tagBDSMSweet November Ch. 09

Sweet November Ch. 09


Thursday, November 14th

The alarm went off like it had many days prior at 5:00 a.m. I woke and prepared for the day ahead. After showering, Jess was waiting for me once again with the black chastity device with the butt plug. She lubed up the plug before inserting it into my tender asshole. Then she fastened everything else in place, locked it tight, and reminded me that someone would be inspecting me again, today. After that, she slapped my vinyl-clad bottom and sent me off to prepare her breakfast.

I quickly prepared her French toast and tidied up the house a bit before finishing getting dressed and heading off to work. I was a little apprehensive as I drove. I knew that I had an offer hanging out there for one of my clients, but I had been out of the office the entire previous day. I felt as though I may have let them down, but I knew, at the same time that Jess told me everything was taken care of.

When I got to the office my message light was already blinking on my phone. As I listened to the message I realized I had lucked out. The offer my clients had made had been accepted, but the seller had not agreed to terms until late last night. That meant I could not have reached my clients any sooner than this morning. This was great news and a huge monkey off my back. Not only that, but I was going to have closed two good-sized deals in the slow month of November, and I was not even halfway through it yet.

I hesitated to call my customers before nine, but decided to do so none-the-less. I figured they had been through enough stress just waiting, so they would not mind the call. My suspicions were correct. They were both ecstatic to hear the news and wanted to take me to lunch to celebrate and iron out the final details. We agreed to meet at 1:00 p.m. at a nice Italian restaurant down the street.

I spent the next few hours catching up on a couple of things and getting some stuff together for our lunch meeting. Then I walked through a newly listed house just a few blocks away before heading to meet my clients. It was not much to look at, but it was in a great location. I had a couple people already in mind for it as I looked it over. Finally, I locked it back up and proceeded to the restaurant.

I pulled in to the parking lot at the same time as they did. We walked in, were seated, and enjoyed our meal as we talked about what needed to happen to sew everything up. They were very excited about the whole ordeal and kept thanking me for my help, time and time again. These were the kind of sales I enjoyed the most.

Finally we finished our meals and proceeded to our cars. Since we parked near each other, we chatted a bit as we went. Just then my cell phone rang. I looked down at my phone and saw that it was Jess. I was tempted not to answer it, but they told me to go ahead, as they crawled in their car and drove away. Before I could answer, it the ringing stopped, so I quickly called her back.

She really did not have much to say. She was just checking in and wanted to know if my deal came together. I told her the great news, and we shot the breeze as I drove back to the office. I finished talking to her while I sat in the car after pulling in to the parking lot. I finally told her I would talk to her later, and that I loved her, and then hung up the phone as I exited my car.

No sooner had I closed and locked the door to my car, than a black cargo van came screaming into the parking lot and the sliding side door opened. I stood there in shock as something that I would have expected to see in a movie unfolded before me. Two masked individuals jumped out of the van, grabbed me by the arms, and threw me in the back of the van. Then they slid the door closed behind them as the van sped off.

I lay back, resting on my elbows, looking towards the front of the van at the masked driver and the two who had grabbed me. I figured this had something to do with Jess, but once again, I had no clue as to what to expect. The two that grabbed me were obviously women by their shape, but I had no idea who. They were wearing black ski masks and black turtlenecks with jeans and tennis shoes. The driver was a complete mystery to me. I could not get a good enough look to tell if it was a he or a she.

"Take off your clothes," ordered one of my captors. Her voice was unfamiliar to me, but it was obvious she meant business. I hesitated just a couple seconds and the other one spoke.

"NOW," she hollered, as the van continued down the road. Her voice was also unfamiliar to me.

I quickly removed my tie, shirt, and undershirt. Then I took off my shoes, socks, and pants. I sat there on the cold metal floor as one of the ladies gathered my clothes and placed them in a paper sack. The van drove on for several more minutes as we drove on in silence over increasingly bumpy roads. Several times I tried to look out the front of the van to get my bearings, but all I ever saw was trees and sky. I decided to try to figure out who had taken me instead.

The two ladies who accompanied me in the back were both about the same size. The one to my left was about 5'6" tall, with blonde hair peeking out from under her mask. Her turtleneck was tight enough to tell me that she must have had a nice set of C or D-cup breasts. Her jeans fit her form nicely. She had wide hips and a round ass. (I got a good look when she stepped up front to talk to the driver.) The other woman was about the same height and had blonde hair as well. Her breasts were even larger than the other woman, but they were not quite as perky. Her hips and bottom were almost identical to her friend's.

Finally I could sense the van was slowing down. Then I could tell by the vibrations beneath me that we had turned onto a dirt road. Moments later we came to a stop.

The woman to my left came towards me and slid a ski mask, similar to theirs, over my head. The difference was that my eye slots had been sewn shut. I could not see a thing. Then they slid open the door and pulled me out. I stood there in just my chastity shorts waiting for whatever was to come next. Never in my life had I been more thankful for the ever-changing weather of Indiana. Two days ago it was in the low 40s, but today it was pushing mid-60s. Then they must have removed their own masks, since I heard them comment about how glad they were to finally get them off.

With one of them one each side of me, they grabbed hold of my arms and led me down a dirt path. The ground was cold and harsh under my feet, and it was very disconcerting to be led blindly by perfect strangers in unfamiliar territory. Suddenly we stopped and the girl to my left released my arm and opened a door in front of me.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to let them know we're here," she said, as I heard her pull the door closed behind her. The other woman remained next to me holding my right arm silently.

We stood there for several more minutes while we awaited her return. I got a bit of a chill from the breeze as I now stood in the shadow of the building before me. Without the warmth of the sun shining on me, I soon began to shiver with every gust of wind that blew my way.

Finally, the other girl returned and let us know that everything was ready. I was led into the building and guided to stand in a specific place. I got the sense that I was no longer in the midst of the two women, but many more. Several times I thought I heard the sound of ladies whispering all around me, but when silence took over I thought my mind must be playing tricks on me. Just then, I heard the clicking sound of high-heel shoes approaching me from behind.

Then, as she stood behind me, she put her hand on my left shoulder and whispered, "Good afternoon, slave. Did you miss me?" I could not believe my ears. Helen was back again.

"Yes, mistress," I responded.

Then she told me that she was going to remove my mask in just a couple minutes. First she explained that I needed to keep my composure and do everything I was instructed over the next few hours. Then she told me that I was part of a training seminar she was teaching as well as product demonstration. Finally, she removed my mask.

I was completely floored by where I stood. I was in the middle of a room approximately the size of a small high school gymnasium. There was a circle of chairs surrounding me with women of various sizes, shapes, origins, and ages seated in them. Some were dressed professionally, while others were simply wearing jeans and t-shirts. As I looked around I figured there must be somewhere in the vicinity of 50-60 women there, all staring directly at me. Then I noticed my wife sitting in one of the seats with a smug little grin on her face. It was obvious to me she was enjoying this next level of my humiliation.

Then, Helen instructed me to kneel. I obeyed and bowed my head in submission as she spoke. I listened intently as she spoke to the ladies around me. I learned that I was being used to showcase her seminar's fem-dom techniques, discipline tools, and bondage devices. She gave them a brief description of the things they were going to see throughout their weekend and encouraged them to ask questions and get involved as much as possible. Then she asked Jess to stand and thanked her for the use of her slave for the day. The audience clapped their appreciation and Jess found her seat again. Finally, Helen began her instruction.

I was made to stand as she showed the women the chastity device I wore and explained its usefulness in slave training. As she unlocked each of the locks she told them to remember that every aspect of the slave is theirs to use however they choose so long as the merchandise is not harmed. Then she slid my penis from its cage and removed the plug from my anus. I heard several gasps as she did this. She assured them that this was all part of my training and that not only did I need the device to remind me of my slavery, but I also enjoyed it.

Then she slid my shorts off of my ankles, handed it to me, and instructed me to put them on a nearby table and return to her. I obeyed and soon stood naked next to her with my head bowed. I stood there for several more minutes as she continued her instruction to the attentive women.

She spoke about how many men needed a good dominatrix to serve and how important it was to be firm and strong. She told them how to stay in charge and 'build' a better slave. As she did this, she walked around me rubbing her hands up and down my body. Occasionally she would slap my ass or pinch my nipple for effect. By the time she finished her speech, I was starting to get an erection.

She smiled as she noticed it. She knew that she would get this kind of response from me. Immediately, she gestured toward the audience making sure that all were aware of my condition. She then spent several more minutes explaining that the slave is there for the diva's enjoyment, not the other way around. She gave many different suggestions to the crowd about how to ensure that. Each suggestion excited me even more and caused my erection to grow even more. Once she was done listing ideas, she let them decide my fate.

Helen decided to pick someone from the crowd to give the order. A short-haired brunette with a heavy English accent said that she thought spankings would be good.

Helen pulled several objects from a small leather duffle bag she had nearby and asked the woman to "pick her poison". The woman chose a twelve-inch leather strap attached to a wooden handle as the object that would deliver my punishment. Then Helen beckoned for her to come down and deliver my spankings. The woman could not get out of her seat fast enough. She took the piece from Helen and headed straight for me.

Helen stopped her before she did anything and used the opportunity to instruct. I was made to grab my ankles as Helen demonstrated the right way to divvy out spankings. She made me count them out as she gave out the first five and then she stepped back as the student landed five of her own. Once she was done Helen complimented her on her execution and sent her back to sit down as the ladies applauded once more.

Helen had me face towards them once more. Again she directed her attention to my crotch. She pointed out that it is important to know your slave and what punishment works. In this case, the spankings only made me harder. Obviously this was ineffective punishment. Then she asked Jess what she would do.

Jess said, "Make him stand out in the cold until he is soft again."

The ladies nodded their understanding and approval, but Helen had another idea.

"I know that would work, but it would not be much fun. I have another idea...one that is sure to make that erection go away," Helen said, as she reached into her bag once again. "Slave, you are going to show all these lovely ladies how you beat your meat." Then she pulled a tube of lubricant from her bag and squirted a small bead onto my cock.

I could not believe she was going to make me do this in front of all of these women. As I looked out over the group, I noticed the look of approval in their eyes and knew I was not getting out of this.

I took my hand and wrapped it around the head of my cock being sure to spread the lube around as I stroked my nine inches. I started out slowly, but picked up the pace and I rolled my wrist while I moved my hand up and down the shaft. Occasionally I would close my eyes in arousal and Helen would order me to keep them open. I was forced to watch the faces of strangers anxiously awaiting my explosion. I was incredibly humiliated and amazingly turned on at the same time. As my balls began to rise, I saw a woman raise her hand.

Helen grabbed my arm to stop me as she pointed to the woman to ask her question. I was so close that drops of cum had accumulated at the tip of my cock.

"How do you feel about sucking cock or eating cum?" the woman asked.

Helen could sense my frustration and took her time answering the question. "I am not sure exactly how you mean this, so I will answer it both ways. First off, it is up to you and your slave's limits as to whether he will suck another man's cock or swallow his cum. For that matter you could make him swallow his own come. Secondly, I do not recommend sucking your slave's cock unless he has done something well beyond the norm and you wish to reward him. It is of the utmost importance that he knows you are in charge. If anything, you should be making him eat your pussy as often as possible. You might even get a strap-on so he can suck your 'cock'. Isn't that right, slave?"

I nodded in agreement, knowing that was my only real option and knowing that was my only ticket to relief.

"Okay slave, you may continue," Helen stated.

Once again I began to stroke my cock. I was moving at a steady pace when a hand shot up again and Helen stopped me once more.

"What if I really love to suck cock?" another woman asked.

"Like I said, I don't recommend it, but it's up to you. If it were my slave, I would make him watch while I sucked another man's cock. That way, I would still get to do what I wanted while staying in charge. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is suck and fuck another man and then have my slave eat out my newly-filled pussy," Helen responded, as she fondled my swollen balls.

"Now, finish up, slave. Show 'em your stuff," she ordered.

She released my balls and I went at it once more. The recent conversation and my own masturbation had me already near the edge as I started stroking. Before another question could be asked, my balls rose again, and I felt my ensuing orgasm approach. With a few more quick, hard strokes I rose up on my toes and shot my load. Stream after stream shot from my member as Helen forced me to watch the faces of the audience. Smiles filled the crowd and some of them licked their lips as the final few streams came from within. As my orgasm subsided, a feeling of humiliation overwhelmed me and my cock went soft almost immediately.

I stood there for several more minutes as Helen encouraged the crowd to assault me verbally. Jess was more than happy to jump in. I was utterly humiliated as they told me how unworthy I was, how little 'staying power' I had, how small my dick was, and so on. It was obvious that I was under their control as I stood there naked with the final remnants of my come dripping from my now-soft member.

Helen took center stage once again and took the time to point out the effectiveness of the whole ordeal. She paid special attention to the power of different kinds of humiliation and verbal aggressiveness. Then she told them all to go take a quick ten-minute break while I cleaned up for the next session.

Once the final visitor had left the room I was told to clean up the mess and use the restroom if I needed to. Then, I needed to move a table to the middle of the room for the next demonstration. As usual, I did as I was told.

When all of the ladies returned to their seats, I was standing in the center of the room next to a large seven-foot-long, four-foot-wide table that stood about three-and-a-half-feet off of the ground. I stood there with my head bowed and my hands behind my back as Helen addressed the would-be dominatrixes.

She told them that this next part would deal with bondage, light torture, and the proper way to receive oral sex. Then I was told to lie down on my back on the table for the demonstration.

Over the next hour-and-a-half or more, Helen bound me in several different positions. Each time she showed the proper way to secure the slave and the benefits of each position. She also took the time to warn against holding certain positions for too long as well as never tying anything around the neck.

The first position was the standard spread-eagle position where my arms and legs were stretched to the corners. She pointed out that while this was a great position to teased and torment the slave it was not the best one for receiving oral satisfaction. However, when my arms were pulled together over my head it became easier to straddle my face. To my great pleasure, she demonstrated this point and pressed the crotch of her thin pants against my face while doing so.

Then I was released briefly before being hogtied. This time she showed them how helpless I was, as she pinched my nipples and slapped my cock. Once she had me fully erect again, she slid a cock ring with ball harness on, for increased effect.

After that, she proceeded to show them dozens of other bondage positions. Some I had experienced previously. Others I had not.

Finally, I was released again and made to lean over the edge of the table with my arms stretched and tied to the far end, with my legs draped over the edge. Then my legs were tied to the table legs, at about the knees, to keep my legs spread. Finally she took a couple of long leather straps and fastened them to the table across my back, to hold me firmly in place. Now she demonstrated the easy access she had to both my genitals and my ass. She squeezed my balls and stroked my cock to illustrate. The look on my face obviously excited the crowd as they reveled in my perpetual bondage.

She left me tied down to the table as she explained to the onlookers that she was now moving to the light torture section of the seminar. Then she retrieved her leather bag once again.

One by one, she pulled various spanking devices from her bag and swatted my exposed bottom as she spoke. She reminded them that pain could be used as punishment or torture. How they used it was up to them. Then she announced that if I could take all that she dished out she would let me choose a member of the audience for the oral sex demonstration.

As I looked out over the crowd I found dozens of reasons to keep quite. I had determined that the hardest part of this exercise would be deciding who to choose. Then she began her instruction.

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