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Superman's Conquest Ch. 02


I do not own Power Girl, Superman, Wonder Woman or any other DC Comics characters. Characters in this story are properties of DC Comics. I take no credit for creating them.

"Well Kara, did you enjoy fucking my husband?" Lois Lane asked, folding her arms and pursing her lips.

Being Kryptonian, Kara had nothing to fear from any human on Earth in a physical match, but this did not save her from the fear she felt looking into Lois's eyes after her husband, Superman, had just impregnated her. The social situation made her feel totally embarrassed. She tried to cover up her bowling ball breasts hanging free from her ripped costume, and did her best to hide her wet pussy, still filled with Kal's seed. Her attempts at modesty didn't help much as cum leaked down one leg, and her chest melons kept spilling out of her arms. Lois said nothing and just stared at Kara as she fumbled about.

"Um...I'm," Kara paused, "...sorry-"

Lois interrupted, "Sorry? You're Sorry? Sorry you fucked my husband so hard you blew out half the windows in Metropolis? Sorry you took part in this betrayal of my trust?"

Kara struggled to find words. What would she say? No sense in lying Kara thought.

"I protested at first but Kal forced himself on me and I got carried away," she admitted, hanging her head down, her blonde hair falling in front of her face.

"Why did he do that?" Lois asked, her voice stern, but her calm and calculated stare confused Kara. Shouldn't she be outraged?

"Well, I was upset and he said he would make sure I never felt alone, and he wanted...," Kara didn't want to admit it, "he wanted to breed with me."

"Did he?" Lois rigidly asked, her eyes narrowing.

Kara put a hand to her belly and smiled faintly, "Yes. Yes he did. He knocked me up."

A long moment passed. Lois said nothing, burning holes into Kara's skull. Kara didn't know if she wanted to fly away, or cry, or scream. She had no idea if Lois was going to explode in anger or collapse in grief. Then Lois did something Kara did not expect.

She laughed.

Slowly and softly at first, but soon Lois Lane couldn't contain her hysterical laughter. Kara was baffled. She started to nervously laugh, and had no idea why.

"You see," Lois started to explain as her laughter diminished, "I knew I probably wouldn't be able to bear children for Clark before we got married."

Lois began to circle Kara. Kara noticed the slight bounce in her large bosom with every step she took. Lois's sultry eyes looked the blonde Kryptonian's body up and down, and the gears in her head were turning. It was as if Lois was analyzing how good Kara was to her husband when they sexed each other. Lois continued to speak.

"I also knew that because of my frail humanity, Clark would never be able to have me like he could a Kryptonian, surely fucking me with the force of a jet would kill me," she explained plainly.

"Lois, why are you telling me this-," Kara was interrupted by Lois raising her hand.

"I love my husband Kara, and though I am the perfect choice for him as a human, I knew he would have other needs. I told him if he ever found another Kryptonian to breed with, he better do it. He didn't quite want to take Supergirl for himself, for she is his blood cousin, but you are not as we both know. He protested for a time, convinced I was all he needed, but I'm sure the pressure grew too great. I told him a long time ago to fuck you. I'm surprised he waited so long. I mean, you are one sexy Kryptonian slut," Lois explained, again as a matter of fact.

Kara thought of protesting to the charge of slut, but Lois didn't let her.

"Kara, you let my husband knock you up before you knew any of this. You let him fuck you like a jackhammer thinking you were both betraying me. Technically you still did, but I'm a loving and forgiving wife...I know how to share," the last words rolled of her tongue, dripping with intrigue.

"So, you are okay with this?" Kara asked, pointing to her now fertilized tummy.

"Oh honey, it down right turns me on," Lois purred.

Lois stopped her lioness like circle around Kara and pulled out a cell phone from her pocket. She dialed and pushed back a lock of dark hair, and held the phone to her ear. Kara used her super hearing to zone in on the voice that answered the other end of the line.

"Hello, Lois dear," a lovely voice of a woman greeted.

"Diana, it's happened. Come over to the Daily Planet roof," Lois ordered.

Kara knew who Lois was speaking to none other than the Princess of the Amazons herself, Wonder Woman. Kara had only met Wonder Woman on a few occasions, but she heard that her power matched that of Superman himself. Not to mention she was probably the most gorgeous woman to ever exist. She was interested in what Lois could possibly be talking about with her.

"I'll be there soon," Diana said, as Lois put the phone back in her pocket.

"Diana has been after Clark's cock forever," Lois explained, motioning towards Clark's limp body.

"She thinks her and Clark could have half-amazon, half-kryptonian kids, but Clark has always tried to convince himself I was enough. He never gave in to her advances. Plus, I always thought he should breed with a Kryptonian before anyone else. Long ago, I made a deal with Diana, if she would join the Justice League with Clark, I would let her have her chance with him, after he finds a Kryptonian to knock up first," Lois said the last words pointing at Kara.

"Should I...stay?" Kara asked.

"Oh you better. I'm not done with you. Clark might protest to letting Diana have her way with him, and I need to make good on my promise. In his exhausted state he shouldn't be a problem, but I need you here for insurance...among other things," Lois said mysteriously.

"Okay," Kara agreed, she still felt bad even though Lois seemed to be fine.

"One more thing before Diana gets here," Lois paused and looked at Kara's belly.

"How does it feel to have your husband's seed growing inside me?" Kara assumed Lois was asking.

Lois nodded, licking her lips. Kara concentrated and opened her super senses to concentrate on her womb. She felt her zygote growing and became wet. A small tingle of pleasure shot through her and she stared back at Kal's S-shield, rising and falling on his chest.

"Super," she answered.


Clark awoke from his haze minutes later, but he couldn't really grasp time right now. Kara had fucked him so incredibly he could not think straight. He saw his wife, standing with Kara on the far side of the roof, looking towards him. He began to stand up when a wall of force struck him back down. It took him a second to make out who the blur of Red, White, and Blue was.

"Hello Clark," Diana's voiced purred.

Wonder Woman stood before him, a monopoly on gorgeous features. Her dark eyes hungered for Clark, as the wind blew her raven hair in front of her lovely face. Her costume pushed her amazing bust up to a more than pleasing view, and she ran her hands over them.

"I know they aren't as big as Kara's, but they sure are bigger than Lois's," Diana commented sincerely, groping her full breasts.

Clark tried to get up before things went further, but Diana again pushed him down, and this time pulled out her golden lasso. She wrapped Superman in her lasso of truth in a split second, and giggled at him.

"I've got you stud," she said, clutching the lasso in her right hand.

She turned around, giving Clark the best view of her rear. Clark's erection returned with new vigor when his eyes focused on her famous ass.

Diana's buttocks jutted out from her body, full and ready for groping. It was heavily muscled, and in perfect amazon shape. Her star spangled thong emphasized its glorious curves. No ordinary woman could train her ass to look like Diana's.

Clark let his eyes trace down her strong, healthy legs, noticing how wonderfully crafted her thighs and calves were. Kara was an equal to Kal, and the most amazing lay he ever had. But Kara was a girl. Diana was a woman. She could break Clark if she wished.

Diana took note of the effect her firm butt had on Clark and she eyed Lois from across the roof.

"I'm taking your husband," she mouthed devilishly.

Lois fluttered and blushed, and began to slide a hand down her pants, leaning on the edge of the roof wall. Kara became red at the ears watching Lois be so open with her body around others, but a small ping of arousal started to grow inside of her as she watched Lois paly with herself. Kara turned her head when a moan of longing escaped Clark's mouth on the other side of the roof.

Diana had sat Clark against the roof wall, still bound by the lasso of truth, and squatted over him. Her leg muscles looked fantastic as she did. She leaned her head towards him and popped her curvaceous ass outward. Diana reached out with her free hand and wrapped it around Kal's enormous twelve inch member, but did not yet grab hold of it. She just motioned up and down, as if jerking him, but made sure the ring she formed around his thick dick did not touch it. Clark moaned, desperately wanting her amazon grip. Diana became wet at the thought of finally turning Clark to putty.

"Now, Clark," Diana's voice was soft, "you are bound to tell me the truth, my lasso forces you to."

Clark gathered enough energy to spit in her face. Diana paid it no mind and just smiled an evil smile.

"Answer me Clark. You want me to touch this monster cock of yours don't you? " she whispered.

"...Y...yes..," Clark mumbled, not wanting that to be his answer.

Wonder Woman ceased her jerking motions and slapped Clark in the face. A loud echo was sent into the night and Lois played with herself more vigorously.

"Your wife can't hear you, man whore!" Diana yelled, pulling his hair, making him face his masturbating wife.

Clark looked into Lois's eyes and Diana put her face next to his, looking the same way.

"Now tell her the truth. Look at your wife and tell her exactly what you want from me. Say it loud enough for her to hear or I will punish you," Diana ordered.

Clark tried to hold back. He didn't want to tell his wife how badly he needed Diana to drill him. He didn't want to admit that Lois couldn't fuck him like he knew Diana would be able to. He didn't want to humiliate his loving wife in front of Diana or his new baby momma Kara.

But he did.

"Lois," Clark shouted, "I want Diana to fuck me in front of you! I want to betray you as you watch! I want her big tits and giant ass! Watch her take me Lois, and I swear to you she will make me cum harder than you ever did!"

Lois rubbed her pussy harder inside her pants. She was gasping with delight as Clark spoke his betrayal and humiliated her. Kara's face became flush hearing Kal speaking so outrageously.

Diana bent over; sticking her well chiseled rear end towards Kal. Her star spangled thong stretched tightly against her skin, making her curves look perfectly formed. She reached around to the thin part of her costume which just barely hid her womanhood, and ripped the material cleanly with one finger. Clark gazed hungrily into the upside down view of her beautiful vagina, which was wet with anticipation.

"Now eat me out Clark. Lick my wet cunt," Diana commanded.

She slammed her pussy into his face and a thunder-like noise sounded from the impact. Tied up and smothered by Diana's pussy, Clark extended his tongue and found her clitoris. He lapped at it, flicking when appropriate, and savored her delicious taste. Diana's cries of ecstasy were dramatic and animated, her eyes every so often rolling to the back of her head.

"You deserve a reward for making me feel so good," Diana said softly, her hips still glued to Clark's face.

Wonder Woman bent over further and lifted all twelve inches of Clark's steel hard cock. She gripped tightly and jerked his manhood, painfully slow. A hum of pleasure escaped Clark's throat and vibrated on Diana's clit. She gasped in glee and decided to give Clark more.

Diana bent further down, in a way only a top rate gymnast or contortionist could, and engulfed the entirety of Clark's enormous member past her full, ruby red lips and into her warm, inviting throat. Clark's legs began to spasm slightly as Diana's warm mouth sucked deeply on his cock. She sucked so hard the inside of her mouth became airtight, and her lips hugged the base of his penis, sealing his dick into her head cavity. Clark again hummed loudly in ecstasy which again shook Diana with pleasure. He began thrusting his hips upward, fucking Diana's throat. They continued the pleasure contest in their version of a sixty-nine, as Lois and Kara watched.

Kara began to grow jealous. She had not had the opportunity to taste Kal's huge cock, and desperately wanted to have his pre-cum in her mouth like Diana had now. Kara looked at Lois, who was ravenously rubbing her clit in her business pants. Lois's eyes were fixed on the affair occurring ahead. Kara turned again to watch her baby daddy fuck Wonder Woman's throat, and a tug of desire graced her pussy.

She was beginning to understand why Lois was getting so turned on. Even though Diana was dominating him now, his ability to fuck whoever he wishes and however many women he wants made him strong, the alpha male. Asserting himself by being with other women reminded Lois of his dominance, and she loved it. She loved knowing she was married to this sex stallion, even if he humiliated her, because he was top dog. Now Kara had a similar connection with him as his seed grew in her womb. In that moment of realization, Kara had become the slut Lois was, and she started to rub her own clit, matching Lois's pace.

Diana removed Clark's throbbing cock from her mouth and lowered her dripping cunt from his face. He moaned in protest, but quickly forgot his desire to continue licking her when she impaled herself on his cock with the force of a speeding semi-truck. She stuffed all twelve of his inches inside her and shrieked in ecstasy as his head hit her cervix.

"OH GREAT HERA!" she screamed, gyrating on him in reverse cowgirl.

Clark looked down to see Diana's perfectly shaped ass clench and bounce with each slide of his dick in her wet slit. He had limited reach in the lasso's embrace, but he managed to grab both cheeks of her ass and squeeze with his super strength, hurting her.

"That's it Clark, hurt me for humiliating your wife. Hurt me for fucking you so well," she demanded, her voice gritty and snarling.

Diana pulled her costume down around her waist, allowing her giant balloons to breathe. They bounced violently as she drilled Clark, hitting her chin as she fucked him. Diana let enough slack on her lasso for Clark to reach her titanic titties and he groped at them with his muscular hands. His kneading and massaging sent waves of sexually charged bliss through Diana, and she cried out at the thrilling sensation. She knew she was close.

"Get over here you bitch wife," she called out to Lois.

Lois followed the command, still pleasuring herself as she did. She stopped in front of Diana and watched Clark's hands caress her beautifully bountiful globes. He groped them with such power. She lowered her eyes to get a close look at her husband's dick being encased by Diana's tight, wet pussy. Her eyes glazed over in satisfaction. Diana extended her fit arm, grabbed Lois by the hair, and forced her face down in front of the action.

"Watch him make me cum you bitch. Watch him pump his seed into me," she said with malice.

Diana's back began to arch and her legs extended rigidly. Her pretty eyes rolled into the back of her head and she grabbed Lois's hair harder. Both women screeched, one in immense pain, the other in pleasure.

"This is it! I'm going to cum Clark! Your wife's face will be right in front of my orgasming cunt! Knock me up right in front of her! KNOCK. ME. UP!" Diana yelled.

Diana's toes curled in her boots and she threw her head back. Her mouth opened and a shriek of ecstasy escaped it as the swelling of pleasure in her body broke the edge of her orgasm. She screamed each time her pussy convulsed in her climax, squeezing Clark's engorged python.

Clark gasped as her hot walls hugged his member tighter than ever before. He screamed in euphoria and felt his large testicles tense. His cock pumped and a rushing river of cum ejaculated from it, finding its home inside Diana's womb. Diana shouted in gleeful approval as his seed coated her insides. Both of their spasms of orgasm lasted several minutes, all while Diana held Lois's head in front of her climaxing cunt. When the pool of ecstasy ceased, Diana released Lois, and fell backwards onto Clark's chest, breathing heavily.

"That's how you fuck a cunt," she breathed, looking up at Clark.

Kara ceased her masturbation and hurried over to Lois, who had been knocked out when Diana released her. Kara turned her limp body over and Lois stirred, but groggily so. She helped her sit up as Diana lifted herself away from Clark's dick. Diana held a hand to her tight tummy.

"You think he got you pregnant?" Kara asked.

"I know he did," Diana smiled, looking back at Clark, who was in another post-coital coma.

"There is still a problem," Lois said, beginning to regain clarity.

"Oh?" Diana asked.

"You've had your climax, but Kara and I have been having fun of our own, and we must be fulfilled," Lois explained.

Kara suddenly remembered how unsatisfied she felt after rubbing her clit so roughly, and not realizing orgasm. She desperately wanted to cum again. Diana walked toward the frustrated two, and knelt down. She inserted her fingers between the buttons of Lois's blouse and ripped it open, revealing her firm, DD tits in a black lace bra.

"Why don't we have some fun while Clark is resting then?" she cooed.

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