tagFetishSweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym Ch. 02

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym Ch. 02


John paused as he reached for the handle of the door. He could feel his heart pounding as he began pressing on the door. He could remember the sensation of the damp, sweaty shoe sole being pressed into his penis. He moaned quietly to himself and pressed his swollen penis against his leg trying to stifle his erection as he opened the door to the University Gym and walked inside. A door beside the front counter caught his attention as it swung closed.

John looked around with disappointment and let out a quiet sigh. Again, it was seven o'clock in the evening and John had come to do some jogging on a gym treadmill. However, he didn't actually come to work out and his alternative motivation was nowhere to be seen. Jenny, a student at the University that works at the campus gym, was usually standing studiously behind the counter waiting to greet him as he walked in, but was absent tonight.

It had been nine days since the last time he had come to the gym, and John soon regretted breaking his routine. "I shouldn't have skipped the gym these last days" John thought to himself. "Jenny probably realized what I did last time and thinks I'm avoiding her." John stood leaning on the front counter for several minutes, hoping that Jenny would walk through the doors to great him.

John's face saddened as he admits to himself Jenny isn't at the gym, and he begins to look through the desk for a note that might explain her absence. John's heart sinks as he opens the first drawer to find Jenny's pink Nike Shox gym shoes with her pink ankle socks shoved carelessly inside. Removing the socks, John peers into the left sneaker smiling as he sees dark yellow stains covering the entire sole.

The yellow streaks extended nearly halfway up the inside of the sneakers before forming an abrupt edge with the clean white cloth of Jenny's gym shoe. The outer mesh of her shoe was stained with a dark yellow tint from dried cum and the stains grew darker as John explored deeper into the pink shoe. The small pink ankle socks that john held in his hand were stiff from dried sweat. One had dark stains along the sole that easily overpowered the faded pink color of the cloth. John felt his boner twinge again as he smelled the mixture of his dried cum and Jenny's foot sweat escaping from the shoes in the drawer.

A noise sounded in the near distance and John jumped, hastily closing the drawer and moving to the front of the desk. The main gym doors opened and a medium height girl walked through. A very athletic and trim girl with flowing golden blonde hair tied back in a ponytail came striding towards John. She wore a white tennis skirt with pink trim alongside a matching blouse and bright smile. Her long, slender legs extended from her short skirt and guided John's attention towards her bare feet tied delicately into a pair of blue Nike Dart gym shoes.

"Hi there John" Jenny said as she slipped behind the counter.

John stood staring at Jenny's beautiful smile before her soft giggle snapped him out of his trance.

"Oh....uh, ummm, thanks!" John said stumbling over his thoughts. "I-I am uh..... I'm sorry I haven't been by for a week or so I fell a little behind in my studies."

"Oh, it's okay I've just been hanging out here by myself." Jenny said with a playful giggle as she sat down behind the desk stretching her legs out so that her shoes were visible from John's side of the counter.

John stopped himself from staring at Jenny for too long, but found himself mesmerized once again as Jenny slowly slide her bare feet out from her blue gym shoes. Her toes were very long and slender and her size 6 sneakers were just as worn as her Shox which John found incredibly arousing.

"Well, I'm going to get started... I have some time to make up" John said with a smile as he moved from the desk and walked into the gym.

Empty again, John noticed. The gym was fairly busy during the fall quarter, but during summer everyone was running outside in the sun. John didn't mind it though; he found it easier to run without the distraction of numerous attractive women surrounding him anyways.

After John's treadmill had kicked into full gear, the door to the gym opened again. The blonde girl walked in and sat on the bench beside John and smiled.

"Mind if I join you again?" Jenny asked in her soft playful voice.

John was nearly thrown from his treadmill as he glanced at Jenny. She had carried her pink Shox in with her and was stretching the stiff pink ankle socks over her petite size 6 feet. John could see the cum stains on Jenny's socks and shoes from his treadmill and could feel his penis swelling under his shorts. Jenny slid her socked feet into her cum stained sneakers and smiled at John.

"Can I ask you a question?" Jenny asked quietly looking at John.

"Uh, erm....yeah sure!" John snapped too hastily.

"Do you like my gym shoes? I mean....... Do you think, that.... They make my legs look cute?"

"Well, yeah of course! I think you're a very attractive girl!" John stumbled off the moving treadmill realizing what he had just blurted out.

Jenny blushed "Well, um.... Thanks!" she said with a smile. "I was thinking about throwing them out, but if they, uh.... Turn you on I guess I'll keep them."

John was lying on the ground now, feeling his face beating hot with embarrassment.

"I'll let you get back to work now, I'm sorry to have bothered you. I need to go file some stuff if you need me I'll be in the back." Jenny said giggling as she walked across the room and through the door in the back.

John was still, not daring to move out of fear Jenny might still be watching him. He felt his penis being uncomfortably pressed between his leg and the floor and finally decided to sit upright. He was alone again. His penis was throbbing as he pictured Jenny's innocent pink soles sliding into her cum filled gym shoes. He longed to play with them again and to tell her that the yellow stains weren't really from her sweat.

John rose to his feet, and sat down wiping the sweat from his forehead and breathing a heavy sigh. "Ugh forgot a towel" John said under his breath as he got up and made his way to the main entrance. As he stepped through the door, he froze. John's heart was leaping into his throat with excitement as he looked on with disbelief. Jenny had not left out her pink Shox tonight, but had forgotten to put away her blue Nikes before going to the back.

The well worn gym shoes sat atop the desk and John quickly made his way towards them, grabbing both and retreating back into the empty gym space. John buried his face in Jenny's blue Nikes smelling the erotic perfume left by her feet and feeling his penis flinch with excitement. The insoles of the sneakers had deep imprints where Jenny's bare toes had been just minutes earlier and smelled much stronger than her Shox. John could feel the cum flowing from his testicles into his shaft, making his penis swell. John hadn't pleasured himself since the last time he was at the gym and could feel the massive amount of cum that had been building over the last week.

John pressed his penis flat against the arch of Jenny's sneaker and his penis pulsed at the feeling of warm, damp sweat. A thick stream of cum shot from the tip of his penis and John had to squeeze his penis tightly to stop himself from orgasming. John began stroking his head against the sole of Jenny's left gym shoe, spreading the thick spray of cum deep into the toe of the shoe. John pressed the other sneaker to his nose smelling Jenny's stinky sneaker as he thrust his hips, forcing his penis deep into her shoe and pressing his head against the toe.

John felt his penis begin to twinge and quickly pulled his dick out of Jenny's gym shoe, just in time for a spurt of thick cum to shoot from his penis and land along the tongue and laces. Indulging his desire for Jenny's sweaty shoes, John holds the two shoes with their laces together and begins to thrust in between them spreading his precum all around. John begins to thrust faster and faster, feeling cum building within his shaft.

He can feel the thick cum building within the tip of his penis as John strokes his penis between the laces of Jenny's sneakers. He moans loudly as his penis explodes with huge spurts of thick and sticky cum. John's penis twinges and sends two long ropes into the air, covering the laces and mesh of both shoes with the thick fluid before he can force his spasming erecting inside her shoe. John presses his penis hard against the toe of Jenny's gym shoe as his penis spasms uncontrollably.

Semen continues to erupt from his tip, spurting cum all over the inside of the sneaker. Seven, eight, then nine more ropes of thick cum streamed deep into Jenny's shoe, coating the sole and pooling along the arch and heel. John moaned in sensual ecstasy as his erect penis began to soften; his head dipping into the deep pool of thick seminal fluid and sweat.

His head was submerged in the sticky semen and began to spasm gently the smell of the worn shoe began to rise. John smiled as he smelled the strong scent of his drying cum mixed with the perfume of Jenny' feet. He lifted his penis from the messy shoe watching as a sticky web of cum clung to his head, dripping down into the heel of Jenny's gym shoe. John laid the shoes down beside him and closed his eyes for a moment.

"Oh are you done already?" said a girl's voice from the darkness.

John flinched in surprise and jolted upwards finding himself not ten yards from the slender body of Jenny Ducharme. He smiled and chuckled a little before realizing that Jenny's Nikes were still sitting within an arm's reach of him. In a moment of panic, John jumped from the ground and moved towards Jenny attempting to obscure her vision. She moved towards him as well, blushing and hugging him tightly.

"I missed you these last days, and I'm so glad you're back" Jenny whispered.

She pulled his body close and moaned quietly when John's erect penis pressed against her leg. John turned red in the face, and stumbled backwards in surprise. John moved towards the door, pressing on the handle and walking out into the gym foyer before turning his head to glimpse at Jenny.

"Ummm, yeah... I have to... errr get back." John called back, stumbling over his words. "I uh, will.... See you later."

The door closed behind him and Jenny was left alone in the gym.

"I guess he doesn't find me attractive like that," mumbled Jenny in a melancholy voice while she sat on the hard floor. She felt weak with disappointment; overcome with sadness. She moved across the room to lock up for the night before spotting her shoes lying on the ground. Puzzled, she bent over to pick up her gym shoes and froze.

A thick white pool of fluid ran the length of her left shoe, and Jenny bent over for a closer look; moaning sensually as the smell of fresh cum struck her. Jenny pulled off her pink Shox and dipped her socked toes into the thick fluid, smiling as the warm semen clung to her foot. Now she knew that he found her attractive...just, in a special way. Jenny giggled as she slid her shoe back on and locked the gym door behind her; walking down the dark street towards her dorm room.

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