tagBDSMSweet Revenge Ch. 08

Sweet Revenge Ch. 08


Author's note: I placed this chapter in the BDSM category for good reason. The graphic nature of this part of my story is not for the faint of heart. For those who have been following this story, you already know that Karina's new husband is an evil, sadistic, depraved bastard. Therefore, PLEASE, do not read this chapter if you do not want to read about unpleasant things. Poor Karina is going to suffer, so if you don't have the stomach for it, please just skip this installment.


The coach arrived at Lord Rawlins' home, and Karina breathed a small sigh of relief. Stuart had continued his fondling throughout the ride, growing increasingly bold in his handling of her. It was almost as if he enjoyed her discomfort, she thought bitterly, but she quickly dismissed the thought. Surely, her new husband didn't realize how much his touch disturbed her. A footman quickly appeared to fold down the step and open the door for them.

Stuart stepped down and turned to lend his assistance to Karina. As she stepped from the carriage, she got her first glimpse of her new home. It was very elegant. Grey stone walls rose proudly, and a multitude of leaded windows winked at her in the late morning sun. Carefully groomed gardens surrounded the structure, and walkways were interspersed throughout the grounds, inviting one to explore.

Stuart led her into the foyer, and her eyes quickly swept the marbled floor and the grand staircase leading to the second level of the house. A long hallway traveled the length of the house, and several rooms branched off from it, including a formal sitting room, a study, a library, a music room, and a dining room. The furnishings and décor were very tasteful, but the house was lacking warmth. Karina's attention returned to Stuart, as she realized he was addressing her.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Her husband gave her a charming smile. "I was saying that there will be plenty of time tomorrow for you to meet the staff and have a tour of your new home. But for this afternoon, I want you all to myself."

Karina's mind raced in panic. It wasn't even noon yet! "But Stuart," she stammered. "It's very early! What will the servants think?"

Stuart laughed. "They will think, my dear, that I am your eager husband, and that I can't wait to be alone with you to exercise my marital rights. And, of course, they will be right." The look he gave her was full of meaning, and she blushed.

Karina had already made up her mind to accept this marriage and to behave as a proper wife. She might not be able to love her husband, but she was determined to perform her duties as his wife.

At least she was no longer a virgin. She knew what to expect in their bed, and she would try her best to please him. She only hoped she could avoid shuddering every time he touched her. She took a shaky breath and mounted the stairs in silence, her husband's hand firmly guiding her at the small of her back. Stuart led her through her own bedroom, briefly drawing her attention to her trunks that had arrived earlier in the day.

"Sophie has been assigned as your personal maid, and she will unpack all of your things tomorrow," he informed her, as he led her through a dressing room that connected her room to his. "For today, I've instructed the servants that we are not to be disturbed."

They entered his bedroom, and Karina's attention was riveted to the massive bed that dominated the room. The sheets had been turned down invitingly, and Karina's face paled even further. She had anticipated having several more hours to mentally prepare before having to share her husband's bed. She desperately tried to stall for more time, as she turned to Stuart and placed a hand on his arm imploringly.

"I'm really quite tired from today's excitement. I was thinking that I could use a nap."

Stuart chuckled. "Oh, my dear. I really can't wait that long. As it is, I am eager to make love to you." He turned and took her in his arms, trapping her against his chest, as his eyes dropped to her breasts. "I have already waited an eternity to hold you like this and to know that you are mine."

He traced a long finger along the upper curves of her breast, dipping underneath the neckline to tease her nipple, as he grinned and watched her reaction. Karina blushed hotly and tried to subdue her rising panic. She glanced to the bed again and gave her husband a weak smile.

"Well, I should at least take a bath and prepare myself for you."

Stuart's eyes were alight with amusement, and he shook his head firmly. "No, I think you are quite prepared for what is to come. You may have a bath tomorrow."

He drew her closer, but Karina kept her hands between them and pushed lightly against his chest.

"Stuart," she implored, "at least let me put my nightgown on. Shouldn't you call Sophie and let her help me undress?"

Karina realized, as she said the words that it was obvious she was stalling, and she bit her bottom lip to stop it from trembling. Stuart threw his head back and laughed.

"My dear, we won't need Sophie's assistance to get you undressed, and you definitely won't need a nightgown. I intend to enjoy every inch of your luscious body without some prudish nightgown to hinder my pleasure."

Before she could respond, he swooped to place a searing kiss on her lips. Karina fought the urge to turn her face away from his kiss. His tongue parted her lips and invaded the cavity of her mouth, while she stood rigid but unresisting.

Karina couldn't help but compare this kiss to the ones she had experienced before. Richard's kisses had always sparked her passion, igniting an aching hunger in the pit of her belly. In contrast, her husband's kiss left her feeling cold with dread at what she knew was to come.

Stuart broke off from the kiss and gave her a leering smile, as his eyes swept her heaving bosom. "Darling," he purred, "would you care for some champagne?"

Karina nodded, glad for any diversion that might delay the inevitable. Stuart crossed to a nearby table, where a bottle of champagne sat chilling on ice. He poured two glasses and handed one to her. He toasted with her and drained his glass, while he watched her over the rim with a calculating gleam in his eyes. Karina had to hold her glass with both hands, to hide their trembling.

"Drink up, darling. The wine will calm you." Karina carefully sipped her champagne, hoping to make it last as long as possible.

Stuart turned away as he removed his coat and waistcoat and laid them over the back of a chair. He untied his cravat, carefully replacing the pin in a box on the dresser, before he unbuttoned his shirt and removed that as well. His boots and stockings were next, and he finally padded back to stand in front of Karina wearing only his trousers. Karina should have found him attractive, but she barely noticed his sculpted male beauty. He took the nearly full glass from her cold fingers and set it on a small table.

Karina started to protest, "But I haven't finished yet."

"I'm afraid I really can't wait any longer," Stuart purred. His smile was positively lecherous. "My dear, you are wearing too many clothes."

He stepped behind her to undo the buttons down the back of her dress. She clutched the soft fabric against her bosom, reluctant to part with her clothing. When he had released all the buttons, he separated the back of the gown and insistently tugged it from her stiff fingers to let it fall at her feet.

Karina stood trembling before him in her corset and undergarments, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She sensed rather than saw his gaze devour her trim figure from head to toe. He untied her pantalets and let them drop in a heap, then he loosened the ties of her corset and pushed it down over her hips.

Sunshine streamed through the windows, bathing her body in golden light. Stuart turned her to face the mirror. Through the delicate fabric of her chemise, she could clearly see her nipples and the small triangle of golden hair at the juncture of her thighs. Stuart stood behind her and grinned as he scanned her reflection. Did she imagine the strange light that had come into Stuart's eyes as he watched her?

Karina cringed with shame, and a heated blush suffused her cheeks. She couldn't meet his eyes. Stuart circled her with his arms and slowly unbuttoned her thin chemise, pausing to knead her breasts and belly with bold familiarity. When he finally had the garment opened, he brushed the straps off her shoulders and it floated to the floor. He sighed at the sight of her standing nearly naked before him.

"Take your stockings off for me," he said quietly.

Karina propped one foot on a nearby stool and began to slowly slide one garter down her long shapely leg, feeling self-conscious beneath his steady regard. She removed her stockings one by one and laid them over the back of a nearby chair. She fidgeted nervously from his lengthy inspection.

"Now, your hair. Let it down."

Karina bit her lip as she complied. She reached up and slowly removed the pins and the string of pearls that was wound through the shiny tresses. Her hair cascaded down her back, curling around her waist and buttocks and partially shielding her breasts from view. Stuart stood behind her for several more long moments simply looking at her, as her tension mounted.

When he finally moved, she jumped slightly, but she stilled as he came around to face her. He lifted her hair and flung it behind her shoulders, baring her breasts to his hungry gaze once again. Stuart reached out both hands and crudely seized her breasts, roughly pinching her nipples as he watched her expression change to uncertainty. Karina gasped and would have backed away from him, but he grasped her hip to hold her still for his pleasure. His fingers bit into the flesh of her hip, and his smile was cold as he continued to maul her breast.

"Please don't. You're hurting me," she winced.

Stuart tightened his grip on her hip and squeezed even harder on her breast. He watched the confusion in her eyes, as he twisted her nipple cruelly between his fingers, drawing a gasp of pain.

"Am I? I'm sorry. I guess I forgot to mention that I enjoy inflicting pain. You will have to get used to that."

Karina trembled beneath his merciless touch. Stuart finally tired of his torture, and he scooped her up and carried her to his bed. His eyes raked her lewdly. She couldn't hide the heated blush that rose to her cheeks. When he deposited her on the soft mattress, she reached to cover herself with the sheet, but he stopped her.

"Don't," he said sharply. "Lie back on the pillows." Karina slowly reclined on the bed, eyeing him nervously. "Open your legs," he demanded harshly. When she was slow to react, he reached out and yanked her knees apart. "Wide apart! I want to see your pussy. Show it to me."

Tears trembled on Karina's lashes as she opened her thighs as wide as she could. She waited tensely while he stared at her exposed pussy and slowly removed his trousers.

Stuart stretched out beside her and began to trail hot kisses over her face and neck. Karina squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as she thought about the times Richard had made love to her. Even when he had taken her virginity, he had been exceedingly gentle. Surely Stuart wouldn't hurt her, given his sworn love for her.

Stuart reached her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Karina felt her skin crawl, as he laved the tip with his tongue. Suddenly, he pulled her nipple between his teeth and bit down viciously, nearly breaking the skin. Karina screamed in pain, and she tried to push his face away from her breasts. Stuart growled low and grabbed both of her hands and pinned them over her head in a vicelike grip. He held both of her hands down in one of his and slapped her across the face, whipping her head to one side. His expression was full of rage as he growled at her.

"Don't ever fight me Karina, or I will make things much worse for you. Remember your vows. As my wife, you are my property. I own you! You must obey my every command. Even your father has no authority to override my wishes. If you disobey me, I will punish you severely! Do you understand?" When she didn't immediately respond, he slapped her again, even harder than before. "Answer me!"

Karina stared up at him, with shock and fear evident in her eyes as she nodded. She had never been struck in her life, and she simply couldn't believe what was happening to her. Her breast was still hurting from his abuse, and her breath was lodged in her throat. What on earth had she gotten herself into, she thought wildly?

"Please," was all she could manage, as her eyes pleaded with him. She hated to beg, but she was quaking with fear. "Please don't hurt me."

Stuart looked down at her and his face gradually relaxed into a grin. He straddled her hips and continued to hold her hands above her head with one of his, while his other hand began to explore her lovely curves. Finally, he had her just where he wanted her, where he had dreamed about her. He was thoroughly enjoying her pain, and he meant to inflict much more before the night was over.

He kneaded her injured breast crudely, viciously twisting her nipple and watching as tears sprang to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks in rivulets. Pinned down by his superior weight and strength, she could do nothing to stop him, and a whimper escaped her before she bit her lip to still any other cries of pain.

Very slowly, he traced his hand down to the triangle of hair between her thighs, watching panic sweep across her delicate features. As his hands began to investigate her vulnerable flesh, Karina squeezed her eyes tightly shut and bit her bottom lip even harder to keep from crying out.

"Open your eyes and look at me, you little whore!" He roared the words just inches from her face, and Karina's eyes flew open as she shook with fear. "Look at me! I won't have you underneath me, while you are thinking of that bastard you bedded! You will look at me, while I enjoy your body! You are mine! Do you hear me? Mine!"

His voice sounded crazed, and Karina noticed that the strange light was burning brighter in his eyes. It was as if he had gone insane as he tortured her.

"Open your legs wide apart, whore."

Karina hated herself for complying with his demand, but she was too frightened to disobey. Tears welled in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. He boldly probed her pussy, his fingers poking and clawing rather than stroking. He shoved her thighs further apart, and she lay tense but unresisting as he jammed his fingers inside her brutally. There was no moisture to lubricate his entry, and Karina's pussy began to burn. She couldn't suppress her flinches, and he smiled as he watched her face.

Her mind raced, trying to find an escape. She was completely at his mercy, in his home, where she didn't even know the servants. She knew she had no chance against his superior strength, even if she chose to struggle. She was terrified of angering him any more than he already was, and she held her breath to keep from crying out again. Even her father couldn't protect her now! She was Stuart's wife, and by law, he had the right to do as he wished with her.

Stuart knelt between her thighs and drove home, deep inside her. His cock was almost as large as Richard's had been, and Karina was very dry. She couldn't suppress a scream. She felt like she was being split apart.

The pain was much worse than when Richard had taken her virginity, and for the first time, she understood just how gentle he had been with her. Stuart stared coldly into her eyes, as over and over, he rammed into her, and he seemed possessed by rage as he brutalized her.

"Does it feel good, slut? Is this what your lover did with you?" he goaded her mercilessly. "Did he enjoy you as much as I am?"

Please God, let this end, her mind cried out. Karina was nearly at the breaking point, when spasms of pleasure finally racked Stuart's body. She felt his hot seed spurting inside her, and her stomach rebelled.

He had barely withdrawn from her, when she jumped from the bed and raced to the washbasin. She retched violently, her whole body shaking, and she finally became aware that her husband was laughing at her from the bed.

Karina reached for a cloth and washed her face before turning to meet his mocking regard. He scanned her body, and she looked down to see several bruises and teeth marks covering her tender flesh. She looked at him accusingly, hurt and surprise evident in her clear blue eyes, and he threw his head back and laughed.

"Don't worry, you will soon get used to my particular style of lovemaking."

Karina sincerely hoped she wouldn't. Stuart rose and stretched, while she remained rooted to the spot, watching him cautiously. He crossed to the table and poured himself a second glass of champagne which he drained in a single gulp. He poured yet another glass, and turned to watch her, as he sipped this one more slowly.

"Come here," he said. Karina refused to move, and his voice dropped to a menacing growl. "I said come here!"

Karina reluctantly crossed to within a few feet of him. He watched her through half-closed lids, as he drained the glass and set it on the table once more. He smiled as he thought how quickly she had changed from the haughty wench he had known to this frightened hare he saw before him. He reveled in the power he held over her, and he mentally rubbed his hands together for round two.

"All the way," he murmured almost pleasantly.

Karina swallowed convulsively but took the few remaining steps to close the distance between them. She stood close enough that her breasts almost grazed his chest when she breathed.

"That's better," he purred. He reached out a hand and lightly traced his finger around her injured nipple, watching her tense in fear. He rubbed his thumb across the battered peak, and an evil grin split his lips as he noticed her flinch in pain.

"Now, my dove. I will begin to show you how to bring me pleasure."

He could see her trembling. He traced one hand upward to her nape, and she looked up at him fearfully. Without warning, he tangled his fingers into her hair and yanked her against him. Tears sprang to her eyes, and she reached up to stop his hand, but he shook her violently by the hair. A cry of pain was wrenched from her, and her eyes were wild with terror.

"Come, my dear. You must learn what your husband enjoys."

He half dragged her to the massive bed, and pulled her by her hair up onto the mattress, before he fell back onto the pillows. Karina knelt, gasping in pain and panting as she eyed him fearfully. She started to scramble off the bed, but he caught her by the arm and yanked her back to the center of the mattress. He drew back a fist and hit her hard across the cheek. She screamed with terror.

When he reached for her again, she instinctively tried to pull away. Stuart drew back his arm and struck her hard across the face again, this time with the back of his hand. Karina shook her head to clear her vision, as a ringing started in her ears. She could taste blood in her mouth. She touched trembling fingers to her bottom lip and stared at them in shock as she saw her own blood covering her fingers.

Stuart's voice was almost pleasant as he admonished her. "I told you my dear, that I do not like to be disobeyed." He wound his hand into her hair once more and pulled her roughly against his chest, as his other hand grazed down her back to cup her buttocks firmly. "Now, where was I?" he mumbled. "Oh yes!"

He took her hand and slowly led her shaking fingers to his twitching cock. He placed her hand around him and closed his fingers over hers.

"Come now, Karina. Don't pretend you don't know how to pleasure a man. I'm sure you must have done this for your lover. Doesn't your husband deserve equal treatment?"

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