tagBDSMSusan's Sexual Fantasy Comes True

Susan's Sexual Fantasy Comes True


Bound and blindfolded, Jimmy gives Susan her birthday wish, her sexual fantasy, having sex with his three friends.

"Happy birthday Susan. I love you," he said waking her up with a kiss and a squeeze of her round, firm ass.

"Thank you sweetheart. I love you too," she said returning his kiss while reaching down to feel his hardening cock through his pajama bottom.

"So, because it's your birthday, you may have one wish. What's it going to be?"

"My wish is always the same every year," she said looking at him with love, while he looked at her with lust. "A new car and..." she said pausing while biting her lip with trepidation. "Actually, my real birthday wish is," she said looking at him with sexual excitement, "to be tied to the bed and blindfolded while being forced to sexually pleasure three men, one at a time, while they sexually satisfied me and while you watch."

Unable fulfill either of her two wishes, he looked at her with shame, sadness, and sorrow.

"Sorry to both of those wishes Susan. I can't give you either one of them. I can't afford to buy you a new car and," he said looking at her with sexual lust as if she was something so very precious and she was. "I can't bear to watch you having sex with another man. It would break my heart to watch you suck and fuck another man. I did buy you jewelry, perfume, and a sexy, new nightgown," he said pointing to the gifts that she already opened at the stroke of midnight.

"I know and thank you for all of that. You're very sweet. You're an amazing man to go shopping to buy me what I want. Too many men forget their women on their birthdays and anniversaries. Most men don't shop for their women and I love it that you do," she said.

"Truly, I'm sorry that I can't afford to buy you a new car but I would if I could. As far as you sexually pleasuring three men and them sexually satisfying you, honestly, I don't think I could bear to watch you being ravished by one man never mind by three men. I'd be so jealous. I'd be so possessive. I'd be crazy out of my mind with the thoughts that one of them would be a better lover than me and that you'd want one of those men over me," he said looking at her with hurt that she'd want to have sex with other men while in a love relationship with him.

"It's okay Jimmy. It's no big deal. Really. It's just a sexual fantasy. I don't want my sexual fantasy coming between us. I don't want anyone but you my love," she said giving him a soft smile of disappointment and a kiss that was distant instead of loving while, no doubt, thinking about having sex with three strangers. "Besides, even if you gave me that sexual fantasy, I'd never want anyone but you. I love you. Moreover, being that I'd be bound and blindfolded, I'd never know who the men were anyway," she said with hopefulness that her boyfriend would change his mind and fulfill her sexual fantasy one day.

Maybe when he was older and grew tired of her or maybe after they were married for years, and he was unable to maintain an erection, he'd finally relent and give her the sexual fantasy that she always wanted. Yet, for now, she'd happily settle for jewelry, perfume, a new nightgown, and her sweet Jimmy. Nonetheless her love for Jimmy and all the wonderful birthday gifts she received, Susan had a restlessness and a deep yearning that stemmed from the sexual frustration of not being able to experience her sexual fantasy of having three men ravish her.

It was early evening when Susan overheard Jimmy talking on his cell phone downstairs. He was in the kitchen while she was upstairs in the hall listening to what he was saying on the one-sided conversation. What she heard no doubt shocked her as much as it sexually excited her. By the surprised look on her face, she couldn't believe her ears. No doubt overwhelmed with love for her boyfriend, by her grabbing her breast with one hand and cupping her pussy with her other hand, she was suddenly filled with a sexual excitement and a sexual anticipation she had never known.

"Yeah, well, it's against my better judgment but it is her birthday wish and her sexual fantasy is to be taken by three men while she's bound and blindfolded," said Jimmy. "Yes, of course, you're free to do whatever you'd like to her naked body. She wants me to watch, but I can't. I'll be downstairs. So vulnerably tied to the bed and blindfolded, she'll be helpless to stop you. Moreover being that this is her sexual fantasy, she'll welcome and not thwart your sexual advances," he said with a laugh.

Telling all of her sexual secrets to someone, Susan obviously wondered who he was talking to on the phone. Leaning over the railing to listen, obviously by her stealthy actions, she wondered what the man on the other end of the line was saying. It was obviously apparent that she couldn't believe that her wonderful boyfriend was trying to arrange for someone to come over to fulfill her birthday wish and sexual fantasy.

"Oh, my God," she whispered to herself, "even if it was only one man instead of three men and even if it never happened, just by the sheer thoughts of having my sexual fantasy come true, I'm so sexually aroused. I can't wait to show Jimmy my sexual appreciation for wanting to give me the sexual fantasy I've always wanted to have."

"I'd appreciate it Joe, if you could come over and do my girlfriend," said Jimmy. "You're not going to believe the body on her. Her stomach is flat, her ass is round, and her legs are long. Her breasts are amazing, as good as any Playboy Playmate. And her pussy is perfect. I love her pussy and you will too."

"Oh, my God," she whispered to herself. "He's talking to his friend, Joe, about my naked body. Joe of all people. He's such a hunk of a man." Talking to herself as if she was a crazy person and she was with the realization of her sexual fantasy coming true, she continued talking to herself. "I've always been attracted to Joe. I've always wanted to do Joe. I'd never leave Jimmy for Joe, of course, but I've been sexually curious about him."

"When? Tonight," said Jimmy going ahead with the plan to give Susan her sexual fantasy.

"Being that Jimmy was clean shaven, never had a mustache or a beard, I wonder what his mustache would feel like against my lips," said Susan still whispering to herself while listening to her boyfriend on his cell phone. "I've never even kissed a man with a mustache before. In the way of Tom Selleck, especially when he played Magnum P. I, Joe has a big, bushy mustache," she said obviously swooning with the thoughts of feeling Joe's mustache on her lips.

"I realize it's short notice but I've been struggling with the idea of her having sex with another man forget about her having sex with three men," he said.

"I can't help imagine his mustache tickling my nose when he kisses me," said Susan continuing to listen while whispering to herself as if she was a crazy woman and she was. She was crazy with lust for Joe. "I wonder what his mustache would feel like while he licked my pussy. I quiver just having the thought of his mustached mouth eating my cunt." Not moving and not making a sound, invading his privacy in the way he was invading her confidentiality by sharing all of her sexual secrets with strangers, albeit his friend, she strained to listen to more of the private conversation. Obvious by her reactions, the more she heard the more sexually excited she became.

"Yes, I'm serious. Yes, of course, you can fuck her. I see. No, I understand you wanting her to blow you than to fuck you. That's not a problem. Trust me, in the way she loves sucking cock, I'm sure she'll blow you. Yeah, well, it wouldn't be much of a blowjob if you didn't cum in her mouth and if she didn't swallow, now would it?" She heard Jimmy laugh his dirty laugh. "You will? That's wonderful. Thank you so very much Joe. I really appreciate this. You're a real pal. Only, please don't tell anyone. This is just between us. Okay? I'd rather this be our dark, dirty secret. I just need to find two more guys. What time? Eight o'clock. Good-bye," said Jimmy.

"Definitely, I'd blow Joe. Absolutely, I'd suck his cock and allow him to cum in my mouth. I can't believe Joe is coming over to have sex with me," she said continuing to whisper to herself. "I can't believe that Jimmy relented to fulfill my birthday wish by giving me the sexual fantasy I've yearned to have. Doing a complete one-hundred-eighty degree turnaround, after always saying no to my sexual fantasy, I can't believe that he's intent on trying to find two more men to sexually satisfy me. I can't believe that I'm finally going to have my birthday wish, my sexual fantasy of a gangbang while bound and blindfolded, albeit it with one man at a time, I hope." With Jimmy back on the phone, Susan listened while wondering who he was calling now.

"Hi Michael, how are you?"

"Holy shit, he's calling Michael," she whispered to herself for no one to hear. "All of his friends are good looking but Michael's a stud. If all he could get is Joe and Michael to agree to have sex with me, that would be good enough for me. Only, just as I've never kissed a man with a mustache, I've never kissed a man with a beard either and Michael has a wild, bushy beard. Just as I wondered about kissing Joe with a mustache, I wonder what it would feel like to kiss Michael with his bushy beard. Oh, my God," she whispered swooning. "I can't wait for Michael to lick me and eat me. I can only imagine what it would feel like to feel his fur against my fur when he's in between my legs and licking my pussy."

"Bear with me because this is going to sound a bit strange but it's Susan's birthday," said Jimmy on his cell phone. "She just turned forty. Thank you, I'll tell her. I know. She does look more like thirty-years-old than she does forty-years-old. I'll tell her that too.

"Fuck," whispered Susan with insane sexual excitement. "Only, now knowing who the players were, I wonder if I'm ruining Jimmy's surprise. I wonder if it would be more exciting not to know who was in the room with me or would it be frightening not knowing who I was sucking and who was fucking me. So long as Jimmy doesn't know that I know, I'd prefer knowing who was in the room with me in advance. Now, even blindfolded with Joe with his bushy mustache and Michael with his wild beard, assuredly I can tell the difference between the two men even when blindfolded."

"Anyway, her birthday wish is to have her sexual fantasy fulfilled. What is her sexual fantasy? She wants to be bound and blindfolded while three men have their wicked way with her. Count you in? Seriously? Are you sure? Don't you even want to think about having sex with Susan?"

"Oh, my God, Michael just instantly agreed to do me. I don't believe it," whispered Susan while listening to her boyfriend's one-sided conversation. "I can only imagine the feel of his beard on my face and down along my big breasts," she said feeling her big breasts in her horny hands before fingering her own nipples. "I can only imagine the feel of his beard on my big tits while he sucks my nipples before continuing down between my legs when his beard is rubbing up against my pussy as he licks and licks me. I'm already delirious with sexual delight at the thoughts of soaking his beard with my pussy juices."

"Gees, Michael, calm down. I didn't even ask you the question yet," said Jimmy with a laugh.

"A tit man, Michael always stares at the impressions my big tits make," she said cupping her breasts in her hands. "Whenever I'm wearing a tight blouse, Michael always stares at the impressions my big nipples make through my bra and blouse," she said running her slow palms across her nipples. "I can't wait for him to see my big tits and suck my big nipples. I can't wait for him to fuck me."

"What's that? Seriously? You love her? You love my girlfriend? You've always loved my Susan? Yes, of course, I know what you mean. You love Becky and," said Jimmy with a dirty laugh, "if Becky ever needs a man to fulfill her sexual fantasy," he said with a laugh, "I'm your guy. Great. Tonight. At 9 o'clock. I'll see you then. Bye Michael."

"I can't believe my ears," said Susan quietly whispering to herself. "I'm shaking with sexual excitement only I can't ruin Jimmy's surprise. I can't let him know that I know what he's planning. Not wanting him to find me in the hall eavesdropping, I should go hide in the office in case he comes upstairs unexpectedly." She was about to go hide in the office when she heard him on the phone again.

"Hi Glenn. How are you? It's Jimmy, Susan's boyfriend. Yes, we've met several times before. You were at our house for our Christmas party last year."

"Holy shit! I don't frigging believe this. He's calling Glenn from work. My God this is a risky move. What if he says no? What if he tells the entire office that he was solicited by my boyfriend to have sex with me while I was bound and blindfolded? What if he reports me for sexual harassment?" She stopped wondering while whispering to listen.

"Anyway, it's Susan's birthday. She's 40. Yes, I know she doesn't look it. Thank you. Listen, the reason why I'm calling is, um, her birthday wish is for me to give her the sexual fantasy that she wants. What is it? Well, um, I know this may sound weird, especially coming from me, the sexual facilitator organizing this sexual fantasy for her, but she wants to be bound and blindfolded while three men ravish her," said Jimmy.

"I don't believe it. I don't believe it. Frigging Glenn from work is going to fuck me. Oh, boy, I'll be sucking Glenn's cock tonight. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Between Joe, Michael, and Glenn, I can't wait."

"No, I'm not kidding. Yes, I'm serious. I already have two men but I need a third. What? Seriously? You will? That's great. What's that? You've always lusted over my girlfriend and even masturbated over her more than once? Okay, that's a bit too much information. Only, if you agree to do my girlfriend, especially being that you work in the same office, you must be discreet. I don't want Susan's reputation sullied. She's not a slut. She's just a sexual woman who has a sexual fantasy. Pardon? Yes, you can spank her. She loves having her naked ass slapped hard, really hard. Where? My house at 10 pm. I'll see you then. Thank you...for doing my girlfriend," he said with a laugh.

"I only wish my hands were free to run through Glenn's long, shoulder length hair," she said getting even more excited, no doubt, over the thoughts of having sex with Glenn. "A requisite from playing guitar in a rock and roll band on the weekends, I love his sexy, long hair. I can't wait to feel his long hair all over my breasts," she said hugging herself, as if she was hugging Glenn, "and down my stomach before collecting along my thighs while he eats my pussy."

When she heard Jimmy finished talking, she quickly hurried in the office to busy herself at the computer. It was a few minutes later that Jimmy came upstairs. He said nothing about Joe, Michael, and Glenn coming over to have their wicked way with her naked body.

Having already bathed, powdered, and perfumed herself before she heard Jimmy making his calls, that night, while Susan was lounging in bed pretending to be reading, Jimmy walked in the bedroom. It was nearly 8pm, her bewitching our. The night that she was finally going to experience three men.

"I wonder if they'd take me one at a time or all together," she whispered to herself. "Knowing Jimmy, he'd prefer the three men do me all at once so that they could get it over within an hour and leave. Only, I preferred taking my time and doing one man at a time so that I can fully enjoy each one and freshen up before the next one has his turn with me. Nobody wants sloppy seconds," she said with a wicked laugh.

She watched him walk over to her dresser to reach in her drawer and place the jar of gel on her nightstand along with a box of condoms. If it was up to her, so long as they were drug and disease free, she'd rather the three men not use condoms. She was on the pill. After he pulled out the jar of gel, he pulled out four, colored scarves. She already knew what he was doing but she didn't let him know that she knew. He walked to the bed and lifted her foot and tied her ankle to the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm tying you to the bed," he said with a laugh while quickly tying her other ankle.


"Why do you think? Sit up," he said taking the book from her hands and placing it on the nightstand.

He seemed annoyed. He seemed tense. He seemed rushed and preoccupied. Playing it cool before he changed his mind, obviously she didn't want to antagonize him any more than he already was. Surprised he'd even go through this, he was jealously possessive of her. Then, in one swoop, he lifted her nightgown over her head and off her body. She was naked. She was vulnerable. She was sexy. She was cold and her nipples, as erect as they were hard, were already aching to be sucked. If Joe, Michael, and Glenn walked in her bedroom now, with nothing she could do to protect her modesty, they'd see her naked.

He took her left hand and tied her wrist to the bed. Then, he tied her right wrist. Spread eagled, she was as helpless as she was beautiful. He opened her dresser drawer and pulled out her beauty mask that she sometimes wears over her eyes when he's watching a late baseball or football game on TV and she'd rather sleep.

"Jimmy? Are you serious? Are you going to ravish me while pretending you're someone else? Oh, you wicked man. How so very exciting?"

"No," he said with a long, thoughtful pause. "I'm giving you your birthday wish. I'm giving you your sexual fantasy," he said pausing again with obvious trepidation. "I have three men coming over right now."

"You do? You do not. No way," she said shivering with the chill of the air on her naked body and quacking with the sexual anticipation of being ravish by three of his friends. "You'd never allow anyone to see me naked never mind allow three men to have sex with my naked body."

"It's your birthday wish and your sexual fantasy Susan. What other choice do I have?" As if his heart was breaking, he looked at her with sadness. "How can I deny the woman I love her only birthday wish, other than a new car that I can't afford? This sexual fantasy, once I wrap my brain around you sucking and fucking three men," he said closing his eyes and wincing before dropping his head down to his chest, "and three men licking your pussy and fucking you is something that I have in my power to give you. Only, if I do this for you," he said looking up at her and pausing, "If I give you your birthday wish and sexual fantasy..."

"Yes? If you give me my birthday wish and sexual fantasy... What?"

"I'd like for you to fulfill my sexual fantasy on my birthday too."

"You would?" She looked at him with a face full of sudden curiosity. "I didn't even know you had a sexual fantasy."

"I do."

"What is it? Tell me."

"I can't," he said looking away from her nakedness to avoid her eye contact.

"C'mon, tell me Jimmy. I told you my sexual fantasy."

"I can't."

A woman who always talked with her hands when she wasn't pacing back and forth with unlimited energy, she looked ridiculous with her hands and feet tied to the bed.

"Why not?"

"You'll be mad at me if I tell you what my sexual fantasy is."

"No I won't."

"You'll think less of me," he said putting the back of his hand to his forehead, closing his eyes, and looking away in shame.

"No I won't. Honest I won't."

"If I tell you my sexual fantasy, promise me you won't be mad at me and promise me you won't think less of me," he said.

"Yes, yes, I promise, of course, I promise. Now tell me Jimmy, just tell me what your sexual fantasy is."

"My sexual fantasy is to have sex with your mother and sister," he said staring at her to watch her reaction.

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