. She had been delighted at the sight of this water bound bird, breaking free and flying away into the sun. These were the same type of wings as that swan had.

It eventually hit her that she must be a Super human. 'Wow, who would have thought it, Angela Latimer, a Super human' she said to herself as she admired her new wings. The first thing to do was to get dressed, and go downstairs to show her mother this miracle. It only took one try to put her bra on to realise that she had a big problem.

There was no way she could wear a bra or a tee shirt, her wings got in the way. Even worse she couldn't wear her panties. Her wings started at her shoulder blades but were connected to her body from her shoulder blades right down to her hipbones. She still had a lovely trim ass, what could be seen of it, but the base of her wings grew out of the top of her butt.

'This is fucking ridiculous, I can't go out naked' she fumed. In a fit of rage she slammed her fist into the padded headboard of her bed. To her amazement her seemingly delicate fist smashed through the wood like it was made of paper, and her knuckles dented the plaster wall behind it. 'Well I'll be fucked, Super strength, goody for me,' she said quite happy until her eyes spotted something. 'Oh no tell me your fucking joking' she cried as she focused on her pubes. As her hair follicles on her back had metamorphosed into feathers, so had her pubic hair. Her pussy was now almost decent, hidden as it was behind a mass of small Downey white feathers.

She quickly checked the hair on her head, and breathed a sigh of relief when she found it unchanged. She still had long golden hair down to her shoulders. 'Phew, thank the fuck for small mercies,' she breathed. Be that as it may it didn't solve her bra and panties problem.

Angela had an extensive wardrobe, and literally hundreds of items of underwear. She found that by threading the strings of a thong through her feathered ass she could wear it reasonably normally. As for her breasts, she fell back on the fashion models friend, the sticky backed tape. This was normally used to hold some of her more daring dresses to her breasts. However she found that if she covered her nipples with it, she could stick some white feathers from her pillow onto it to match her wings.

'Wow, erotic or what?' she grinned as she surveyed the finished result. She looked hot, fucking hot, and she knew that every man who saw her would want to fuck her senseless. Angela was shocked at those thoughts; she had never been interested in sex before. Now it seemed that she was very aware of her pussy, and breasts and ass. She found that she wanted to be desired and lusted after, as the super hormones switched on her motors.

Once the first shock had passed, she realised that she had often worn just as little as this on the catwalks of the fashion world. She could hear her mother talking downstairs, and decided to go down and surprise her. Mary was on the phone to Angela's agent arranging her next photo shoot in Turkey.

Angela was the premier model of a famous Paris fashion designer, and he wanted her to display his summer line. Mary was in her element; she loved this world of fashion and glamour. Even if she was only experiencing it at second hand through her daughter. Since her husband left them when Angela was three, Mary had been her daughter's protector and friend.

She looked up and saw Angela coming carefully down the stairs. 'Oh my God, what are you wearing dear? Is there some fancy dress ball that you haven't told me about' she laughed. 'We have to go and see Julian this afternoon to finalise your turkey trip. Take off those ridiculous false breasts and silly wings and get ready' she said, shaking her head in wonder at what young girls got up to in their rooms.

Angela was annoyed, she had expected shock, horror, tears, screaming. She hadn't expected to be fucking laughed at. 'Hello Mother!! These are not fake breasts; they are real. These are not fake wings they are fucking real as well,' she shouted at Mary. In her anger her wings snapped out sideways, and knocked over a lamp and a chair.

The smash of breaking glass punctuated Angela's shout, and Mary took a second serious look at her daughter. 'Oh please no, you've changed into one of those super things, those freaks like that Shiva person,' said Mary in horror.

'What the fuck do you mean a Freak, I think I look fucking hot thank you very fucking much mother,' yelled Angela in a rage. Her hormones were still working on her body and mind, and without conscious thought she ran to the open window and dived out into the sunshine. Her wings slammed down and lifted her into the air easily. She flew automatically, without any more thought than it took to keep her heart beating.

She was furious at her mother, and just wanted to get away from her until she cooled down. Before she knew it she was high over the city, flying with ease and feeling no fear of the dizzy heights. In fact when she had cooled off, she found that she was having fun. She experimented by swooping and turning in the air, and she found that she could also hover. Suddenly she saw a figure in blue approaching her. It was a man and he too was flying. As he got closer she could see his face was stern, and he appeared as if he was going to attack her.

She recognised him as The American Eagle, a Super hero that was often seen patrolling the sky over the City. 'Whoa there Eagle, I'm friendly' she cried out, holding her hands up. He slowed down as he approached, until he was also hovering in front of her.

'Who on earth are you? I thought it was Falcon, that's why I was coming in so fast. I owe that bitch a good beating,' said Eagle his eyes roving over her semi naked body. 'Oh er, I'm Angel,' said Angela saying the first name that came into her mind.

'Well helllloooo Angel, I must say you are the most beautiful Super heroine I have ever seen' he said, smiling his 100watt smile at her. Eagle was a tough fighter and a charmer when it came to women. As a Super hero and a flyer, he was idolised by hundreds of young women in the City. He could have his pick of them and he did. It was rumoured that he had fucked over 500 women, and when asked he didn't deny it.

Like most flyers he flew by telekinesis and willpower. He had super strength but that was all, he was a decent Super hero and helped keep down crime in the City. 'Ah I'm not a Super heroine yet,' said Angel. This is my first flight and I am still a bit confused as to how I grew these wings and other things,' she admitted.

She noticed that his eyes were on those other things, and she blushed when she saw the front of his Lycra pants begin to swell. Eagle was almost salivating with lust for this beautiful creature; he felt his body react instinctively with an almost painful erection. He was embarrassed at himself, he wasn't some young callow youth seeing his first pair of tits, he was a Cocksman and proud of it. He had years of sexual experience under his belt and although this beautiful creature was worthy of a good fucking, he would normally have had better control over his cock.

'Is there anyone I could go and see for advice?' she asked desperate to take his mind off her tits. 'Oh what? Oh yes er I tell you what, let me take you to see Shiva. She will know what to do with you,' he offered gallantly. 'Follow me' he said, and flew off towards the Head quarters of the Federation of Super humans.

Strangely enough as he pulled further away from Angel he regained his senses, and his erection receded. Wow, thank God for that, if Shiva saw me with a hard on she would dunk me in the bay,' he thought. The Lady Shiva was of Indian extraction, and a very moral woman. No one made any sexual innuendos around her if they were wise. In a federation of Super humans, she was acknowledged to be the most powerful.

Eagle knew that she disapproved of his sexual excesses, and if he were to dare have a hard on in her presence she might well rip his balls off and wear them as earrings. Even the feared Amazon and her partner Tank; who were recognised as the two strongest Super humans, treated the small woman with respect.

Thankfully the waiting room was empty, so he knocked on her office door and when he heard her soft melodious voice bid him enter he went in with Angel. However no sooner had he closed the door behind them, than he felt the first stirring of his erection again. 'Hi Shiva, this is Angel' he said quickly, 'can't stop I'm afraid somewhere there is a crime being committed.'

To Shiva's surprise he bolted out of the office and was gone. The two women looked at each other with mutual interest. Angela had heard about the legendary Lady Shiva, everyone referred to her as " The Lady" Shiva out of respect for her power. She was also regarded as a real lady, well mannered and polite. Angela found that she liked her, and smiled her showgirl smile at the small woman in the big chair.

Shiva was indeed a well brought up Indian woman, she was still a virgin at 20 and had never even kissed a man, or a woman for that matter except for her parents. She fully intended to marry one day and have a family. She was now the Leader of the Super human community, she had the generous salary the company car, and excellent pension and medical scheme. She also had the enormous responsibility, of trying to control a bunch of Super powered egomaniacs.

She was a very nice person if a bit of a prude, as could be seen from the prim business suit she was wearing. To keep her identity secret she wore her trademark golden hood but she had found early on that her skin-tight cat suit was not designed for working in an office. If Angela was surprised at how small the most powerful woman in the world was, Shiva was stunned at the sight of Angel.

Every Super human that flew, did so by telekinesis. Shiva was at one end of the scale, being able to lift a 100,00 tonne Aircraft carrier easily. At the other end of the scale, were those who could barely lift a cup off the table.

Somewhere in the middle were the flyers. They could lift themselves up and fly around easily. Some were more powerful than others and could even carry a passenger. Most couldn't and none of the flyers had wings, they simply weren't needed.

'Hmmm, I guess that it would be pointless for you to wear a mask, have a seat, and tell me how you came to be, please' asked Shiva. Angel found that she could sit on an upright chair if she was careful to spread her wings slightly. The lower haves of her bottom were still normal. Wriggling her naked bottom on the seat of the chair to get comfortable, she related her story to Shiva leaving out nothing. Shiva was finding Angel very interesting indeed; it appeared that she actually flew using her wings just like a bird.

'Stand up please and open your wings as wide as you can,' Shiva asked walking around her desk and standing in front of Angel. Shilpa was enthralled at the sight of this beautiful creature; she was like something from a fairy tale. Just looking at her semi-naked body with those large firm white breasts was making her feel uncomfortably hot. She glanced towards the window and saw that it was closed, she couldn't be bothered to go over and open it. She just shrugged off her prim business jacket and threw it on her desk.

Shiva ran her hands down Angel's wings, feeling the softness of the brilliant white feathers. Shiva was feeling very strange, and became aware that her pussy felt damp and hot. Then to Angel's surprise she lifted each of Angel's heavy nippled breasts, and inspected them closely.

Shiva found the sticky tape and gently removed it from Angel's nipples exposing them to her eyes. 'Yes you definitely have our breasts' she murmured, brushing her finger across Angel's swollen nipples. Angel gasped as her nipples reacted to Shiva's touch, by hardening and sticking out like strawberries. Shiva rolled the hardening nipples between her fingers and squeezed them gently. Angel was embarrassed to feel her pussy becoming moist.

The small woman then switched her attention to Angel's pubic region. 'Open your legs for me please,' she asked quietly. Angel opened her legs, and Shiva knelt down so her face was on the same level as Angel's pubes. Angel twitched as Shiva pulled her thong to one side to expose her feathered pussy. 'Hmmm very unusual, may I ask if you are a virgin?' said Shiva studying angel's pubes intently. 'Er yes I am, I never had any sexual drive at all until this happened,' she confessed.

Angel blushed as she felt Shiva's fingers parting her feathered pubes to expose her cunt lips and clitoris. 'How does this feel?' asked Shiva as she lightly rubbed her finger over Angel's clitoris. Angela groaned as fantastically pleasurable sensations radiated out from this sensitive little organ. She felt her vagina becoming very wet as she became sexually excited. Angela knew from the stories that her girl friends had told her, that one of the best ways of achieving a female orgasm was by stimulation of the clitoris.

However she had never in her life felt the need to masturbate, and had never had any kind of orgasm. Now it was as if her body was trying to make up for all the wasted years that she was in this sexual desert. All rational thought left her, and she simply wanted Shiva to thrust her fingers deep into her hungry wet cunt, and finger her furiously until she covered her in cum. Shiva had also never masturbated in her life; she had sexual urges, as did most young women. However her upbringing forbade her to touch herself in a sexual manner, and when she felt especially wanton she would have a very cold shower until the feeling went away.

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