Suzy Ch. 02


I quickly caught Suzy as she headed up the stairs and pulled her sweats and underwear about halfway down her butt. She quickly looked at me and said with just the smallest touch of anger, "You like what you see?" I replied with a grin, "Better get used to it." And then I caught her again by the time she was at the top of the stairs and gave her a huge hug and kiss.

We held onto the moment for a little bit and Suzy then looked up at me with a tear in her eye and said quietly, "What happens when they fall off". She was talking about her sweats of course and I noticed she didn't say "If" but "When" they fall off and started to get a little hard-on and answered, "If at home, just ask and I'll let you know, if in public then just bend over sexily and pull them back up."

Suzy replied, "Well, I hope you won't pick this for me to wear when we go shopping, they are a little ratty and worn and just won't do when I'm in public. But, I will wear them just as they are for now." I replied, "I thought I was in charge of what you wear all the time no matter what", as Suzy gave me her sad eyes, "We'll just have to see what you have in your wardrobe which is acceptable to wear." And I gave her a big smile to reassure that I still loved her so much.

We went into our bedroom and we both sat on the bed. Suzy looked a little lost so I turned her towards me and just looked deeply into her eyes. I could tell that Suzy was somewhat conflicted, somewhat happy, somewhat excited and somewhat ashamed right now and my heart just went out to her yet again because of what she was giving to me, to our marriage and ultimately back to herself.

Suzy started to say something but I put my finger to her lips to hush her for a second, and let the wave of emotion run over both of us and then whispered, "Suzy, you are the love of my life, the star of my dreams and the hope of our future. I just want you to know that I will never ask you to be a slut, never ask you to dress like a slut (well mostly not) in public and will never let you dress obscenely in public by yourself. I will protect you to the best of my abilities even more so than I already do. I trust you and hope you can trust me and just to let you know that if my testosterone blinds my thinking (Suzy gave me a sly smile and as I said this) we should have a safe word so you or we can opt out of any situation which doesn't seem right, or is going too far. We should expand our limitations, not just to expand because at some point that will go too far, (at this point Suzy was quietly trying not to cry which was so, so beautiful) but we should continue to break down every barrier we each have so that we may love, trust, respect and strive for each other even more than we already do."

My eyes were starting to well up as I could see the emotions running across Suzy's face and she said very faintly, "Dan, I love you so much. The main reason I came up with this crazy idea was not because our marriage was sinking, but because I never wanted to have a marriage like my parents. They do love each other, I can see that sometimes, but there is also a distance between my Mom and Dad which is cold. I have seen old couples once in a while in their 70's or 80's who still dote on each other and that is so rare that it almost seems impossible so I decided that as long as my body excites you, why not show it off, why not keep finding creative ways, together, to keep our marriage exciting, why can't we look at each other every single day with love in our eyes? If it starts simply because I don't wear a bra, it seems ridiculously easy. And on one final note, I was worried that you would simply turn me into a slut who wears obscene clothes because doesn't every guy like seeing more and more of his wife if he has a chance? Having a safe word is so very loving and caring, I adore you."

There was a little silence between us as we still looked at each other so much caring. I put a finger to my mouth, kissed it and then put that finger to her mouth which she kissed in return. I said, "A safe word, so that either one of us can stop if things escalate beyond what we are talking about right now will make most of our decisions easy simply because we can stop until it gets back under control. I think a safe word could be "black apples". Suzy looked at me and said, "That is not bad but I just learned about black chickens and maybe black apples could be a part of a conversation. So what about "watery cinnamon"? "Perfect" I said.

"OK", I said, "I would like you to do two things for me before we start going through your clothes. First, I will give you a choice: I would like you to take your underwear off simply because a lady doesn't let her underwear show."

Suzy goes, "This is going to be one of your themes isn't it, that bogus assertion that a lady doesn't show her panties so it is better for that lady to show her pussy from the front and her butt from the rear?"

I just smiled, "Sometimes, but now I'd like you to go downstairs and get both us a beer, and before you come back up the stairs, please take off your underwear and sweats off and choose between coming back with your butt half exposed and the drawstring in, or taking the drawstring completely out and then you can come back upstairs with your sweats pulled completely up. But that choice must be completed while downstairs and you should run up the stairs as fast as possible without upsetting the beer."

Suzy just smiled and as she was leaving the room with a wonderful glimpse of half of her perfect butt, I just added as she left, "And remember, if you take the drawstring out of your sweats, then that means it stays out forever, if you leave it in, then some other change will need to be made to make them sexier if you want to wear them again." As she had already left the room I was left wondering what she would do?

While Suzy was making her choice, I started to go through her closet. I decided not to open her dresser when she was not there simply out of respect because I had never done that before. I already knew what her closet contained as we shared it, or I had a little portion of it while Suzy had most of it, and just started to divide her hanging clothes into 3 piles: Sexy, Not Sure and Not Usable. I hadn't got very far when Suzy came bounding into the room. I say bounding but maybe bouncing was better. She had poured the beers into glasses and they were foaming more than usual, but not running over.

I looked and was glad to see that Suzy had decided to remove the drawstring and her sweats had already fallen enough to show a couple inches of her butt crack and would have shown some pussy hair if she had any. She was sexy and gave me a sexy smile and I returned that with a big, satisfied smile.

"Now one more thing before we start. Please remove your bra as well." She just looked at me, wiggled her hips a little and her sweats fell just a teeny little more. "And what should I wear on top, Oh Sir Master and do I have to "sexy" it?" I laughed, "You don't have to, and please don't call me Master unless we are role playing. Just wear a t-shirt and no, this is the last time you won't have to "sexy" your clothes."

So Suzy grabbed one of my t-shirts and started to change. I said, "Wait, go downstairs and change and then run back up the stairs as fast as you can."

Suzy went downstairs and within a short time I could hear her running up the stairs again. She paused at the top of the starts for a second before turning the corner and then I saw why. Her sweats were down to her ankles and she was breathing a little hard. The t-shirt she had grabbed was thin enough so that it obvious that she was braless, but really didn't show anything else although I could tell her nipples were hard.

Suzy just looked at me and gave me a slow smile and it was stunning. It is amazing how much sexier this was simply because we had never done anything like this before. "OK, we have work to do, you can pull up your sweats but must leave them "half-mast" as a compromise." Suzy just smiled and I think she loved the gleam in my eyes and she could see that I was aroused, so she turned around so that I could see both her butt and pussy and pulled her sweats up so they covered half her butt.

I stood up and hugged her when she had turned back to me and could feel her nipples against my chest and I reached around and just caressed the part of her butt which was visible. I picked her up off her feet and gave her a huge kiss. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" I breathed into her ear. "Not since 10 minutes ago" she whispered back.

And her sweats fell again to the floor.

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