tagBDSMSusie's Peaks Ch. 04

Susie's Peaks Ch. 04


Thanks to Redfacedandnaked for so much inspiration.


"So, it was my choice, was it Master!" she laughed out loud. And began to lift the jumper over her head.


Reality hit her, sobering away some of the effects of dinner-time wine.

For a moment, she realised she was at work, in the ladies toilets, standing in a pair of shoes and a skirt, her breasts bare. Immediately her mind raced to her Master, she wished he could be here to see this, could be here to touch her. Her pussy tingled, her senses were on overload, and she heard the outer door of the toilets swing open, then bang shut as the inner door opened and someone stepped into the cubicle next to hers. She trembled as she reached for the handle, and flushed the loo. She lifted her blouse from the hook on the door, and balled it into her bag, open on the cistern. Hurriedly, she slipped the jumper on, unlatching the door, and picking up her bag. At the sink, she splashed water onto her face, red and coloured -- from excitement or embarrassment, and dried herself with a paper towel.

As she flicked her hair, checking her face was no longer flushed, she saw Janet step from the cubicle and step towards her. Her eyes dropped to the front of her soft woollen jumper, the softness of her breasts wasn't as defined as when she wore a bra, but damn those nipples! She smiled at Janet, and reached for her bag. Horrified, she realised she hadn't fully closed it, and the white cotton of her blouse could easily be seen.

"Not used to dinner-time drinks then?" Janet laughingly said. "You look flustered!"

"Umm, yeah, it's unusual for me. I just seem to feel hot" Bad choice of words, she thought. Hot is definitely what I feel, but it's nothing to do with the damned heating!

"The sun's nice though, through the windows. Sort of cheers this place up today. It could certainly do with something to lift up the spirits. I took my jacket off, I was warm too!"

Susan looked at Janet, realising that she was, in fact, only in her blouse and skirt. As they stepped towards the door though, she couldn't help but notice how smooth and shapely the cotton was, stretched across Janet's back, her shoulders defined, the shoulder blades moving as she pulled the door -- she had no bra on! There were no strap marks showing through, no edge on the top of the shoulders. As Janet held the door for her, and Susan took the handle, her eyes dropped to Janet's skirt. And her other hand. There, balled up in her fist, was that a pair of tights?

Over her shoulder, as she opened the outer door, Janet smiled at Susan. "Let's go cheer 'em up then!"

Heart pounding, Susan's imagination reached overdrive, she was going to walk back to her desk, her breasts beneath the cotton jumper free, and visible, her nipples tingling, burning almost, at the rub of the fabric.

Was Janet knickerless too under that skirt? They walked side by side, arms rubbing occasionally, which sent goose bumps along her skin. Janet's nipples were also visible, as Susan glanced down at her friends blouse front, noticing the top three buttons were open, displaying a soft cleavage, much the same as her own jumper revealed..

Reaching her desk, she slowly sat, wondering, almost in a daydream, placing her bag on the floor before reaching inside, pulling out the blouse and placing it in the drawer, covering the intimate items already in there. Her breathing was heavy, her pulse racing, as she looked across at Janet, who was dropping a pair of tights into a drawer at her desk.

She winked back at Susan, who felt her face flush again.

"Master, it is done" she typed "but I am not alone" and she blinked, as she wrote her report.


As she worked, she was aware that Janet would occasionally look across at her from her desk. When their eyes met, she smiled back at Janet. She was sure her face must be beaming red! It didn't help that her Master had sent her a short story, of neighbours discovering each other. Some of the things they did...! Well, she had never done them, well, not all of them, but she wanted to experience them. She was of the age where she wanted to try anything, everything, at least once. If she didn't like it, she could at least have said that she had tried. She couldn't help but smile to herself as the thought crossed her mind that she WAS experiencing something new. Virtually naked in an office. She felt the blush and the heat rise to her cheeks again. Oh no, Janet was coming over to her desk.

"Hey, do you have any of those sheets of labels? I need to print a hundred of these for the despatch room, and I've run out of them" Susan was aware that Janet was waving an empty label box in one hand. She was leaning down on Susan's desk, resting on her other arm. Looking down to the drawer as she reached for the handle, Susan counted four buttons open on the blouse, and the full side of Janet's breasts were clearly visible. The soft curves of Janet's breasts had looked so -- she shuddered - so inviting. She blinked and looked down, at the drawer she had opened, her blouse covering the bra and knickers, and the hold ups...As she reached for the sheets of labels, the blouse slipped down to the back, and a bra strap, lacy knicker edge, and a hold-up welt accusingly revealed themselves.

She slammed the drawer shut, but not before Janet must have seen. "Thanks Pet. Glad it's not just me who's ...hot in here..." and Susan watched, mesmerised by the moment, as Janet stepped back over to her own desk.


"My darkling little sweet curvy Susan" his email warmed her. "I am sorry, I seem to have you balanced on the edge of reason today. I should let you get back to normal" Susan breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure how much longer she would be able to hold onto her sanity and carry on working at this rate. Buzzing, in the background, all of her sexual senses had been hovering, occasionally peaking to remind her of her wantonness. Her heart dropped.

"But there is another way"

She read on, in disbelief. In the order of one day at work, he had produced from within her the ability to maintain the air of shyness she always had, yet to realise the dreams of her fantasies, beyond her expectations. What would people think of her! She was safe, married, dependable, with a family, the "good old Susan", homely, motherly. But the Susan inside wanted to try things, and he had had her try so many things today. She should not be surprised at his latest request of her. She had yet to find the limit, the boundary. She must be close, but as she read his email again, wondering, daring herself to picture the undertaking, her libido burst, her pussy suddenly feeling awash, her nipples aching, her breasts wanting to be touched. She pressed send "I will Master, at three"


She hurried through her work, the clock ticking, occasional smiles from Janet, aware of the ache in her pussy, the blush of her face. Twice she had to go to the water cooler to get a cold drink. Janet had followed her the second time, no words spoken, but she had looked Susan in the eye. There seemed a knowing in that look. Susan was on heat.

How could he have her like this, she wondered? Unseen, never met, never spoken, yet with his words, he had found the hidden Susan, the ageless Susan, the woman inside her who had lain dormant for so many years. And she was happy. He loved her, she knew that. There was no way he could say it to her face, no way he could show her, but she knew. That love was strong, safe, protective. And she loved him -- for the gift he had given her, of freedom, of this new exploration of her inner self. Walking back to her desk, she had been aware of admiring glances from some, and she sensed a puzzlement in them, they were suddenly aware of her, yet they didn't know why. The inner secret made her glow, and radiate confidence. She was less self conscious now, knowing that all they could see was Susan, walking back to her desk, nice skirt, nice jumper.

Tracey had asked her at lunch, in passing, if she had had her hair done, she looked different, and it suited her. Susan had choked back a laugh, as she thought "Yes, I have a parting in my pussy hair, to stop it tickling!"

At three pm, she stepped into the cubicle in the loos, slipped off her skirt, and hung it on the door with her jumper.

She stood, naked, in her shoes, her necklace and earrings the only adornment to her body. Her mind blanked out the view of the toilets, clean as they were, and she imagined herself naked in the middle of nothing. She stood, legs apart, facing the door, one had on the wall for balance, as her fingers dropped, lower, lower, till they found the nub of her clit, and she sighed, she began to rub, feeling the pent-up frustration of being permanently teased all day build to a head.

She pictured him, her Master, somewhere (where?) at this exact moment, stroking his shaft, picturing her, as she locked her knees, feeling the boil of her orgasm deep within her, all concentrated there, on her clit. There she was- naked, trembling, lost in the moment, right on the edge. She heard the doors open, and someone came in to the toilets.

They went into the cubicle next to her. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from crying out. Oh my God, she was frustrated, she didn't want to be denied, not now! Should she carry on or wait?

She carried on! She couldn't imagine not finishing, it was there, it was so close. Re-starting, she again climbed towards that peak, and she heard the shuffle of shoes in the next stall. As she came, the orgasm washed over her, her body shaking. She tried to bite her lip, but realised that she must have whimpered quite loudly! She tried to regain her breath, and slowly sank, to sit on the lid of the toilet behind her. Trying to muffle her breathing, she reached for her jumper and quietly slipped it back on. At least her nipples seemed to have relaxed now, and weren't quite so obvious.

She began to relax, and enjoyed the feeling of the warmth coursing through her body, her aching legs stretched out in front of her. She slipped the skirt on over her shoes, and stood quickly, wiping her pussy lips with a square of paper before pulling the skirt all the way up and flushing the loo. She heard the flush from next door, waited until the doors both slammed shut and then came out.

Janet was standing there smiling at her! "Hey Susan, you okay Pet?"

"Umm, yes fine. I just felt a bit squiffy" and she turned to splash water on her face. Did Janet know...?

Janet smiled, and said "Oh!, and looked at Susan with a 'yeah right' kind of smile. "Well, I didn't mean to embarrass you. And I know I shouldn't do this, but......." Susan's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

As Janet was speaking, she was unbuttoning her blouse. She shook her head in disbelief, what on earth was she doing?

Janet stepped towards Susan, who stepped back, until she realised she was backing into the cubicle where she had...where she had just...She gasped as Janet's hands reached out, one towards Susan, the other to close and lock the door. Janet's soft hands slid under the jumper, stroking Susan's waist, stroking her back, as the two women came closer together, closer, nearer, until they stood face to face. She felt as if she nearly died when Janet's lips brushed hers, a quizzical look on Janet's face, an eyebrow raised, and then the kiss...

Oh God, she felt as if her legs would give way, it was so soft, so delicate, so insistent. Her tongue matched Janet's, snaking between their sealed lips, till open-mouthed she let herself be lost in that moment, that kiss.

Locked in an embrace. Susan's found her hands were on Janet's back, on the skin, underneath the un-done blouse, stroking her, feeling the soft yet warm skin. The kiss broke. Janet looked at her, smiling, stepping back.

"I'm sorry, I just...I heard you, I need to..." And Susan watched, as Janet flipped the front of her skirt up, one hand reaching, displaying a shaved pussy, no hairs there, just the bold lips, parting, making way for the fingers as Janet began to rub herself, bending down. "Oh God, I feel so naughty, Susan, you are a naughty girl too aren't you!"

Susan sat back on the lid, reaching for Janet's breasts, caressing them, stroking them, feeling every inch, as her face bent up to her prey, again, their lips locking. She felt the cold shock on Janet's lips and her gasped breathing, muffled by their kissing as an orgasm poured wave after wave through the standing woman's body. When she had recovered, Susan stood, pushing Janet back to the door, taking her hands and pressing herself against the softness before her.

She pressed her breasts against Janet's as she raised her hands, lifting Janet's hands up towards the top of the door.

She left the kiss with a lick of Janet's lips, her friend whimpering slightly, as Susan, with nimble fingers, lovingly re-buttoned the blouse, leaving the top three buttons undone.

"Well, Janet!" she whispered, "that was nice! That is two firsts for me in here! Have you done this before?"

Janet shook her head, then lowered her face, before lifting it again to look Susan in the eyes. "No, I've never...but seeing you, and your...your things in the drawer, and your legs at lunch with Mike" Susan gasped "well, I, I just wanted to. I didn't know you were in here, but when I heard you, I wanted...I want to do this -- again. Teach me!"

Susan smiled at her. Lord knows what her Master would think. Would he be pleased? Would he set her a punishment! She didn't care. She would tell him all. She would leave no detail untold. Perhaps he would reward her? Maybe he would punish her? She didn't care. She just knew that she had still yet to find her limits. And that she would be able to realise another of her long-held fantasies, or dreams. She could make it a reality. If he wanted her to. And he would.

"Well Janet" she said, as they stepped from the cubicle, and pulled the door open "I think that there will be every possibility that I, we, both of us can do this again. And maybe we should go for a drink at lunchtime again -- soon! You do realise there was more than one bar-stool there don't you!" and they left together, smiling and laughing.

Mrs Prim&Proper from accounts frowned at them as she pushed past to enter the ladies.


As she pressed send on her email, reporting back to her Master that she had completed the task -- and some! -- she read the last line again. She knew what he would think, she wished he could carry it out.

"I felt so naughty" she had written. And he had once told her that naughty girls should always be spanked...


The End?

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